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					Chapter 17                                                                                 Rainy City
                                                                                           Rick Bruce

Y       abu finished putting her regular student’s uniform on in the locker room of the yeshi ko chamber.
        Her uniform was the same as the rest of the students, except for a patch on her brown short jacket
        which symbolized her as a Hurasuna School teacher.
        A tall thin black door nestled deep into the brown mortar of the castle interior, opened into a
massive hallway of the castle. Yabu closed the door behind her, and started walking along the red and
brown and gold carpet of the castle hall. She was amazed at the silence. With all the students at the school
one could enter a hallway or room and not see or hear anyone.
        The exercise of practice left an energetic feeling in her body, and the hot shower gave her a
refreshed feeling. A nagging doubt however, entered her heart as she walked along the castle corridor.
There was so much to learn and so little time, maybe she should have just stuck to the fighting moves.
Then again, if she did not teach them what she believed was the true yeshi ko, it would be disingenuous.
Even so, what she was doing must be outrageous to the hard core traditionalist yeshi ko fighter. She
pondered if this move was but another facet of the lesson she learned at the dinner with Lady Hurasuna.
Now she was really rocking the boat. It was not just particular persons she was going against, but the art

         As though to solidify her fear, as Yabu turned the corner to the castle, there in a group stood ten
yeshi ko instructors, and some other people with them. Laura and Rotus were among them, and together
they looked like an angry mob. Yabu blew her upper lip, realizing this was going to be another battle.
         Laura, who stood in the center of the group, waited for Yabu to stand before them. Yabu stopped
and bowed slightly, keeping her eyes on them, “Good afternoon teachers.”
         Laura said, “What do you mean with this perversion?” It was less of a question, and more of a
         Yabu raised an eyebrow, expecting somewhat more cordiality. After a pause she decided. She
said, raising a hand to her left, “Be sure all of you, that my power comes from outside of me, and it is
only true understanding of principal that allows me to access that power. If you were teaching the true
form of yeshi ko you would realize this.” Yabu waited a moment, for them to absorb what she said.
         Yabu continued, “It is your responsibility if you wish to put yourselves at enmity with me, only
because I observed the truth in my heart, and then found the gaps in logic of the yeshi ko text. It appears
rather than ask of me, none of you will listen, nor bend your ear to a child. Any of you?” She looked back
and forth, and there were not but stone faces.
         Yabu said, “Then see, you missed the greatest teaching of all in yeshi ko. The greatest form is
flexibility, that of a child, with a nature quick to look, listen, and ask.”
         One instructor, a Japanese man cried out, “Sacred yeshi ko is no dance! it is the greatest fighting
form of all, and you dishonor us with this fairy tale you create!” There were shouts of approval at the
man’s words.
         Another male teacher said, “Nobody believes you are human, so your defeat of our master is
         Yabu said, “Have you forgotten the ancient tales, or did you not believe them in the first place?”
         Rotus stood forward, his hand placed slightly in front of him as though he feared a possible
attack. He said, “We know the limits of yeshi ko, and no fairy tales then or now will fool us. You are a
hybrid, with accelerated strength and speed, and you used this advantage to make fools of us and our
master, but the spirit of yeshi ko will prevail against even this.”
         There were more nods and voices of approval at this, but Yabu stood patiently and waited for
them to finish.
        Yabu said, “You are referring to the approaching tournament, and what my students, not I, will
achieve? In your minds it is settled that my mastery will be debunked. Okay then, so really what you are
doing is gathering together to show your hatred of me, and lack of trust in me, before you have even seen
the results of my teaching. It is this obvious failure of your minds that gives me total confidence in the
correctness of what do, as well the results of the tournament. In fact, like Fugakai, I sense the same
desperation in your erred thinking, for which I must respond with my own, but well placed distrust.”
        Still in her school girl uniform, she raised a hand before her in the yeshi ko invitation to fight.
Rotus, who stood the closest to her, raised an open hand. The rest stood their ground, glaring at her in
resolute, but passive defiance.
        Yabu said, “Well then.” and she bowed to them, and walked around them in the hallway. Laura
behind her shouted, “Freak! Can you even have children?!” Yabu let out a shuddering breath and
continued down the hall.

         After trotting up the stairs to her dorm, Yabu noticed a large crowd of students near the door to
her room. She walked toward it, lowering her head.
         As she approach, a girl in the large group pointed and shouted, “There she is!” All of a sudden a
wall of girls came running at her, and Yabu stopped and took a fighting stance. She raised her fists in
front of her and lowered her head with feet spread apart. A clamor of feet and skirts surrounded her, and
faces stopped short in front of her.
         The faces were not set for attack however, but they were smiling and eager, and a clamor of
voices said, “Wow! It’s super girl!” and finally after much shouting and voices, one girl stepped forward.
She had short brown hair and a pretty smile with large teeth.
         “We saw your dancing from the castle window. It was so beautiful! We’ve never seen anything
like it. We want to know, can we join your class?” There were continued voices repeated the request,
“Can we join? Can we learn it too?”
         Yabu let out a breath, and smiled lowering her fists and shaking her head. She said, “Whew! I’m
just glad you are all not going to start yelling at me.” There were looks of confusion among them. The tall
girl said, “Who is yelling at you?” Yabu replied, “The traditionalist masters are really mad at me. They
say I am perverting the sacred yeshi ko..”
         Another girl said, “That’s wrong! It is so beautiful!” Yabu perked up and smiled. She said, “I’m
under a lot of pressure about it.” She paused for a moment thinking. Then she said, “I cannot teach you
with my current class, as they are well advanced into the training, but I don’t see why I cannot teach a
beginning class after hours.”
         There were voices of jubilation, and girls jumping up and down with excitement. Yabu was
surprised. She had not considered the beauty of it.
         Yabu said, “Furthermore, Takau Sensei might have time, since he is not teaching yeshi ko now.
He is the one teacher that took my invitation to join my class. I’ll ask him.”
         There were shouts of jubilation, and girls jumping up and down with excitement.



         Yabu, with the rest of her regular class waited in a classroom, this time filled with various types
of furniture. The girls sat in rows of old fashion individual wooden desks. Ubani, sitting one desk away
from Yabu, appeared uncomfortable. She looked around her, a look of anxiety on her face.
