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Internet Business

   Creating a Business Plan of Your Internet

By: A. Zainudin

After determining the business model and choose the niche / market niche you,
then it's time you create a business plan or your business plan. What? Creating a
business plan? Is it necessary? Perhaps you are wondering so in the liver. I want
to ask you, what you wake up this is an internet business or internet hobby? If
you're developing a hobby the internet, no need to make plans, but if you build an
Internet business, you need to make your business plan.

After determining the business model and choose the niche / market niche, then
you also have to create a business plan or your business plan. What? Creating a
business plan? Is it necessary? Perhaps you are wondering so in your heart.
Previously I wanted to ask you, whether you want to get up on your site is an
internet business or just a hobby internet? If you're developing a hobby the
internet, no need to make plans. But if you build an Internet business, you need
to make your business plan.

In fact, 90% of people start a business on the internet do not make plans at all,
that's why 90% of people fail in building an Internet business. I have built some
conventional business / offline. Although brief, I always make a business plan,
although only 5-8 pages. When I started affiliate marketng, I initially also thought
to what make a business plan so I decided to not make it. After making a few
Internet business project, I learned from someone named Jeremy Palmer who
have successful affiliate business, where he explains why a business plan is
important, even if you only do affiliate marketing that does not make the product
at all. The explanation is very plausible.

From there, I just evaluate what I have done so far. I just realized that the project
in which I conduct market research, competitor analysis, strategic planning and
website traffic (in fact I'm making a business plan, although I did not realize it),
projects that tend to be more successful than projects that I created with impulse
or without a second thought . So now I tend to create a business plan even if just
simple. And that's what I want you to also do so.

Creating a business plan to me like we make a map to reach the goal. When
creating maps, inevitably you have to start from where you are now in and start
thinking about what the city nearest destination first. How to reach there? What
alternative to the existing road and which route is more comfortable? After the
first city to, you need to determine the next city to go, how do I get there and so
on. When you already have a map, you are more clear with what you have to do
every time. You more easily make decisions. You do not easily take the path that

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Internet Business

does not comply with the maps you have created prior to travel. You know the
origin follow the map that has been created, you will get to the destination.

Similarly, building a business / enterprise. When you begin to create a blueprint /
blueprint or business plan, you know your goal but you have to start from your
current condition where you are now. You have to figure out what the nearest
first step that must be done.

How do I make that first step? Do you make yourself or get someone else who
did? After the first step is achieved, what the next step and so on.

When you encounter a challenge or difficulty, have a business plan will make you
have a focus on your goals and steps that must be made at this time. So many
benefits of having a business plan before you start a business.

One thing that I assume when you want to create a business plan is that you
have passed the phase of choosing a niche business model and selecting the
appropriate criteria described in the previous article. So the niche you choose is
a profitable niche that has a lot of online buyers. If you do not already know a
profitable niche or not, you'll want to do research and testing in advance so your
time is not wasted to make a business plan.

Before explaining what the contents of the business plan you need to make, I
want to explain that building an Internet business at its core is only doing 3
stages / steps. What is it?

Build an Internet Business in 3 Steps

Actually building an Internet business is simple, not complicated, it can even be
explained in 3 steps (except for site flipping business model that works
differently), namely:
    1. Creating Content (articles, forums, news, posts, etc.) or offering (offering a
       product / service, be it their own products or products of others).
    2. Featured Content or offering on the website (either your own website, can
       someone else's website) in a certain way so that the desired goal is
       achieved. Target / goal could be to make visitors click your ads (contextual
       advertising), can also buy products that you offer or other targets.
    3. Bring visitor / visitors to the website with various traffic generation

That's the point, of course each of these steps there are many details. But all the
science of internet marketing business that I've learned, always can be
categorized into three topics above.

For example: step 1 copywriting classified science, science makes a good review

Copyright © 2011 ZainudinHMA and AlKautsarMedia, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
Internet Business

articles so that people interested in buying a product is the science of step 1, the
science of making people click your ads classified science of step 2, the
knowledge about the layout of your website thus improving the science
categorized conversion step 2 and use YouTube to bring visitors to the website
belong to science step 3, as well as to use social media website like myspace,
facebook and the like to increase visitors to our website is the science of step 3.

