Tips On Selling Loose Diamonds

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					At the time of purchase unscrupulous jewelers will do anything to sell and get the
money spent on inventory back into the business. False claims are made by sellers to
get rid of inventory or by unscrupulous sales people to meet their quotas. Most
commonly heard claims are

- Diamonds are investments,

- Diamond prices appreciate over time,

- Diamonds never lose their value,

- Certified diamonds are guaranteed to hold value,

- It will be appraised for 1,000's more than what you are actually paying. Such a deal!

This mostly applies to engagement rings or purchases of loose diamonds. A first time
buyer of engagement rings is in love and has only one thought in mind - Giving the
best that he can afford and making sure that she likes the ring. However, not all of us
are lucky. It is a fact of life that marriages sometimes end in divorce and engagements
are broken. Most times individuals are left behind with an expensive piece of jewelry,
which reminds them of bad memories. Although a sad moment in anyone's life, there
is always hope. You can sell that engagement ring, loose diamond, diamond studs, etc.
and turn it into cash.

To get the maximum money for your diamonds, you might turn them over to a
company who specializes in selling loose diamonds. They should offer multiple
resources and liquidate their inventory over various selling platforms. These may
includes but are not limited to the internet, local clientele of retail stores as well as an
elite list of corporate customers. This can be an excellent alternative to the
conventional form of selling directly to pawn shops, thrift stores or independent
jewelers. These sources, as members of the trade, are continuously updated with the
current pricing trends within the jewelry industry, which ensures their superior
bargaining position on your behalf.

In addition to industry expertise, these specialists can also provide you with

- Professional appraisal by a GIA educated Graduate Gemologist representing actual
market values,

- Listing on their website as well as various internet auction websites,

- Quality, close-up high resolution images of your diamonds.

- Toll free support to customers who are interested in purchasing your jewelry and
- All questions regarding your jewelry are answered by a certified Gemologist.

All of the above points can be integrated into your website as well, giving you
additional exposure to potential buyers. Another advantage of using one of these
specialist companies is that it frees you of the hassles and headaches of traveling and
dealing with various pawn shops, thrift stores and independent jewelers. Be sure to
keep up your website though. The internet has become an excellent tool for selling
your merchandise.