         Yabu leaned over and said, “What’s wrong?” Ubani pointed to some objects located at the far end
of the huge room. She said, “You see that? Cradles, and baby stuff. I bet this is maternity class or
         Yabu looked around and noticed the various child related objects, cribs, high seats, vehicle baby
seats, and rows of large sinks along the wall to their right. Yabu’s mouth froze in the open position. Ubani
looked over at her, and after a few seconds laughed.
         Ubani said, “Hah! You tomboy too ‘eh? Can’t stand this stuff!” Yabu’s mouth was still open, and
Wani who was sitting on her other side looked at her, perplexed. Wani said, “Yabu, what’s wrong?” With
her mouth still locked in the open position, she leaned straight back in the chair, her eyes fixed as well in
their sockets. “Oh god!” she managed, her mouth staying slightly open still after saying it.
         Wani squirmed with excitement, a smile on her face. She said, “Oh common you guys! This is
going to be fun! I’ll bet at this premier school, they teach all kinds of special things about motherhood
you don’t get anywhere else.” She leaned over to Yabu, her chubby little face gleaming. She said, “Now
Yabu, don’t tell me you haven't thought about holding your baby in your arms, knowing you felt him
grow inside you, and sacrificed to bring him into the world?”
         Yabu’s eyes grew wide, and she turned to Ubani with an expression of shock, horror, and dismay.
Through a contorted face, she said, “Oh my god! Oh my god!” She turned in her seat to see if the exit was
clear. Just then several female teachers entered. Yabu groaned and turned forward again. Ubani let out a
sigh and muttered, “Better than the can I guess.”
         There was one main teacher and two assistants. The main teacher was tall and beautiful with long
flowing chestnut hair. She was dressed in what appeared to be an old Western style white and beige dress.
         She addressed the class. “As you may have guessed, this is where you will learn basics every
mother should know. This class will give you the knowledge that will be with you as you face the greatest
single thing in your life, bearing children.”
         Yabu shook her head, glancing back at the exit again. Her eyes opened wide again, as another
thought occurred to her. What if, she thought, the whole thing was a plot to get her pregnant, and start
some kind of super human race? What if Mr. Do shen would drug her, as he easily could, and impregnate
her with some genetically engineered embryo. “Oh god!” she said out loud.
         The class broke out laughing. Yabu sat in her seat, looking around at the grinning girls. The
teacher continued, “This brings forth an important point we teach here, and that is, some of you may feel
child bearing is not for you, preferring a career, or perhaps adoption later in life. If you will look at the
holovid behind me, you will see a statistic in regard to women who put off having children, or did not
have them at all.”
         Everybody looked at the holovid, and saw that practically zero percent of women who abstained
from child rearing said they did not regret it, and nearly the same for those who put it off for later in life.
         “Therefore,” the teacher continued, walking forward into the rows of desks and students, stopping
in front of Yabu, “be sure, you, yes you, will want to have children, and will have children, so get used to
the idea now!”
         At this Yabu yelled, “Nooooo!” with genuine terror. Her odd voice echoed throughout the room.
Somebody said, “God damn!” Ubani however burst out laughing, and finished with a snort.
         Yabu raised her hand. The teacher said, “Yes?”
         Yabu said, “Mam, as you can see, I am an android, incapable of bearing children. May I please be
excused?” The class burst out laughing again.
         The teacher sharply replied, “That’s not my understanding. Hurasuna does not accept androids.
Furthermore, even if you are an android, you are an android of a woman, and therefore may be called
upon to care for children. And that’s ten demerits for your outburst Ms. Do shen.”
         Ubani said, “Oh!”. Yabu caught the icy glare of hate from Onoka in the front row, once again
embarrassed by her family name. Yabu groaned and sunk back in her seat. Total nightmare!
         The teacher returned to the front of class, and began to teach about pregnancy, health, and related
topics. After a while of this, the teacher’s assistants began to gather pink satin boxes, with beautiful
Japanese embroidery on them. Ubani said, “Oh, I gotta bad feeling about this.”
         The teacher said, “Now, don’t think all your parent’s money went to nothing but fine food. Each
of you will be given a baby doll, hand crafted by the famous Igokari Mahuaha, of the Hannapiwe islands.
Each doll costs fifteen hundred don, and are individually crafted. In a moment, a shaman doll maker from
Mahuaha of Japan will be here. He will perform a ceremony in which each doll will be assigned an
owner, and this doll will be your charge for the rest of your life.”
         Yabu and the rest of the class watched as the assistants set the pink boxes up and facing the class.
Each box had a window for the upper half, showing the face and upper body of the doll. Yabu perked
with interest as she saw the dolls. Her large green eyes scanned the faces, and their little outfits. After a
moment she gasped. “Wow!” she said.
         Ubani scowled at her, “What? You’re impressed now?” Yabu said, still scanning, “Well, uh, I
mean, look at those dolls! They are excellently crafted. I am impressed. They are the posable kind.”
         Ubani said disgusted, “Oh man, don’t tell me you like dolls!” Yabu shook her head, “Yeah, I do, I
mean, for art and modeling purposes!”
         Hookni, the petite girl with the mean look on her face said, “Yeah sure Yabu.” Yabu shrugged.
         Just then a Japanese man with gray hair and thick glasses came into the room followed by an
older woman in traditional kimono. The man, who was the shaman, bowed to them when he reached the
front of the class. He stood and stared at them for a while, taking in their faces. He smiled at them, raised
his hands and said, “Today you will all become mother of a Takayani, which is the baby doll. Each doll
has been individually crafted, and it is they who choose you.”
         Yabu rolled her eyes upward. This was so weird. The Japanese really take dolls seriously, perhaps
too seriously. Some believed they have a soul. Yabu realized such beliefs is what provided for the
excellent quality of the dolls.
         The shaman called the first girl to the front of the class. Yabu watched as he said something to
her, and she then fully bowed to him. He presented the box to her, holding it in front of him. He opened
the lid to the box, with the same kind of perfected care Yabu learned with Mrs. Pemyu in the castle
outskirts. With his hands, he carefully lifted the doll from its box, and handed the doll to the girl. He then
recited something to her, and she repeated it back to him. Following his instructions, she bowed again,
placing the doll back in the box and returned back in her seat.
         Wani leaned over to Yabu and whispered, “What did he say?” Yabu whispered back, “He said, ‘I
take you to care for life. I will love you and share my spirit with you, and you will be with me forever.’”
