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To Be or Not To Be--Organized That is_


									Ahhh!!! A hot button for all. I had a friend who was a stock broker for many years. He
worked for several top firms, but was only moderately successful. He knew stocks
and bonds, options and commodities like the back of his hand. Verbally he was a Lion.
But, when it came to being organized, he was a pig. And I hope that the pigs who
know him aren't too insulted. His level of disorganization is such that someday I
believe he will pass away and no one will be able to find him in the piles of clutter all
around his house. When I would visit his office, I was astounded by the mess of
papers on his desk and the piles stacked up on every free surface including the floor,
chairs, shelves. whatever. When I expressed dismay, he assured me he knew where
every piece of paper was. So how come when I threw things away, he never noticed
they were missing? He was the butt of many jokes at his office and was not well

The moral to this little story is the image you display is of utmost importance. Having
an organized desk or office gives your boss a comfort level in your abilities. Be a
mess and your boss will worry about your competence.

Organization is a huge topic in book stores and there are many that can help you in
this area. Find a plan that works for you. Tweak it to make it totally right and then
stick to it until you find something better. This will help you keep your stress levels
down as well. Organizing your work is not just about a pretty desk. It encompasses
many things. How many times have you spent hours looking for a single piece of
paper? An appropriate filing system will eliminate that issue!

Organizing your work is also about getting things done. There are a lot of theories on
the best way to approach your tasks. Some people swear by lists. They love writing
them and crossing things off when they are done.

On the other hand I am a big believer in Stephen Covey ideas. He wrote the book
"The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People." Mr. Covey is an advocate for doing the
most important tasks first. What he defines as important is a task that is not
necessarily urgent, but one that will bring you closer to accomplishing big goals. For
example if you are building a web site. You might have 4 things on your list to do to
complete the web site. First would be to hire a web designer. Second to decide on
content. Third to decide who will host it. Fourth who will manage it. You put these on
your list and plan which day you will do each task. The day comes when you are to
make a decision on who will be the web designer. Of course that day you get a million
e-mails with 100s of nagging problems that all need your attention right now. What do
you do? First make sure you handle your list of important tasks before you handle any
crisis. If you are only handling crisis, you will never move forward or accomplish
anything. Read the book to get more details on this whole concept. I guarantee that
you will look at organization in a brand new way.

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