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Things To Do In London- Spring Getaway For Two by aihaozhe2


									Spring is a great season to enjoy all the things to do in London with your loved one.
This is the time of the year perfect for couples to spend some time with each other as
the English city is generally sunny and the visiting crowds have not yet poured in.

There are so many hotels in London that you can choose from. For any first-timer to
London, the best thing to do is to choose a hotel near the attractions in London that
you plan to visit. The Crowne Plaza London is conveniently situated near London's
historic sights. It actually stands just a few hundred yards from the Buckingham

The first thing you should do is join the Original London Sightseeing Tour. The tour
allows you to hop on and hop off , and take pictures of top London attractions such as
the Big Ben and the London Bridge, to name just a few. Tickets for this tour are valid
within twenty four hours after the first use and includes a Thames River Cruise.

Note: Be sure to hop off at the Buckingham Palace at 11:30 a.m. to witness the
Changing of the Guard. However, leave yourself some extra time and get there early
as there are bound to be many others there with you.

Continue to Leicester Square, located at the heart of London, for lunch. The Ivy, one
of London's premier restaurants, is a must-try. The Ivy serves modern
British-European dishes and offers a long list of nothing but the finest wines. One
more thing you should do in Leicester Square is to get caricatures of yourselves made
by local artists that you and your significant other can laugh at together.

There are many beautiful parks in London. Richmond Park is a nice place to walk off
your lunch and just be together. There is a corner in the park where pathways are lined
up with the beautiful blossoming flowers that send a refreshing feeling and create a
romantic atmosphere. Other things to do with your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend in
this London park are horseback riding and boating.

Check out Covent Garden for some of the most interesting things to do in London.
Get immersed in the crowd of locals and visitors at the Covent Garden Piazza. Allow
the musicians, break dancers, living statues, mime artists and other street performers
entertain you. Take this opportunity to do some shopping for London memorabilia and
souvenirs you wish to bring home to remember the trip by or to give to your family
and friends.

Another thing you should do in London is to visit the Tower Bridge, which is a
spectacular masterpiece. Go to Tower Bridge when the sun is about to set. Brace
yourselves and get your cameras ready as you are definitely going to find yourselves
awed by the majestic sight.

Take your better half for a romantic dinner at the Clerkenwell Dining Room where
you get to experience authentic British cuisine with a classy and sophisticated
ambiance. Be sure to make reservations as the Clerkenwell Dining Room is one of the
most notable dining options in London. There are also a great deal of ethnic
restaurants in London, such as the amazing curry establishments. With varying budget
levels, anyone can have a great meal.

London is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, and it is clearly
obvious why. A couple of days' visit is not enough. As your spring trip winds down,
you will definitely think of coming back, listing more things to do in London you
wish to discover and experience.

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