         Wani’s eyes widened. “Wow!” she whispered.

         One by one the girls received their dolls. There was not a single girl, who sat down with her doll,
who did not appear pleased. The dolls were a very cute mixture of child and baby, with exaggerated eyes
and beautiful hair. Each doll was dressed in a characteristic little outfit, which Yabu guessed must taken
many hours of work for each one.
         Yabu noted some of the dolls were boys, and some girls. Some were dressed in sport clothing,
others professional clothing, and some had outfits entirely not associated with any fashion she could
recognize. Each doll was beautifully crafted and had cute expressions perfect for tugging at the heart
strings of young women.
         Ubani, after completing the ritual, returned to her seat carrying the open box with her doll. She sat
down in the chair attached to the desk, with an expression of barely tolerating the situation. She set the
box down carefully and leveled her eyes down at the contents.
         Yabu looked over at Ubani, noticing her eyes drooping somewhat, but then perking up somewhat.
She grinned over at Yabu, “Cool! They really do their homework.” The doll was a boy with red hair, and
dressed in punker attire, complete with real leather jacket, ripped jeans, studded bracelets, and large black
boots with all kinds of studs and silver buckles. Ubani lifted it out of the box, and set in on her desk. It
stood on its own and it was about fourteen inches high. The face had a rebellious expression, but its large
childish eyes made it cute. Yabu and Wani both smiled, charmed by Ubani’s doll. They remembered to
keep quite during the ceremony, but it was hard for some of the girls to suppress reaction to their dolls.
         Wani signaled for Yabu and Ubani to look over. Sushayl sat down with her doll. She looked over
at her room mates with an embarrassed grin. Her doll was a blond boy with large light blue eyes, and was
dressed only in white boxer underwear and white t-shirt. The skin was very fair. Yabu wondered at the
embarrassment Sushayl seemed to be experiencing.
          Yabu said, “What, does she think it’s a sign she’s a child molester?” Ubani laughed, “Hah!”
          Wani said, “No, it’s just magic! The doll maker could see with his spiritual eyes what drew her
         Yabu exclaimed, “Wow!” and watched as Sushayl clutched the doll to her chest like a little girl,
smiling down at her new child. Hookni glared with a sardonic grin.
         There was a rush of excitement in the front of the room. Onoka was very popular, especially the
five Japanese in the Onoka class. She was just sitting down with her new charge, and there was much
barely contained noise from her surrounding class mates. The doll was a beautiful Samurai Girl, with
Japanese features, and excellent clothing. The doll had beautiful silk and satin robes, and a very cute
shiny black body suit. The doll even wore a sword, and bow and arrow with fine crafting. Onoka was cool
as usual, but there was a definite look of pride on her face.
         Wani went to receive her doll. She repeated the statement in ceremony, and held the box against
her chest. Ubani and Yabu watched as she returned to her seat. She set the doll on the desk, and sat down
with an embarrassed grin. The doll was a girl with short pink hair, and she was dressed in ballet clothing,
including a tiny satin tutu and blue tights with pink leotard.
         Yabu said, “I didn’t know you liked ballet.”
         Wani said, “Neither did I.”
         Finally Yabu’s name was called by the doll maker. She stood, feeling like a child about to receive
a special gift. She walked to the front of the class, watching the doll maker watch her as she approached.
She stopped and stood before the doll maker. He already had the box in his hands. Yabu’s mouth dropped
when she saw the doll. The doll maker watched her white face. He paused, waiting for her say what she
would say. Yabu hesitantly lifted a finger, and realized she might as well blurt it out, since it was
probably plain to him. She said, “He is, dark.”
         The doll maker said, “You noticed.” He could see the bewilderment and disappointment on her
face, and then her polite correction, hiding it away in place of a polite smile. The doll maker looked into
her eyes, but did not give her anything. He had a slight smile of amusement then, and turned to conduct
the ceremony. He opened the lid of the box, and necks craned to see what doll the strange white girl
would receive. Yabu could hear the breaths of reaction behind her, and some laughs.
         Onoka, sitting in the front row, watched the lid as it was taken off the pink box. The doll appeared
to be of middle Eastern origin, with dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes, though still in the style of large,
childish eyes. The doll was dressed in the clothing of the desert sheik, with robes of brown, beige and
white. The doll wore a curved sword of the legendary desert warrior. There was a defiant expression on
the face, yet somehow made cute and childish by the doll maker.
         Yabu reached forward her pure white hands, and took hold of the box. As she did this, she
noticed a small pink box set into the packing. The doll maker stood, holding the lid of the box off to the
side, and watching Yabu. Yabu looked at him, reading the face under the gray hair. He said nothing. Yabu
held the box against her chest.
         The doll maker said the words of acceptance that she should say, and spoke the formality of the
ceremony. Yabu said the words, but her mind reeled with the mystery of her assignment. She bowed
respectfully to the doll maker, but involuntarily looked into his eyes, questioning. The doll craftsman
looked back at her, his slight grin a reply to her bewilderment.
         Yabu turned and started toward her seat. She caught the cruel grin of a girl sitting near Onoka,
and a whispered voice said, “Her baby is a suicide bomber.” Then another whisper, “Jihad! Jihad!”, and
there was laughter. Yabu returned to her seat, her face a mixture of confusion and somber contemplation.

         The teacher clapped her hands after bowing to the doll maker. The girls all sat with their new
dolls in front of them on their desks. The teacher said, “Okay ladies, your doll is your charge, and you
must bring it to this room for every class. Your assignment concerning your charge is easy; do not allow
harm to come to your baby.”
         Yabu could hear the muffled groan from Ubani, and Hookni gave her usual sardonic grin. The
teacher reached into a crib behind her, and produced a naked baby doll.
         She said, “Onoka, please stand over here, and we will begin by demonstrating to the class the
proper way to hold and feed your baby.”
         Onoka stood, smiling, slightly embarrassed by the situation. The teacher smiled as well, being
familiar with the awkwardness of this situation for teenage girls. Addressing the class, the teacher began
to instruct Onoka. All of the girls paid close attention, as with everything at the Hurasuna School, they
would be thoroughly tested.


         Jake, a young business man in a slightly ill fitting gray suit, said to the woman seated across from
him, “I don’t think a lot of people have read it. I mean, can you imagine anybody at work?”
