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Let 'em dance and sing

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									A    D   V   E   R   T   I   S   E   M   E   N   T

    The Hannig Law Firm is proud to support
             “Let 'em dance and sing,”
      the 3rd annual auction fundraiser for
          John Gill Elementary School.
   John Gill Elementary School
    LET ‘EM DANCE                    AND        SING

6:30 pm....   Doors Open
              Silent Auction Begins
              Raffle Tickets Sold
              Appetizers Available
              Bar Opens

7:45 pm....   Silent Auction: Tables Begin Closing
              by Sections

8:00 pm....   Buffet Opens (by Events of Excellence)

8:30 pm....   Heads or Tails

9:00 pm....   Live Auction (Craig Silverman, Auctioneer)
              Raffle Drawings

     Please, enjoy your evening!
                                                     MARCH 6, 2010

                 Welcome to John Gill
                 Elementary School’s
             3 rd Annual Dinner Auction
On behalf of the John Gill Elementary School PTA, we welcome you to
our third annual dinner auction, “Let ‘em dance and sing!” The money
raised tonight will be used to fund the many academic and enrichment
programs that benefit the students of John Gill. Many of these programs
would simply not exist without the support and fundraising efforts of
the PTA.

The dinner auction has become our largest and most successful
fundraiser, and we hope to reach our $50,000 goal for this evening, all of
which will be used to support our programs. This fantastic event would
not have been possible without the enthusiastic support and generosity
of each of you and the entire community, and so we extend a heartfelt
“thank you!” to the teachers, families, businesses, and individuals who
have been so generous with their time and resources. We would like to
note that many of the teachers and staff of John Gill Elementary are
 contributing their personal time with donations of the extra-
curricular activities that are always so popular with parents and
students alike.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful event. We hope your
evening is a memorable one, filled with camaraderie, excitement, and of
course, many high bids!

Craig and Marlene Guinasso, AUCTION CHAIRS

     A   D    V   E   R    T   I   S    E       M   E   N   T

                O RT H O D O N T I C S FOR
             C H I L D R E N A N D A DULTS

     150 Arch Street, Redwood City, CA 94062 (650) 368.8348

                    1757 East Bayshore Road
                  Redwood City, CA 94063-4151
                        (415) 822-3710
A   D   V   E   R   T   I   S   E   M   E   N   T

     A   D   V   E   R   T   I   S   E   M   E   N   T

A   D   V   E     R      T     I    S     E      M      E     N    T

                                              743 S. Wolfe Road
                                          Sunnyvale, CA 94086
                                     (408) 739-3732 — Office
                Visit our website at: www.eventsofexcellence.com
                                   Thank You
This special event is the culmination of a true team effort. John Gill's
third Annual Auction, “Let ‘em dance and sing” would not have happened
without the extraordinary efforts of the following people:

2010 Auction Chairs                          Decorations
Craig Guinasso, Marlene Guinasso             Elizabeth Dameron-Drew,
                                             Maura Sincoff, Victoria Mendiola,
                                             Lisa Scheidecker, Geri Caron,
Andrew Velline, Marlene Guinasso,
                                             Beth Faure, Ana Luna-Victoria,
Thea Henry-Hamilton, Meredith
                                             Tessa Messiana
Armienti, Dina Acreman

Auction Advisor                              Classroom & Teacher Donations
Michelle Ayoob                               Michelle Mascher, Megan Tarzon

Promotions & Graphic Design                  Raffle
Dina Acreman, Gwen Hautefeuille,             Laurie Pattison, Andi Lanham
Marlene Guinasso
                                             Communications & Video
Donations                                    Thea Henry-Hamilton, Tessa
Thea Henry-Hamilton, Dan Gibson,             Messiana
Cynthia Smith, Molly Foley, Robin
Cunha, Eric Olson, Victoria
                                             Craig Silverman, Redwood City
Mendiola, Kim Schiff, Jennifer
                                             parent volunteer
Fitzsimons, Jessica Mihaly-Baker,
Beth St. John, Michelle Ayoob
                                             First Class Volunteers

Accounting & Invoicing                       Dan Gibson, Moon Gemello
Andrew Velline, Andi Lanham,                 Karin & Jason Culverhouse, Luci
Beth Faure, Jason Culverhouse                Wilkins, Maura Sincoff, Tiki Dare,
                                             Anneke Cole, Sanda Medancic
                                             Abela, Rita Strathe, Megan
Beth Faure                                   Goulden, Kristin Olson, Dan
                                             Beeder, Heather Washington,
                                             Kat Costello

     Our sincerest gratitude extends to each and every one of the many people that have
 helped put on this event. We deeply appreciate your hard work and generosity in making
viii                   “Let ‘em dance and sing” a resounding success.
 Nintendo Wii & Wii Fit Plus and Flip Mino HD Camcorder-Raffle Prizes
    Generously donated by the Armienti family and the Velline family.

        With Deepest Gratitude for their Monetary Contributions
                      DANIEL BEEDER and TIKI DARE
                   JEFFREY LEWIS JR. and LYNDA LEWIS
                             JOHN R. NIVEN
                          STEVE and LISA HOCTOR
                      JASON AND KARIN CULVERHOUSE
                              NANCY CLARKE
                        STEVEN and RUSTY MOONEY
                         TED J. HANNIG, JD, MBA
                            DONNA DUNWOODY

                        Special Thanks To

        AMANDA KEMP, our principal, for her support. We are also
  grateful for our front office staff, CHERRYL MORRISON and M. SO C O RRO
CONTRERAS for all of their hardwork assisting Principal KEMP, our children,
               the parents, PTA, teachers, and school staff.

        We would like to recognize our other supporters as well:
                            DOMENICO WINES
                        DPR CONSTRUCTION, INC.

  A special thanks goes to our auction committee for putting so many
     countless hours into this process to make this event possible.

                         Auction Rules
Welcome to the John Gill Annual Dinner Auction. Here are the rules of
the evening. Enjoy!

Upon entering the auction, you will receive your bid number. Use
only the bid number assigned to you for bidding on silent and live
auction items.

                         Silent Auction
The Silent Auction opens at 6:30 p.m. The minimum bid and minimum
raise for each item is written on the bid sheet by the item. To be valid,
bids must comply with these minimums and be legible.

To place a bid, sign your bid number with your bid amount on the bid
sheet. Doing so constitutes a legal contract to purchase that silent auction
item at the price you stated if your bid is the winning bid. The last
(highest) valid bid entered prior to the section closing will be the
winning bid.

The Auction Committee reserves the right to withdraw any item at any
time without notice before the actual sale. In the event of a dispute, the
Auction Committee shall act as final authority in determining the
winning bid.

                          Live Auction
Live Auction bidding will begin at 9:00 p.m. When bidding, please hold
up your bid number toward the auctioneer. The Live Auction will continue
until all items are sold.

If a group is bidding on one item, please designate one person to place
your combined bid. Auction items will be awarded to one purchaser only.

A bid acknowledged by the auctioneer is a legal contract to purchase
the item. A runner will bring a confirmation slip to the winning bidder for
verification and signature.

All items must be paid for by the end of the evening. Visa and Mastercard
are preferred. However, for your convenience, we will accept cash and
checks payable to John Gill PTA.

                             Pick -Up
You will receive an invoice and your winning items upon checkout.

Quick Checkout: If you pre-registered a credit card, claim your invoice
at Quick Checkout. If everything is correct, skip the Cashier and just pick
up your items. Purchases marked (Cert) on your invoice will be
available at Certificate Pick-up. All other items can be claimed at Item
Pick-up. A final statement showing beverage and any other charges to
your Bid Number will be mailed to your address.

All Others: If you did not pre-register a card for payment, go to the
Cashier to get your invoice and pay. Then proceed to Certificate Pick-up
for any purchases marked (Cert), and Item Pick-up for all other purchases.
                         Terms of Sale
Unless otherwise noted, all certificates for goods and services must be
used within one year of the auction date. All items and services are
subject to the terms and conditions specified by the donors.All sales are
final. There will be no exchanges or refunds. John Gill PTA does not
make any expressed or implied warranties or guarantees on auction
items regarding quality or value of items or services. John Gill PTA has
attempted to describe and catalog all items correctly, but all items are of-
fered and sold “AS IS” and “WITH ALL FAULTS”

John Gill PTA neither warrants nor represents, and in no event shall be
responsible for the correctness of descriptions, genuineness, authorship,
provenance or condition of the items. No statement made in this catalog
or made orally at the auction or elsewhere shall be deemed such a
warranty for tax purposes or market value. Items have not been ap-
praised unless otherwise noted.

Reservations for trips and vacation accommodations must be mutually
arranged with the donor unless otherwise noted. No refunds will be
allowed on travel packages for canceled tickets and/or accommodations.

By the buyers purchase, the buyer waives any claim for liability against
John Gill PTA, its elected and appointed officials, members and
employees, sponsors, volunteers connected with the auction, and/or
the donor of the item. Neither John Gill PTA nor the donor is responsible
for any personal injuries or damage that may result from the use of the
property or services.

                      Tax Information
This catalog lists the fair market value of each item. Any amount you pay
in excess of the fair market value would normally be available to you as
a charitable contribution for tax purposes. Please check with your tax
advisor for specifics.

    Other ways to SUPPORT our kids!
You will have the opportunity to support John Gill Elementary School in
two essential ways.

                           Heads or Tails

The 2010 Heads or Tails Prize: 50% of the total game proceeds will go to
the winner; the remaining 50% will go to John Gill Elementary School.

                           Fund -A -Need

By raising your bid number, you will be helping us continue our efforts to
provide the best for our students. Our specific need for 2010 is: A Year
of Amazing School Assemblies for our kids.

Our target is $5,000, which will help to bring enriching, educational
groups coming in to teach our kids in the areas of science, music and
the arts.

        HeadsTails        PLAY

                                (A fun game held before the Live Auction!)

      Heads or Tails Information & Rules
      1. Cards can be purchased at the Registration table when
         you check in or before the Live Auction begins.
         The price is $20 per person.

      2. Each participant will receive a
         card before playing.

      3. The auctioneer will announce
         “... it’s time to play Heads or Tails!”

      4. When directed, place your card
                                                   The Prize:   50% of the
         on your “head” or your “tail”              Total Game Proceeds
                                                    will go to the winner;
         to await the result of the                    the remaining 50%
         auctioneer’s coin toss.                                  will go to
                                                        John Gill School.

      5. Players matching the coin toss
         remain standing.

      6. Coin toss will repeat.
         The last person standing
        wins the game
        and the prize!

                         Raffle Tickets
Have you purchased your raffle tickets yet? These fabulous
prizes are well worth the $5 per ticket donation.

You can purchase them the night of the auction or in the school of-
fice until noon on Friday, March 5th. All John Gill Students were sent
home tickets to sell. You do not have to be present at the Auction
to win.

3 lucky winners will be drawn for the following prizes:

      Prize 1   Nintendo Wii & Wii Fit Plus

      Prize 2 Flip Mino HD Camcorder

      Prize 3   4 tickets to Disneyland & Park Hopper

Target gift certificates will be awarded to the students who sell the most
raffle tickets.

Raffle ticket winners will be drawn immediately following the Live Auction.


             LIST OF


            Join us for
  John Gill Elementary School’s
    3rd Annual Dinner Auction,

    “Let ‘em dance and sing”
by visiting all of the sections at our
          various stations.
                          Live Items
101      Firehouse Dinner at our own Station #10

A dinner for six will be prepared by the members of the Redwood City Fire
Department Station #10. Firehouse tour included. Starting bid includes $100
donation to their charitable foundation, “Create-A-Smile.” Alcohol will not be
provided or consumed by the RWC Fire Department, but you may bring your
own. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Valid until 3/6/2011.

Donor: Redwood City Fire Station #10                             Value: Priceless!

102      6-Night Stay at Hawaiian Big Island Paradise

Located on the world-famous Waikoloa Beach Resort just past the Hilton
Waikoloa Village, Hali’i Kai is a spacious, thoughtfully designed, private gated
community that embodies the best of Hawaii-style living. At Hali’i Kai, your 1,200
square ft. villa welcomes you with the serenity of a luxury retreat. We are proud
to offer beautiful, tastefully decorated rooms and breathtaking views. Our 2
bedroom, 2 bath villa has a private lanai for dining and relaxing. We are proud to
offer many conveniences that will make your stay as relaxing as possible. We
also offer a queen size pull out sofa bed in the living room, and a full modern
kitchen with granite counters. It’s a golf course view with a view of the ocean
from the lanai. Watch the whales jump while enjoying your drink by the pool.
Accomodates up to 6 people.

Please note there is a one-time $31.25 check in fee.

Accommodations available in the Low season only:
Apr 17 - Jun 2
Sept 4 - Nov 19
Nov 27 - Dec 16

Donor: Guinasso and Hoctor Families                                 Value: $1,200

103      Guided Wine Tasting for 12 at Domenico Wines

Enjoy a bit of the Wine Country here on the Peninsula! You and 11 guests are
invited to relax and sip a variety of our award-winning wines, and sample
gourmet cheeses, all while surrounded by the aroma of aging wine in beautiful
French Oak barrels. There is nothing like it! The tasting, hosted by Domenico
Wines, is sure to please anyone who appreciates the experience of good wine.
Wine tasting can be redeemed on the first or last Sunday of each month.

