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                                                                  PROGRAM & REGISTRATION

           rising to the economic,
           environment and people
           challenges faced by
           small towns today
           and in the future

                                                            The third annual Small Towns Summit will be hosted by the
                                                            Wellington Shire Council in the delightful township of Maffra,
                                                            15 minutes from Sale in Gippsland, Victoria.
Ma ra, Wellington Shire
                                                            If you are passionate about rural township prosperity, can share
26 & 27 AUGUST 2009                                         ideas about your community’s success or want to learn more
                                                            about the opportunities available – this Summit is for you.

• Economic and community development practitioners
• Councillors and other elected community representatives
• Council CEOs
• Innovative business and industry leaders
• Education providers
• Active members of the community
TIME        ACTIVITY                     SPEAKER/S
9.00-9.30   Registration – tea and       Welcome to country – join us for a smoking ceremony with the traditional owners of our land                              VENUE:
            coffee on arrival                                                                                                                                     Maffra Memorial Hall
9.30-9.35   Welcome to the               Cr Darren McCubbin, Mayor, Wellington Shire Council
            Wellington Shire Council
9.35-9.40   Welcome to Small Towns       Cr Rob Gersch, Hindmarsh Shire Council and Chairperson Rural Councils Victoria
            Summit 2009
9.40-10.00 Official opening              The Hon. Jacinta Allan MP, Minister for Regional and Rural Development
10.00-10.10 Overview of the Small        Small Towns Summit Facilitators Sonia Petering and Chris Green from SED Consulting will get things started with a quick temperature check of
            Towns Summit format          delegates by asking – ‘what do we need to do to address the future of our small towns?’
10.10-10.20 Australian Centre for the    STORIES OF MAFFRA
            Moving Image                 Introducing the young people of Maffra through a special film featuring the students of Maffra Secondary College – our future leaders.
            FUTURE LEADERS
10.20-10.25 Future Leaders session       SMALL TOWNS SUMMIT FACILITATORS
10.25-10.45                              ENGAGING YOUNG PEOPLE
                                         Dr Paul Collits and Dr Kaye Scholfield, Research Fellows, School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning, RMIT University
                                         Engaging young people. Dr Collits and Dr Scholfield will set the scene for the Future Leaders session by taking delegates through three models of youth
                                         engagement covering education, employment and social opportunities.
10.45-11.00                              BUILD YOUR BUSINESS, BUILD YOUR TOWN
                                         Trevor Gordijn, Principal, WHK Pty Ltd
                                         How this financial services company used local universities to source employees and took an active approach to enhancing the population of the town.
                                         Hear the WHK success story and find out about the opportunities for you and your business.
11.00-11.20                              LET’S hEAR IT FROM ThE SOURCE
                                         Wellington Shire young people – two students from each of the five schools in the Shire
                                         Hear firsthand what matters to young people and what they think the future holds in terms of employment and educational opportunities, youth
                                         engagement and future directions for living in regional Victoria.
11.20-11.30 Panel question time
11.30-11.45 Morning tea                  Delegates are invited to visit the many interesting display stands and to peruse the local produce market in the Memorial Hall.
11.45-12.05                              BRIDGING ThE GAP
                                         Dr George Otero, Co-founder, Centre for RegionaLearning, USA
                                         Bridging community, people and schools. The School-Led Community Revitalization Initiative is a school-based initiative intended to provide rural
                                         school districts the process, resources and leadership needed to drive social, economic and environmental revitalisation within their communities.
12.05-12.20                              ThIS IS hOW WE DO IT
                                         Dr Glenys Butler, Manager Community Strengthening, Wellington Shire Council
                                         Effective community engagement by local government. How Wellington Shire Council has worked with communities to develop individual community
                                         plans which will influence council priorities, long term planning and encourage community leadership.
12.20 -12.30                             TAC TO ThE RESCUE
                                         Samantha Cockfield, Manager Road Safety, TAC
                                         How the Vanessa Bus can help drive a message of road safety for your town and young people plus hear all about the TAC’s community safety grants
                                         which are available for delegates to consider as an alternative funding source for road safety initiatives.
12.30-12.40 Panel question time
12.40-1.00 Thinking outside the          BRAINSTORMING SESSION
            square                       “What could you do to develop the future leaders in your town?” Delegates to brainstorm in groups around their tables.
1.00-1.50   Lunchtime                    Showcasing the tastes of Maffra, delegates will receive a special voucher to enjoy lunch in one of five places around town. This will be an excellent
                                         opportunity to stretch your legs, network with delegates and discover the delights of Maffra.
1.50-2.00      Australian Centre for the STORIES OF MAFFRA
               Moving Image              Introducing the farmers of Maffra through a special film featuring the local farming community – our future food technicians.