         The woman, Cathy, with her long brown hair tied behind her, nodded negative through a sip of
         Jake said, “I think where it loses a lot of people is where it’s revealed he’s the famous murderer
of women, while at the same time creator of the universe, but of course it’s just a matter of brain power.
Even today people can’t handle the idea of living simultaneous lives.”
         He paused for a moment, perhaps reading her response. He smiled and said, “It’s exciting really,
the levels of mind it opens. Is it an ancient science fiction, or is it a scripture of some kind, a message
from god? Either way it’s interesting, but I wouldn’t count on seeing it theaters anytime soon!”
         Cathy nodded emphatically. “Way too complicated for a screen play, and you can imagine the
uproar if it was widely published.”
         Jake said, “I like it the way it is actually. The obscurity of it lends to a special contemplation, as
though you are of a privileged few who know about it.”
         Cathy said, “So anyway, you were saying the beast was having second thoughts?”
         The man said, “Oh yes, well, as a young man in the prestigious university, he is under pressure to
follow through on his attack. Doubts are raised when he hears the geek in his physics class is, ‘the face of
fire’ that sparked Onta. Of course, he’s a mass murderer himself, but the knowledge of it is kept from that
window of his soul. You see, all it takes is for that little voice, and those few words, to spark the memory
deep within him, and he keeps hearing the words, face of fire.”
         The man continued, “He’s totally annoyed with Brail, as though just his presence drives him
crazy, and so the collage prank is planned, but even as these events unfold, the beast is in the library
researching. He becomes fascinated to learn that Brail is the same name associated with the famous killer,
and the legend of the face of fire.”
         “Now the association becomes deeper with the legendary note, it was whispered there was one
person in his class, with such talent in mathematics it was feared he would ultimately use the power in
some destructive way. It turns out of course it was the annoying Brail, and he began to teach with
authority that none of the professors possessed. It was anthropological rhetoric intertwined with numbers
that scared them. No one could argue with him, and despite his nerdish countenance he had a habit of
burning professors and other challengers to the ground, calling them impotent.”
         Cathy said, “Right. That’s where we get the first clue that it’s really Samaja, the renegade
scientist of the ancient dark race.” She paused, looking out the window. She said, “I think it’s cool how it
never says it, but only implied, and you get this sense of connection to a fantastic unfolding plot.”
         “Right!”, Jake grinned, showing his pearly whites, “And what an ironic twist of fate! Did you
suspect reading it, that the sub story, you know, the one about the ancient king, would end up like that?!
‘Endless frustration and loneliness, marked him even in his heaven.’ It’s lonely at the top you see, for
there is no one truly like you, if you are a supreme ruler. His frustration is exacerbated by his continual
enemy in the darkness, the evil warlord of the dark scourge. Ever testing his borders, ever slaying his
servants, the demon continues his campaign against the good king, saying, I cannot rest as long as this
hate burns within me. In a moment of profound realization, oddly enough while getting drunk and
listening to music, he hears the words, you were there all the time.”
         Cathy said, “Yeah, the wisdom of sweet and sour. It would not have been as profound if hate was
the latter end, but it’s interesting to contemplate.”
         Jake said, “You mean emotion has only one productive direction; hate to love?”
         Cathy smiled sheepishly, looking down at her tea. She said, “I think it’s so cute really, the
residual memory of what he was lingers to perpetual awkwardness in his new role. The terrible beast, the
mass murderer, the most cruel creature, the most hateful, and the most hated...”
         Jake laughed, “Yes, I agree.” he said wistfully, pushing the crumbs on a saucer in front of him.
“Well, you know you get what you pay for. I think that’s the best thing about it, and notably the most
expensive.” He could not help but make the monetary analogy. He was after all, an accountant.



         Yabu slumped down into her bed, having put on the night gown used for sleeping. Wani was
already in bed across from her on the top bunk. Yabu glanced at her. Wani’s face was bright with interest,
leaning in closely to examine the features of her doll which she had in a sitting position in front of her on
the bed. Wani looked so happy. Ubani beneath her had hung her doll on the bed post, and was trying to
cram more pins into the little leather jacket that came with it.
         Yabu looked over at the shelf above the computer where she left her doll in the box. As though on
cue, Sushayl popped her head up from beneath her. Pressed against her head was the little blond doll. She
had a grin Yabu had never seen before on her face.
         Sushayl said, “Isn’t he so cute?!”
         Yabu sighed, “Yeah. Great.” Realizing she sounded more negative than she was, she added, “So,
you really like your doll, huh?”
         Sushayl said, “You know, I never had a doll growing up. Not even one. It just wasn’t one of those
things our family did. Our culture prohibits anything in the likeness of people or animals. I’m going to
have to hide this from my father.” She had a wistful smile on her face. She added, “I think maybe he’s
becoming more liberal. After all, he appreciates quality and craftsmanship. These dolls are fabulous.”
         Sushayl peered up further. Yabu rolled her eyes, realizing she was busted.
         Sushayl said, “You don’t have your doll?”
         Yabu said, “What? I don’t want it to get damaged.”
         Wani said, “She hasn’t taken it out since we got back.” Ubani looked up, little silver pins sticking
out of her mouth. She said, “Hah! Her doll is a suicide bomber! An Arab!” She paused, enjoying the
fuming green eyed gaze from the top bunk. She said, “Only one as I recall. Let’s see, uh, yep! Only one
suicide bomber.”
         Sushayl said, “Oh come now Ms. Yabu, you know all that bad press is just Ameri propaganda,
and bad news is all you hear. Many great things have come out of the Eastern dessert lands you know.
Some of the most advanced forms of mathematics originated from their culture.”
         Yabu had her hands behind her head, looking up at the ceiling.
         Sushayl said, “Nothing could stand against the Great Warrior of the dessert. The greatest
acquisition of land for any military campaign in the history of the world was exacted in the height of their
         Ubani weighed in, “Yeah, but they eroded into weak and technologically deficient warring
Sushayl responded, “All cultures eventually deteriorate. People think Ameri and the United Parsecs will
last forever, but history tells us otherwise.”
        Ubani said, “Thank god.”

        There came a rapping at the door. The four girls fell silent wondering who it could be, since it
was late at night. Ubani wiped the pins out of her mouth and stood up. She walked over to the door and
opened it. There was a group of six or something girls, and Ubani stepped back, looking at them with one
eye cocked. She said, “What’s this?!”
        A girl standing in front of the group said, “Can we speak with Ms. Yabu?”