Donor: Domenico Wines                                                 Value: $ 360

104      “So You Think You Can Dance” Tickets to Live Show

Chassé your way to LA with a friend! Bid on these TWO extremely hard-to-get
tickets to a live taping of Fox’s hit “So You Think You Can Dance,” plus a one-
night hotel stay for two. Taping at Television City in LA during the 2010 season;
specific dates to be determined. (Must be 8 years or older to attend).

Donor: FOX / “So You Think You Can Dance”                        Value: Priceless!

105      Napa Wine Country Insiders Tour of Napa’s Favorites
         3-Night Package for 4

Enjoy an insider’s tour of the local Napa experience. Your party of four will enjoy
a three-night stay in the Caldwell Vineyard two-bedroom (2 queen beds) Guest
House. While there, you will take part in a tasting in Caldwell’s 20,000 square
foot cave, visit the Wine Cellars and enjoy wine and a dinner created especially
for you. The next day, you will visit Whetstone Wine Cellars where you will enjoy
a barrel tasting, a finished wine tasting of current releases, and lunch provided
by Michael Chiarello’s NapaStyle Café. Your transportation will be provided by
Paul Diaz, a wine educator and guide. Valid until 3/6/2011.

                                                                 Value: Priceless!

106      Best of Fairmont: 4-Night Junior Suite with Airfare for

Enjoy a 4-night stay in a Fairmont Hotels & Resorts luxurious junior suite,
featuring an oversized room with a seating area, at your choice of any Fairmont
property. Your stay includes daily breakfast for two in the dining room. These
certificates can be redeemed withoutblackout dates and will be accepted on any
date (provided that there is availability for the room type purchased), including
holidays. Valid until 3/6/2011. There are 26 properties to choose from in the
United States and Canada, including Boston, Scottsdale, Banff Springs, and
Whistler. Upgraded properties are optional. A detailed list of all properties will be
on display at the auction. This package includes round-trip coach class service
for two on American Airlines.
(Airline blackout dates apply).

                                                                      Value: $7,500

107      Your chance to be Principal for a day!

Have you ever wanted to “rule” the school? Here is your chance for your child to
be principal for a day. The winning child will join Ms. Kemp for yard duty, teacher
room visits, handing out character coupons and other important decisions for
the school. Most importantly, your child will lead the school in morning
announcements! This should be a day of fun and adventure!

Donor: John Gill School                                            Value: Priceless!

108      Costa Rica Luxury Resorts 6-Night Stay with Airfare for

Costa Rica, which translates literally as “Rich Coast”, attracts more than one
million visitors eager to catch a wave, bathe under a waterfall, spot a sloth or
otherwise enjoy paradise. It is no doubt that Costa Rica was named “the
happiest place” on earth for its most content people, best ecological footprint
and the average life expectancy according to the Happy Planet Index (HPI).
Enjoy a total of six nights at either of these luxury Marriott® resorts in Costa
Rica, or split your six days and visit both, valid one year from date of purchase.
Your stay at JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort & Spa is available year-round, and
the Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort is available May 1 through
November 30, subject to availability. A detailed description of both hotels and
the surrounding areas will be on display at the auction. Transportation between
the two locations is not included. This package includes two round-trip coach
class tickets from American Airlines. (Airline blackout dates apply).

                                                                    Value: $9,500

109      Ooh La La! Paris & Prague 7-Night Air and Hotel
         Package including Dinner, Spa & Entertainment

Prague is a town of magical beauty sitting at the very heart of Europe. Imagine
the picturesque Prague Castle with its truly magnificent St. Vitus’s Cathedral or
the tiny fairy-tale like Golden Lane. There are countless captivating churches to
visit as well as Old Town Square, filled with terraces, restaurants, and cafes.
Enjoy a four-night stay in a Junior Suite including daily breakfast for two at
President Hotel Prague, a 5-star luxury hotel, conveniently located in the heart of
Prague, on the right bank of the Vltava River and within walking distance of
Prague Castle and beautiful Old Town. Valid one year from date of purchase,
subject to availability.

In addition to your hotel stay, you will enjoy a four-course candlelit dinner for two
at the Vltava Restaurant, and two 60-minute aroma oil massages at the spa
within the President Hotel.

Entertainment - While in Prague, enjoy your choice of one of the following:

Jazz Boat Ride - Evening ride from Cechuv Bridge, just a two-minute walk from
the President Hotel. Listen to live jazz music and enjoy a different view of the
Horse-drawn Carriage Ride - Round-trip one-hour ride from Old Town Square
including a visit through Lesser Town.
Concert Performance for (2) - Choose from a variety of performances, subject to
venue schedule and availability. Classical concerts at the Lobkowitz
Palace/Prague Castle, Rudolfinum, or the Municipal House; Opera or Ballet at
the National Theatre, State Opera or Estate Theatre; Organ concerts at St.
Nicholas Church, the Klementinum or St. Giles Church; or Marionette theatre at
the National Marionette Theatre Prague.

Paris is an exciting city with can’t miss activities, such as visiting the Louvre,
marveling at sights such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, the famous Eiffel Tower,
or the slightly hair-raising experience of strolling through the Catacombes des
Paris. Your stay will be at the Hyatt Regency Paris Madeleine - three-nights at
this 4-star property located three blocks northwest of the Church of the
Madeleine. Valid one year from date of purchase, subject to availability.

This package includes round-trip coach class service for (2) from any American
Airlines destination in the 48 contiguous United States or Canada to anywhere
American Airlines flies in Europe subject to availability. Domestic Airfare: This
package also includes round-trip coach class airfare for (2) from Paris to Prague.
A minimum of 30 days advance booking is required. Blackout dates apply.

                                                                     Value: $13,000

110      Kawai K-2 Upright Piano

Do you want to fill your home with beautiful music? Now you can with the Kawai
K-2 45 Ebony Polished professional upright piano. Includes a 10-year warranty
on parts and labor as well as a matching bench. Value includes tax and ground
floor delivery.

Donor: McBain-Carnes Piano Company                                  Value: $7,000

111      Reserved Parking Space

A special reserved parking space for one lucky person for one year in the upper
reserved staff lot of the school. Be the winner of this premier spot for one year-
no worries about where to park when the kids are running late! Valid 3/8/2010-

Donor: John Gill School                                          Value: Priceless!

112      Fund-A-Need: A Year of Amazing Assemblies

Fund-A-Need: We are asking for donations to provide a year of amazing school
assemblies for our kids. Please help us fund enriching, educational groups to
teach our kids in the areas of science, music, and the arts. See the fund-a-need
description in the front of catalog for more information. Target amount we hope
to raise: $5,000.

                                                                 Value: Priceless!

                         Silent Items
               ~ 200 Time With Teachers ~
201      Private Ballet Lessons with Ms. Baldini

Your daughter and one of her friends will have a fantastic time enjoying 4 half-
hour private ballet lessons with Ms. Baldini. Time to be mutually agreed upon.

Donor: Ms. Baldini                                              Value: Priceless!
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 50

202      Taqueria Lunch with Mr. Floyd

Venga uno, vengan todos! No, usted venga a la taqueria favorite de Maestro
Floyd por uno almuerzo especial! El Maestro va a llevar su nino(a) a su taqueria
favorite mientras el almuerzo de la escuela por el almuerzo major que nunca!

Come one, come all! Well, not all, but one student! Mr. Floyd will take your child
from school during lunch time to his favorite taqueria for the best lunch ever!
Date to be mutually agreed upon. Must be used by 6/1/2010.

Donor: Mr. Floyd                                                Value: Priceless!
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 50

203      Learn Dance Moves with Danny G! (April 10)

Everybody Dance Now! Spend an hour dancing with Danny G and learn the
latest HipHop and Jazz moves. Lesson will be Saturday, April 10. Time to be
determined. Limited to 15 pairs (one adult and one John Gill student) per class.
Set price $25/pair. John Gill MUB.

Donor: Danny G                                                   Value: Priceless!
                                                                  Set Price: $ 25

204      Learn Dance Moves with Danny G! (May 8)

Everybody Dance Now! Spend an hour dancing with Danny G and learn the
latest HipHop and Jazz moves. Lesson will be on Saturday May 8. Time to be
determined. Limited to 15 pairs (one adult and one John Gill student) per class.
Set price $25/pair. John Gill MUB.

Donor: Danny G                                                   Value: Priceless!
                                                                  Set Price: $ 25

205      Movie Night with Ms. Hanley

Movie Night at Ms. Hanley’s House! Join Ms. Hanley and her family for a movie
night with pizza, popcorn, and treats! Time to be mutually agreed upon. Must be
used by 6/30/2010. This night goes to the highest bidder and one

Donor: Ms. Hanley                                               Value: Priceless!
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 50

206      Pizza and Bowling with Ms. Kemp

It is time for some good ol’ fashioned fun! Would your child like the opportunity
to laugh at the principal and not get into trouble? Here is the chance! Let’s go
bowling! Miss Kemp will take four students to Bel Mateo Bowl for a
pizza/bowling party! She will pay for the pizza, drinks, dessert, shoe rental, and
an hour of laughter (a.k.a. Bowling). This fantastic opportunity must be
redeemed by June 18th.

Donor: Amanda Kemp                                              Value: Priceless!
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 50

207     Hike with Your Dog and Ms. Kitty

Take your dog hiking with Ms. Kitty. You will hike at Pulgas Ridge off Edgewood
Road. Your dog will learn trail manners and practice coming when called. This
75 minute outing includes a treat bag filled with goodies. Must be used by
6/30/2010. Time to be mutually agreed upon.

Donor: Ms. Kitty                                               Value: Priceless!
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 50

208     Afternoon at the Zoo with Ms. Kling

One lucky winner and a friend will get the opportunity to spend the afternoon at
the zoo with Ms. Kling. Afternoon includes transportation to and from zoo and
lunch. Time to be mutually agreed upon.

Donor: Ms. Kling                                               Value: Priceless!
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 50

209     Academy of Science Adventure with Ms. Martin and
        Ms. Aboud

Come join Ms. Martin and Ms. Aboud on a fabulous adventure to the Academy
of Sciences. You and two friends will be treated to lunch and a fun-filled day of
exploration and memories to share with your family. What a fantastic day awaits
you and your two friends! Time to be mutually agreed upon.

Donor: Ms. Aboud and Ms. Martin                                Value: Priceless!
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 50

210     Day at the Tide Pools with Ms. McAdams

You and a lucky friend will spend a day at the tidepools with Ms. McAdams. The
adventure starts with a special goodie basket left on your doorsteps the night
before the trip! Ms. McAdams will pick both of you up early on Saturday morning
and take you tide-pooling and to lunch. Both of you will be returned home full of
memories of your adventure! Time to be mutually agreed upon.

Donor: Ms. McAdams                                             Value: Priceless!
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 50
211      Teacher Tuck-in with Ms. McAdams

What a way to start a good night’s sleep! Ms. McAdams will come tuck you in
complete with milk, cookies, and a nighttime story. Time to be mutually agreed

Donor: Ms. McAdams                                               Value: Priceless!
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 50

212      Private Tutoring Session with Ms. Rolla

Need a little extra help? Ms. Rolla will conduct a one-hour session of after school
tutoring or homework help for one student and a friend. Room #17. Snack will
be provided. Time to be mutually agreed upon.

Donor: Ms. Rolla                                                 Value: Priceless!
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 50

213      Movie Night with the T’s

One lucky winner gets to bring four friends to enjoy pizza and a movie
downtown with Mr. and Mrs. T. Time to be mutually agreed upon.

Donor: Mr. T                                                     Value: Priceless!
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 50

214      Host Dinner with Mr. and Mrs. T

Have the T’s over for dinner and fun at Your House! Time to be mutually agreed

Donor: Mr. T                                                     Value: Priceless!
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 50

                      ~ 300 Class Gifts ~
301     Family Adventure Pack

All you need for adventure is included in this gift from Ms. Baldini’s K-2 class.
Includes season passes to Great America for 2 adults and 2 children, a
backpack filled with sunscreen and towels for the waterpark, and a $25 Safeway
giftcard to fill up the backpack with snacks.

Donor: Ms. Baldini’s Class                                      Value: Priceless!
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 50

302     Children’s Table Lamp

A unique table lamp adorned with children’s treasures will be the perfect
accessory for any child’s room. Decorated by Ms. Bradley’s K-2 class.

Donor: Ms. Bradley’s Class                                      Value: Priceless!
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 50

303     Under The Sea Themed Artwork

Looking to add some beautiful artwork and color to your living room? Look no
further than these individually handpainted 3x3 frames that are mounted and
framed as one piece. All work done by Ms. Clarke’s K-2 class.

Donor: Ms. Clarke’s Class                                       Value: Priceless!
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 50

304      Under the Sea Art Postcards

Order a set of 25 postcards printed with your child’s original Under the Sea
design from Mrs. Clarke’s class. Please specify the name of the artist you select
for your order. Your postcards will be delivered at a later date. The fixed price is

Donor: Mrs. Clarke’s Class                                        Value: Priceless!
                                                                   Set Price: $ 20

305      Hermit Crab Haven

Everything you need for a pet hermit crab including one-of-a-kind habitat hand-
painted by Mr. Floyd’s K-2 class. Includes creature comforts for your new pet:
food, shells, sand, thermometer, book and a gift card to select the hermit crab(s)
of your choice.

