The Value of PMP Certification by aihaozhe2


									Project Management had become widely known, most of all on the Internet. Project
Managers and the organizations where they are working are receiving higher salaries.
According to the recent survey, Project Management Professional certifications give
best bonuses for IT professionals. Many businesses are giving a greater value with
project managers especially if they are certified by PMI or should I say received the
project management professional certification.

Why this PMP certification so important that most people are giving it a great value?

Some say that most people are taking the certification because it is issued and
approved by the PMI. Also known as Project Management Institute, it is a world-wide
organization. It is an excellent and huge organization. PMI has rigorous criteria that
makes it very difficult to pass. It even make most people thought of the test so abusive.
But this makes project managers to study hard because this job is never been an easy
job. It may also help to keep you ready for future problems related to the test given to
you. They should think of it as a challenge.

What kinds of people are able to take this certification? There have been two
categories of people who can pursue PMP certification. First category:

 People with college degrees.

They must attain 4,500 hours project management working experience. It must be
continuous and non-overlapping experience for 36 consecutive months for 5 years.
Second category:

 Project managers who have not attended college.

Or should we say that those who took project management course with diploma
degree. They should have 7500 hours experience and also it must be continuous and
non-overlapping for 60 months within 8 full years.

What would they have be in common is that both of these group of people should
have participated in 35 hours of project management training for 10 years. After that,
all of them from both categories should file an eligibility application to PMI. If they
pass, they will receive the eligibility letter from PMI that they are now able to take the
PMP exam. Passing the PMP certification exam is really difficult, just like what I said
earlier. Its rumored standard passing rate is 60%. But as of today, there are 100,000
PMI members already and many who join the PMI for PMP certification. Being a
member of PMI has great benefits especially about bonuses and trainings for the
preparation for the PMP exam. Even the test is difficult, the benefits are far more
greater than that.

Being accredited gives you great chances to gain higher rank, power and interest. This
survey proves that PMI membership is great: As of 2005 survey membership statistics
from PMI points out that Computers/Software/DP and IT industries are the top two
industry areas that have great number of members, 15,000 and 12,000 respectively.

Taking and receiving the Project Management certification gives project managers
huge success in their career life. If you are an employee, it will help you get job
promotion, increased salaries and much better job opportunities. And for an employer,
percentage of success will be achieved if you hire certified project managers.
Comparing with non-certified who can only give 25% chance of success, you will get
75% success rate. For they are more knowledgeable and more experience than those
who haven't taken the test.

And because of this fact, companies will surely get employees who are certified.
Success is surely at the tip of their hands if they do hire them.

How about you? Do you want to have great job opportunities coming to you? Then
get PMP! Take it and shine on. Start seeing yourself with great accomplishments and
increased earning potential credits without a doubt!

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