To Honeymoon or Not to Honeymoon

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					When times and budgets get tight one of the first things to be put on the backburner of
wedding planning is the honeymoon. However, this is a time that you can't ever get
back. There is nothing like the glow of honeymooners in love. What other time in life
do you get the perfect excuse to take a step back from life and live in the moment? It
is the perfect way to begin your new married life. You may be thinking that it's more
important to have the budget go to the wedding itself as this is what people will be
seeing. I beg to differ in opinion that while it is nice to have a beautiful day think
about the intimate times that will be forgoed by not having a honeymoon. No matter
your set back there are options and solutions to be sure that you and your new sweetie
have an unforgettable honeymoon. May I suggest three alternatives to make a dream a

Shorten the Get-Away
You may have the idea that a normal honeymoon is a week and that is the only way to
take advantage of taking a honeymoon. Although it would be nice sometimes it just
isn't possible to make this happen. Consider the missed wages and the actual expense
of the get-away. Perhaps a weekend trip or only a couple days of missed work can
help you to not miss out on the honeymooning experience. When you are planning
your wedding carefully consider the timing and when would be best for your
honeymoon. For example; if your job is super busy at the end of the month this may
not be the opportune time to take off. Rather try to choose a time in both of your lives
with the least amount of activity or stress possible.

Be Open to Alternative Destinations
Perhaps a weekend trip or only a couple days of missed work can help you to not miss
out on the honeymooning experience. Your fairytale idea of the perfect honeymoon
may be taking walks on the Caribbean beaches at sunset. But if this is an unreasonable
expectation try to change it. Be open to closer destinations and more importantly this
spells cheaper and more likely to fit into a tight budget. It doesn't always have to be a
place that you've never been to. Maybe you have a place where you frequently take
weekend getaways. The important thing is to spend some time alone together.

Be a Savvy Shopper
Let everyone you know be on the lookout for good deals. If you aren't tied to any one
hot-spot this process will be very worthwhile. Subscribe to the "junk" travel e-mail.
Sometimes these are the best ways to find deals. Remember there are many ways of
travel: plane, car, train. Choose the most economical, but remember that the idea that
time is money doesn't only apply to the office. If you are spending an entire day of
travel this is one less "enjoyed" day to figure into the expenses. Call travel agents,
check booking sites, friends and family. Someone may have a vacation home or condo
that they may be willing to rent for cheap or give as a gift. Talk to anyone and
everyone you know.

If you are getting married and have a budget then there is no reason that you can't
enjoy a splendid honeymoon. Try not to postpone it if you can help it. It will only
become harder to fit in and easier for life to take over. Try to live on the wedding high
for just a moment, or a couple of days! If you find that none of these three alternatives
can make your dream a realty try to a least have some time off at home. Turn off the
phones, computers, e-mail, television; all the distractions of life and spend time
together without any interruptions. Honeymoons can happen anywhere and on any