So all the science of internet marketing and internet business you will learn in the
future will only be classified into three sections above that is how to create, how
to display and how to bring in visitors. That's it.

The business plan is actually a description larger than 3 steps or 3 steps is that it
becomes clear step by step. Let's see together what needs to be poured in the
business plan.

Make Your Internet Business Plan

Business plan or business plan is actually quite simple, need not be too complex.
Whatever business model you want to do, whether it sells physical products to
create an online store, sell ebook, doing affiliate marketing or blog to contextual
advertising, points that need to be made in the business plan remains about the

All you need to know, I do not follow basic standards to make the existing
business plan, but this is the points that I wrote in my business plan. I was more
thinking into the practical side rather than perfection. After all, this business plan
for your own truth. These points can also be changed once a day if I feel there is
a need to be added.

These are points you need to write in your business plan:
   1. Business Summary
   2. Competition Analysis
   3. USP or Unique Selling Proposition
   4. Website Development Plan
   5. Content Development Plan
   6. Traffic Generation Plan

I will explain the purpose of each of these points in more detail so you
understand what you should write in each section.

Business Summary
In this section you explain briefly about your business. What do your business,
how your business generate revenue or income, who your target market and
what the goals or objectives to be achieved. So, suppose you want to create an

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Internet Business

online store that sells women's lingerie or underwear is in the Business section of
this Summary, you can write a sentence like the following:

"Creating an online store that sells lingerie or underwear for the target market is
American countries, especially among the upper middle class. Lingerie sold a
branded product imported from Hong Kong and China. Profit margins above 30%
for each item. The purpose or objectives to be achieved is to be a place The
main goal No. 1 in buying lingerie online in the United States. "

Often 2-3 sentences like the example above is sufficient to explain the Business

Competition Analysis
In this section, you write your analysis of all your major competitors. In business,
to excel you need to be a pioneer or who started the first time or be better than
your competitors. If you are not a pioneer or who started the first time, you need
to be better than your competitors competitor analysis therefore needs to be

What needs to be analyzed and studied from competitors? Lots actually,
     The quality of the products sold.
     Who is the target market from your competitors.
     How to display the products on the website.
     How to order goods easy, simple or difficult and confusing.
     Content or any explanation given.
     How they built the confidence of visitors to want to buy?
     Is there testimonials from customers or not?
     Is there money back guarantee or money back guarantee?
     How the quality of answers and service from customer service to the
       questions raised prospects or visitors shop online?
     Is there no calls can be contacted?
     What the advantages of an online store competitor A is compared to other
     and more.

So all the little things done by your competitors you should look, your analysis
and you noted in the Competition section of this Analysis. This information will be
very useful in preparing the next section.

USP or Unique Selling Proposition
After conducting in-depth analysis of competitors, you now need to determine the
USP or Unique Selling Proposition of your business. What is a USP? USP is your
way to more unique, superior and more remembered by other people than your

Copyright © 2011 ZainudinHMA and AlKautsarMedia, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
Internet Business

competitors. If you do not have a USP, you mean the same as the others, it
makes no difference. And in business, if you are no different than the other, your
destiny is only one, that is forgotten. Keep in mind about this! This is a lesson in
the business and marketing is very important!

You must be unique, different and more superior than others. That's your USP.
You must communicate your USP to your prospects and customers so they know
you are different because of what.

In the example above lingerie online store, if there are many websites that sell
lingerie, you need to think about what your USP? Something that makes you
different. That's important you do the previous stage of the Competition Analysis.
From the analysis of competitors, you will find none that offer a money back
guarantee. You also note that in other online stores lingerie, no clue exactly how
to choose the appropriate size for the prospective customer. You'll also notice on
other online stores, can not accept payment by credit card. Ok, you finally found
3 things for your USP is:
     Provide 100% money back guarantee.
     Provide guidance to choose a size lingerie.
     Provide payment by credit card.