               FUTURE TEChNOLOGY
2.00-2.05      Future Technology         SMALL TOWNS SUMMIT FACILITATORS
               session introduction
2.05-2.20                                WASTE NOT WANT NOT
                                         Leah Mether, Communications Officer, Gippsland Water Factory and David Mawer, Managing Director, Gippsland Water.
                                         The Gippsland Water Factory is the first of its kind in Australia, involving ground-breaking technology. It’s the first treatment plant in the world to
                                         combine anaerobic pre-treatment with membrane bioreactor processing to effectively treat wastewater. It results in three billion litres of fresh water
                                         each year for other uses including drinking and to sustain and support further growth in the region.
2.20-2.35                                WORKING TOGEThER
                                         Phil Herrick, General Manager, Southern Phone Company
                                         How to work collaboratively with seventeen municipalities to build telecommunication capacity through a co-operative community owned phone
                                         company. Phil will cover the benefits and challenges of co-op technology and how it is going to stay on top of future technology.
2.35-2.50                                OUR WATER OUR FUTURE
                                         Mike Budahazy, MID 2030 Project Director, Southern Rural Water
                                         Hear about the latest technologies delivering water savings for agriculture and the environment. The MID2030 plan is delivering improved productivity
                                         in the Macalister Irrigation District by planning for the future with water sustainability at the core.
2.50-3.00      Panel question time
TIME          ACTIVITY              SPEAKER/S
3.00-3.15     Afternoon tea         Delegates are invited to visit the many interesting display stands and to peruse the local produce market in the Memorial Hall.
3.15-3.30                           GET TECh-SAVVY
                                    Jane Oakley, Regional Manager, Telstra Country Wide
                                    What’s the latest technology available now you can buy ‘off the shelf’ to keep business and communities connected? See a demonstration of latest
                                    technology 3G capabilities, bundling up information and communication technology (broadband, VoIP) and creating a sustainable and cost effective ICT
                                    solution for rural towns. Jane will also cover how to use technology to deliver marketing solutions for rural towns.
3.30-3.45                           BROADBAND FOR ALL
                                    Tony Gibbs, Broadband Project Officer, Municipal Association of Victoria and Vivien Ellard, Broadband Project Officer, Regional Development Victoria
                                    Tony and Vivien will provide information about the types of services that will be available as a result of high speed broadband, they’ll update delegates
                                    on the ‘Backhaul Blackspots’ program in SW Gippsland, they’ll also cover what the national broadband network will enable and what it will be the
                                    benefit for communities in regional Victoria.
                                    Aaron van Egmond, Director Development Services and Dave Barry, Manager Economic Development, Towong Shire Council
                                    Towong Shire Council developed the Pure Towong Energy program, which sees the integration of photovoltaic systems (solar energy) in response the
                                    growing issue of climate change. It’s an initiative aimed at bringing partners together to achieve success in solar technology through the pooling of
4.05-4.15     Panel question time
4.15-4.35     Thinking outside the BRAINSTORMING SESSION
              square               “What innovative ways can you use technology in your municipality?” Delegates to brainstorm in groups around their tables.
4.35-4.40     It’s a wrap          SMALL TOWNS SUMMIT FACILITATORS
                                   Summary of the day and closing comments
4.40-5.40                          FIELD TRIPS WITh ThE PEOPLE OF WELLINGTON ShIRE
                                   Enjoy a field trip of your choice to experience firsthand examples of the use of latest technology in manufacturing, agriculture and the community.
                                   • Field Trip 1 – Bus trip to nearby Heyfield with a site visit to the state of the art ITC Limited timber processing facility.
                                   • Field Trip 2 – Bus trip to Macalister Demonstration Farm to inspect latest technologies in sub surface irrigation systems.
                                   • Field Trip 3 – Bus trip to nearby Sale to inspect the Gippsland Art Gallery-Sale and Victoria’s newest performing arts venue, the Esso BHP Billiton
                                   Wellington Entertainment Centre.
6.00-6.30     PRE DINNER           VISIT ThE FABULOUS GIPPSLAND VEhICLE MUSEUM – another successful community project and a jewel in                              VENUE:
              DRINKS               Maffra’s tourism crown. Enjoy a refreshing drink in the foyer.                                                                 Gippsland Vehicle Museum
6.30-10.00    SMALL TOWNS          • Dinner – Duart historic homestead – celebrate the Summit at the magnificent “Duart” Victorian homestead,                     VENUE:
              SUMMIT DINNER built in 1883 and former home of Hon Allan McLean, a local business man who was to become Premier of Victoria in                      Duart Historic Homestead
                                     1899 and in 1901 Gippsland’s first Federal representative. Today Duart is still the charming homestead of yesteryear, Bookings are essential as
                                     converted into reception rooms which tastefully enhance the Victorian style building.                                        numbers are limited. Bus
                                   • Entertainment – Gippsland Grammar Band                                                                                       transfers available from
                                   • Comedy – Scared Weird Little Guys                                                                                            Maffra to Sale.
                                   • Music and dancing

