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                                                                                              12 Jan 2011
Dear Parents                                         Please take note of the term dates at the end of
                                                     this newsletter as some independent schools
PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE WILL BE A                     have made slight changes with dates and you
NEWSLETTER AT THE BEGINNING OF EVERY                 may find variations in holidays with other
WEEK. IT IS OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE                  members of your family.
INCLUDED IN THEM.                                    The class teachers have explained the school’s
                                                     expectations and rules to all children. The Code of
Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good            Conduct has been given out and must be read,
holiday season and are feeling rejuvenated as the    signed and returned by you so that everyone is
year starts. Welcome back to all the families who    aware of our Behaviour Modification programme.
are returning to Crossroads, and a brand new
welcome to those who are joining us for the first    DAILY ARRIVAL OF CHILDREN
time.                                                All children should be dropped off inside the
                                                     school grounds.       Parents must pull into the
I would like to inform you that we have six new      parking bays in the front car park. Staff parking is
members of staff. Ms Laura Edwards (Gr 2), Ms        in the 13th Street car park.
Nicola Hollingsworth (Gr 5), Ms Chrismarie
Bakker (PE), Mrs Amy Kerr (Psychologist), Ms         To avoid congestion and to ensure that the car
Cindy Jansen (Psychologist), and Mrs Ronel           park operates smoothly and is safe for our
Hassbroek (Financial admin assistant). Mrs           children, please DO NOT park in the demarcated
Gillian Clack is also in the office for a few weeks, drop off zone – this area is for picking up children
in a temporary capacity, while Lauren Anderson is    who are waiting in that area and can climb into
on sick leave.                                       your car immediately. DO NOT SPEED through
                                                     the car park – remember that children are walking
If, during the year, you have any concerns about     in that area and it is up to you, as the responsible
your child I encourage you to contact either their   adult, to ensure their safety.
class teacher or therapist in the first instance as
they will be interacting with your child on a daily  COLLECTION OF CHILDREN
basis and will therefore develop a solid
understanding of their needs. Should you feel the    Gr 0: must be collected from their classroom
need to communicate with someone else the            (1.00pm).
following Heads of Departments are also available    Gr 1 + 2: must be collected from the quadrangle
for consultation:                                    (1.30pm).
                                                     Gr 3 + 4: must wait on the paved area above the
Clinical Director (Therapies):                       driveway, adjacent to the school hall (1.45pm)
Mrs Cornelia de Kock.                                Gr 5 to 7: must wait on the terrace behind the Art
Junior Unit HOD (Gr 0 – 2):                          Room and be collected at the end of the driveway.
Mrs Pam Batwell
Middle Unit HOD (Gr 3 – 4):                          Please remember that all grades finish at
Mrs Fiona Buttemer                                   1.00pm on Fridays.
Senior Unit HOD (Gr 5 – 7):
Mrs Betsie Le Roux                                   If your son/daughter has to leave school early due
                                                     to illness, doctor appointments or for any other
In addition, our Deputy Head, Mrs Sylvia             reason whatsoever, the parent collecting your
Cockburn and myself are available for                son/daughter must please come to the office
consultation.                                        FIRST to sign out the child. The parent will be
given an Exit Card, which must then be handed to
the teacher.                                             CALENDARS and DIARIES for 2011
                                                         We would very much appreciate the donation
                                                         of large wall calendars for classrooms and
PTA COMMITTEE MEETING                                    offices, as well as desk calendars and diaries.
The first PTA meeting for the year will be held on
Wednesday 26th January at 5.30pm. Please will            REMINDERS:
all parents who are interested and willing to work
for our children and school make every effort to         1.     NEWSPAPERS are collected for Mondi re-
attend. Our major fundraiser for the year Family                cycling as a fundraiser. We have a weekly
Fun Day, takes place on Thursday 17th March                     class competition and termly class winners
and we need as much assistance as possible.                     are given ice cream treats.
The meeting will take place in the Board Room                   Please send your old newspapers in on
and access to parking is through the Staff Car                  a weekly basis. No bottles, cans or
Park in 13th Street.                                            garden refuse please!

PLEASE DIARISE AND REMEMBER THAT                                Please continue to use these cards
PARENTS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND ALL                              wherever they are accepted. Additional
FUNCTIONS.                                                      funds are generated.