         Yabu jumped down out of her bunk, and walked over to the door. All the girls standing at the
door suddenly pressed forward, and speaking in hushed tones, “Can we come in?!” Ubani looked at Yabu.
Yabu motioned her head with small jerk toward the inside. The girls rushed in, all wearing their white
night gowns. One of the girls grinned, looking at Yabu, “You look like the white ghost!” Someone else
went, “Shhhh!” Ubani frowned and closed the wooden door as quietly as she could.
         One of the girls came before Yabu. She was holding some magazines against her chest. She said,
“We’ve all been practicing the yeshi ko dance moves Takau has taught us. He said it was okay by you.”
         Yabu nodded. The girl continued, “Anyway, we know we can’t join the real yeshi ko class, but
since this is entirely new, we thought we would help out by offering a different uniform.” Yabu cocked
her head, glancing at the rest of the girls who smiled enthusiastically back at her.
         The girl with the magazines continued, “I’m Kanti, and our family is in the clothing business. We
develop clothing of all types, including sports and arts wear. I already asked my dad if we could do this,
and it’s all been arranged if you approve.”
         Yabu raised an eyebrow. She said, “What do you have in mind?” At this all the girls squirmed
with a raucous of joy, and Kanti held forth a magazine with various tabs marking positions. She opened
the magazine and pointed with her fingers, showing Yabu some tight fitting, sexy exercise outfits.” Last
         Yabu’s eyes went wide. She said, “Wow! These are hot!” One of the girls jumped up and down,
and shook her hips. The girls next to her rebuked her, but turned excitedly to Yabu. Kanti pointed and
flipped pages. She said, “Of course these are the basis of the form fitting outfits, the body suits.” Yabu
looked at a page where a model posed with a solid medium blue shiny lycra body suit. It was very shiny,
and showed off the model’s figure. The body suit was fully enclosed and went all the way to the wrists,
but opened with foot sized circle at the neck. Next to the model on another page were various colors of
the suits.
         Kanti turned the pages, and there were more models with various things added to the body suit.
Kanti said, “You see here, there are top colored breast pieces that leave the stomach open, and over here
you could add a leotard type bottom, or bikini type.”
         Yabu rubbed her chin. She said, “Well, these are really sexy, but do they have to be so, uh,
         Another girl huddled around them grinned and said, “They don’t teach it at this school, but you
know you got to flaunt it while you have it!” The other girls nodded in agreement. Yabu responded,
“Hmm.” she pointed to another picture of a sexy outfit used for aerobics class. Yabu said, “I mean look at
that! She’s practically naked. You can see her pussy! It’s sticking out, and pulled so tight you can see
         There was a gasp of shock from one of the girls. Another girl laughed with surprise, looking at
Yabu, “You sound like a guy!”
         Yabu looked concerned however, “God, what if you have an... accident?! I mean, there’s no skirt
or anything to hide it.”
         Kanti gave a lowered eyelid look and said, “Well, no guts, no glory. That’s part of the risk.”
Yabu’s eyes widened even more at another picture of a girl’s backside with the tight fitting shiny lycra.
         Yabu said, “I don’t know, I sweat like a pig.”
         Ubani added, “Like a pig? You should see her eat. I recommend you fast for your final dinner
test.” Yabu visibly lowered her head in shame. “I can’t help it!”
         Kanti pulled forward another marked page, with more models. Pushing the picture closer to
Yabu, she said, “Personally, I think these take the cake for the new yeshi ko uniforms. You see how they
have a slight exotic dancer look to them?” Yabu raised her large black eyebrows and started as Wani
jumped from the top bunk onto the floor. Even Ubani stood up, and Sushayl stood around the parameter
of the cluster of girls.
         Sushayl said, “Oh you must, you must!”
         Yabu shook her head, “Remember, this is the sacred tradition. It can’t be too flashy. We can’t
look like teenage bimbos. Besides, I’ll really look like an idiot if we get our asses kicked wearing that!”
         Sushayl said, “I won’t fail you Sensei Yabu!”
         Yabu said, “I’m not worried about you. Mostly, that red head Peratte.”
         Sushayl said, “Oh she will be fine. Just give her more attention.”
         Kanti furried her brow, being poked by another girl in a nightgown. Kanti turned to another page,
and said, “Ms. Yabu, what do you think about this? These are more muted tones, but still sexy.”
         Wani, who had patiently but insistently pushed her way into first hand viewing range, sighed
when she saw the outfits. She said, “Ahh. You guys are so lucky. I wish I could put that on and perform!”
         Yabu, replying to Kanti said, “Well, I don’t mean to be selfish, but well, can’t it be sexy and have
some kind of loose material for the top?” All the girls looked at Yabu as she looked down at herself. Yabu
said, “I just don’t have any tits, and well, I can’t believe this!” She exclaimed. I’m thinking like a girl!
         Ubani said, “Yeah, but then you gotta have somethin’ to cover your ass since you don’t have any
hips either.”
         Yabu, ignoring Ubani said, “No, okay, I shouldn’t worry about it.”
         Sushayl beamed at her and said, “That’s right! You are very sexy!” Yabu blushed suddenly, and
the rest of the girls chimed in, “Yeah, and everybody thinks it’s so cool the way you style your hair to
stick up on the sides like that.” Another girl said, “Please tell us, what kind of hair stuff do you use?”
         Sushayl laughed, and pointed to the bare dresser behind them, “She doesn’t use anything! Look!”
There was a commotion of surprise, and Yabu opened her mouth to object. Three, then four hands were
running through her hair.
         “Woe! It just does that?!” said one girl, unabashedly grabbing and feeling the gold strands which
stood up in the back and sides. Yabu grinned momentarily, liking the situation of pretty girls running their
hands through her hair.
         Kanti coughed, trying to bring attention back to the yeshi ko uniform idea. She said, “Okay,
although I think it’s a shame to cover hips. What about this light ruffly skirt, and top piece, with a
bodysuit and leotard?”
         Yabu scrutinized where Kanti held her finger on the page. She said, “Hmm. Maybe.” The girls
who had come in squealed with excitement, and one girl blurted, “Oh this is going to be so cool!”
         Yabu looked at her, then back at Kanti. She said, “You know, despite the appearance of dancing,
the true form of yeshi ko is a difficult and earned art. I think if you have not put in the work to learn it,
you should wear the uniform.”
