The Ultimate Guide About Roof Ladders

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					Roof ladders look like any other ordinary ladder you find at a local store or in your
home. Roof ladders, however, have special product features that enable you to work
atop your roof minus the danger. It gives you the proper access point while working
on the roof.

A basic roof ladder looks like an extension ladder equipped with built-in security
features to allow you to do any kinds of work on the roof. Most extension ladders will
require leaning on a wall. Roof ladders, on the other hand, contain hooks and grips at
the top end to firmly secure it into the top ridge of the roof. It also features a design
that lets it extend past the roof. Make sure to use this type of ladder when working
with pitched roofs. These ladders also feature wheels on the top end. These wheels
help prevent the ladder from causing any damage to the roof slates or tiles. On the
other side of the wheels, you can find hooks. These hooks fit snugly into most roof
ridges. These help prevent the ladder from slipping down.

Actually, the type of ladder you will use will depend upon the kind of job that you do.
Make sure that you buy roof ladders according to your needs and specifications. There
are numerous cheap roof ladders you can purchase specifically designed for various

Another common type has roof hook attachments. It also contains a small hook on the
lower part of the roof hook attachment, that secures the ladder rung in place with the
use of a clamp. This adds safety and security to the user.

However, not all individuals should attempt to get on a roof ladder. You must have the
confidence and a sense of balance before climbing into one. You must also have full
understanding of the equipment and procedures before using a roof ladder.

One additional safety procedure would be to tie the roof ladder to prevent it from
levering off. Be sure to tie it to a solid object using a rope. Tie the rope on the top
rung or on the hook to put some tension on the rope. However, never overdo it as to
cause the hook to over bend from too much tension. Make sure that the rope will not
pass across any driveway, since a vehicle may run into it. Another safety measure
involves checking all nuts and bolts. Remember always to tighten all nuts and bolts on
roof ladders to ensure everything will stay in their proper position.

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