The Story Of A Cochlear Ear Implant by aihaozhe2


									Having a Cochlear Ear implant isn't something you decide upon overnight as it
involves some surgery time. Although not as intrusive as it sounds surgery is still
surgery so you still have to ask yourself, is it worth it? This article hopes to delve a
little deeper into the world of the Cochlear Implant in a bid to help anybody who is
considering taking that leap.

Just so we are 100% clear; a Cochlear implant is an electronic device that replaces the
function of the damaged inner ear. They differ from hearing aids in the fact that
hearing aids amplify the surrounding sound whereas an implant actually performs the
tasks of the damaged parts of the ear to provide sound signals to the brain.

You may be asking yourself, what are the benefits of having an implant? Some of the
benefits that we have come across are as follows?

Cochlear Implants will enable you to hear the human voice in greater detail

Telephone usage is a possibility

Acoustic feedback problems can be resolved

Conversations will improve as your own voice volume can be regulated

Implants brings hearing to those that hearing aids cannot help

There are many more benefits to having a cochlear ear implant but the biggest has got
to be for those people who are completely deaf, either from birth or who have gone
deaf later in life. Those people who cannot benefit from hearing aids are ideal
candidates for these implants as in a lot of cases people still believe that if hearing
aids fail then that is the end. By having an implant fitted, technology can now bring
hearing back to those people who before may have lost hope.

Just What Options Do You Have With Regards To Your Implant?

All implants work in the same way but there are two options for processing. There are
ear level processors similar to the image above; which look much like a behind the ear
hearing aid, or the body worn processor which takes the form of a box that as the
description states is worn on the body rather than behind the ear.

Generally the ear level processing option is the preferred choice of most people
simply because it is less noticeable.

Having a Cochlear ear implant in many cases can be a life changing opportunity and
although there probably are negatives with an implant. Having the gift of hearing
restored to any degree when you believe there is nothing else left to try surely
outweighs any negativity you may have.

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