Donor: Mr. Floyd’s Class                                          Value: Priceless!
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 50

306      Literature That Sings... Ceramic Platter and Plate Set!

Be the lucky winner of this unique set of handpainted ceramic platter and 6
plates celebrating the “Literature that Sings” theme of this K-2 year, personalized
with fingerprints from Ms. Hanley’s students. (You’re A Good Man Charlie
Brown, Seussical, Frog and Toad, Free to Be You and Me, Really Rosie and Dog

Donor: Ms. Hanley’s Class                                         Value: Priceless!
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 50

307      One of a Kind Earth Day Quilt Designed by Our

Snuggle up with this Earth Day themed patchwork quilt designed by the
students in our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program (grades 3-5)

Donor: Ms. Kmetz’s Class                                          Value: Priceless!
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 50

308      Hand-Painted Garden Table

Just imagine, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you are sitting at the
prettiest table in town. This one-of-a-kind, hand-painted garden table will be a
delight for you and your family for years to come. Lovingly handpainted by Ms.
Martin’s 3-5 class.

Donor: Ms. Martin’s Class                                         Value: Priceless!
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 50

309      Garden-Themed Hand-Painted Corner Shelf

Brighten up your home or your child’s room with a hand-painted, garden-
themed, corner shelf. Bring the outdoors in with flowery vines, hummingbirds in
the sky, a few creepy-crawlies in the grass along with lady bugs and bees, all
painted by Ms. McAdams’ K-2 class.

Donor: Ms. McAdams’ Class                                         Value: Priceless!
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 50

310      “Birds” Student Collaborative Work of Art

Take flight with this exceptional collaborative artwork titled “Birds,” based on the
work of the mid-century illustrator Charles Harper. Created by Ms. Propp’s 3-5

Donor: Ms. Propp’s Class                                          Value: Priceless!
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 50

311      Mini-Makeover

Treat yourself! This fabulous basket includes $100 gift certificate for one haircut
from Spruce in Redwood City; a gift card for manicure at Roosevelt Nails; and a
basket of goodies including face products, lotions and shower gel from CVS
worth $125.

Donor: Ms. Rolla’s Class                                           Value: Priceless!
                                                                  Starting Bid: $ 50

312      Day of Relaxation

Indulge in a relaxing day starting with a visit to AvantGard Spa ($50 gift card)
and ending with a massage or beauty treatment compliments of LaBelle Day
Spa in Palo Alto ($100 gift card).

Donor: Ms. Rolla’s Class                                           Value: Priceless!
                                                                  Starting Bid: $ 50

313      24-Hour Fitness Package

Work up a sweat with your one session of personal training ($100) and one
month pass to 24-hour Fitness in San Carlos.

Donor: Ms. Rolla’s Class                                           Value: Priceless!
                                                                  Starting Bid: $ 50

314      Unbelievable Sports Basket

Calling all sports fans! This overflowing basket includes 2 tickets each to FIVE
different Warrior basketball games, Tiger Woods Wii game and golf accessory
item, 2 certificates for a total of 10 pitchers of beer at 1st and Main Sports Bar in
Los Altos, and an ice-skating package including passes to Belmont Iceland, a
pair of girls ice skates and an ice-skating book.

Donor: Mr. T’s Class                                               Value: Priceless!
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 100

315      Family Game Night Basket

Ready, Set, Play! Family game night basket featuring board and card games,
Toys R Us gift card, and lots of yummy snacks. Donated by Ms. Waelty’s 3-5

Donor: Ms. Waelty’s Class                                       Value: Priceless!
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 50

                    ~ 400 Great Escapes ~
401      One-night stay at Hotel Avante

In-laws in town? Want them close by, but not too close? Send them to Mountain
View for a one-night stay at Hotel Avante. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley,
Hotel Avante salutes the spirit of creativity and invention. Features
complimentary breakfast, weekday evening reception with local ales and wines,
and outdoor pool with hot tub and fitness room. Sounds pretty good? Maybe
you should offer the in-laws your room and head down to Mountain View

Donor: Joie de Vivre                                                 Value: $ 200
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 50

402      Aloha Maui!

Enjoy a relaxing 5-night stay on the island of Maui at a one-bedroom, one-bath
suite close to many fabulous beaches and the historic town of Lahaina. The suite
has a kitchenette and a living room. Sleeping accommodations include a queen-
sized bed and futon that sleeps two. Vacation dates are subject to availability.
Here today…gone to Maui! Use by March 2011. Maximum occupancy: 4

Donor: Chet Lane                                                    Value: $1,000
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 500

403      A Night with Nature at Josephine’s Retreat

Josephine’s Retreat is the ideal spot for a romantic and rustic getaway or
personal reflection time. This cozy, one-room furnished cabin sits on a secluded
sunny hillside above Hidden Villa, a 1600-acre organic farm and wilderness
preserve. You’ll enjoy beautiful views and miles of walking trails just outside your
door. This overnight escape for two is good for a Monday through Thursday
stay. Cabin is not available between Memorial and Labor Day.

Donor: Hidden Villa                                                      Value: $ 60
                                                                  Starting Bid: $ 60

404      The Spirit of Africa in the Heart of the Wine Country

Wake up with the sounds of Africa echoing in your dreams... This is a once in a
lifetime chance for an overnight trip to Safari West in Santa Rosa. Enjoy all the
creature comforts when you spend the night in a luxury tent imported from Africa
and built on a high wooden platform overlooking grazing giraffes and a private
lake. Explore the entire 400 acres of the Safari West Wildlife Preserve on a three-
hour adventure in an open-air, authentic safari vehicle. Trip includes lodging for
2 adults and 2 children in a luxury tent cabin, a safari tour, and dinner, breakfast,
and lunch.

Donor: Julie Propp                                                      Value: $ 800
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 150

405      Tahoe Incline Village Weekend Getaway

Enjoy the mountains in any season with a 2-night stay at this 3 bedroom, 2 bath
house in Lake Tahoe, Incline Village. This charming chalet has beautiful
mountain views and is just a short drive to ski resorts, hiking trails and the Hyatt
casino. This recently remodeled 2-story home has gourmet kitchen, TV/DVD,
with bedrooms and bath on each floor. Two bedrooms have queen beds while
the third has twin beds. Please no pets or smoking. Dates to be arranged with
donor. Valid until 3/6/2011. See www.vrbo.com/154706 for further details.

Donor: Laurie Pattison                                                  Value: $ 500
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 125

406      Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise (Alberta, Canada) 3-
         Night Stay Ski Package with Airfare for 2

Grab your passport and enjoy a three-night stay at The Fairmont Chateau Lake
Louise including daily breakfast for 2 in the dining room at this prestigious
member of Conde Nast’s 2008 Gold List. The Fairmont Chateau is One of the
Top 500 Hotels in the World according to Travel+Leisure Magazine’s 2007
rankings, and North America’s #18 rated Ski Resort according to Conde Nast’s
2005 Top 50 Ski Resorts. Enjoy three days of skiing for two individuals at Lake
Louise Mountain Ski Resort, located in beautiful, historic Banff National Park.
This package includes two round-tip coach class tickets on American Airlines.
Blackout dates: December 19, 2009-January 3, 2010.

                                                                     Value: $8,000
                                                              Starting Bid: $2,800

407      Hot Air Balloon Adventure with 2-Night Hotel Stay

Enjoy a romantic hot air balloon ride for two at your choice of launch sites in
Napa, Santa Rosa, Sonoma Valley, or Del Mar. You will help inflate the majestic
balloon and travel above the treetops to wherever the wind takes you. Upon
landing, you will enjoy a traditional champagne toast. To go along with your
experience, enjoy a 2-night stay at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport or
Hyatt Regency Mission Bay San Diego. Valid until 3/6/2011.

                                                                    Value: $1,000
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 700

408      5-Day Whitewater River Rafting Adventure for 2

Take a trip of a lifetime whitewater rafting in Idaho’s Salmon River Wilderness.
Yellow Jacket River Guides will conduct your 5 day, 4 night trip for two adults
including on-river lodging, meals, necessary equipment, guide services, and
transportation from Salmon departure to McCall arrival. Availability for additional
guests or family members if requested, to be arranged directly with Yellow
Jacket River Guides; children 7 and up at a discounted price. Does not include
gratuities, sales tax, $20 Forest Service Charge or additional pre and post-trip
expenses. Weekend and weekday availability June-September 2010. Call to

Donor: Yellow Jacket River Guides                                   Value: $3,000
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 750

409      Local Romantic Date Night with Hotel Stay

Need a break from the kids? Escape for a night of fine dining, relaxation and
splendor at the beautiful Garden Court Hotel, an elegant luxury retreat in the
heart of downtown Palo Alto. Enjoy dinner for two at Il Fornaio (up to $75) and a
1-night stay (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) in a deluxe room with queen bed.
Hotel is valid until 8/25/2010.

Donor: Garden Court Vinci Hotels and Il Fornaio (Palo                   Value: $ 374
         Alto)                                                    Starting Bid: $ 80

410      Last minute Getaway on Charming Sausalito

Enjoy up to three nights for a weekend getaway on this charming Sausalito
houseboat on the verdant Issaquah Dock (known as the Garden Dock). Great
views of the main lagoon and the Bay from two decks. Master bedroom with
king bed and second bedroom with pull-out couch. Can accommodate up to six.
Enjoy full kitchen, DVD and TV. Gateway to Marin’s finest hiking and beaches.
The lucky winner will receive up to three nights accommodation. Must be
reserved within a week of use. Call or email to check availability. More details on
the property are at http://www.vrbo.com/88342

Donor: Eugene Mihaly                                                    Value: $ 900
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 150

411      Monterey Bay Aquarium Weekend Getaway

Enjoy two nights’ accomodation at historic Casa Munras, located in the
picturesque coastal town of Monterey – right in the heart of Old Town. True to its
Spanish heritage, this hacienda-inspired Monterey, CA hotel embraces its
outdoor spaces while beckoning guests to gather in the charming social spaces
and inviting them to retreat to the warm comforts of their living quarters. Visit the
Monterey Bay Aquarium (package includes passes for 4). Dine out at your
choice of over 40 restaurants in the Monterey area using the $100
restaurant.com gift certificate..

Donor: Erin & Russ Lamson, Larkspur Hotels and                          Value: $ 620
         Monterey Bay Aquarium                                   Starting Bid: $ 150
412      Weekend Cabin at Pine Mountain Lake in Gold Country

Enjoy a weekend (2 nights) at Pine House at Pine Mountain Lake. Perfectly
located 20 minutes away from Yosemite, this family cabin comfortably
accommodates six with three bedrooms and two baths. Includes full kitchen,
CD, DVD, TV, fireplace, and great restaurants nearby. Bring your own linens.
You’ll enjoy all the area has to offer, including the lake, tennis, golf, pool, and
horseback riding. Only 1 hour to skiing, if you prefer to go in the winter. NOTE:
Summer occupation might not be available. Contact owners for availability.

Donor: Judith Aboud and Debra Brasher                                 Value: $ 340
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 125

413     San Francisco Family Adventures

Enjoy an unforgettable weekend of family fun close to home in San Francisco.
This package includes 2 nights’ accommodation (up to $400 total value) at your
choice of any Larkspur property. Select from the Hotel Abri, Villa Florence, or
Larkspur Hotel Union Square.

Spend your first afternoon exploring the Yerba Buena Gardens area. Improve
your triple salchow with 4 admissions plus skate rentals to the Yerba Buena Ice
Skating rink.     Visit the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts using your family
admission to the art gallery.

The next day, head over to the Presidio and visit the Walt Disney Family
Museum. This museum was conceived to present the real story of Walt Disney,
the man, told by him and others who knew him well. Discover some of Disney’s
great innovations or simply enjoy one of many screenings of Disney classic
movies. You will receive 4 general admissions.

On your last day, head through Golden Gate Park on your way home and use
your 4 admission tickets (valid until 6/30/2010) to the California Academy of
Sciences. The Academy is the only institution in the world to bring a natural
history museum, aquarium, planetarium, and world-class research and
education programs together under one roof.

Does not have to be used in one weekend!

Donor: California Academy of Sciences, YBCA,                       Value: $ 652
        Larkspur Hotels, Walt Disney Family Museum          Starting Bid: $ 150
        and Yerba Buena Ice Skating and Bowling

414     Play Tourist in this Exotic South Bay Getaway

Enjoy a night away for 2 in the South Bay and explore some of the unique
locations Silicon Valley has to offer. This package includes one night
accommodations at the Wild Palms Hotel in Sunnyvale with a complimentary
extended European breakfast. The hotel’s island atmosphere is highlighted by
lush tropical landscaping, exquisite mosaics, dramatic murals, and handcrafted

Spend the first afternoon visiting the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose
with its historic planetarium and the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts on
exhibit in western North America. Take a tour through the pyramids and discover
mummies with your two complimentary admissions.

Sleep-in the next morning and enjoy your complimentary extended European
breakfast at the hotel, then after checkout head over to the Winchester Mystery
House. Be ready to be mystified and spooked with two complimentary mansion
tours of the beautiful but bizarre Winchester Mystery House, garden, and
historical museums.

Donor: Winchester Mystery House, Rosicrucian                        Value: $ 262
        Egyptian Museum and Joie de Vivre                     Starting Bid: $ 75

415     San Jose Family Vacation

Enjoy a weekend with your family close to home exploring downtown San Jose.
Enjoy one night (Friday or Saturday) accommodations including breakfast for
two at the Hilton San Jose, passes for 4 to the Tech Museum, and a family four
pack to the Children’s Discovery Museum.

