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					In USA, the kids thoroughly enjoyed the 3D concert of Hannah Montana and the
Jonas Brothers. In Europe, travelers experienced the unique 3D short film of travel
catalogues prepared for them. In Japan, fans happily enjoyed the 3D concert
experiment of their favorite boy group called Arashi. All around the world, the
moviegoers were awed by the box office hit Avatar. After experiencing all these,
somehow, the people began to feel that something is missing in their entertainment
lives. They begin looking at their favorite television programs, wishing that they
could view it with more enjoyment just like they did with their other 3D favorites.
Samsung empathizes with these entertainment patrons, and so, they offer the
wonderful chance to escalate your visual entertainment life.

Equipped with a Samsung 3D blu-ray disc player and numerous features such as
games and photo viewers, Samsung 3D TV offers you an upgraded form of
entertainment without going anywhere in the form of a television. These television
sets are usually either LED or Plasma TV, set according to which fits your home

Aside from being able to watch TV programs and movies in 3D, Samsung 3DTV also
offers you other consumer friendly features such as enabling you to connect to the
internet world and lets you access to the Youtube to watch videos from around the
world, and interact and socialize with other people in Twitter, Facebook and Pandora.
It also allows you to play games by EA and other interactive web-connected games.

In a physical aspect, Samsung offers you a very slim tv that saves you the hassle of
locating a good space to place it. It also provides a high quality rated television,
making it appear as real as it can, aside from the already reality based 3D features.

After a very successful global launch at the time square, Samsung 3D TV earned
reviews, which all holds promise and must be duly noted in considering to buy this

Reviewers said that this new Samsung product is very upgraded and unique, ensuring
your enjoyment. To them, this product is worth every dollar you'd be spending for it,
due to all its features and hard quality 3D shows.

Not all is in favor though. While some applauds this new technology upgrade, most
still could not find the point in buying the product. They see it as something that is not
practical and a very luxurious item. They doubt that this, and all other 3D TVs, will be
easily accepted by the people. This is because they know that it will be very
inconvenient and uncomfortable to have to watch in a television set with 3D glasses
on all the time.

In keeping up with the emerging technology the world is providing us, it is essential
to be vigilant in selecting the things we wish to possess. We must see its practicability
and the use it will bring to our lives. We are facing a worldwide economic problem,
where a lot of people are having a hard time finding jobs and earning money. At this
point in time, every single cent we receive counts. We must make use of our money in
the most convenient and worthy manner, and always take into consideration of
whether or not the things we are spending for are indeed necessities, something that
we absolutely could not live without, or merely luxuries. While a lot of companies
offer us both luxury and necessity, we must think critically, think of its usefulness in
the next three to four years, and most especially, its quality and durability in the long

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