Tips for Successful Business Networking

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					Business Networking accounts for over 85% of business in the market place today.
Networking is a word that is now widely and commonly used in most business

The big question though is this: how do you know if you are networking effectively?

Networking is actually a life skill, not just something we do if we want something
from someone.

There are two main keys to successful networking:

1. Give freely. Remember these two principles: Give is Gain! and Givers Gain! Do
things for others. Not just to get something back, but rather to help that person
achieve their goals or solve their problems. In other words; give without hooks or
expectations of something in return.

2. Think and act abundantly. Believe that there are plenty of opportunities (business
and personal) for everyone. This is the basis of great networking. Some die-hard
salespeople from the eighties - really struggle with giving without expectation. Why
should they do something for someone when they know there is 'nothing in it for

Networking can actually generate more business and career opportunities than any
advertising campaign could ever hope to achieve.

Successful networkers believe in lifting the level of professionalism for their
profession or industry. They usually achieve this by constantly exceeding peoples'

They also believe in making the pie of success bigger for everyone in their sphere of
influence. With an abundance mentality they are encouraged to cross network with
competitors and regularly give referrals. Their business card becomes their form of
introduction. "Hi, I'm Phil Evans", as they offer their card to you.

Some people may find this method quite challenging as they attempt to break their
own timid stand-back behaviour, and until the skill is learnt through practise, that is
very understandable. However, how will someone ever be able to make contact with
you if you don't give them that information when you first meet?

Great networkers are generally great listeners. Two ears; one mouth: use them
accordingly! They believe in having quality conversations and not quantity ramblings.
They don't try to talk to everyone in a crowded networking event. What's the point?
The conversations would only be shallow, brief and more than likely not memorable
for either party.
Quality conversations allow you to get to know a little more about the other person,
build rapport and hopefully develop the foundation of trust. Trust is the basic
functional glue that keeps networking together. People today want to do business with
people they know, like and trust. Without trust, business activity rarely happens.

A suggestion to help you with remembering who you have met, and some basic
memory trigger details about them, is actually rediculously simple: make notes on
their business cards. You might like to include where you met, and something that you
remember about them of a personal nature: e.g. their hobby, favourite sport, names of
family, pets, general interests.

Successful networkers attend networking events at least once a week wherever
possible. Rather than belong to a lot of networks and go to each of them occasionally,
they belong to one or two and attend regularly. In that way, they become known as the
'Life Coach' or 'Financial Planner' for that group. It may take time to generate
business however, every time they attend that group, they become more well known
and their reputation grows. Remember this: Networking is all about relationships!

In a successful networking world, it's not who you know, it's who knows you!