Donor: The Tech, Hilton San Jose and Children’s                     Value: $ 322
        Discovery Museum                                      Starting Bid: $ 75

                       ~ 500 For Kids ~
501      Birthday Party at the Creative Learning Loft

One Birthday Jubilee at The Creative Learning Loft on Roosevelt Ave in
Redwood City. Includes 2-hour use of party room with up to 16 children. Choice
of themes includes Star Wars, Mickey and Minnie, Princess, Knights and
Dragons, Pirates, Cars, Butterfly Garden, Tea Party or a theme of your choice.

Donor: Creative Learning Loft                                          Value: $ 350
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 75

502      Jigsaw Java Pizza & Puzzle Party for Four

Exercise your spatial intelligence! Pick a day and time within Jigsaw Java’s
regular business hours and let them know what kind of pizza you would like, and
it will arrive during your party. They provide puzzles and games, tables, coffee,
tea, hot chocolate, sodas, and water.

Donor: Jigsaw Java                                                      Value: $ 60
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 15

503      Children’s Fencing Birthday Party

Have a truly unique birthday party at First Place Fencing in San Carlos. Included
in the 2-hour party is instruction for up to 14 children followed by actual fencing.
Family provides refreshments. Ages 6 and up. Valid until 3/5/2011.

Donor: First Place Fencing                                             Value: $ 240
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 75

504      Mad Science Birthday Party

Spark your child’s imagination and curiosity! Certificate for one Mad Science
Party, including party invitations, Diffraction Glasses, a giant Mad Science poster
for the birthday child and your choice of birthday program for up to 10 children.

Donor: Mad Science of the Bay Area                                    Value: $ 200
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 50

505      Mini Physics Show

Dazzle your friends (adults or children!) by bringing the magic of science to your
next birthday party! David Marasco, Ph.D., has been teaching physics at Foothill
College since 2004. Many of you may already be familiar with Foothill’s Annual
Physics Show, in which David demonstrates the physics of force per unit area by
lying on a bed of nails, after which his colleague places on top of him another
bed of nails and a cinderblock and then smashes the cinderblock with a
sledgehammer. Other cool demos can include a hair-raising Van de Graff
generator, the Lenz’s Law tube (to discuss Induction and how generators work),
or the Bicycle Wheel & Turntable demo (Conservation of Angular Momentum).
(Time: approximately 90 minutes)

Donor: David Marasco, Ph.D.                                      Value: Priceless!
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 200

506      Spring Fashion Show and Tea for Kids

Inspired by Project Runway, your creative little designers will unleash their
imaginations to make a glorious spring hat using a variety of colorful and
whimsical materials. The children will then have fun playing, dancing and
practicing their catwalk moves before parents arrive for the show! Tea and
cookie reception will follow. For one lucky child and 4 friends. Duration: 3 hours.
Date to be scheduled.

Donor: Victoria Brown                                            Value: Priceless!
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 50

507      John Gill Spa Party for Girls

Parents, enjoy a night out while we pamper your girls! Participants enjoy a fancy,
new hair-do, a manicure and lots of fun crafts and snacks. Hosted by Ali Fraser,
Dawn Leiro and Beth St. John. The party will be on May 21, from 5:30 - 8:30pm.
Location to be determined. $40.00 per girl. Open for 20 spots. Please write age
of girl on bid sheet

Donor: Ali Fraser, Dawn Leiro & Beth St. John                        Value: $ 40
                                                                  Set Price: $ 40

508      Learn to Play Guitar, Piano or Violin

Series of 4 30-minute individual lessons on guitar, piano, or violin from the
Traveling Music School. The Traveling Music School provides after-school
individual music lessons and group music classes on the John Gill campus, as
well as at their teaching studio on Jefferson, just 2 doors down from the fire

Donor: Traveling Music School                                        Value: $ 144
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 50

509      Christian Music Theater Summer Camp

Enroll two children in the two-week July 26-August 6 Session of Christian Music
Theater Summer 2010 performing arts camp. Now in its 26th year, CMT is for
children of ALL faiths, cultivating consideration, confidence and community.
Each day, children participate in designing costumes, constructing sets, acting
and singing, and learning choreograped movement--all culminating in an
original, Christian-themed musical drama. Takes place at Grace Lutheran
Church in Palo Alto.

Donor: Christian Music Theater                                        Value: $ 605
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 125

510      Series of 3 Piano Lessons

Enhance your child’s musical interest and skill with three 30-minute private piano
lessons from the Allegro Music School in Foster City.

Donor: Allegro Music School                                           Value: $ 99
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 20

511      Music Class for Five K-2 Friends

Fun for you and your friends at this one 1/2-hour group class for up to five
Kinder-thru-2nd grade students. Purchaser should contact Allegro Music School
to schedule this month - March 2010.

Donor: Allegro Music School                                           Value: $ 75
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 15

512      Music Class for Five 3-5 Friends

Fun for you and your friends at this one 1/2-hour group class for up to five 3-5
grade students. Purchaser should contact Allegro Music School to schedule this
month - March 2010.

Donor: Allegro Music School                                           Value: $ 75
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 15

513     Private Drum Lesson with Elite Drummer

Few drummers playing today can successfully combine the rich history of Latin,
Afro-Cuban and World Percussion with the drum set. For Walfredo Reyes Jr.,
fusing the two disciplines has been his driving passion. In fact, by blazing this
path, Reyes has challenged the technical levels of our instrument. Not
surprisingly, this “one man percussion show” has gathered an impressive list of
gigs over the years, including touring and / or recording with: Carlos Santana,
Traffic, Steve Winwood, Jackson Browne, Celia Cruz, Gloria Estefan, David
Lindley, Ricki Lee Jones, Richard Marx, Sergio Mendes, Smokey Robinson,
Robbie Robertson, Joe Sample, Boz Scaggs, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin,
Johnny Hallyday. Mr. Reyes will provide a private drum lesson to the lucky
drummer. Time and date of lesson to be mutually agreed upon.

Donor: Walfredo Reyes                                               Value: $ 100
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 20

514     3 Months of Dance Lessons

Do you cha, cha, cha? Three months of dance lessons at Studio S Broadway in
Redwood City. For nearly three decades Studio S Broadway has been offering
professional dance training to children ages 2 to teens and adults, in a non-
competitive, family-oriented and flexible environment where dancers can thrive.
Beginner, Intermediate, advanced and professional level classes are offered in
tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop.

Donor: Studio S Broadway Academy of Dance                           Value: $ 216
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 60

515     Menlo Academy of Dance & Dance Outfit

Enjoy four dance classes at the brand new studios of Menlo Park Academy of
Dance. The Academy’s goal is to provide children, teens and adults an
experience of appreciating dance and music at all ages to enrich their lives.
Classes begin as young as age 3 and include tap, hip-hop, jazz, and ballet.
Additionally, treat your daughter to a whole new dance outfit with a $45 gift
certificate to Dance de Jour. They have a great selection of dancewear, shoes,
fashionwear, accessories and costumes for kids, teens, and adults.

Donor: Menlo Park Academy Of Dance and Dancer De                    Value: $ 105
        Jour                                                  Starting Bid: $ 20

516     Private Tutoring for Your Child

Does your child need help grasping a certain math concept or editing an essay?
Does he/she need to prepare for a big test or just need some extra help? You
will receive two 1-hour sessions or one 2-hour session (depending on the age of
the student) of private tutoring for grades K-9. Michelle Ayoob is an experienced
private tutor with 11 years of teaching experience. Time to be mutually agreed

Donor: Michelle Ayoob                                               Value: $ 180
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 60

517     Rock-Painting Activity for Your Child’s Classroom

Make your kid the “Rock Star” of their class. Treat your child and all of their
classmates to a rock painting extravaganza! Not only will your child be the class
favorite, they get to paint the biggest rock. Rock on! (Exact day and time to be
determined by the teacher). All supplies and artist volunteer included.

Donor: Tessa Messiana & Lisa Scheidecker                       Value: Priceless!
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 50

518     Kids Pizza & Movie night (Parents night out!) #1

One child or two siblings ages 4-10 will have a great time making pizza and
watching a movie at Jordan and Rachel Beeder’s house. Meanwhile, parents will
get to go out and have fun on their own. Arrange with donor directly regarding
date, time approximately 5:30-9:30 pm. Valid until 6/1/2011.

Donor: Tiki Dare                                                     Value: $ 50
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 20

519      Kids Pizza & Movie night (Parents night out!) #2

One child or two siblings ages 4-10 will have a great time making pizza and
watching a movie at Jordan and Rachel Beeder’s house. Meanwhile, parents will
get to go out and have fun on their own. Arrange with donor directly regarding
date, time approximately 5:30-9:30 pm. Valid until 6/1/2011.

Donor: Tiki Dare                                                    Value: $ 50
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 20

520      Date Night Nanny

Enjoy six hours of expert care by a professional, thoroughly screened Nanny
from Town & Country Resources.

Donor: Town & Country Resources                                    Value: $ 150
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 40

521      One Year of Date Nights

Go out with your honey on Friday night once a month while Thea Henry-
Hamilton, mother of a John Gill Kindergartener, babysits your children (age 4
and up) at your house. She will play games, read and act out stories with them,
do arts and crafts, and get them to bed at a reasonable hour.

Maximum number of children: 4
Number of hours each time: 5 (e.g., 6:00pm - 11pm, or 7:00pm to
Number of nights: 12

That’s 60 hours of fabulous babysitting!

Donor: Thea Henry-Hamilton                                       Value: $1,200
                                                            Starting Bid: $ 300

522     Be an Honorary Stanford Ball Girl for a Day!

An incredible opportunity for a special young lady! She will be an honorary ball
girl for the nationally-ranked Stanford Women’s Basketball Team. She will
shadow a veteran ball girl, get a t-shirt, rebound for the team in warm-ups and
then help mop the floor during the game while watching the game up-close from
under the basketball hoop! To take place during the 2010—2011 season, date to
be determined. Eighth grade and younger.

Donor: Stanford Womens Basketball                               Value: Priceless!
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 100

523     Watch and Learn with Stanford Women’s Basketball

You and a friend can come sit with the coaching staff to watch a Stanford
Women’s Basketball practice, and afterwards Asst. Coach (and former Stanford
and WNBA star) Kate Paye will have a mini-coaching session with you to give
you pointers on your shots. Eighth grade and younger. Call to arrange –
practices begin in October 2010.

Donor: Stanford Womens Basketball                               Value: Priceless!
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 150

524     Summer Sports Camp at Roy Cloud

Enjoy a one-week session at Multi-Sport Summer Camp at Roy Cloud, offered
June 21-25 or June 28-July 2. These camps offer a large array of different sports
and activities which are all tailored to your child’s age and abilities. Campers
practice skills and build self-esteem as they work with verteran physical
educators and an awesome team of positive camp counselors. For more
information visit www.tlsportsindustries.com

Donor: TL Sports Industries                                         Value: $ 240
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 75

525      Legarza Basketball Camp

Here is the opportunity for your child to brush up on his or her basketball skills.
Use this $100 certificate toward any of Legarza’s week-long summer camps.
Locations include San Carlos and San Mateo; co-ed, grades 1-8; ½-day (8:00
am-12:00 pm/1:00 pm-5:00 pm) or full-day available. More information at

Donor: Legarza Basketball Camp                                        Value: $ 100
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 20

526      Series of 8 Lessons at Peninsula Swim School

Got water? One Series (8 lessons) of Small Group or Baby/Parent Swim Lessons
at Aitken’s Peninsula Swim School in Redwood City. More information at

Donor: John and Lynette Aitken                                        Value: $ 150
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 40

527      Two Months of Swim Lessons at King’s Swim Academy

“Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming…” 2 months of weekly swim
lessons at King’s Swim Academy in San Mateo. Must be used by March 2011.

Donor: King’s Swim Academy                                            Value: $ 140
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 30

528      Martial Arts Package: All Star Karate

Have your child exhaust some energy learning martial arts at All Star Karate
Center in Redwood City. Gift certificate is good for one private class, one month
of lessons and a full uniform.

Donor: All Star Karate Center                                         Value: $ 200
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 50

529     One Month of Martial Arts: Kuk Sool Won #1

It is the fine balance of physical and internal strength, power and grace that
makes training in Redwood City Martial Arts Center so unique. Redwood City
Martial Arts Center combines traditional martial arts with modern teaching

Certificate redeemable for 1 month (2x/week) of martial arts classes. These
introductory lessons will ease you into their on-going beginner classes. All
classes are arranged by age and skill level which makes your learning
experience interesting, motivating and comfortable.

Donor: Martial Arts: Kuk Sool Won of RWC                            Value: $ 150
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 40

530     One Month of Martial Arts: Kuk Sool Won #2

It is the fine balance of physical and internal strength, power and grace that
makes training in Redwood City Martial Arts Center so unique. Redwood City
Martial Arts Center combines traditional martial arts with modern teaching

Certificate redeemable for 1 month (2x/week) of martial arts classes. These
introductory lessons will ease you into their on-going beginner classes. All
classes are arranged by age and skill level which makes your learning
experience interesting, motivating and comfortable.

