Top 5 Easy List Building Tips by aihaozhe2


									The question I get most frequently asked is how to build your list so as to maximise
your sales. There are plenty of ways to do it, and as long as you have good content on
your website, you won't have a problem getting people to subscribe to your newsletter
or free report offering and start building your list.

These are the top 5 tips that I have found work every time for me, and they will for
you too.

List Building Tip 1 - Add More Email Optin Boxes To Your Website

This is a no-brainer, but sadly few people make the most of it. If you have a 100 page
website, you should have 100 newsletter subscribe boxes on your website.

How? Well you can integrate a subscribe box just about anywhere on a website or add
a pop up window (still very effective.) What about just before an article starts, in the
middle of an article or even at the end of the article?

List Building Tip 2 - Offer A Useful Hard To Resist Gift

This works well if the free offer is something that will help or be useful to the visitor.
The best way is to create one yourself and not offer something you have reprint rights
to with 500 other people.

You want it to be unique, and to complement your newsletters topics so you could
adapt something from PLR or offer back issues of your newsletter.

List Building Tip 3 - Use Free Viral Ebooks To Get New Subscribers

A great way to get lots of new subscribers for your ezine without spending a penny on
advertising is to create an ebook as a free product. Offer it to visitors to the site, or to
other website owners in your niche with reprint rights to the product so they can sell
your product while making 100% commission in the process.

I prefer the reprint right route because people are more likely to read and value a book
they have paid for. Just make sure your details are all over the ebook and that its in
pdf format so it can't be changed.

Find a group of publishers in your market, let them know you created a new ebook
with a sales letter that they can use and plug straight into their website. Give them a
mailing promotion to use and tell them they can have the book for free, and that they
can either sell the book or give the book to their customers as a bonus.

List Building Tip 4 - Do Audio Interviews With Experts In Your Market
Audio interviews are a great idea to get more subscribers in non internet marketing
circles. Interviewing experts over the phone and recording it will get your newsletter
splashed all over the Internet.

Do you know how to find experts in any field almost instantly? Go to the top article
directories, such as, and find the category related to the niche
you are in.

Find the writers of the top rated articles and contact them via their website, tell them
you want to interview them because you've read an article they've written and it was
great and you think your subscribers would benefit from their knowledge.

Most will do this without charging you a penny for a good plug for their product or
website and, once you have these interviews, tell all the publishers you've been in
contact with from tip 3 that you have this great set of MP3 interviews you want to
offer them for free to their lists.

Then you setup a page on your website with the download link to these mp3's and put
a subscribe form near them for your newsletter. You will be surprised how many
people will sign up after they listen to your interviews, but DO NOT make them sign
up for your newsletter before they get do so - it only puts people off.

List Building Tip 5 - Archive Your Newsletter Copies On Your Website

Sometimes people are hesitant to give any sort of information away over the Internet,
especially their email address even if what you are offering is free. But if you allow
people to read your back issues without having to sign up for your newsletter, this will
show them what type of content you write and will make them want to join.

Make sure you tell them on the website that newsletter subscribers get each issue a
month before it is published on the website for non subscribers and if the information
is especially time sensitive they will definitely want to subscribe.

The Last Word: I have used all these tips successfully on my own Internet sites,
whether sales or membership and they are tried and tested. If you are serious about
building your list then these tips are the ones to try first.

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