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					How to build muscle? Is the question that I am often asked about. While most people
want the magic pill, what they really need are a few simple tweaks to their training
programs that I am about to outline.

1) There are two things that people can do immediately to build muscle

A) People can focus on both full body training and body part splits. We've knocked
training "arms" for too long but the only thing that will make us grow is training a
muscle with a big amount of volume. At that same time, we can also use an upper
body day to get stronger. It is the best of both worlds B) People can sleep more. It
sounds simple but going to bed by 10:30 and not getting up before 6 am will go a long
way in helping us build muscle.

2) Train your legs more. Leg training is so essential for growing muscle everywhere.
By training your legs hard you raise the anabolic signals in your body that tell you to
grow. Nothing stimulates more muscle heavy squats or deadlifts. They raise your
natural muscle building hormones, which cause you to grow

3) Use the correct sets and reps. To build muscle we need to realize that, we have to
perform enough volume so we breakdown muscle then build new muscle. So that
being said I usually advise sets and reps like 4 sets of 8 reps or 6 sets of 4 reps.
Remember, low reps can make us grow to simple because our body adapts to
whatever we do for awhile so we need to change it up.

4) Use this secret trick. First, if everyone isn't doing pull-ups or squats then they need
to do it right now. My best piece of advice is to tell everyone to do a back off set per
exercise. For example, if you are training on the bench press and doing 4 sets of 8
reps then do a 5th set of 20-25 reps. This will push more blood into the muscle which
will force more grow.

Building muscle is all about the quality of your workouts. Most people get caught up
in the typical 3 sets of 10 reps dogma. While that will work for a certain period of
time, it won't work forever. In my opinion, the best way to design your training for
growth is to use 4-6 week spurts of volume phases where you train with sets of 3-4
and reps of 8-15. For the next 4-6 weeks, you should go with more sets of 4-6 and
lower reps of 5-8. Both of these methods will lay you to have both muscle and
strength gains.

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