Donor: Martial Arts: Kuk Sool Won of RWC                            Value: $ 150
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 40

531     One Month of Martial Arts: Bok Fu Dynasty

One month pass for Martial Arts lessons at Bok Fu Dynasty. (1 hr/week) Bok Fu
Dynasty has been serving Redwood City for over 17 years. They offer a
complete fitness program for kids, teens and adults, based on a fusion of many
martial arts styles including Bok-Fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Karate, and

Donor: Martial Arts: Bok Fu Dynasty                                  Value: $ 80
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 15

532      Play Ball!

This basket contains A’s and Giant’s hats, baseballs, and an assortment of Little
League memorabilia. Includes voucher for one registration for the 2011 season
in either Highlanders or Redwood City National Little Leagues, and a $25 gift
certificate to outfit the ball player in your family at Goetz Brothers.

Donor: Goetz Bros Sporting Goods and RWC Nat’l &                     Value: $ 165
         Highlanders Little Leagues                            Starting Bid: $ 40

533      Halloween Costume for 2010

Have your Halloween costume for 2010 custom made by Mary Cravens, a
professional clothing and costume designer with her own studio in Palo Alto.
She has worked for local theaters including the Palo Alto Players and Christian
Music Theater. The costume order must be placed no later than 1 month prior to
Halloween 2010

Donor: Thea Henry-Hamilton                                           Value: $ 100
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 20

534      Rock the Party with the Wii DJ Hero Turntable Kit!

Scratch and mix the hottest hits with 93 original mixes featuring the best of hip-
hop, pop, dance and rock. Includes Wii video controller and game.

Donor: All Stars Helping Kids                                         Value: $ 85
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 10

535      Never be Without a Birthday Gift

Stock your closet with this trove of birthday gift items including a Lava Lamp and
over 16 puzzles, books and games for toddlers to 10 year olds.

Donor: Pam Thornburg, Stanford Electric Works and                    Value: $ 224
         David & Luci Wilkins                                  Starting Bid: $ 60

536      Haircut and Candy

What could be better than watching DVDs while having your haircut? Getting to
go to the candy store across the street afterwards! This package includes one
free cut at Just Kids Cuts ($20 value) and $25 in gift cards to Powell’s Sweet
Shoppe in Burlingame.

Donor: Just Kids Cuts and Powell’s Sweet Shoppe                       Value: $ 45
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 10

537      Airplane Kit from My Busy Kits (Set of Two)

Keep them busy during those often-grueling trips over the river and through the
woods to Grandma’s house! And them keep them entertained once you get
there. You can use your Busy Kit on airplanes, road trips, in restaurants, the
doctor’s office, or even just quiet time at home. The “Airplane Kit” from My Busy
Kit includes linking shapes, washable markers, an activity pad, tape measure,
lace board and more! Also makes a great gift.

Donor: My Busy Kit                                                    Value: $ 40
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 10

538      The “Creativity Unleashed” Set

Let your child create with abandon! This set includes a two-sided IKEA easel
(whiteboard/chalkboard) with its own roll of paper and two baskets full of art
supplies: watercolors, a full assortment of brushes, chalk, eraser, finger paints,
washable markers and twist-up crayons. The possibilities are endless!

Donor: Luci Wilkins & Thea Henry-Hamilton                             Value: $ 80
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 20

                ~ 600 Health & Fitness ~
601     TRX® Essentials Bundle and Training

TRX ® Essentials™ Strength has everything you need to build total body
strength and improve muscular endurance. TRX Essentials Bundle includes
suspension training equipment and 3 DVDs (flexibility, cardio and strength) After
you familiarize yourself with the materials, contact the TRX Training Center in
San Francisco to arrange your personal 30 minute one-on-one training with
Randy Hetrick, TRX founder and former Navy Seal, followed by a TRX class of
your choice. Must be used by 12/31/2010.

Donor: Fitness Anywhere                                             Value: $ 300
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 75

602     One Month Membership at Community Street Jam

One month membership at Community Street Jam, Redwood City’s newest
Fitness, Dance and Performance Academy. During the month enjoy unlimited
group fitness and dance classes offered on the regular class schedule. See
www.communitystreetjam.com for details.

Donor: Community Street Jam                                         Value: $ 100
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 10

603     Arthur Murray Dance Lessons

Whatever your goal—meeting people, gaining confidence, or preparing that first
dance for your wedding—our expert instructors can design a customized
program that’s just right for you! A strength of the Arthur Murray system is the
wide variety of dances you can choose from—foxtrot, samba, tango, waltz,
swing, hustle, and many more. For new adult students, enjoy four private
lessons, 2 group classes, and 2 dance parties. May be used by a single person
or couple, no groups. Valid until 9/6/2010.

Donor: Arthur Murray                                                 Value: $ 556
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 125

604      Tap Your Way to Health

Learn a fun way to keep fit with tap classes. You will enjoy 4 one-hour private tap
classes conducted by Dottie White, a teacher at Menlo Park Academy of Dance.
Dottie danced professionally on Broadway for 10 years. She grew up in the
Studio and is now an independent choreographer and director for both stage
and musicals.

Donor: Dottie White                                                   Value: $ 200
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 80

605      Comprehensive Eye Exam + Maui Jim sunglasses

The doctors at Family Vision Care practice behavioral vision care, an expanded
mode of optometric practice. During your comprehensive vision examination,
they not only check the health of your eyes and how clearly you see, but also
evaluate your entire visual system as it relates to proper development, efficiency,
performance and overall quality of life. They are committed to offering all
treatment options that will help you to see better, look better and feel better. In
addition, you will look stylish with a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses. Valid until

Donor: Family Vision Care                                             Value: $ 400
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 75

606      30 Days of Yoga

Peacebank yoga offers an opportunity for the peninsula community to come
together to enrich their lives through yoga and positive interaction with our
instructors and employees. Part of our customer service is to offer the best
instructors in their area of specialized yoga style. Students are allowed and
encouraged to grow at their own pace with their health as the priority. We offer a
variety of classes including vinyasa, bikram, yin, ashtanga and meditation. We
would be happy to help you find the classes that would fit your preferences.

Yoga connects your mind and body and has been shown to improve one’s
overall health. Take time to make yourself a priority and live the life you want to

Enjoy this 30 day unlimited pass offer from Peacebank Yoga studio, Broadway
Street, Redwood City.

Donor: Peacebank Yoga Studio                                          Value: $ 170
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 30

607      Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Let your pearly whites shine with a professional in-office teeth
whitening/bleaching procedure at the office of Dr. Laura Novinsky in Foster City.
Valid until 12/1/2011.

Donor: Laurie Novinsky, D.D.S. in Foster City                         Value: $ 600
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 125

608      Get started with a Family Membership at Pacific
         Athletic Club

Situated on almost ten acres in Redwood Shores, this upscale facility is
considered a “sports resort.” Its award-winning facilities include: 9 tennis courts
(7 outdoor and 2 indoor), 5 squash courts, 4 swimming pools, 2 group exercise
studios, a gymnasium, an official Spinning facility, Pilates center, private boxing
studio and 15,000-square-foot fitness center.

Perhaps you’ve been interested in the facility (with a reasonable $286/month
dues for a family) but balked at the Initiation Fee of $2,300. This donation will
cover your Initiation Fee and includes a complimentary fitness assessment plus
a 1-hour session with a certified personal fitness trainer who will create a
customized fitness plan based on your specific needs.

(Does not include monthly dues.)

Donor: Pacific Athletic Club                                        Value: $2,300
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 300

609      Yoga at Home!

You are bidding on one hour of personal yoga instruction time at your home for
you and four friends. Susan Johnston of Blossom Yoga (a John Gill parent) is a
certified yoga instructor and currently teaches weekly classes at Stanford and
the Sequoia YMCA. No yoga experience required. A great opportunity for
newcomers to learn about yoga or for experienced students to go deeper into
their practice. Valid until 12/31/2010.

Donor: Susan Johnston                                                 Value: $ 100
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 20

611      Jumpstart your Diet #1

Jumpstart Medicine, a physician-supervised weight reduction center located in
Redwood City, Mountain View, and Millbrae, is offering the first 2 weeks of
service for free. Through a combination of medication, nutrition education,
exercise, lifestyle changes, and ongoing support, our patients typically lose 2-5
pounds per week while learning healthy habits to sustain their losses long term.

Donor: Jumpstart Medicine                                             Value: $ 300
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 125

612     Jumpstart your Diet #2

Jumpstart Medicine, a physician-supervised weight reduction center located in
Redwood City, Mountain View, and Millbrae, is offering the first 2 weeks of
service for free. Through a combination of medication, nutrition education,
exercise, lifestyle changes, and ongoing support, our patients typically lose 2-5
pounds per week while learning healthy habits to sustain their losses long term.

Donor: Jumpstart Medicine                                            Value: $ 300
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 125

613     Jumpstart your Diet #3

Jumpstart Medicine, a physician-supervised weight reduction center located in
Redwood City, Mountain View, and Millbrae, is offering the first 2 weeks of
service for free. Through a combination of medication, nutrition education,
exercise, lifestyle changes, and ongoing support, our patients typically lose 2-5
pounds per week while learning healthy habits to sustain their losses long term.

Donor: Jumpstart Medicine                                            Value: $ 300
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 125

                    ~ 700 Food & Wine ~
701      Throw a Brunch for 12-15 Guests

Treat your friends to a gourmet brunch! Encore Performance Catering will work
with the winning bidder to create a menu that will impress your guests.
Beverages are included. 2-month lead time is preferred.

Donor: Encore Performance Catering                                    Value: $ 500
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 125

702      Relax ... Dinner is Ready with Sous Kitchen!

Experience the joy of cooking the Sous Kitchen way with this $75 gift certificate.
Order your meals and store in your freezer. Simply defrost and cook them at
home. Viola! - Delicious, homemade meals on your table in no time. Visit
www.souskitchen.com for more information.

Donor: Sous Kitchen                                                   Value: $ 75
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 25

703      2 Magnums of L’Ecole No. 41 Cabernet Sauvignon

2 magnum bottles of L’Ecole No. 41 Winery Walla Walla Valley Cabernet

Donor: Adventures in Wine                                            Value: $ 165
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 50

704     Healthy Cooking Dinner Class

Grab your spouse and friends and learn how to cook healthy meals. Amy
Fothergill of The Family Chef will come to your house and instruct up to five
adults in cooking a healthy meal. Class location should be within 20 miles of
Redwood City.

Donor: Family Chef                                                 Value: $ 250
                                                            Starting Bid: $ 100

705     2 Magnums from Renowned Hatcher Winery: Cabernet
        Sauvignon and Syrah

Enjoy the superb 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2006 Syrah from Hatcher
Winery. These two magnums from this award-winning Calaveras County winery
are yours for the bidding!

Donor: Hatcher Winery                                               Value: $ 75
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 25

706     3-Month Supply of Fresh Organic Produce

Enjoy a 3-month supply of a CSA (community supported agriculture) basket.
Recipients will receive one basket a week of fresh organic produce. They can
pick it up at Hidden Villa, Palo Alto, or Mountain View. This equals 12 baskets
spread out over three months.

Donor: Hidden Villa                                                Value: $ 400
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 75

707     Hors D’Oeuvre and Wine Party

Learn how to make beautiful appetizers and pair wine for any occasion. You will
enjoy food, wine, and much merriment while learning and tasting new recipes.
There will be a wine tasting flight (5 wines) to sample with the appetizers and
you will be able to purchase wines at the party.

Up to 12 people are invited to this tasting party. Bring your best friends or
neighbors! To be held Thursday, May 13th, from 5:30-8:00 pm. Location to be
determined. First 12 people to sign up (at set amount of $30 per person) are the
lucky winners.

Donor: Kim Schiff & Meredith Armienti                              Value: $ 30
                                                                Set Price: $ 30

708     Abalone Dinner for Six

John Gill parents Molly and Andy Martinez will fetch, prepare, and serve your
party of 6 the best abalone dinner on the planet! These hard to come by
creatures are sooo delicious, but you’ll have no problem hunting for friends to
help you celebrate this catch.

Abalone available until November 2010 – will give you one month notice; will
depend on cooperation from both weather and tides.

Donor: Molly Foley & Andy Martinez                             Value: Priceless!
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 150

709     80’s Kegger Party!

John Gill parents Mike & Andi Lanham and Molly & Andy Martinez invite you to
relive your high school days and come and celebrate 80’s style.

Let’s go back to the days of metal bands and big hair.
Find some leg warmers, muscle shirts, or leggings to wear.
A party to celebrate the best decade yet,
you can even show up in a little red Corvette.

Date will be June 5, 2010. 40 people maximum. Set price, $25/pp.

Donor: Andi & Mike Lanham and Molly Foley & Andy               Value: Priceless!
        Martinez                                                Set Price: $ 25

710      Mixed Case of World Class Wines (12 bottles)

Enjoy this mixed case of world class wines donated by the Niven Family.
Included are Cadre Pinot Noir, four Baileyana wines (Chardonnay, Syrah, Pinot
Noir, Brut Rose), four Tangent wines (Sauvignon Blanc, Albariño, Pinot Gris,
Ecclestone), and three Trenza wines (Rosado, Blanco, Tinto).

Donor: Niven Family Wines                                              Value: $ 310
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 125

711      5L of Baileyana 2006 Grand Firepeak Cuvee Syrah

Baileyana’s Grand Firepeak Cuvee Syrah is a wonderful union of winemaking
and viticulture. Enjoy this large format bottle during the holidays or for a special
occasion with family and friends.