Once you find your USP, you need to be able to communicate it in your website
so your prospects and website visitors know about the uniqueness or something
different from your lingerie online store. Because there is no point when you
determine the USP, but the prospects or your website visitors do not know.

Website Development Plan
After determining the USP of your internet business, now you need to create a
website development plan. In this section you need to write all things related to
website creation, in this case the design and coding of the website. Chances are
if you're new in terms of website development, this section is a part that is difficult
for you to write the business plan. I will explain a lot about aspects of website
development in the materials my upcoming article. If you have friends who have
experience in website development, discuss with them in preparing development
plans of this website.

These are among them you need to write in this section:
    Who will do the design aspect of the website?
    Who will do the aspect of making / coding of the website?
    How budget / allocation of funds provided for website creation?
    How much time is allocated for website development?
    How the layout of the website?
    How the structure of the website menu?
    How do I view the products from the website?
    Is the website is made with WordPress or other Open Source

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Internet Business

    If you create an online store, you need to determine the shopping cart
     software that will be used.
    How the payment method on your website?
    If receiving a credit card, payment processor which will be used? What
     percentage of charging fees imposed
    How do I contact customer service on your website? From what time till
     what time the operation of your customer service?
    Is the website created for FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)?
    and other matters relating to building websites.

By writing all the above in the business plan, you have to have a clear map of
what to do in terms of website development. It's like having a blueprint when I
want to build a house. Just imagine building a house without a blueprint, the
location of the toilet can be wrong or may not even exist because it is not thought
about before.

That's what happened with your website if you do not make plans in advance of
your website development. All the details you've put so nothing is forgotten.

Content Development Plan
After creating a website development plan, which you need to make now is a
plan for making the content of your website. A great site is the website up-to-

Explain the following in part of this business plan:
    Who makes the contents of the website first?
    Who will update the contents of the website continuously?
    From which obtained the content, or content of the website?
    How standards of product image sizes?
    What is frequently updated content from a website?
    How budget / allocation of funds expended for the content of the website
       each month?
    Is the website provided a blog?
    Is the website provided a forum? Who would be the moderator.
    and other matters relating to website content.

Often that happens because they do not plan or plans will be made after the
website launch, no updates are made to the website content. It is very important
especially on websites with contextual advertising business model that needs
fresh content all the time.

Traffic Generation Plan
After all parts of the previous business plan is created, then only one important

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Internet Business

part that needs to be made in the business plan is a plan how to bring traffic or
visitors to your website. Without traffic, a website with no corresponding benefit.

If you're new in terms of Internet business, this section also represents
something that is difficult for you to write. Eight days from the e-course materials
will be discussed one by one existing traffic strategy. But still a good idea to
discuss plans to bring traffic to someone who already understand a lot about this.

You need to explain the following things in Traffic Generation Plan:
    What you will focus the use of strategy Free Traffic (article, directories,
      SEO and others) or Paid Traffic (PPC, banners, ads, etc.)?
    What traffic strategy will be applied.
    What you will do yourself a variety of strategies to bring traffic or you will
      outsource to a third party to do so?
    How the budget is allocated for traffic generation each month?
    How tracking systems and applied statistics so you know how much traffic
      from each source?
    and matters related to traffic other generation.

Now, you already understand the importance of creating a business plan in the
early stages of making your internet business. You also have to understand what
needs to be written on a business plan. But when your spirit with your idea, will
usually be very easy to override this stage of creating a business plan. That is
why 90% of businesses fail because 90% of people do not make enough in
planning to make a business. Indeed, sometimes there are some cases where 1-
2 people do not make a business plan but ultimately can be successful. For
example the case, I more believe it is just a coincidence than an ordinary thing to

So now allocate a few days to make your business plan, while you wait for me to
learn the material the next article. There are many things that I describe in the
following materials, so that later on any part of the business plan will be easier for
you to create or write.

Good luck to you. Congratulations to apply this knowledge in your Internet
business ...!

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