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					                   Enrolment Form 2011 - 2012
                                    PROGRAMME DATES
 Session - 2011          Dates - 2011           Wks     Session - 2012      Dates - 2012            Wks
Christmas Break         17 Dec – 3 Jan                 Christmas Break     16 Dec – 9 Jan
Summer II ‘11            4 Jan – 4 Feb           5     Summer II ‘11       9 Jan – 10 Feb                5
Summer III ‘11          7 Feb – 11 Mar           5     Summer III ‘11     13 Feb – 16 Mar                5
Autumn Break           12 Mar – 20 Mar           5     Autumn I ‘11       19 Mar – 20 Apr                5
Autumn I ‘11           21 Mar – 21 Apr                 Easter Break         6 Apr – 9 Apr
Easter Break            22 Apr – 25 Apr                Autumn Break        21 Apr – 29 Apr
Autumn II ‘11          26 Apr – 27 May           5     Autumn II ‘11       30 Apr – 1 Jun                5
Winter I ‘11            30 May – 1 Jul           5     Winter I ‘11         4 Jun – 6 Jul                5
Winter Break             2 Jul – 17 Jul                Winter Break         7 Jul – 22 Jul
Winter II ‘11          18 Jul – 19 Aug           5     Winter II ‘11      23 Jul – 24 Aug                5
Spring I ‘11           22 Aug – 23 Sep           5     Spring I ‘11       27 Aug – 28 Sep                5
Spring Break            24 Sep – 9 Oct                 Spring Break       29 Sep – 14 Oct
Spring II ‘11          10 Oct – 11 Nov           5     Spring II ‘11      15 Oct – 16 Nov                5
Summer I ‘11           14 Nov – 15 Dec           5     Summer I ‘11       19 Nov – 20 Dec                5
                   * Public holidays except Easter are not listed in this schedule

Estimated Course Length (in weeks) for University Pathway Students
            Required                                                        Please note: if some of
             IELTS      3.5   4.0   4.5   5.0    5.5   6.0   6.5   7.0      your band scores are
  Current                                                                   lower than your average
  IELTS                                                                     score, add 5-10 weeks.
      3.0               10    20    30    40     55    70    80    90
                                                                            All students will take a
      3.5                     10    20    30     45    60    70    80
                                                                            placement test on the
      4.0                           10    20     35    50    60    70       first day of their course.
      4.5                                 10     25    40    50    60       Students who have
                                                                            received IELTS scores
      5.0                                        15    30    40    50
                                                                            after taking IELTS cram
      5.5                                              15    25    35       courses      may     need
      6.0                                                    10    20       additional     time     to
                                                                            improve their English.
      6.5                                                          10

       Enrolment Fee                   AUD$150 one time only (non-refundable)
       Homestay Placement              AUD$110 one time only* (non-refundable)
       Tuition                         AUD$330 per week (5-25 weeks)**
                                       AUD$297 per week (30 weeks or more)
       Health Cover                    AUD$105 (minimum payment/ 3 months)
                                       AUD$210 (6 months)
                                       AUD$315 (9 months)
                                       AUD$420 (12 months)
       Field Trips                     Cost of transportation and entry fees
       Homestay                        AUD$230 - $240 per week
       Bank Transfer Fee               AUD$15
               * Includes 10% Goods and Services Tax
               ** The IELI may change its fees at any time.
               - The Enrolment Fee and Homestay Placement Fee are non-refundable.
               - Homestay fees are paid directly to the homestay family.

    Please answer all questions in Sections A and B. Incomplete applications may result in delays.
SECTION A: PERSONAL DETAILS (please type or write clearly)
                     Important: This application should be completed by the applicant only.

    Family Names
      Other Names                                                                        Gender                       Male          Female
                   Title        Dr       Mr       Mrs       Miss         Ms         Date of Birth              DAY        MONTH      YEAR


   Phone Number                                                                  Fax Number
Country of Citizenship                                                     Country of Birth
   Passport No.
                                                            Please send a copy of your passport with your application form
1. What course will you take at advanced level? (all students study General English in levels 1-3): (choose
     Pathway Programs:                                                     Other Programs:
        English for Academic Preparation                                      General English
        English for Business & IT Studies                                     English for Health & OET Preparation
        English for Health Studies

2. I would like to study from ..................................... (date) until .........................................(date).
   See page 1 for program dates
3. Are you studying at another Australian school now?                           yes                   no
     If yes, when did your course start ……/….…/…... and when will it finish ……/….…/……. ?
4. English Level:                     Beginning                     Intermediate                      Advanced
5. Test Scores (if available)                                         IELTS                           TOEFL
6. Will you study at university after studying English?                         yes                   no
     If yes, what course will you take? ____________________________________________
7. Visa Type:              Student        Visitor*           Working Holiday**                                  Dependent***
                           Student Visa packaged with a Flinders University Course                              Permanent Resident

     *maximum study at IELI on a visitor visa is 10 weeks ** maximum study at IELI on a working holiday visa is 15
     *** some dependent visas have study limitations; please check your study rights with immigration
8. At which DIAC office will you apply for your student visa? _____________________________________
9. If you study on a student visa, you are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the
     duration of your visa. Do you require Single or Family OSHC?                                     SINGLE                FAMILY
10. Are you applying for a scholarship in your home country?                                          yes                   no
     If yes, what type of scholarship (please include the name of the sponsor)?

