Toys for Toddlers - Playthings for the Terrible Twos by aihaozhe2


									The standard definition of a toddler is that of an infant now attempting to walk. Know
as the "terrible twos", this is typically between the ages or twelve months to two years
old. However the term has been applied up to children ages one to three years.
Selecting toys for toddlers can be a fun task, as there are so many options to choose
from. Since development changes progress quickly during the toddler stages, the
child's interests can fluctuate. The toy they couldn't part with several months ago may
now be sitting in a corner collecting dust. To keep the toddler's interest, a plaything
that is bright and colorful and makes noise is a plus. A good toy selection is one that is
used with their new found mobility.

There are a myriad of toys for toddlers that assist with their new upright position.
Stationary playthings that they can grab and hold onto will help them develop their
ability to stand. These will also assist with balance development as they inch their
way around the object. A good example is a workbench or kitchen appliance toy.
Since toddlers begin to mimic adult activity and behaviors, these directly relate to the
parent's world. Ensure that the free standing toy you buy is safe, sturdy and rated for a
toddler's use. Typically these items are of wood or plastic construction.

Another great selection for the child is toys for toddlers that assist or enable mobility.
The toddler can use the object for balance while on the go. The addition of sound in
the plaything just enhances the toddler's mobile experience. A toy vacuum or a doll
stroller can provide that little something to hold onto while exploring their world. The
traditional "walker popper" with its bright balls and popping noises has long been a
favorite of toddlers worldwide.

Walking is not the only skill that develops during the toddler years. Dexterity and
hand-eye coordination progress rapidly during this period. Toys for toddlers that assist
in honing these skills are entertaining and promote development. Select playthings
that involve connecting bright colored objects, such as large snap beads or building
blocks. Another superlative choice is a toy where shapes are fitted into matching slots
or holes. Large piece puzzles on a cut-out tray will also promote coordination and
dexterity. Play toys that require a "screwing" motion instead of just a "placing"
motion are great for toddlers who have attained a higher level of hand-eye

For a toddler with new found mobility, every experience is educational, providing
new insights to their world. Selecting toys for toddlers that compliment this stage in
their development is always appropriate. It cannot be emphasized enough, however,
that the child's safety is tantamount. Verify the playthings age rating prior to making
your purchase. As long as you have chosen a toy that fits well with the toddler's stage
in development, the child will be pleased. Providing playthings that occupy the child's
attention while assisting in their development can help make the twos less terrible.

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