DIARY for 1st Term 2011                                  3.     ANNUAL INSURANCE
                      TERM 1                                    Please note that the R90.00 is now due.
                 12 Jan – 6 April
12 Jan Wed Pupils return                                 4.     SCHOOL TOURS: The annual payment of
20 Jan Thur Parent Information Evening                          R300.00 is now due.
24 Jan Mon Extra murals start
16 Jan Wed PTA Meeting 5.30pm                            5.     SCHOOL FEES
28 Jan Fri    Gr 6R Assembly                                    Please note that school fees are payable
1 Feb Tues Junior Unit Homework Info Evening                    in advance on the first day of each month
              Gr 0 Information Evening                          as per your Method of Payment form.
2 Feb Wed     Middle Unit Homework Info Evening                 Statements will be distributed via child mail
9 Feb Wed     Senior Unit Homework Info Evening                 within the next week or so.
11 Feb Fri    Grade 3B Assembly                                 Annual fees should be received by 29th
16 Feb Wed AGM
18 Feb Fri    Theme Day: The Environment
                                                         6.     BOOKPACKS
24 Feb        Inter House Gala
                                                                Bookpacks have been distributed. The
Thurs         School closes 12.00 for Half Term
                                                                cost of these are included on the January
                 25 – 28 Feb incl
                     Half Term
1 Mar Tues School returns
11 Mar Fri    Grade 5R Assembly                          BULK SMS FACILITY
17 Mar Thur Family Fun Day                               All school related information concerning
18 Mar – Fri Case Conference                             cancellation of sports matches etc will be made
1 Ap                                                     utilising a bulk SMS facility. Please check your
21 Mar Mon Human Rights Day – Public Holiday             cellphones for messages, and ensure that the
25 Mar Fri    Grade 2B Assembly                          office is notified of any cellphone changes.
29 March      On Cue Theatre – Alice in
1 April Fri   Case Conference ends                       PERSONAL PARTICULARS FORM
4 April Mon Parent Feedback (Teachers and                These forms are available on the school website
              Therapists) after school                   ( Kindly fill in and
5 April Tues Parent Feedback (Teachers and               email back to the school as soon as possible. If
              Therapists) 5 – 7pm                        there are any parents who do not have access to
6 April Wed Final Assembly                               the Internet and would like to fill in the form by
              Gr 0 – 3: 10.15                            hand, they may do so.
              Gr 4 – 7: 11.15
              School ends 12.00pm
AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES                                      UNIFORM
All afternoon Activities will start on Monday             Summer Uniform
January 24th. A timetable will be sent out this           Boys : Grey shorts; Crossroads golf shirt; grey
week. Please take time to study it with your child        socks; black shoes/sandals with no socks; navy
and help him/her to choose at least one activity,         v-neck jersey/ tracksuit top; school cap/school hat
and return to school as soon as possible. Please          with Crossroads badge
note that Golf will also start on Tuesday 25th            Girls: Navy culottes/Navy skirt; Crossroads golf
January, and not on the 18th as stated in the             shirt; white socks; black shoes/ sandals with no
Golf Letter.                                              socks; navy v-neck jersey/tracksuit top; school
                                                          cap/ school hat with Crossroads badge.

HEBREW LESSONS                                            Winter Uniform
Hebrew reading classes available on a Friday              Boys : Crossroads tracksuit; Crossroads golf
after school, 1pm – 1.30pm for children in Grade 3                shirt/white polo neck ; black shoes; grey
- 5. Costs paid privately in advance of each                      socks or long grey flannels; Crossroads
month. If interested, please phone Mrs Fran                       golf shirt/white polo neck; navy v-neck
Celendar 011 485 5457 or 072 138 6122.                            jersey / tracksuit top
                                                          Girls : Navy culottes/ navy skirt; navy opaque
                                                                  tights; Crossroads golf shirt/white polo
                                                                  neck top; navy v-neck jersey/tracksuit top;
JEWISH STUDIES will begin on Tuesday 25th                         school cap/school hat with Crossroads
January, and the classes are as follows:                          badge
Gr 0-1: Tuesday morning 7.15am – 7.45am
Gr 2-3: Thursday 7.15am – 7.45am                          Physical Education
Gr 4-7: Tuesday 2.00pm – 2.30pm.                          Black shorts; Crossroads golf shirt; white tackies
Any queries, please phone Julie Widmonte on               with white socks; school cap/school hat with
082 818 6363                                              Crossroads badge; black or navy swimming
                                                          costume, towel, swimming cap – FOR ALL.