TIME         ACTIVITY             SPEAKER/S
             FUTURE ThINKING                                                                                                                                        VENUE:
7.30-8.20    Small Towns          GET INTO ThE FUTURE ThINKING GROOVE                                                                                               Cambrai Hostel
             Summit big           Lisa Smith, Minds at Work
             breakfast            “OK delegates rise and shine!” A session with Lisa Smith is like no other. She’s a big hearted, agile minded, pointy shoed gal with a wealth of ideas and
                                  experience. She grew up on a dairy farm in Victoria, moved to the big smoke, climbed halfway up the corporate ladder then had a much, much better idea
                                  half way up.
                                  Since joining Minds at Work she’s worked with fire-fighters, SES, farmers, teachers, principals, corporate high-fliers, ‘community builders’, truck builders and
                                  bull semen traders (no, that’s not a typo!) and in that time she’s earned a reputation as both a creative midwife and a social irritant. She’s funny, she’s gritty
                                  and best of all, she’s smart (just don’t get her started on international trade agreements or Collingwood’s chances at the next grand final).
             FUTURE BUSINESS
8.30-8.35    Future Business      SMALL TOWNS SUMMIT FACILITATORS
             session introduction
8.35-8.50                         YOU CAN DO IT
                                  Ferial Zekiman, Owner, Maffra Cheese Company
                                  Leading local businesswoman and award winning cheese maker will share her experience changing from being a micro cheese maker to supplying leading
                                  supermarket chain Coles.
8.50-9.05                         FUTURE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES
                                  Frances Ford, Rural Access Co-ordinator – Gippsland
                                  Good access is good business. Given the aging population, consider the financial benefits to communities of developing strategies and actions and
                                  therefore business opportunities through improved access and facilities for the aged for both local residents and visitors.
9.05-9.20                         MAN AT WORK
                                  Mark Coleman, Project Manager, Rural Skills Connect
                                  Mark works on addressing the vital skills gaps in rural areas. He does this by engaging with rural people who have a range of skills but no formal
                                  recognition of these skills to obtain employment through associated training opportunities. The result is matching suitably trained qualified and job-ready
                                  candidates with existing job vacancies.
9.20-9.30    Panel question time
TIME           ACTIVITY                                 SPEAKER/S
                                                        Julie Nethercote, Southern Wellington Economic Development Officer, Wellington Shire Council
                                                        Yarram On Show. How a small town got national media exposure and new investment as well as attracting new residents by
                                                        innovative thinking.
9.45-10.00                                              LIVEABILITY IN A NEW CLIMATE
                                                        Genevieve Barlow, journalist and member of Newstead 2021
                                                        Rising petrol and food prices, climate change and a small town – how the township of Newstead plans to
                                                        create a township the citizens wish to live in from the year 2021 and beyond.
10.00-10.20                                             hEALThY TOWNS MEAN hEALThY BUSINESSES
                                                        Dr Ali Khan, CEO, Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation
                                                        Hear the inspirational story of Dr Khan. He will address one of our biggest challenges – how to attract health professionals to rural
                                                        regions in partnership with indigenous communities and the many benefits of this for business and population attraction.
10.20-10.30    Panel question time
10.30-10.50    Thinking outside the square              BRAINSTORMING SESSION
                                                        “What can you do to enhance business potential in your community in the future?” Delegates to brainstorm in groups around their
10.50-11.00    Morning tea                              Delegates are invited to visit the many interesting display stands and to peruse the local produce market in the Memorial Hall.
               FUTURE ChALLENGES
11.00-11.05    Future Challenges session introduction   SMALL TOWNS SUMMIT FACILITATORS
11.05-11.25                                             FACE ThE FUTURE
                                                        Matt Wright, Campaigner, Beyond Zero Emissions
                                                        Climate Change Science and Solutions – with the melting of the arctic ice in the northern hemisphere and closer to home bushfires,
                                                        droughts and floods, it’s important to know not only about the science but also about the imminent political and social environment
