Weather Resistant TFT-LCD by dfsiopmhy6


									Weather Resistant TFT-LCD
Technical Specifications - AQWP55F
The High Performance Solution for TFT-LCD
3 x HDMI / 2 x Analog tuner supportable
DTV mode support: 480P/576P/720P/1080I,1080P(Option)
PIP Supportable

Screen Size (diagonal)      55"
Display Type                TFT-Active Matrix
Active Area [mm]            1209.6 x 680.4
Resolution                  1920 x RGB x 1080
Aspect Ratio                16:9
Pixel Pitch [mm]            0.630
Number of Colors            16.7M (8bit)
Luminance [cd/㎡]

Color Saturation (%)        72%
Contrast Ratio              1200:1(dynamic)
Viewing Angle [˚,U/D/L/R]   178/178
Color Temperature [K]       9300
Response Time [ms]          8

TV System
Tuning System               PAL / SECAM
Tuning Range                4825 MHz ~ 85525 MHz
Program Channels            100
Sound System                BG, DK, I, L, L’
MTS Support                 Mono/Stereo/NICAM/Bi-Lingual
Speaker Out                 7W x 2 Stereo Speaker (8Ω)
TV (Analog)              1
SCART                    2
VIDEO                    RCAx1, SVHSx1
Component                1
D-Sub                    1
HDMI                     3
RS-232C                  1

Teletext                 252 pages (Optional 1,000pages)
Noise Reduction          ○
PIP                      ○
DVB-T                    Optional

Supportable       Tuner 2 x Analog,
System                  1 x Digital (Optional)

IR-Remote Control
Key Name                 Operation
Power                    Power On/Off
Menu                     Menu key
PR+                      Up key
PR-                      Down key
VOL+                     Right key
VOL-                     Left key
Enter                    Select key
Info                     Displays input source information
Sleep                        Displays current value (minutes) of sleep timer
                            Adjusts the value of sleep timer
                            Disables sleep timer when the value of sleep timer is maximum
Mute                      Toggles sound status of speaker/headphone in mute
Source                      Activates OSD of source change
                            Deactivates OSD of source change
PSM                         Activates OSD of picture standard mode
(Picture Standard Mode)     Deactivates OSD of picture standard mode
SSM                         Activates OSD of sound standard
(Sound Standard Mode)       Deactivates OSD of sound standard
ARC                         Activates OSD of aspect ratio control
                            Deactivates OSD of aspect ratio control
STILL                     Toggles picture status between motion and still image
PRE_CH                    Changes to last tuned program
-/--                      Select the Program number two ciphers or one cipher
Dual I-II                   Activates OSD of MTS sound format
                            Deactivates OSD of MTS sound format
PIP                       Toggles PIP status
PINPUT                    Changes PIP input sources
PSize                     Changes PIP image size
PPosition                 Changes PIP position: PIP image size must be not double screen
Swap                      Swaps main input source and PIP input source
SSelect                   Selects main / PIP sound source
PC                        Selects input source between PC and DVI
TV                        Selects input source of TV
0~9                       Enters digit value for program change directly
TTX ON                    Enters TTX display mode, if TV source has TTX information
MIX                       Toggles TTX mix and TTX full display mode in TTX on
TTX                       Sends TTX Red / Green / Cyan/ Yellow commands

HOLD                      Holds current TTX page
REVEAL                    Reveals concealed TTX information
FLOF/ LIST                Toggles LIST and FLOF mode
CANCEL                    Only TTX display off
INDEX                     See TTX list menu
TTX Store                 Stores ROW24 pages to non-volatile memory in LIST mode
TTX Update                Updates pages
Time                   Displays information of time/date
Size                   Changes the size of TTX characters
DTV Setup (Optional)   Enters Digital TV setup menu
GUIDE                  Activates digital TV program guide
TV/RADIO               Switches TV/Radio channels in digital TV
FAV                    Enters favorite channels menu
PG UP                  Executes page up at digital channel list menu
PG DOWN                Executes page down at digital channel list menu
PIP PR+                Increases channel if pip video is TV or Digital TV
PIP PR-                Decreases channel if pip video is TV or Digital TV

