Top Reasons to Invest in Gauteng by aihaozhe2


									Perhaps the most compelling reason for doing business in Gauteng is the fundamental
fact that 'nothing succeeds like success'. Gauteng is already the business centre of
South Africa and the entire southern African region and has the most attractive
investment climate on the continent. The gross provincial product of Gauteng
accounts for about one third of South Africa's GDP and is larger than many countries
around the world.

With the second largest population of any province in South Africa and the largest per
capita income, consumer consumption helps drive an economy that is solidly based on
highly sophisticated, mature financial, mining and manufacturing sectors.

Just as important as its existing status as the province with the largest and most
dynamic economy is the fact that Gauteng's leadership is not the least inclined to sit
on the province's laurels. Gauteng is a province on the move. The government has set
high standards and goals for itself. Ambitious plans have been drawn up and
infrastructure projects set in motion. Gauteng is where the action is. All roads lead to

Complementing this dynamic economic setting is one of the best business
environments in the world - according to several international organizations and
studies. For example, the World Bank ranked South Africa among the top 30 in the
world for ease of doing business - ahead of Italy, France, China and India. Importantly,
South Africa was in the top ten in the investment protection index. Infrastructure

Gauteng's aim is to become Africa's smart province is supported by the quality of its
infrastructure which includes: Roads, railway and airlines, sophisticated
telecommunication systems, educational institutions as well as research and
development facilities.

MANUFACTURING: Gauteng is South Africa's main manufacturing centre, with
almost half of all the country's factories located in the province.

MINING: Johannesburg is Africa's third largest city. There are 159 mines (44 gold) in
Gauteng that together produces a quarter of South Africa's total mineral production.
Most of the mining is for gold and accounts for 80 percent of Gauteng's output.

TOURISM: The country's tourism infrastructure is sophisticated and developed, but
key opportunities still exists. In Gauteng business tourism creates many jobs in the
hospitality industry and is realising enormous revenue for the government.

As South Africa's most urbanised and industrialised province, Gauteng offers many
attractive incentives that includes:

1. Highly developed transport system
2. Highly developed communication network
3. Thriving commerce
4. Ample natural and human resources
5. A favourable climate
6. Variety of conference and exhibition centres
7. Plentiful accommodation
8. Exciting shopping malls and entertainment venues
9. Exceptional sports and recreational facilities

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