         The girls were suddenly hushed by Yabu’s seriousness, and Sushayl nodded her head silently in
agreement. Then one of the girls, with short blond hair perked up and said, “Well of course, there should
be different uniforms for different levels of expertise.” And another girl chimed in, “Yeah, and each with
it’s own kind of feminine sexiness, like light and gay for young little girls just starting, and sexy and
deadly warrior goddess for advanced students!” The girl lowered her voice for the last, causing a general
uproar of laughter.
         Kanti said, “Shhh! You idiots!”
         Yabu said, “Okay, okay. First, we can’t just copy or mix what’s in this catalog. We have to come
up original designs, and for that we’re going to have to go the the drawing table.”
         Sushayl said, “They don’t have drawing tables at Hurasuna school.”
         Wani said, “Wow, a Japanese owned castle and no drawing tables?” Ubani said, “Maybe Lady
Hurasuna can’t draw.” This brought giggles, which were stopped short by a loud pounding on the wood
          Kanti said, “Oh damn!” And another voice said, “That’s Camsai!”
          The door opened, and Camsai’s dark face peered in. She said, “Well, well, if we aren’t having a
little night party. Isn’t that cute.” She stepped in, walking by them in silence, her stern gaze cutting
through them. She stopped, looking at Yabu who looked evenly back at her.
          Camsai said, “Ms. Yabu, I heard about the new uniform idea. All I have to say is, whatever you
do, don’t dishonor the sacred yeshi ko...” She looked at the magazine, “...with some whorish little outfit.”
          Camsai swung around, glaring at the rest of the girls. Most looked as though they knew they were
going to get demoted, and lowered their heads in shame for whatever the punishment would be. She
glared at Ubani, the white Southern hick, and then at the dark foreign girl Sushayl, who smiled back at
her. The rest of the girls stood in a group in the middle of the room with their white night gowns, and
Yabu standing tall in their midst.
          Yabu felt calm return to her, and she said looking at Camsai, “Is a woman a whore if she glorifies
what God gave her, for herself and the world to enjoy? Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve never believed he
created a woman’s beauty for only her man to enjoy.”
          Camsai snorted, “Don’t get theological with me girl. You know what I mean. There’s a reason for
the tradition of simple black for the yeshi ko uniform, and that is to keep distraction and arrogance away
from the disciplined mind. The tournament is world televised, and what do you think yeshi ko masters
around the world are going to think of you all flashing it like ice skaters?”
          Ubani laughed, “Hah!” Yabu said, “The choice is mine.” She turned to Kanti, who stood in the
group of girls. Yabu said, “Okay, give me those. I’ll work on it later. For now, everybody please go back
to your rooms.”
          All the girls who had come in with Kanti replied enthusiastically, “Yes Ms. Yabu!” and fluttered
out the door like white lilies past the stern stance of Camsai. Camsai rolled her eyes and shook her head.
She said looking at Yabu, “You know why I hope you know what you are doing?”
          Yabu said, “Yes Mrs. Camsai. You are our teacher.”
          Camsai said, “I’m going down with you in history. I just hope it’s not down, down.” She turned, a
slight smirk on her face, and walked out closing the door behind her.
          Yabu held up the magazine, looking at the various sexy, tight fitting outfits. She said, “Hmm.”



         The teacher of the baby class addressed the Onoka class, which sat patiently, their dolls in front
of them on their desks. She said, “Okay, you have all received most of the baby care training, and while
these techniques are fresh in your mind, we’ll move right into the loving men class.”
         The teacher waited expectantly, while the reaction of the class subsided. Then she gestured to the
door, as several men entered, and she said, “For this we have a real man for you to practice on, and as you
will appreciate, the Hurasuna School for Girls goes to great lengths to acquire models which will make
your learning easy.”
         All of the class turned their attention to the men, who wearing white bath robes came and took
seats in large lounge chairs in front of the class. There were hushed gasps as the men took their robes off.
They smiled at the girls, clearly happy with the opportunity to show themselves off. The men were young,
probably in their early twenties or younger, and each was a picture of glorious manhood. Two of them
were white, one Japanese, one Italian or Greek, and a Middle Eastern man with darker skin and black
hair. All of them had bulging muscles and a hefty load in their little black panties, which is all they had on
under the robes.
         Yabu saw it coming in advance but she turned just to make sure. There was a guard standing in
the shadow of the doorway, and looking straight at her. She turned and covered her mouth.
         The teacher smiled at the young men, and stepping up to one who had already taken his seat.
          She said, “Now this is the part of the class I like. Pay attention. You will all be tested on this, and
expelled for failing!” She gracefully sat herself down on one of the man’s legs, and leaned to the side. She
turned to face the class, so they could see exactly what she was doing. She said, “Remember, it is your
duty to love a man, so that he feels loved. It is a fact that men need this for their happiness, so neglecting
it is not an option.”
          The teacher gently stroked the side of the man’s face with the back of her finger tips. As she did
so she said, “There are several distinct thoughts you might have in mind when loving your man. These
thoughts correspond to a resonation in your actions. For instance, it yearns deep within a man’s soul to be
trusted by his woman. Therefore without saying it verbally, you say it with actions; I trust you.”
          Yabu watched with enlarged eyes above the hands that covered her mouth.
          The teacher continued, “Although you are ‘partners’, we hold that a man enjoys to experience his
woman as his child, his baby, so remembering your baby training, think creatively about giving him this
experience. So you see, sitting in his lap both gives him trust, and the sense you are his child. Now
observe.” The teacher, gently placed her small fair hands, one on either of his large muscular shoulders,
and bending her neck closer to his chest, looked up at him with wide, expectant eyes. The man
reciprocated, either on cue or involuntarily it was hard to tell, as he smiled widely looking down into her
          There were squeals and giggles, and other noises from the girls as they watched the
          The teacher turned, still sitting in the man’s lap, and shut off the childish expression. She said,
“Above all, feel the love in your hands, and give plenty of this to your man.” She stroked the man’s skin,
his neck, his shoulders, his face, and his arms. The man was a good actor, or he was clearly pleased to be
where he was. The other young men watched, sitting in their chairs in front of the class.