Donor: Niven Family Wines                                              Value: $ 225
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 75

712      Gourmet Gift Basket of Baileyana & Tangent Wines

Toast your friends and neighbors with this gourmet gift basket filled with wine
and treats including two bottles of Baileyana (2007 Pinot and 2007 Chardonnay)
and two bottles of Tangent Wines (2008 Viognier and 2008 Albariño) plus Pinot
Noir chocolate cherries.

Donor: Niven Family Wines                                              Value: $ 150
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 70

713     Texas Slow-Smoked BBQ

You and 7 friends can enjoy a weekend afternoon of great food Texas-style in
our backyard. Rowan’s prowess with his New Braunfels smoker is legendary (or
should be), and you can choose either his famous 20-hour smoked brisket or
pork shoulder as your meaty main course. The spread will include fabulous
salads, side dishes and homemade biscuits. (Call to arrange. Please give 3
weeks notice.)

Donor: Rowan Hamilton & Thea Henry-Hamilton                        Value: $ 325
                                                            Starting Bid: $ 100

714     Pair of Santa Cruz Wine Passports

Two passports to the Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers participating wineries.
Valid for one time visit to each winery, open on 3rd Saturday of January, July,
November and December. We invite you to explore our extraordinary viticultural
region and become acquainted with the incredible diversity of the wines and
winemakers therein. At each winery you visit, a page of your Passport will be
given a unique commemorative stamp. Passports do not expire until completed.

Donor: Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers                             Value: $ 80
        Association                                          Starting Bid: $ 15

715     Library Selection from Travieso Wines

Enjoy this selection of 4 bottles of wine packaged in a wooden box from
Travieso Wines. Travieso is an urban winery established in 2003 producing
limited quantities of wine from select vineyards and using French Oak for 24-36
months of barrel aging without fining or filtration.

Donor: Travieso Wines                                              Value: $ 150
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 70

716      Martins West $100 Certificate

Chef Michael Dotson puts his years of experience working at such restaurants
as Plumpjack and Evvia Estiatorio to work in a menu that looks to Scotland for
inspiration but requires the farm-to-table techniques of Northern California for
execution; that means what is in season, what is local and what is fresh. $100
certificate for dining at Martins Westin Downtown Redwood City.

Donor: Martins West                                                  Value: $ 100
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 20

717      Holiday Sugar Cookies Made for You

Love to decorate holiday sugar cookies but don’t have time to make them? Tired
of the dough and flour all over your kitchen floor? Let John Gill parent Michelle
Mascher make the mess! Includes four batches of holiday sugar cookies --
Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Spring and Winter Holidays -- with frosting and
sprinkles. All you have to do is have fun with your family and eat them too! Dates
of delivery to be mutually agreed upon. Must be used by May 2011.

Donor: Mascher Family                                           Value: Priceless!
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 40

718      Dinner for Four at John Bentley’s

Enjoy a world class dining experience in a warmly-appointed setting at John
Bentley’s. Dinner for four, with cocktails and wine. Wine is John Bentley’s
choice. Tax and gratuity not included. Please call Santos de la Concha
personally to make reservations. Not valid in December. Valid until 3/6/2011.

Donor: John Bentley’s Restaurant                                      Value: $ 360
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 200

719      Brunch for Two at Bay 223

Brunch for two at Bay 223, Hotel Sofitel’s signature restaurant in Redwood
Shores, featuring sumptuous fare and an urban vibe!

Donor: Sofitel San Francisco Bay                                      Value: $ 80
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 20
720      Magic Cookie Jar

A cookie jar that refills itself! This “magic” cookie jar not only comes filled with
Mrs. Baldini’s famous ultimate chocolate chip cookies, but with three coupons
for refills as well. You choose the cookies and they will magically be delivered to

Donor: Ms. Baldini                                                Value: Priceless!
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 50

721      Pie Me Oh My, I Like Pie!

Culinary basket with everything you need to make pie including a homemade
pie and an autographed copy of Ms. Propp’s recent cookbook, “Aunt Eleanor’s
Never-Fail Pie Crust.”

Donor: Ms. Propp                                                  Value: Priceless!
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 50

722      Chocolate Decadence Group Class

Have you ever wanted to become a Chocolatier or Chocolate Maker? Do you
envy chefs that can quickly whip together decadent chocolate desserts? Get
started with this unique dessert-focused cooking class where you will learn how
to creat decadent and rich chocolate treats. Enjoy this chocolate party with up to
FIVE friends in the privacy of your own home. You can watch and learn from the
instructor or get your hands messy and try for yourself! Recipes include
Chocolate Caramel Truffles, Amazing Chocolate Rings Cheesecake, Best
Chocolate Truffle Cake and Fabulous Brownies. Those treats are sure to impress
your guests and earn you the compliment, “Did you REALLY make this

Donor: Nogah Shmeltzer                                            Value: Priceless!
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 50

723      Redwood City Sushi Sampler

Head downtown and enjoy a sampling of sushi, udon, potstickers, and other
authentic Japanese cuisine. This package includes $30 in gift certificates to the
Suisha House at 2053 Broadway, and $50 in certificates to Yokohama Japanese
Bistro at 2090 Broadway.

Donor: Suisha House and Yokohama Japanese Bistro                         Value: $ 80
                                                                  Starting Bid: $ 15

724      Legendary Woodside Dining Experience

Whether it’s garlic fries, a Jalopy burger, or a Mexican scramble, you can get
anything you want ... at Alice’s Restaurant. Located high up in the hills above
Woodside under towering redwood trees, enjoy people-watching and live music
all night long. Alice’s is more than just a restaurant - it’s a scene, it’s a meeting
place, it’s a gathering. Authentic red-shirt included.

Donor: Alice’s Restaurant                                                Value: $ 50
                                                                  Starting Bid: $ 15

725      “Never Be Without a Hostess Gift” #1

Three Gift Baskets: 1) Girl’s Easter Basket (Lindt chocolate, Precious Moments
doll, jelly beans and other candies ($30) 2) Nuts of All Kinds (cashews,
pistachios, macadamias, almonds, pecans) ($32) 3) Teas & Biscuits (assortment
of teas, cookies and chocolate) ($50).

Donor: W. Samansky                                                      Value: $ 112
                                                                  Starting Bid: $ 30

726      “Never Be Without a Hostess Gift” #2

Three Gift Baskets: 1) Chocolate Lover’s Delight (from Godiva, Trader Joe’s,
Bareoot Contessa, Bailey’s and more) ($110) 2) Starbuck’s Basket (teas,
biscuits, and other goodies)($55) 3) Tea Time (variety of teas, cookies, and

Donor: M. Vierra                                                        Value: $ 210
                                                                  Starting Bid: $ 40
727     “Never Be Without a Hostess Gift” #3

Three Gift Baskets: 1) Candles for Any Occasion ($70) 2) Snack Basket (cheese,
crackers, chocolate and other treats ($30) 3) Dove Delight (lotion, body wash,
shampoo, conditioner, soap, complete with a Dove Chocolate Rose ($35)

Donor: Mark Vierra                                                  Value: $ 135
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 20

728     “Never Be Without a Hostess Gift” #4

Three Gift Baskets: 1) Burt’s Bees Mint Medley (wash, lip balm, foot lotion, and
body bar) ($28) 2) Newborn Gift Basket (lotion, baby wash, diapers, wipes,
washcloths, toy, thermometer, bottle and more)($86) 3) Chocolate Dream (Lindt,
Ferrero Rocher, Hershey’s, Ritter, Whitman’s and more)($35)

Donor: B. Alling                                                    Value: $ 149
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 30

729     Dinner for 4 at Crouching Tiger

It’s the year of “Crouching Tiger!” The most delicious new Chinese Restaurant
on Broadway in Redwood City. Enjoy house specialties, like the scallion cake,
sesame chicken, walnut prawns and more. Dinner for 4. Gratuity not included.

Donor: Crouching Tiger Restaurant                                    Value: $ 80
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 40

730      Cocktails for 10 at YEAH! Chinese Restaurant

Embark on a culinary adventure of China by sampling regional specialty
appetizers paired with “spine-tingling” cocktails in the festive, full-service bar of
YEAH! Chinese Restaurant in Redwood Shores. Cocktail party is for 10 people,
limit of 2 cocktails per person. Dinner reservations and karaoke are available.
Gratuity not included.

Donor: Yeah Restaurant                                                  Value: $ 250
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 100

731      Dim Sum on the Courthouse Square

Imagine a festive and fun day or evening sampling tender dim-sum appetizers
for you and 9 of your family or friends! Set in the beautiful Tea House in
Courthouse Square, Redwood City. Gratuity not included.

Donor: Tea House- Courthouse Square, Downtown                           Value: $ 150
         Redwood City                                             Starting Bid: $ 70

732      Redwood City Casual Dining Experience

This package includes certificates for an array of casual dining options around

Whether you use your $50 certificate to enjoy a meal at Citrine in Downtown
Redwood City, or use their dash & dine service to take it with you, you’ll find
fresh unique flavors in every bite.

Experience the hidden jewel of Emerald Hills...the Canyon Inn Restaurant. Enjoy
great barbecue, burgers, and salads at this quaint old roadhouse. Certificate
good for food and beverage for a family of four.

Enjoy all the breakfast classics at Breakers Cafe in Woodside Plaza: choose
from egg dishes, French toast, pancakes, waffles, and oatmeal with your $25 gift

Donor: Citrine New World Bistro, Breakers Café and                      Value: $ 125
         Canyon Inn                                               Starting Bid: $ 60

733      Tour the Best Breakfast Spots

Enjoy four meals out at the best of the area’s breakfast spots with this package
of gift certificates to Buck’s ($35), Alana’s ($25), Stacks’ ($25) and Breakers Cafe

Donor: Buck’s Of Woodside, Stacks’, Alana’s and                        Value: $ 110
         Breakers Café                                           Starting Bid: $ 40

734      Three Lunches Out

Enjoy lunch or brunch at La Tartine on Middlefield across from the movie
theatre. This Parisian style cafe features specialty omelettes, hashbrown pie,
hand crafted coffees, focaccia, and baguette gourmet sandwiches. Not to
mention a world class selection of pastries. Your certificate has a $50 value.

Visit the one-of-a-kind Buck’s of Woodside with your $35 certficate and choose
from a full menu of lunch items.

On the run? Use your $10 certificate at Prima Deli to get your sandwich exactly
the way you like it. Fresh meats, cheeses and breads and everything made to

Donor: La Tartine, Prima Deli and Buck’s Of Woodside                    Value: $ 95
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 50

                     ~ 800 Family Fun ~
801      Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

Take a visit to the new and improved Happy Hollow Park & Zoo with two
complimentary passes. Enjoy the new animal care facility, new rides, a new
animal barn, an expanded zoo and much more!

Donor: Happy Hollow Park & Zoo                                        Value: $ 24
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 5

802      Hiller Aviation Museum

Come explore the Bay Area’s own Hiller Aviation Museum. You will have two VIP
passes good for a total of four admissions to the Museum. Use them all on one
visit for a group of four, or on two separate visits for a group of two. You will
enjoy learning about man’s inventions of flight and aviation’s role in our past,
present, and future. Not valid for Vertical Challenge. Valid until 12/31/2010.

Donor: Hiller Aviation Museum                                         Value: $ 44
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 10

803      One-Day Admission for 2 to Gilroy Gardens

One-Day Admission for 2 to Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park in Gilroy,
California. Gilroy Gardens features 21 rides, 27 attractions, 6 majestic gardens
and     world    famous    Circus   Trees.    For    more     information,   visit
www.gilroygardens.org. Must be on or before the last public operating day of
the 2010 season (excluding Holiday Lights).

Donor: Gilroy Gardens                                                 Value: $ 86
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 20

804     2 tickets to Broadway by the Bay

Enjoy some local musical theater with two complimentary tickets to any of
Broadway by the Bay’s 2010 shows. The season includes Dirty Rotten
Scoundrels, Annie, La Cage Aux Folles, and Broadway By The Year.

Donor: Broadway by the Bay                                          Value: $ 86
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 30

805     EA Wii Games

Get your blood flowing while playing EA Sports Wii Game Library (Wii Active
Personal Trainer; Nerf N-Strike; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; FIFA
Soccer 10; Grand Slam Tennis)

Donor: Electronic Arts                                             Value: $ 300
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 75

806     EA Xbox Games

Make a night out of it playing EA Sports Xbox Game Library (NHL 10; NBA Live
10; Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10; Fight Night Round 4; Madden NFL 10)

Donor: Electronic Arts                                             Value: $ 300
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 75

807     Great America Passes

Enjoy unlimited family fun with one-day admission tickets for two at the area’s
premier amusement park in Santa Clara.

Donor: Great America                                               Value: $ 107
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 40

808      Groove and Grind

Enjoy the The Best Movie Rental Inventory on the Peninsula with a certificate
good for 10 pre-paid rentals at the Movie Groove ($40 value). Each pre-paid new
release rental also includes 2 free non-new release children’s movies. You’ll find
a huge selection of independent films, foreign cinema, animated features,
classics, documentaries and obscure film in their selection in addition to all the
most sought after new releases. The Movie Groove stocks everything and has a
passion for recommending films that will thrill, chill and amaze.

