Toss That Mascara and Brow Pencil by aihaozhe2


									Let's face it gals, we all feel better and more attractive when we take the time to apply
a little mascara and brow pencil before greeting the world. Even if that is all we
bother with, it is often enough to make a dramatic difference in our appearance and is
noticed. Light brows and lashes with light tips are intensified and help to define your
face with just a little mascara and pencil.

If you have a sensitivity to some of the ingredients in mascara and have been unable
to find a brand that does not cause your eyes to redden and weep, there is an
alternative. After all, applying mascara is supposed to make us look good and no one
looks good with puffy, red-rimmed, weepy eyes.

It is possible to permanently tint your lashes and brows, much as hair is colored.
However, this is not something you can do at home! The chemicals used in permanent
hair coloring are very caustic to delicate mucus membranes and you could easily
damage your eyes while trying to make them more beautiful.

Although your eye brows are farther away from the sensitive area, it is still dangerous
to mess with hair coloring this close to your eyes. The fumes can be very irritating
and if you are the slightest bit careless, you can cause yourself an injury. So don't be
tempted to do your brows and lashes the next time you touch up your hair.

Brow and eyelash tinting are jobs for a professional, someone who is totally familiar
with the dangers and the safety measures necessary to do the job correctly. Only
natural vegetable dyes are used and the color will last for approximately 4 weeks,
much like non-permanent hair coloring. The cost varies depending on the salon you
frequent but generally is in the range of $30-40 for both brows and lashes and takes
between 20 to 30 minutes.

Reputable salons will insist on a patch test 24 hours before you go in for tinting. This
is for your protection, in case you have an allergic reaction to some of the ingredients
in the tinting mixture. Even though aniline dyes are not used around the eye area, this
is still a chemical treatment and can cause an adverse reaction in sensitive people
Tinting your brows and lashes will allow you to swim without fear of ending up with
raccoon eyes when you emerge from the water. You won't have any flaking or
smudging either. If you have extremely light lashes and brows, tinting is a good
alternative to pencil and mascara, especially if you are physically active and perspire a
lot. You will be able to define your eyes and brighten your face without running the
risk of unsightly smearing.

Remember, if you decide to experiment with brow and lash tinting, the color only last
about 4 weeks and will be gradually fading a little every day. You won't have dark
brows and lashes for 30 days then suddenly have your old, pale ones returned, it will
be a gradual process. You will know when it is time to book your next appointment.

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