Tips On How To Reverse Aging by aihaozhe2


									As one of few proven methods of anti aging that work, caloric restriction is being
widely implemented at present, the research on any pharmaceuticals that can
somehow mimic the caloric restriction effect continues. In fact, a huge number of
some potential CR-mimetics are actually under study. Moreover, the most common
and most available one is Resveratrol since it can be easily purchased over the counter
of pharmacies.

It was in the year 2003 when the Life Extension Foundation decided to fund some
gene-chip research experiments just so scientists can compare the gene expression in
some calorically-restricted test animals with those of the test animals that are given
different prescription drugs.

According to the end results of such experiments, Resveratrol extended the lifespan of
test animals as it reduced the aging process.

Moderate exercise

Performing mild exercise has been proven to have some protecting effects against
possible system failures. In fact, elderly people who exercise become generally less
frail, much less susceptible to bone fractures, or other highly unexpected catastrophes.

Strength training has been proven to have the largest effect there can possibly be in
the matter of life extension. Since the flexibility and aerobic training is able to help
against fragility, the negative effects of aging are somehow opposed, and the life is
further extended by approximately two percent.

However, with heavy exercise, the lifespan of the test animals were shortened by as
much as five percent, but lengthens the average lifespan. This can be related to the
scientific results that say that stem cells are much more attracted to the cytokines that
are naturally released from the body due to mild damage that is usually the effects of
mild damage.

The science of cryonics

Majority of those who are interested in the process life extension are very much
interested in cryonics as well. This particular field of science is actually a known
alternative to certain deaths that are brought about by age-related damage. The
disadvantage of this field is that it can only be availed through a costly purchase,
which can be amounted to as much as thirty to one hundred and twenty thousand

Usually, cryonics is funded by life insurance companies. But, still, the amount that
needs to be paid is usually impractical, especially for the elderly and the unhealthy
Cosmetic surgeries

Other procedures that clients can perform to create a youthful appearance are the
different kinds of cosmetic surgery. This particular branch of surgery is actually a
large industry that offers different kinds of treatment methods such as the removals of
wrinkles, which can be done via face lift, the removal of extra fats, more popularly
known as liposuction, or by the reshaping or augmentation of the person's different
body parts, usually the breasts, abdomen, and face.

This is a procedure when the aging process is intentionally reversed, which, in turn,
brings back the youth. When people get older, their health naturally worsens, the
intelligence and the strength start to diminish, and the beauty fades away.

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