Be sure to also visit the Grind Coffee Bar at the same location. Use the included
$30 in gift cards to enjoy gourmet artisan coffee and espresso as well as a
selection of mouth-watering pastries.

Donor: Movie Groove and The Grind Coffee Bar                          Value: $ 70
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 40

809      Pet Portrait Session

Certificate for one custom pet portrait session at The Family Tails Photography
Studio in Redwood City. All sessions are by appointment only. The certificate
covers sitting fee and one 5x7 print. See www.familytails.com for more

Donor: Family Tails Photography Studio                               Value: $ 249
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 75

810      Family Photography

Gwen H. will come and take photos of your child(ren) or family for up to 2 hours.
Enjoy your child’s birthday party without worrying about taking pictures or get
some family photos before the big holiday rush. Photos will be edited and
uploaded on your favorite website (Snapfish, FlickR or Shutterfly)

Donor: Gwen Hautefeuille                                             Value: $ 200
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 40

811      Learn Baby Sign Language!

Everything you need to teach a baby to sign! Includes baby sign board book,
blanket, toy, and a gift certificate for two private sign language lessons. Makes a
great gift!

Donor: Ms. Kmetz                                                       Value: $ 75
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 25

812      Best of San Francico Art

This five-museum admission package suitable for a family includes two adult
tickets to SFMOMA, the de Young, Legion of Honor, and Asian Art Museum of
San Francisco (8 tickets total; children 12 and under are free at these
museums), and a family four pass to the YBCA art gallery.
SFMOMA is one of the world’s most innovative museums of modern and
contemporary art. Whether you’re interested in traditional painting and sculpture,
extraordinary photography, visionary architecture and design, or cutting-edge
multimedia installations, there’s a world of art to explore at SFMOMA.
The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco is one of the largest museums in the
Western world dedicated to Asian art. The museum’s renowned collection,
special exhibitions, and diverse programs are a wonderful gateway to the many
cultures of Asia.
Located in Golden Gate Park, the de Young is San Francisco’s oldest museum.
Its collections include American paintings, decorative arts and crafts; arts from
Africa, Oceania, and the Americas; and western and non-western textiles.
The Legion of Honor is a beautiful Beaux Arts building located in San
Francisco’s Lincoln Park. Its collections include European decorative arts and
paintings, ancient art, and one of country’s largest and finest collections of
works on paper
The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts presents a schedule of rotating exhibitions
each year with a focus on contemporary and emerging artists from the Bay Area
and beyond, community-based work and the intersection between fine art and
popular culture.

Donor: FAMSF, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco,                      Value: $ 132
         SFMOMA and YBCA                                        Starting Bid: $ 30

813      Caswell Memorial State Park Camping Trip

Join other John Gill families on a 2 night camping trip to Caswell Memorial State
Park, August 13-15 2010. The park is located along the Stanislaus River near the
town of Ripon, California. http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=557 We have
reserved a group camp site with space available for up to 12 families. Price is

Donor: Jason & Karen Culverhouse                                     Value: $ 45
                                                                  Set Price: $ 45

814      Exclusive Behind the Scenes Tour of The WildLife
         Sanctuary in Half Moon Bay

Have you ever heard the Call of the Wild? You will now! You will have the
opportunity to see up close the endangered Andean Condor with its 10 foot
wing span, a Mountain Lion, Sloth, Anteater and many other wild animals. It is a
wildlife lover’s dreams come true! You and your 3 guests will have an exclusive
behind-the-scenes experiences where you will come face-to-face with some of
nature’s most amazing animals. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. Bring your
family or friends, or impress your clients, co-workers or boss.

Donor: Wildlife Associates                                            Value: $ 800
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 150

815      Family Photo Session with Extras

A one-hour family or child photo session can be yours with a winning bid! This
session includes the sitting, editing and retouching of 30-40 images, display of
images in a personal, online gallery for 3 weeks and 5 free digital photo files (a
$200 value) to print as you like. Additional photos may be purchased at the
regular price.

Donor: Nicole Hoefer Photography                                     Value: $ 350
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 75

816      Professional Family Photo Sitting

Finally, get that family photo you have always wanted. Local Photographer Vince
Tarry demonstrates extraordinary talent in capturing adults and children alike;
his classic photographs will provide a lifetime of memories. This package
includes one portrait session consisting of a sitting fee and $325 in prints. Valid
until 6/6/2011.

Donor: Vince Tarry Studios                                            Value: $ 600
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 125

817      Front Row Seat for John Gill Performances #1

Here’s your chance to get premium seating for an entire year. No more waiting
in line in the cold and dark to get a good seat. Six reserved front row seats will
be yours for each student performance. Your choice of K-2 or 3-5. Valid until

Donor: John Gill School                                          Value: Priceless!
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 50

818      Front Row Seat for John Gill Performances #2

Here’s your chance to get premium seating for an entire year. No more waiting
in line in the cold and dark to get a good seat. Six reserved front row seats will
be yours for each student performance. Your choice of K-2 or 3-5. Valid until

Donor: John Gill School                                          Value: Priceless!
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 50

                  ~ 900 Home & Garden ~
901      Davey Tree & Shrub Care

Gift certificate good for one 24” boxed tree and installation or application of
fertilizer area up to 1000 square ft. Must be used by end of June 2010.

Donor: Davey Tree & Shrub Care                                        Value: $ 600
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 125

902      Interior Design

Ever wanted to redecorate your living room? Now is your chance. Use this
certificate for two hours of interior design consultation by Barbara Berry of Berry
Design. Valid until 12/31/2010.

Donor: Barbara Berry Design, Inc.                                     Value: $ 200
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 60

903      Tree pruning or consultation

Dan Beeder, a John Gill parent, is a board member of Redwood City City Trees
and an experienced (but not professional) arborist. He will give you up to three
hours of his time pruning a small to medium-sized tree or assisting you with tree
selection. Valid until June 2011.

Donor: Dan Beeder                                                      Value: $ 75
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 25

904      Amethyst Geode

This crystal-and-amethyst geode slice is approx. 4 inches thick, 6 inches wide
and 10 inches tall, and weighs 15 pounds. (appraised at Nature Gallery, Town &

Donor: John Gill Library/Kitty Norwood                                Value: $ 400
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 150

905     Chinese Jade Pot

Decorate your living room with an approx. 75 years old, solid Chinese jade
incenser, an intricately carved footed pot used for holding and burning incense.
The pot has two dragon’s-head loop handles, each of which has a hanging jade
ring. The pot has 3 dragon legs, and the lid has a small carved dragon on top
and three decorative loops, each of which has a hanging jade ring. Approx.
dimensions: 5 x 6 inches wide, 5.5 inches tall. (appraised at Judith Frost, Town
& Country)

Donor: John Gill Library/Kitty Norwood                              Value: $ 500
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 125

906     Framed Photograph

Enjoy the beauty of nature captured in this close-up of our Golden State poppy.

Donor: Marilyn Bagshaw                                              Value: $ 100
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 10

907     Home Delivery of One Cord Firewood

Going on a camping trip? You’ll need firewood for your roaring campfires.
Northwinds Firewood and RUPositive will deliver one cord of mix firewood
directly to your driveway. What a deal!

Donor: Northwinds                                                   Value: $ 250
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 100

908      Your Own Personal Plumber

Have you been thinking of updating your kitchen or bathroom with new, stylish
fixtures? You pick them out and have RBS Plumbing provide up to 8 hours of
plumbing work to make your dream come true. With a winning bid, you can
have your very own plumber on speed-dial! You will receive eight hours of labor
from RBS Plumbing. You may divide the labor into 2 visits of 4 hours. Not for
sewer backups!

Donor: Robert Smith RBS Plumbing                                      Value: $ 680
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 150

909      Rejuvenation $50 Certificate

$50 gift certificate redeemable in store or via catalogue/website for Rejuvenation,
Classic American Lighting and House Parts. Retail stores in Seattle WA and
Portland OR. Visit rejuvenation.com.

Donor: Rejuvenation, Inc.                                              Value: $ 50
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 20

910      3 months of Pool/Spa Maintenance

3 months of full service swimming pool or spa maintenance. Will include a free
energy calculation of your pool or spa equipment. Must be used by 12-31-2010.

Donor: Parker’s Pool and Spa Service                                  Value: $ 450
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 75

911      All Wrapped Up and Ready To Go

Do you always wait until the last minute to wrap your holiday gifts? Dread
staying up late at night wrapping presents when you would rather be caroling?
Drop your holiday gifts off with John Gill Parent Michelle Mascher and she’ll take
care of the rest. Includes custom gift-wrap for 10 gifts. If some need to be
shipped, they will be boxed and ready to go! Dates of delivery to be mutually
agreed upon. Must be used by December 2010.

Donor: Mascher Family                                            Value: Priceless!
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 40
912      Custom Logo Design

Arturo Samayoa, Founder and President of Nimbus Design, will give you 8 hours
of consultation and design time to create a logo for you or your business.
Nimbus’s clients include Borel Private Bank & Trust Company, Sand Hill
Advisors, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, the Coyote Point Museum,
Accretive Solutions, and Symyx, among others. Whatever your industry or your
mission, Nimbus can “illuminate your brand, elevate your position, and
accelerate your success.”

Donor: Nimbus Design                                                  Value: $1,000
                                                                 Starting Bid: $ 200

913      Grow Your Own Herbs and Salad Greens!

Grow you own herbs to garnish your homegrown salad greens with this garden
assortment! Add freshness and flavor to your cooking with this pot of fresh herbs
to grow on your patio or porch. Herbs are easy to grow ,and you’ll enjoy the
fresh chives, thyme, and edible flowers that are included in this planting. The
seedlings are planted in organic compost and include a Fiskars trimming tool
and care guide. The terracotta pot is filled with lettuce seedlings and includes
seed packets for a variety of greens that you can also grow on your own. The
vegetables are planted in organic compost and include a Fiskars trimming tool
and care guide.

Donor: Megan Goulden                                                     Value: $ 70
                                                                  Starting Bid: $ 30

914      Take the Family Cars to the Clinic

Treat both the family cars right with an oil and filter change with 15 point safety
inspection at Pro Care Auto Clinic. Synthetic motor oil is extra. This is for service
for two cars. Valid until 12/31/2010.

Donor: Pro Care Auto Clinic                                             Value: $ 240
                                                                  Starting Bid: $ 75

915     Two Prints of Summer Fun

Liven up your home with two prints of old-fashioned summer vacation fun. Prints
are complete with white-washed frames.

Donor: Barbara Berry                                                Value: $ 350
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 75

916     Online Back-Up Storage

Free yourself of worry with 15GB of secure online back-up storage for one year
from BlueHawk Networks. This can be used for business or personal needs.

Donor: BlueHawk Networks                                             Value: $ 540
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 125

917     Luther Knox signed print “Diva One”

“Diva One” Limited edition; signed print by Luther Knox. 29” x 27” framed.

Donor: Luther Knox & Julie Propp                                    Value: $ 175
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 40

918     Luther Knox signed print “Sonny”

“Sonny” Limited edition; signed print by Luther Knox. 29” x 27” framed.

Donor: Luther Knox & Julie Propp                                    Value: $ 175
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 40

919     Luther Knox signed print “Champagne”

“Champagne” Limited edition; signed print by Luther Knox. 29” x 27” framed.

Donor: Luther Knox & Julie Propp                                    Value: $ 175
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 40

920      4 Sets Painted Flower Cards in a Pot

Four sets of painted flower cards in pot. 16 cards total.

Donor: David & Luci Wilkins                                         Value: $ 32
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 5

921      Upright Piano

Hobart M. Cable Upright Piano - Light Oak. Serial # GT0118. Includes “practice
mute” pedal. Delivery to a ground-floor residence is included.

Donor: Peninsula Piano Brokers                                     Value: $4,000
                                                            Starting Bid: $1,900

922      Lewis Cleaners Gift Certificate and Specialty Products

Are your carpets and floors in need of some positive attention? This $250 gift
certificate can go toward any of Lewis’s services: carpet cleaning, upholstery
cleaning, area rug cleaning, commercial/residential maintenance programs,
water/flood damage, pet damage, carpet repairs and stretching, Scotch Guard
protection, hardwood floor cleaning/refinishing, tile and marble cleaning, or
stone cleaning and sealing. Lewis Cleaners’ technicians are professional,
courteous, and thoroughly trained, and the cleaning detergents are mild,
effective, and environmentally friendly.

Donor: Lewis Cleaners                                              Value: $ 250
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 50

                 ~ 1000 Pamper Yourself ~
1001 Haircut and So Pure Products

Enjoy a fresh new look with a haircut by Carolyn at Piccola Bella Hair Design in
Menlo Park. Keep your hair looking good with a selection of So Pure Products
by Keun.

Donor: Piccola Bella Hair Design                                    Value: $ 100
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 20

1002 Makeover Package at Labelle

Makeover package: shampoo, blow dry, hair styling; makeup app. & eyebrow

Donor: LaBelle Day Spas & Salons                                    Value: $ 120
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 50

1003 Learn to Make Jewelry

Beaducation.com is an online haven for jewelry making supplies and instruction.
The winner of this auction will receive 3 online Beaducation classes. These
classes are previously shot videos that are watched online, from the comfort of
your home and they never expire. With over 60 online classes, Beaducation is
sure to have something to get your creativity flowing.