11. Do you require us to arrange homestay accommodation? (AUD110)        yes            no
    Homestay request form must be completed 30 days before arrival for guaranteed placement
12. Do you require airport pick-up? (free-of-charge)                                                  yes                   no


Choosing an overseas school is a very large commitment. IELI wants all students to have full understanding
of the conditions of enrolment, and the rules, conditions and protection offered to international students in
Australia. Information about rights and duties of all international students in Australia can be found at:

The IELI Conditions of Enrolment is available on the IELI website at http://www.ieli.com.au.
Click on Applying to IELI. You will need to read and agree to the Conditions of Enrolment before we can
complete your enrolment into IELI courses.

When you have finished reading this important information, please sign your name below. Please note that
the student must sign this form. It cannot be signed by an education agent.

If you are applying through an education agent, they can help you understand these Conditions of

If you do not have access to the internet, a hard copy of the Conditions of Enrolment can be faxed or posted
to you. Please contact our office.
         I understand and agree to the terms and conditions of
    enrolment on the website above. This agreement does not
        remove the right to take further action under Australian ................................................... .........
                                      consumer protection laws. Student's Signature                                     Date
                       YOU CAN EMAIL, FAX OR POST THIS PAGE TO IELI (contact details below)

      1. Send your enrolment form (pages 2-4) to the following address
            Email: ieliadmissions@flinders.edu.au
                FAX: 61-8-8201-5086           Phone: 61-8-8201-5084
                Post: Intensive English Language Institute
                Flinders University, GPO Box 2100, Adelaide SA 5001 Australia
           You do not need to pay any money to IELI at this stage.

      2. IELI will send you an offer letter and an invoice for the total amount payable.
      3. If you plan to study on a student visa, check the regulations for your country at
         www.immi.gov.au. (Studying in Australia)
      4. When you have met the required visa regulations, please complete the second page of the offer
         letter and sign it. IMPORTANT: Your signature on the offer letter means that you agree to all
         conditions of enrolment. Then pay the required fees to IELI before the invoice due date. (If you
         cannot meet this due date, please contact our office as soon as possible.) Please return a copy of
         the signed offer letter and proof of payment to IELI before the due date.
      5. IELI will complete your enrolment and send you a confirmation letter and Confirmation of Enrolment.
      6. Complete the application process for the student visa.
      7. Inform IELI of your arrival details as soon as possible.

                                                 PAYMENT INFORMATION
To confirm your place in your course, send payment by bank draft or bank transfer to:
 Bank Draft:                                   Electronic bank transfer:
 Intensive English Language Institute - IELI   Intensive English Language Institute- IELI
 Flinders University                           Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
 GPO Box 2100                                  Marion Branch
 Adelaide SA 5001                              297 Diagonal Road
                                               Oaklands Park SA 5042
                                               Branch Number (BSB) 015-220
                                               Account No. (a/c) 490576386

     Registered Provider: Community for Global Communication Inc, (Provider Code: 02916F) ieli@flinders.edu.au

        Please place agency stamp here.

                                   AD E LA ID E    SO U T H AU ST R A LIA
                     Student Application for Homestay
          Important: To be fully completed by the applicant only. Please print clearly.
Family Name:                                                Other Names:
Nationality:                               Age:                 Gender:         Male             Female
Student’s E-mail Address:
How many weeks will you stay with the homestay?                Full Length of IELI Course
                                                               5 weeks         10 weeks      _____ weeks
Please write the full length of time you want. Otherwise you may have to move earlier than you want to.
Emergency Contact Person:                                   Phone No.:

Level of English:               Beginner   Intermediate            Advanced
Do you drink alcohol?           Yes        No
Do you smoke?                   Yes        No (if yes, we will place you with a host who allows
                                                smoking but you might have to smoke outside)
Which meats do you eat?      Beef     Pork   Lamb        Chicken        Fish       None
What are your interests?____                                                     ____________

How would you describe your personality?__                                                            ______

What is the main reason that you prefer homestay while studying at IELI?_____________________

Do you have any allergies?        No      Yes Please provide details_____________________________
Do you take any medications or have any medical conditions that IELI staff and homestay hosts
should know about?         No      Yes Please provide details___________________________________

Can you live with a homestay who:
Does not eat meat?                  Yes                        No               No Preference
Has children aged under 8?          Yes                        No               No Preference
Has a student from another country? Yes                        No               No Preference


    I have read and agree to follow the IELI Homestay Accommodation Policy Code of Ethics available on
the IELI website, www.ieli.com.au I understand that homestay accommodation is a challenging cross
cultural experience. I know that I will need to make adjustments and compromises as part of that
experience. The information given above is true and correct.

Student signature________________________________                           Date______________________

             Please complete this form fully and send it to IELI 30 days before your course begins.
    We will do our best to accommodate your wishes but cannot guarantee to meet all your requirements.
  For airport pickup please complete a separate Airport Arrival form, available on the IELI website, and return
                                it to IELI at least 5 working days before arrival.