          The teacher stopped, and turning said to the class, “It is important to remember that your man
may never thank you in words for this, and indeed you expose yourself to the humiliation of him pulling
away for some reason, making you look like a fool. This is the delicate situation you find yourself in as a
woman, but if you fulfill your obligation you will not neglect to give your man loving touch. No matter
what, a man will appreciate your touch, missing it when you are gone, and resenting should you withhold
          She continued, “When your man comes home is an especially good time to touch him, and your
reward will be a motivated rushing into your arms, especially when it has been a long or difficult time.
Okay, Onoka, since you are the class leader, lets have you first, and Yabu.”
          The class all turned to look at Yabu, still covering her mouth and looking at the men in horror.
          “Ms. Yabu?”, the teacher inquired, still sitting in the man’s lap. Yabu involuntarily felt the collar
on her neck. She looked up to see Onoka, smiling sheepishly, as she stood next to the sitting Japanese
man. He glanced up at her, but seemed bored by this occasion.
          Yabu stood. Don’t freak out! If women have been doing this for millions of years, so can I. It’s
not like any of your friends from school are going to see it.
          None the less, Yabu felt herself shaking, slightly at first, and then more visibly as she made her
way closer to the front of room. She stopped when she arrived at the first seated man, and turned suddenly
to face the class. She realized she must have a funny expression, because the entire class was laughing out
loud now, causing the teacher to rebuke them.
          “Quiet! Quiet! This is exactly why we have this course, because some girls have natural phobias,
fear, or total inexperience with men. We are here to prepare you for what you must do, and for what you
must not fail! You will practice this until you don’t make your model feel like a stranger. Now, Yabuwa
Sensei, show the leadership you’ve been entrusted with and sit in his lap!” The teacher pointed at her,
          Yabu lowered her hands to her sides. “Uh sorry.” She said, looking down. Onoka was already
sitting in her model’s lap, and caressing the man’s shoulders.
          The teacher said, “Very good Onoka. Normally Takashi remains scowling.” This caused the man
to scowl.
          Yabu stepped forward, the muscular young man patiently waiting in his seat. Yabu shuddered,
looking at his huge chest muscles. She looked into his face, which was now smiling smugly. She slowly
leaned forward, putting a trembling hand on his knee. She must have had fear on her face, because the
man seemed to be laughing in his smile. As she watched his mouth, it turned to a frown, his teeth showing
through. As though in slow motion, she looked up at the matching furrowed eyebrows, and wincing eyes.
          “EEEEow!”, the man yelled. Just as Yabu looked down to see her heal on the end of the man’s
foot, strong hands pushed her back. There was enough force to send her flying into the front row of
students, but she caught herself and stood up, hands in front of her.
          The man leaped up from the chair, as the class gasped and the teacher looked on with open
mouthed horror. The man grasped his foot in his hand, and exclaiming, “Owe! Damn!” He winced in
pain, setting it half way down.
          Yabu waved her hands at him, “I’m really sorry!” but Ubani in the seats behind her was in the
thralls of uncontrollable laughter, with horse bursts and gasping for air that infected the rest of the class.
          The man was clearly cross, looking at Yabu in disgust, then down at his injured foot. The teacher
slid off the man’s lap she was sitting on, and came up next to the standing man. She looked at him with
concern, and said, “You better have our doctors look at that.” She motioned to an assistant at the far end
of the class. “Take him to the infirmary. A young woman came and put her arm under the man’s shoulder
on his injured side, and led him hobbling out of the class.
          The teacher, as well as the Japanese man, and Onoka sitting on his lap, scowled at Yabu. She
stood completely embarrassed in front of the class. The teacher said, “Ten demerits for that, Ms. Yabu.
Clumsiness is especially unbecoming in a woman.”
          There was another horse rasp from Ubani, audible over the fading din of commotion. The teacher
added, “And minus five for you Ubani, for your outburst, which better be your last.” Ubani suddenly
straightened, teary eyes wide, but a short stifled burst of air came through her closed mouth.
          The teacher was visibly angry, and bearing down on Yabu, harshly pointed to the Italian man.
The man seated next to him let out a sigh of relief, his head dropping in his chest. Onoka and Takashi sat
still waiting with glaring scowls, Yabu now the unavoidable draw of attention. The Italian man had a
visible look of apprehension. The middle Eastern man was smiling, his white teeth glimmering against his
dark face.
          The young Italian man, looked at Yabu. He had never seen a person like this before, and despite
the strangeness, he seemed impressed by her appearance. Her giant green eyes seemed to float on a white
piece of paper where some artist had painted them. It was the thick black eyebrows above the eyes
however, that made him nervous. He spread his feet wide, remembering what happened to the last guy.
          Yabu took deep breaths and tried to calm herself, as the trembling continued. She stepped slowly
up to the man, wondering what in hell ever led him to this. Just do this, or you will be expelled. The
thought of leaving her students was terrible to think of, and everybody at CTM would be disappointed in
          Everybody watched, as she stood there, awkwardly trying to figure out what to do. She caught his
manhood, bulging in its holster, and turned away wincing. The young man looked at her curiously. He
said, “What’s wrong with you, girl? Didn’t you every sit in your daddy’s lap?”
          Yabu blurted out, “Not like this!” The entire classroom heard the desperation in her odd echoing
          The young man patted his muscular thigh, “Come on. Just sit down. You will see, there is nothing
to be afraid of.”
          She set one hand on a knee, turning herself to set her buttocks on his leg. Finally she sat, with a
look of shame on her face, and turned away from him. He grinned, seeing her discomfort, and wondered
what sort of person this was. Her skin was so smooth it radiated from the lights above, and was white as
          The man gently touched the white neck, to get the attention of the white head that was on top. She
turned and looked at him.
         He said, “Come now. I’ve never met a girl who didn’t like me.” Usually his winning smile and
good looks warmed the heart of any woman, but the tall strange girl just stared back at him, looking as
though she would rather be anywhere but where she was. Perhaps she had an abusive father, or maybe her
parents put her in an all girl’s school where old hags told endless horror stories about the evil of men.
         He put his hands gently on her hips. He said, “There’s not a girl in the whole town I grew up in,
who would not love to sit where you do now.”
         A strange and scary voice replied, “Take your hands off me. I’m sorry, I can’t do this.”
         The young man’s pride was at stake now, with the class watching. He could not believe this
beauty did not find him attractive. He placed his hands on either side of her rib cage, taking it solidly in
his grasp. Yabu’s eyes went wide as she felt him draw her closer.
         Ubani and Sushayl both said, “Oh no!” and clasped their mouths.