                                                        that will unfold and give way to the new energy solutions.
                                                        Moving away from fossil fuels, to an electrified renewable energy future – how will this affect the nation’s infrastructure, agriculture
                                                        and community life? Important considerations when you’re planning housing, employment, roads and social service provision.
                                                        How can we tap into the global solutions that are unfolding in places like Spain, California, Germany, Texas and Nevada? How can we
                                                        realign those communities that are rooted in the old economy and leverage the opportunities that are now presenting themselves
                                                        with this massive economic shift?
                                                        This shift that will see us clearly move into the electron or renewable age, one without fossil fuels, one where energy use, and
                                                        availability will need to be considered when planning our future.
11.25- 11.40                                            AChIEVING GOALS ThROUGh PARTNERShIPS
                                                        Dr Clemens Grunbuhel, Research Scientist, CSIRO
                                                        Dr Grunbuhel will touch on how to bring together organisations from across public, private and research sectors to work in
                                                        partnerships with communities to develop and deliver local sustainability projects.
11.40- 12.00                                            NEW ERA OF CLEAN COAL
                                                        Charlie Speirs, Director, Clean Coal Victoria
                                                        Clean coal technology. Charlie will talk about the establishment of Clean Coal Victoria and will discuss the transition from brown coal
                                                        from power stations to clean coal technology which is driving the local economy thought the production of local goods.
12.00-12.15                                             RURAL COUNCILS LEADING ON SOLUTIONS FOR ThE NEW CLIMATE
                                                        Andrew McEwan, Director Sustainability, South Gippsland Shire
                                                        Rural Australia is leading the way on structural change in a changing climate. Andrew will touch on the business opportunities
                                                        arising from the challenges we face and what we can do to build sustainable – and therefore resilient – communities in rural Victoria.
12.15-12.30    Panel question time
12.30-12.50    Thinking outside the square            BRAINSTORMING SESSION
                                                      “How can we make our communities sustainable given our future climate challenges?” Delegates to brainstorm in groups around
                                                      their tables.
12.50-1.10     Australian Centre for the Moving Image STORIES OF MAFFRA
                                                      Introducing the business and industry of Maffra through a special film featuring the local business community.
1.10-1.20      Small Towns Summit summary             Small Towns Summit Facilitators Sonia Petering and Chris Green will report back on the ideas, issues and actions arising from the
                                                      brainstorming sessions.
1.20-1.25      Farewell from the Wellington Shire     Cr Darren McCubbin, Mayor, Wellington Shire Council
1.25-1.30      Close Small Towns Summit 2009          Cr Rob Gersch, Hindmarsh Shire Council and Chairperson Rural Councils Victoria
                                                      Delegates are invited to go outside to view the East Sale RAAF Base Roulettes flyover followed by lunch.
1.30-2.30      Lunchtime                              Showcasing the tastes of Maffra, delegates will receive a special voucher to enjoy lunch in one of five places around town. This will
                                                      be an excellent opportunity to stretch your legs, network with delegates and discover the delights of Maffra.
                                                      • Visitor Experience 1 – Rosedale Multipurpose Centre – State of the art building, well planned, well managed new multipurpose
                                                        facility with many synergies and economic development outcomes for the municipality.
                                                      • Visitor Experience 2 – Historic Swing Bridge at Sale – New developments in environmental tourism within a wetland.
                                                      • Visitor Experience 3 –Yarram Courthouse – Community strengthening by using a historic building as a combined community art
                                                        gallery and visitor information centre, operated by people with a disability.
                                                      • Visitor Experience 4 – Sale Botanic Gardens – Celebrating 150 years, Sale historic botanic gardens features a fauna park, sensory
                                                        garden, historic plantings and sculpture. Located adjacent to Lake Guthridge with a unique water reuse system recently installed.
Wednesday 26 & Thursday 27 August
Face the Future at Maffra by completing the registration form