Donor: Beaducation                                                   Value: $ 84
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 20

1004 Haircut and Products from MAHRZ the Salon

Use the $70 gift certificate* to have your hair cut and styled by a true master,
James Maher. Then take the experience home with popular favorites from
MAHRZ’s signature product line -- O.C.D. Hairspray (“For Relentless Hold”),
Straightup-Yo straightening gel, Worked Hair Wash, and Restore Extreme
conditioner. The basket also includes lip gloss, a comb set, nail polish, body
butter, and a Prego-270 ceramic ionic hairbrush.
*For new clients only

Donor: MAHRZtheSalon                                                Value: $ 150
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 30

1005 Balinese Sterling Silver Jewelry

Balinese Sterling Silver Jewelry (design a la Lois Hill): bracelet, pendant,

Donor: Martha Meyer                                                 Value: $ 380
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 80

1006 Christian Dior Sunglasses

Protect your eyes in style with this pair of brown, oversize, women’s sunglasses
by Christian Dior.

Donor: Savada-Adamich Opticians                                     Value: $ 250
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 75

1007 Wishbone Pendant and Dangle Hoop Earrings

Wishbone Pendant and Dangle Hoop Earrings. Handforged. 23k gold plated
over sterling silver. Designed by Moon (Gemello) Singer, a John Gill parent.
Moon has been designing and fabricating jewelry since 1994. Her work values
clean and simple lines, yet her modern design approach results in pieces that
are    both      bold    and    unique   in   style   and     craftsmanship.

Donor: Moon Singer Designs                                          Value: $ 155
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 40
1008 An Afternoon Free in Redwood City

Enjoy a free afternoon on the town in Redwood City. Leave your kids with your
husband or a sitter, and head over to Main Street Coffee for a freshly ground cup
of coffee and lunch with your $25 gift card. Then, get your haircut at Beauty
Lounge on Broadway ($60 value). After your cut, stroll down Broadway to Old
Truck Antiques and find something interesting to decorate your home with your
$50 gift certificate. Finally, stop by Citrine and use their dash & dine service to
bring dinner home to your waiting family ($25 certificate).

Donor: Beauty Lounge, Main Street Coffee Roasting                     Value: $ 160
         Co., Old Truck Antiques and Citrine New World          Starting Bid: $ 50

1009 Custom Silver Bracelet

This crowd favorite from 2009 John Gill Auction is BACK. The top three bidders
get to design their own personalized Sterling Silver cuff bracelet custom fit to
them. Include the name of your kids, inspirational words, or perhaps your
favorite quote. After the auction, you will be contacted by artist (and John Gill
parent) Lisa Niven Kelly of Beaducation.com to discuss your design.

Donor: Lisa Niven Kelly                                               Value: $ 50
                                                                   Set Price: $ 30

1010 Haircut and Skin Treatment at Bamboohair+Body #1

Bamboohair+body is a day spa located in beautiful downtown Half Moon Bay.
They offer affordable hair and body care to the locals and visitors who come to
witness the remarkable natural beauty of the Coastside. You will spend a
pleasant day getting a haircut courtesy of Marina and a skin treatment of your
choice ($50 credit) with Janine.

Donor: Bamboohair+body                                                Value: $ 125
                                                                Starting Bid: $ 50

1011 Haircut and Skin Treatment at Bamboohair+Body #2

Bamboohair+body is a day spa located in beautiful downtown Half Moon Bay.
They offer affordable hair and body care to the locals and visitors who come to
witness the remarkable natural beauty of the Coastside. You will spend a
pleasant day getting a haircut courtesy of Anna and a skin treatment of your
choice ($50 credit) with Shana.

Donor: Bamboohair+body                                             Value: $ 125
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 50

1012 Haircut and Feldenkrais Wellness Class at
     Bamboohair+Body #3

Bamboohair+body is a day spa located in beautiful downtown Half Moon Bay.
You will spend a pleasant day getting a haircut courtesy of Monica and a lesson
in Feldenkrais, a way to achieve overall well being by utilizing your body’s
capacity to repair itself. Through guided movement, self-exploration and
integrated learning, Susan will guide and teach you how to control your chronic
pain, stress and more.

Donor: Bamboohair+body                                             Value: $ 150
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 60

1013 Day on the town in Redwood City

Enjoy a day on the town in Redwood City. Start your day with a visit to the
Beauty Lounge on Broadway for a haircut ($60 value). Meet a friend at City Pub,
and show off your new do over lunch. You have 24 imported and domestic
beers on tap, great food, burgers and daily specials to choose from with your
$30 gift card. After lunch, head down Broadway to Old Truck Antiques and find
something interesting for your home with your $50 gift certificate.

Donor: Old Truck Antiques, City Pub and Beauty                     Value: $ 140
        Lounge                                               Starting Bid: $ 40

1014 “Martinis & Matisse” - March 20

Martinis & Matisse
Girls Night Out Art Party
Saturday, March 20

Enjoy an evening of exotic martinis, appetizers and creating your own
masterpiece. No prior art experience necessary, but drinking experience a plus!
You only need to bring yourself. All training and supplies for your acrylic on
canvas masterpiece are provided including: aprons, food and martinis for
inspiration. $40.00 per person (10 spots)

Donor: Tessa Messiana & Lisa Scheidecker                           Value: $ 40
                                                                Set Price: $ 40

1015 “Martinis & Matisse” - May 15

Martinis & Matisse
Girls Night Out Art Party
Saturday, May 15

Enjoy an evening of exotic martinis, appetizers and creating your own
masterpiece. No prior art experience necessary, but drinking experience a plus!
You only need to bring yourself. All training and supplies for your acrylic on
canvas masterpiece are provided including: aprons, food and martinis for
inspiration. $40.00 per person (10 spots)

Donor: Tessa Messiana & Lisa Scheidecker                           Value: $ 40
                                                                Set Price: $ 40

1016 Basket of Hair Products and a Haircut at Vivo Salon

Enjoy a basket of professional products and a perfect haircut ($65 value) with
Rhiannon Phillips, owner of Vivo Salon. From the TIGI “Rockaholic” line, try
“Born to Rock” Leave-In Detangler, “Dirty Secret” Dry Shampoo, and Shampoo
Bar. From the TIGI “Bed Head” line, experience “Bed Head/Hard Head”
Hairspray and Bed Head gel.

Donor: Vivo Salon                                                  Value: $ 140
                                                             Starting Bid: $ 30

1017 A Haircut by Rhiannon Phillips, Owner of Vivo Salon

Certificate good for one haircut ($65 value) with Rhiannon Phillips at Vivo Salon
in San Carlos.

Donor: Vivo Salon                                                     Value: $ 65
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 15

1020 Custom-Designed Costume (or Other Garment)

Shannon Maxham will design and build a fabulous garment for you! As a
professional designer, Shannon has created costumes for Pacifica Spindrift
Players, the Dragon Theater in Palo Alto and Hillbarn Theater (current) and has
hunched over sewing machines at Marin Shakespeare Company and Ballet San
Jose, among others. Donation includes 1 hour of consultation for sketching and
measurements and up to 10 hours of build time. Additional time may be
purchased for $25/hr if necessary, depending on the complexity of the design.
Does not include materials. Fittings and consultation will take place at her
studio, located at the San Carlos airport. Winning bidder must provide a
minimum of 5 weeks notice before garment is needed.

Donor: Shannon Maxham                                          Value: Priceless!
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 50

                      ~ 1100 Sports Fun ~
1101 Everybody Loves Baseball

Basket including Major Leagues Treasures Book, Baseball Trivia Book, Ball Four
book, Pujols/Giambi mini statues, George Will CD, and baseball cards.

Donor: Michael & Angie Simon                                        Value: $ 100
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 15

1102 4 Club-Level Infield Seats to SF Giants vs. Houston
     May 15

Four club-level infield seats to May 15 2010, SF Giants vs. Houston game. ($70

Donor: SF Giants                                                    Value: $ 280
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 70

1103 2 Tickets to 49’er Home Game

2 Tickets to 49’er home game of your choice. Section: 39 Row: 11 Seats: 13&14

Donor: Craig & Marlene Guinasso                                      Value: $ 228
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 100

1104 Fencing Demonstration and Lesson for 12 Adults

Looking for something unique to do with a group of friends or co-workers? First
Place Fencing will provide a fencing demonstration and lesson for up to 12
adults. You will receive instruction and then suit-up. Don’t worry—safety gear is
provided! Valid until 3/5/2011.

Donor: First Place Fencing                                          Value: $ 240
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 75

1105 Two Hours with a Tennis Pro

Improve your game with two one-hour tennis lessons with USPTA Certified
tennis professional, and John Gill parent, Mark Segesta. Over twenty years
experience coaching all ages and levels including collegiate and touring
professional. Includes consultation and video analysis as part of personalized

Donor: Mark Segesta                                                 Value: $ 140
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 30

1106 Half Moon Bay Golf Links

Play against the ocean at the Half Moon Bay Golf Links. You and 2 friends will be
teeing up with Bill Lane to play golf. Must be used by December 2010.

Donor: William & Kathleen Lane                                       Value: $ 550
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 125

1107 Prepare for the Return of the Raiders

Perfect gift for the Raiders Fan! Raiders team gnome, ski cap, Christmas
ornament, and football cards.

Donor: Michael & Angie Simon                                         Value: $ 50
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 10

1108 Steve Young Autographed Football

Autographed football of our very own Bay Area Hall of Fame San Francisco
quarterback STEVE YOUNG.

Donor: Dina & Loyd Acreman                                          Value: $ 250
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 75

1109 Errol Kerr Autographed Skis

Atomic RT 80 skis signed by olympian freestyle skier Errol Kerr, the lone athlete
on the Jamaica ski team at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Donor: All Stars Helping Kids                                   Value: Priceless!
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 100

1110 Personal Training for 5K/10K/Marathon

Train with a coach for your first (or next) race! Lace them up and get out there
for an eight week plan and 4 personal sessions. 5K/10K/Marathon? Your choice
- just bring running shoes and motivation!

Donor: Dena Evans                                               Value: Priceless!
                                                              Starting Bid: $ 100

1111 Stay Forever YOUNG

Perfect gift for the 49er’s fan - basket of memorabilia including Steve Young
bobblehead, jersey, headliner, and hat.

Donor: Michael & Angie Simon                                          Value: $ 75
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 25

1112 2 Passes to Northstar/Sierra

2 Complimentary Vouchers to Northstar/Sierra Ski Resort. Valid until end of
2009-10 Winter Season.

Donor: REI                                                           Value: $ 170
                                                               Starting Bid: $ 40

1113 San Francisco Forty-Niner Tickets for Four

Root for the red and gold with four seats on the 50-yard line, game of your
choice. Date to be mutually agreed upon with donor. Valid until end of 2010

Donor: DPR Construction and Dina and Loyd Acreman                 Value: $ 350
                                                           Starting Bid: $ 100

1114 Rinconada Golf Course, Los Gatos

Two rounds of Golf (18 holes) with cart at La Rinconada Golf Course in Los
Gatos CA. (You will be accompanied by the donors, Sue or Robert)

Donor: Sue & Robert Wuerflein                                    Value: $ 216
                                                           Starting Bid: $ 50

1115 Learn about World War II

Famous WWII Generals DVD, Kelly’s Heroes VHS, Flags of our Fathers DVD,
WWII Commanders book, plastic soldiers

Donor: Michael & Angie Simon                                      Value: $ 75
                                                           Starting Bid: $ 15

1116 4 Field Club Box Seats to SF Giants

Four field club box seats and a preferred parking pass, for a mutually agreed
upon 2010 SF Giants home game at AT&T park. (Opening day, any Post-season
or Playoff games not included)

Donor: The Lurie Company                                          Value: $ 320
                                                           Starting Bid: $ 100

1117 SF Giants Tickets and Fan Assortment

Perfect gift for the SF Giants Fan! This basket includes two lower box tickets
($35 value/ea) to the SF Giants vs. Atlanta Braves, on Sunday April 11 at 1:05
pm. (Lower Box Sect.123, Row 34, Seats 1&2) Also includes black sweatshirt,
white T-shirt, Giants hat, Mark Gardner autographed baseball, Randy Johnson
300 win poster, mini helmet, and more.

Donor: Carol Carter and Michael & Angie Simon                     Value: $ 170
                                                            Starting Bid: $ 40

1118 $200 in Certificates for Redwood City Parks & Rec

These two $100 certificates may be used for all classes and programs listed in
the Redwood City Parks, Recreation and Community Services quarterly Activity
Guide. May not be used for building rentals, food concession, special events,
open swim, Jazzercise, trips or class materials fees. No expiration date.

Donor: RWC Parks & Rec                                             Value: $ 200
                                                            Starting Bid: $ 100

1119 Do you Like Hockey?

Perfect gift for the Hockey Fan!. Mighty Ducks 2 VHS, One Goal 1980 Hockey
Book, Miracles 1980 Hockey DVD, Sharks shirt, mini jerseys, Hockey Fights

Donor: Michael & Angie Simon                                      Value: $ 100
                                                            Starting Bid: $ 10

1120 Beach Volleyball Signed by Misty May

Wilson AVP game ball. Yellow & white. Personally signed by beach volleyball
champion and olympic gold medalist Misty May.

Donor: All Stars Helping Kids                                Value: Priceless!
                                                            Starting Bid: $ 50


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