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Tips For Mastering Ukulele Finger Picking Exercises


									Even when speaking of a small instrument like the Ukulele, finger picking requires
the use of more than just one finger and is more challenging than simply strumming,
so it is a long learning process.

However, learning to finger pick on the ukulele is fun, and in the end you have
wonderful sound. This makes learning to finger pick well worth the effort. The
following tips may help to make the process go faster. Discuss with your Singapore
Ukulele teacher on the below tips.

1. Use the thumb, index finger, and middle finger. Make sure the middle finger is
ready for the first string, and the index for the second and sometimes the third and the
thumb plays the third and fourth strings, however, there are times when it plays the
second string.

It depends on what the song requires. It is a good idea to allow the pinky and ring
finger to rest on the surface of the ukulele offering balance to the hand and the three
fingers that are doing the picking on the ukulele.

2. Finger picking patterns can be played intermittently with strumming.

3. Any chord sequence is fun to use when finger picking, however, you really need to
learn to alternate the middle and index finger for melody.

4. As you progress you will have to determine whether you want to play with
fingernails or not. This also depends on how strong an individuals nails are

5. Some people learn to finger pick with just the finger but this does not work for

6. Learn to read music scores and not just tablatures. The more music theory you
know the easier it will be to make your own personal arrangements, and you can start
to alternate finger picking. When you get used to playing music scores the reading,
and thereby the playing will get much faster.

7. Practice, practice, and more practice is the answer to effective ukulele finger
picking. This way the brain will finally find an order to the mess of fingers and strings,
eventually leading to wonderful music.

8. Start in an easy way by taking a basic chord and pick the strings one at a time.
Place your fingers on the E chord and then pick the 5th string then the 3rd and the 4th.
Start slow and then progress to a faster rhythm.

9. Take special one on one Ukulele finger picking classes from an expert teacher. This
will give you a great deal more confidence.
10. Learn from other players. Get to know more advanced players and ask them to
teach you their technique.

As you can see there are many different tips for learning to play the ukulele.

The important thing is that you not become frustrated by the learning and keep on
practicing. Remember in the end you will be able to play the ukulele as few other
players can, and that will give you a unique gift. Just remember persistence is the key
factor here. And practice frequently in your Singapore ukulele lessons.

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