There's More Than One Way to Seduce a Woman by aihaozhe2


									Quite often when you come across articles that deal with female seduction tips for
men, the author will kind of leave you with the impression that there is one "secret"
way to seduce a woman. And this really could not be further from the truth. If you
really want to be successful with women and learn how to seduce a woman that right
way, you have to understand that different women are going to respond differently.

There is no one secret method to seduce a woman. It all comes from experience and
knowing how to go deeper that just trying out a technique or method that is promoted
as the only way to make her fall for you. Trying to rely on one little secret tip might
help you to attract the attention of a woman here and there, but it won't allow you to
have real choice and selection with women.

Here are a couple of quick female seduction tips that should push you in the right

1. The situation has to seem REAL. This is why it's hard to get away with using a
canned or staged routine. See, a woman, especially if she is beautiful, she's going to
be on her guard. And she will know in a heartbeat that you are just trying to get in
good with her if you use a line, a routine, or a gimmick. This isn't the circus, so don't
try and put on a show with her.

2. You have to be able to go beyond the stage of attraction and into the stage of
seduction. This is a transition that needs to be smooth and any awkwardness will tend
to put her off, and kill the mood. And if the mood gets killed, well, that just might be
the end of the night. Don't make it awkward for her or yourself, for that matter.

3. You have to be able to make a woman feel like she is the only one you have eyes
for. When you can make a woman feel as though you are focused only on her in the
moment, you will be able to seduce a woman with ease. See, you don't want to focus
all of your attention on one woman in your personal life, but in the moment it's
another story. She has to feel as though the rest of the world does not even matter.

Being able to seduce a woman takes some time and some experience in learning what
it takes to trigger her attraction, but when you master this, you can easily seduce any
woman that you desire.

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