         Yabu’s right hand came around for the resounding slap. He anticipated however, and caught her
wrist with a grin. He did not anticipate the knee to his groin that followed.
         “Yaaaaaa!” he yelled violently.
         He shot up from his seat clutching his manhood. Yabu rolled on the floor and stood, hands up and
ready for combat. The teacher was shouting something, but could not be heard for unbridled uproar from
the class. Ubani rolled out of her seat and fell to the floor. Sushayl shook her head, fearful for her
         The young Italian man shouted angrily, and clutched his privates.
         “Damn you bitch!” He groaned and looked down at himself.
         At that moment, Yabu felt the tingle around her neck, and knew what would follow. She heard
herself scream and a searing agony shot through her head and spine. That really sounded like a woman,
she thought. Somehow she was still able to think as she lay on the floor in agony, on her side looking up
at the class. Her body writhed from every pain receptor, as she contemplated whether it was Mr. Do shen
watching from remote, or Lady Hurasuna.
         Everybody watched, fascinated by what was happening. Girls whispered to each other, “So that’s
what that collar is for!”
         It stopped suddenly, like a receding twister. She lay still for a moment on her side, eyes open. She
suddenly leaped to her feet.
         “Well that’s just great Ms. Yabu!” the teacher shouted at her. The model she had injured could be
seen walking out of the room with his robe on, cursing in Italian as he went.
         Yabu turned to the teacher and exclaimed, “He grabbed me! You all saw it!”
         The teacher angrily shot back, “You have to be prepared for this eventuality! Men do grab
women, especially when you are sitting in their lap! You cannot assault them if this occurs!”
         Onoka, now irate, still sitting on her model’s lap and waiting while the spectacle of shame for her
family name continued, finally broke her silence.
         “She has assaulted not one, but two instructors! The rules say she is expelled!” Onoka’s voice
resounded through the room, and there were nods of agreement throughout the class.
         The teacher paused, gritting her teeth. She said, “Well what am I going to with you? No man will
dare let you near him now. You will have to leave this class.”
         But the dark middle Eastern man grinned behind his dark greasy curls and said, “No, no! It’s not
a flower of your sissy wet lands! She’s a dessert flower!” He laughed at his own words.
         The man patted his knee. He smiled at Yabu, “Come. Sit.”
         Yabu thought the man was a freak, but she knew instantly this happenstance invitation was her
last chance not to be expelled. She immediately walked over to him, and with a resentful look on her face,
turned herself and sat on his dark hairy leg.
         Everybody was riveted to Yabu, her white skin contrasting sharply with the dark skinned man.
The teacher let out a snort, and the look on her face showed thin tolerance. She folded her arms and
tapped her foot, ready to explode.
         Yabu looked at the man after she got her balance, momentarily putting her hand on his shoulder.
She said, “Thanks. I’m not used to this.”
         The man said, “I can see that.” He paused, looking around her to enjoy the spectacle they had
become in front the whole class.
         He looked into her eyes and said, “You are a fighting princess.”
         She looked at him, uncertain what to say. He said, “In my country, women cannot be weak, nor
careless. At any time, rival clans may attack a camp, and a woman that cannot fight is less than worthless.
Therefore we Shusultkin, men of the flowing sand, must learn to love our thorny dessert flowers.” He
paused, watching a ripple move through her face.
         He continued, “Now the passion of the dessert flower is twice as fierce to match the passion of
the dessert warrior, and of course, nowhere is love stronger.”
         Yabu felt an unexpected rush through her body, and a hot flash in her face. As soon as she felt it,
she wondered if the female anatomy of the body responded to certain words. Perhaps now finally she was
now able to sense it after living in the body for some time. Fascinated, she looked down at herself. It felt
as though energy shot through her body, emanating from her center and shooting out to her extremities.
She lifted up her hands, looking at them, as though something new. Without thinking she put her hand on
his face, and partly on his neck, and moved her hand slowly and lightly along his neck to the base of his
         She looked at his face, perplexed by what she was doing. He smiled, genuinely at her. She felt a
flash to her face, and put her other hand, also on the side of his face, but higher. She let out a trembling
         The man grinned, looking to the side of him at the rest of the models. She was the most beautiful
and wild flower in the room by far, he thought. The rest of the models seemed irritated, except for the
white guy at the far end was grinning back at him.
         He turned his attention back to the girl in front of him. He smiled with pure pleasure, looking at
her and feeling her hands which now caressed his bulging chest. His smile faded however, as he felt a
lump in her, and her head lowered. He felt the lump again, and saw it as well. Her hands dropped to her
legs. He heard the air suck into her mouth hard, and her body shook. Finally her mouth could not hold
back what came from within. She let out a loud sob, her voice echoing in the room.
         Tears fell on his leg. He looked at her, perplexed. What sort of woman was this? What was it with
her? He was moved with compassion seeing her. The memory of what happened to the last man gave him
pause, but he went with his heart and reached out to hold her.
         She felt him gently pull her to him, his hand on her shoulder. He said, “There now, what’s the
matter girl?”
         Yabu cried, heaving and sobbing, and rested her head against the man’s shoulder. He stoked her
shoulder and neck, as he looked out at the class. They all stared at him, fascinated by what they were
seeing. He gently looked down at her, and in a quiet voice said to her, “You are ashamed to be a woman.”
He was answered by louder and more violent sobs. He sat there with a compassionate smile, while the girl
sitting on his leg cried openly.
         Sushayl shook her head, mystified by her strange roommate. She said in her accent, “There is
something going on with her.”
         Finally Yabu’s crying subsided, to the relief of everyone in the classroom. The dark middle
Eastern man gently pulled her away from him. Holding her shoulders, he got her to look into his eyes.
Tear tracks ran down the strange but beautiful face.
         He said, “That’s enough. Go sit down.”
         There was a serene authority to his voice. She stopped, clearing her mouth. He patted her thigh
gently. She stood up, turned, and bowed to him in gratitude.
         Yabu sat down and lowered her head. She was completely embarrassed by the stunned silence of
the room and the eyes focused on her.
         The teacher said, “Okay. Onoka, proceed. And you,” pointing to some other girls, “You’re next.”
         Ubani said, “Man, thought she was expelled for sure. That guy really saved her ass.” Wani looked
over at Yabu. Her normally white skin was red around her cheeks.
         Hookni scowled, “Crybaby!”

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