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Matilda Bone by Karen Cushman - Excellent Book_ by kpeterson520


									     Matilda Bone by Karen Cushman

                                Excellent Book!

Orphaned Matilda is not at all pleased when she arrives at Blood and Bone
Alley to become an assistant to Red Peg the Bonesetter. She is a
religious, well-educated girl who can’t picture herself doing dirty chores or
helping sickly patients.

Each day is very different from her former quiet life. Matilda’s not used to
being around so many people who are coming and going, laughing and
eating. Not one of them seems interested in prayer or study.

Self-centered Matilda thinks no one understands her. But Peg does, and
gives her time to get used to this new way of life and teaches her through
kindness and friendship. Matilda is as surprised as anyone when she
begins seeing the world around her in a different way.

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When (in Medieval England) 14-year-old Matilda is apprenticed to Red
Peg, the bonesetter, she feels like a duck among chickens. Rai sed to read
French and Latin, to pray often and mortify the flesh, she suddenly finds
herself in a world where literacy is vanishingly rare and not appreciated,
where prayer is ignored and the flesh taken seriously. She begins to learn
that prayer and religion is not the answer, but down-to-earth action is.

This book is a marvelous window into medieval medicine (if that is not too
grand of a word to use for it) and life in general. In it we meet a pompous
stargazing doctor, an ill trained but capable woman physician, a leech, a
near-sighted apothecary, and a host of others. The author added an
interesting appendix on her research into medieval medicine, complete
with a short bibliography, should you wish to read more on the subject.

I must confess myself to being somewhat uncomfortable with the authors
treatment of medieval Christianity, but I do not believe that her characters
acted at all out of character for medieval people. So, I do recommend this
short, but fascinating book.

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