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					Once you arrive in Pattaya, Thailand, you will immediately want to get out and about
and see all of the sites and get a feel for what Pattaya has to offer you as a tourist. If
you are just looking to relax and catch some sun rays, then you are in the right spot!
Pattaya has a variety of beaches for you to choose from based on whatever you are
looking for. If you are looking to get wet and wild in the water, then check out the
water sports that Pattaya has to offer. Try your hand at a jet ski, go parasailing for the
first time, or learn to go diving. There are many places that will teach tourists how to
dive, and will actually take them out in the water and let them see all of the marine
life that Pattaya has to offer. If you feel you do not want to get too close to the marine
life just yet, then check out the underwater aquarium in Pattaya. The aquarium is open
everyday, and allows you to see a variety of marine life such as sharks, fish, and

There is also a good selection of zoos located in Pattaya. Most tourist destinations
may only have one zoo to go see, but Pattaya has at least two decent zoos you can
take your family to go see. There are tropical gardens to encounter as well as butterfly
gardens to see!

Maybe you would like to learn a little bit more about the culture and the history of
Pattaya itself. If this is the case, then go check out the museums that are all over the
city. If you are traveling with children then look into going to some of the theme parks
that Pattaya has to offer. There are a total of four theme parks to choose from and each
park has something for every member of the family! If you are traveling alone either
on leisure or on business, then check out Pattaya's busy nightlife, with a variety of
nightclubs and bars. You are bound to find something that you will enjoy all night

Whatever you are looking for in a vacation, Pattaya has it! If you are looking to stick
to the water, or learn about Pattaya's culture and people, you can find anything you are
looking for in Pattaya. Take a look online ahead of time and see what the city has to
offer and from there build a plan of activities you would like to do while on your
much awaited vacation!

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