Things To Consider When Choosing And Wearing A kilt by aihaozhe2


									There are a handful of decisions to be made when choosing and wearing a kilt, the
first thing to decide is what tartan you want to go for, most people like to wear a
family tartan, if you don't you can choose a from the wide range of very nice general
tartan that isn't for any particular family. You can of course wear any tartan as none
design is off limits. Then you will need to choose from a 5 or 8 yard , in wool or
another fabric such as polyviscose - although not the traditional material that kilts
were made from it's quite a good option as it looks very similar to wool without the
price tag, it's also a good option for people who find wool itchy.

Once you have your kilt you will need to decide whether to go for a Prince Charlie or
Argyll jacket: having both as well as a range of accessories will allow you to put
together a few different looks, especially if you are going to be wearing a kilt at lots
of different functions, some formal, some casual.

This week the issue of what to wear under you kilt hit the headlines again, hopefully
the information below will give you food for thought and help you to make the all
important decision of whether to bare or not.

Brian Wilton of the Scottish Tartan's Authority raised the issue of what to wear or not
to wear under you kilt. For Mr Wilton the issue is one of common sense and hygiene
'the idea that you are not a real Scot unless you are bare under your kilt should be
thrown into the same wastepaper basket as the idea that you're not a real Scot unless
you put salt on you porridge' he continues

'Common sense and decency suggest that for the majority of occasions one should
wear under the kilt what one would wear under a pair of trousers' . He points to the
issue of hygiene that companies who hire kilt have faced, with some companies
insisting underwear is worn under their hire kilts

But others feel strongly that not wearing anything part of traditional approach, Former
Formula One driver David Coulthard insists 'I've been wearing kilt since I was a little
boy and will continue to wear my kilts in the time-honoured fashion. There is nothing
childish or unhygienic about it.'

Supporters of the commando approach point out that 'The tradition of no underwear
being worn was a stipulation of Scottish military regulation

Jamie McGrigor, MP for the Highlands and Islands points to one of the practical
reasons for wearing underwear 'I have normally worn underwear with my kilt. In the
West Highlands, midges can mount alarming and unexpected attacks on so-called true
Scotsman' Ouch!

The Dunblane-born ace also revealed he was banned from wearing a kilt like a true
Scotsman at his brother Jamie's recent wedding.
"My brother told me to wear something underneath. I didn't want to because it's
traditional not to, but he insisted. It was very cold that day."

you'll need to consider comfort, warmth and decency I think either option works.
Personally I think wearing nothing adds to the distinctiveness of the Scottish national
dress, but on a windy day it might be wise to have another layer!

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