SCRIPTURE UNION                                           School Outfitters:
Scripture Union is an international Christian youth       Hermer’s: Rosebank Mews, 173 Oxford Orad,
organisation with many years of experience in             Rosebank. Tel: 011 788 5241.
running youth groups and camps.                           McCullagh and Bothwell: Hyde Park Shopping
At Crossroads School, all learners from Grade 3           Centre. Tel: 011 325 4331.
to Grade 7 are welcome to join SU – every                 School & Leisure, inside Sportsmans
Thursday at first break in Mrs Young’s classroom.         Warehouse, corner Beyers Naude and Pendoring
We will learn from the Bible and sing songs of            Road, Blackheath. Tel: 011 431 0406.
For any queries regarding SU, please contact Mrs          UNIFORM SHOP
Anne Young at Crossroads School.                          The Second Hand Uniform Shop is open weekly
                                                          on a Tuesday between 1.30 and 2.00pm.

PHONE CARDS                                               TUCK SHOP
Please note that PHONE CARDS are compulsory               Our tuck shop is open at both breaks. At first
for the Grades 3 to 7 and should be used to call          break there is a lunch menu and at second break
parents regarding cancellation of matches, home           snack foods are available. Grades 0, 1, 2 and 3
time arrangements, play dates etc. No phone               use the pre-paid system. Grades 4 – 7 should
calls may to be made from the school office,              bring the correct amount of money for their
unless there is an emergency. Parents are                 purchases, on a daily basis
requested to ask the office staff for confirmation
should a child ask to be collected from school, as
the secretaries or the class teachers are the only        LUNCH MENU
people responsible for contacting parents in this         Mon    Hotdog - Vienna/Chicken    R9.00
regard. Cards are available at the office for R20                Salad Roll                 R9.00
each.                                                            Hamburger                  R10.00
                                                                 Chicken & Mushroom Pie     R13.00
                                                      3          Toasted Cheese/Ham/Tomato R10.00
                                                          Tues   Hotdog - Vienna/Chicken    R9.00
       Salad Roll                      R9.00
       Cornish Pasty                   R13.00               2011 CALENDAR FOR PUPILS
Wed    Hotdog - Vienna/Chicken         R9.00
       Salad Roll                      R9.00
       Toasted Chicken/Cheese          R9.00                TERM 1
       Chicken & Mushroom Pie          R13.00               Start:       Wednesday 12 January
Thur   Hotdog - Vienna/Chicken         R9.00                Close:       Wednesday 6 April, 12h00
       Salad Roll                      R9.00
       Toasted Cheese/Ham/Tom          R10.00
       Cornish Pasties                 R13.00
                                                            Half Term:   Thurs 24 February 12h00
Fri    Hotdog - Vienna/Chicken         R9.00                Return:      Tuesday 1 March
       Pizza Slices (Cheese or Veg)    R9.00
       Chicken & Mushroom Pie          R13.00               Public Holidays:
                                                            Mon 21 March (Human Rights Day)
Guava/Orange Sachets R3.00      Slim Slab      R4.00        __________________________
Litchi + Fruit Cocktail R3.50   Simba Crisps R4.00          TERM 2
Ceres Fruit Juice Boxes R6.00   Frozen Yoghurt R8.00        Start:       Tuesday 3 May
Bottled Water           R6.00   Jungle Oat Bar R7.00        Close:       Friday 5 August, 12h00.
LiquiFruit Can          R8.50   Jungle Biscuit R6.00
Popcorn                 R2.50   Biltong Bites  R4.00
Fritos                  R2.00   Muffins         R6.00
                                                            Half Term:   Fri 1st July 13h00
Peanuts & Raisins       R2.50                               Return:      Monday 11th July

                                                            Public Holidays:
Yours sincerely,                                            Sunday 1 May (Workers’ Day)
                                                            Monday 2 May (Public Holiday)
                                                            Thursday 16 June (Youth Day)
                                                            Friday 17 June (School Closed)
                                                            TERM 3
                                                            Start:        Tuesday 6 September
                                                            Close:        Friday 2 December 12h00
HEADMISTRESS                                                Half Term:  Thursday 20 October 12h00
                                                            Return:     Tuesday 25 October

                                                            School Starts 2012 Wednesday 11 January 2012


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