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Ph: 1800 677 520 (7 days)
Web: www.smalltownssummit09.net/

Early Bird Registration                                            $135 pp all inclusive (15 June to 1 August 2009)
Full Registration                                                  $165 pp all inclusive (2 August 2009 onwards)
Group Bookings (Group of 4 delegates)                              $130 pp all inclusive (all times)
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Small Towns Summit Dinner                                          $70 pp (dinner only)

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Cancellations of registration after 12noon on Friday 21 August 2009 will incur a 50% cost recovery fee. Non attendance at the event incurs full payment costs.

Bus transfers will be available to Sale (drop off at a variety of accommodation points) following the Summit Dinner, returning to Maffra the morning of the second day
of the Summit. Outdoor car parking will be available in Maffra during this evening. Bus transfers are covered in the Summit registration cost.

Limited accommodation is available within Maffra. Wellington Visitor Information Centre offers a free accommodation booking service for a variety of providers in
Sale and the surrounding region. To book, freecall 1800 677 520 (7 days), email admin@tourismwellington.com.au or visit www.smalltownssummit09.net/ for more

RURAL eDUCATION SUMMIT – Country education Project
The changing demographics of rural communities and the impact of natural events such as drought and bushfires are requiring educational organisations to broaden
their roles and to develop strong partnerships with economic/community development initiatives within their communities. The development of partnership between
education and local businesses, local government and community organizations is becoming more essential in the sustainability of such communities. The Rural
Education Summit on Tuesday 25 August (day before the Small Towns Summit) will provide the opportunity for people involved in education, community and economic
development and business to explore ways in which education can support the sustainability of rural communities in the 21st century. One-day registration is $70.
To register send an email to admin@cep.org.au

99 BLACK BALLOONS – economic Development Australia (Victorian Chapter) Conference
There is no doubt that in a carbon constrained economy there will be industry restructuring. We need to be aware of how and what we can do to support business
in adapting to the new world. he Economic Development Australia (Victorian Chapter) Conference in Traralgon on the evening of 27 August (after the Small Towns
Summit) and on 28 August 2009 will explore the cost of carbon and look at how various industries are responding. This conference is a must for all dealing with and
supporting businesses. To register please visit the Economic Development Australia website and follow the links through the Victorian Chapter
>> http://www.edaustralia.com.au/content.php?id=624

Ph: 1800 677 520 (7 days)
Web: www.smalltownssummit09.net/

*please note: this program and speakers were correct at time
of printing, however they are subject to change

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