Video Image
Picture Mode             PC color standard: Custom, High, Middle, Low
                       (Adjustable PC color by control of Brightness, contrast, sharpness)
                         Video color standard: Custom, Dynamic, Standard, Movie, Mild
                       (Adjustable Video color by control of Brightness, contrast, sharpness
                       and color)
Image color control      PC color control standard: Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness
(Custom)                 Video color control standard: Brightness, Contrast, Color, Tint,
                         Sharpness, Phase
                         Adjust & save each color setting value
Color Tone               PC Color temperature: Custom, Cool2, Cool1, Normal, Warm1,
(Temperature)            Warm2 (Adjustable RGB by control of contrast value)
                         Video color temperature : Cool2, Cool1, Normal, Warm1, Warm2
                         (Cool -> Warm color)
Picture Aspect Ratio     PC Image Size: Wide (Full screen), 4:3
(Size)                   Video Image Size: Auto-Wide, Wide (Full screen), Panorama,
                         Zoom, 4:3, 14:9
Image Lock               Auto image adjustment
(Only for PC)            Phase (Fine) adjustment
                         H/V position adjustment
                         Frequency (Clock) adjustment
                         Native Mode adjustment
Basic Adjustment        Speaker Volume
                        Balance, Equalizer
                        Auto volume level
Equalizer               Equalizer Band: 100Hz, 300Hz, 1kHz, 3kHz, 10kHz
Sound Mode              Adjustable Sound Mode by control of equalizer bands
                        Sound standard: Custom, Standard, Music, Movie, Speech
TV Sound System       BG, DK, I, L(L’)
TV Sound Format        Sound Format                Adjustment           Default mode
Detect & Adjustment        Mono                       Mono                    Mono
                           Stereo                Mono / Stereo                Stereo
                            Dual             Dual 1 / Dual 2 / Stereo         Dual 1
                          NICAM                  NICAM / Mono                 NICAM
                      NICAM Stereo           NICAM Stereo / Mono        NICAM Stereo
                       NICAM Dual            NICAM Daul1 / NICAM        NICAM Dual1
                                                  Dual2 / Mono
                      Non TV sound               Mono / Stereo                Stereo

Country                 Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Deutschland,
                        Iceland, Ireland, Italia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain,
                        Sverige, Schweiz, East Europe, UK
                        ATM Country tuning support
                        SECAM-L tuning for France
Auto Tuning             Tuning Frequency Range: 4825MHz~85525MHz
                        Color system: PAL / SECAM
                        Sound system: BG / DK / I / L,L’
Manual Tuning           Video system select: Auto, PAL, SECAM
                        Sound system select: BG, DK, I, L
                          Frequency Up/Down searching
                          C/S Channel searching
                          Fine tuning: -32~+32 steps
Other Functions           Channel Add/Erase
                          Channel Name Edit
                          Channel Sort

Sleep Timer               Power off when sleep time is elapsed
                          Timer setting range: Off / 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 minutes
Current Time Clock      Hour (0~23), Minute (0~59)
On/Off Time               On/Off time: Hour (0~23), Minute (0~59)
                          Enable/Disable “On/Off time”
                          On Time Channel/On Time Volume
                          Power On:
                                      Source changed to TV
                                      Channel changed to “On Time Channel
                                      Set “On Time Volume” when current time is on-time
                          Power off when current time is off-time

Reset to Default     Resets all user-setting value to system default
OSD Language         English/German/French/Dutch/Spanish/Italy/Swedish/Portuguese/Greece
Other Functions          OSD background blending
                         Blue screen on/off: Adjusts color of blanking screen to blue / black
                         TTX Group : West Europe/East Europe/Turkish/Cyrillic/Arabic/Farsi

PIP                                   Main                                  Sub
Input Condition                         Component                            S-Video
(Combinations Available)            HDMI(1, 2, 3)                              RF
                                           RGB                              SCART 1
                                   DTV (Optional)                           SCART 2
                                   DMP(Optional)                               AV
                                         S-Video                             S-Video
                                           RF                                  RF*
                                        SCART 1                             SCART 1
                                        SCART 2                             SCART 2
                                           AV                                  AV
                                                                          DTV (Optional)
                                                                          HDMI(1, 2, 3)
PIP source change          Available connection condition can be changed by main input

PIP Size

                                  Large                  Double1                     Double 2
                                                    (Horizontal Double)        (Vertical Double)
PIP Position                 Right-Bottom
Swap                       Swaps main screen for PIP screen
Sound Select               Selects main or PIP sound input source

Mechanical Dimensions
Screen(WxH, mm): 1292 x 786
Cirsuit Box(WxH, mm): 610 x 610
Thickness(mm): 124
Mount Hole(mm): 700(H), 400(V)


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