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   PACKAGING           Washable, Bridges Hairline Cracks,Waterproof and Mould Resistant

                       ELASTAKOTE is a premixed one pack heavy duty elastic water based acrylic coating that is easily applied to
                       form a resilient barrier over concrete and masonry roofs and walls. Elastakote will waterproof the substrate and
                       protect it from weather and atmospheric degradation. ELASTAKOTE will remain elastic and will bridge and seal
                       hairline cracks.
                       A durable elastic coating for the protection of exterior and interior concrete and masonry roofs and walls.
                       ELASTAKOTE is mould and mildew resistant, bridges hairline cracks and accommodates the movement in the
NO MIXING              substrate protecting it from weather, moisture, UV light, atmospheric chemicals and carbonization of concrete.

                       •   Easy to apply – water based
  APPLICATION          •   Flexible coating accommodates substrate movement
                       •   Excellent weather, UV light, chemical and CO2 and water vapour resistance
                       •   Mould and fungi resistant
                       •   Excellent bond to most building materials
                       •   Bridges and seals hairline cracks
                       •   Will not peel or blister

                       COVERAGE (Approximate)
                       6 m2/litre at 100 microns thick.Two coats required for normal applications.Three coats for severe applications.

                       PERFORMANCE DATA
                       Surface Water Absorption BS1881 part 5 test 6
                            Short term (1 hour) 0.0000 mL/m2/sec
                            Long term (24 hours) 0.0003 mL/m2/sec
                            i.e. Reduces water absorption by greater than 99%
                       Adhesion to Substrate (ASTM D4541)              2.3 Mpa
                       Tensile Strength (ASTM D412)                    1.25 Mpa
                       Elongation (ASTM D412)                          360%
USES                   Crack Bridging – able to bridge cracks up to 1mm wide
                       Weather Resistance
                           2000hr QUV. Slight chalking
                       Chemical Resistance – resistant to mild alkali and acids.

                       The coating shall be a water based flexible acrylic coating able to reduce water absorption by 99%, have a tensile
   SUBSTRATES          strength of 1.25Mpa and minimum elongation of 360% and be capable of bridging cracks up to 1mm such as
       ROOFS           ELASTAKOTE manufactured by Construction Chemicals and be applied in accordance with the manufacturing
CONCRETE &TERRACOTTA   instructions.

                                                                                                                              022 JUNE 01
SURFACE PREPARATION                                                                                                   APPLICATION
Sound, previously painted or primed surfaces – Scrub                                                                  Apply two or more coats for permanent results.Apply the second
thoroughly with detergent and water and abrade with a wire brush                                                      coat at 90º to the first as soon as it is dry.Apply thickly with a soft
or sand down to obtain a good mechanical key.                                                                         nylon brush roller or airless spray for best results.Apply at
Absorbent masonry surfaces – Seal with BONDING                                                                        temperatures between 10º – 30ºC. Recoat time is two hours at
ADDITIVE diluted 50/50 with water.                                                                                    20ºC.The coating is 80% cured in seven days and fully cured in 28
Timber – Prime with an acrylic water based primer.
Concrete, brick, cement, etc. – New concrete must be a                                                                CRACK BRIDGING
minimum of 25 Mpa and 28 days old and free of mould oils. Brush                                                       The coating thickness must equal the crack width to maintain a
and clean away loose dust and other contaminants and repair                                                           seal.
surface defects.
Smooth concrete – (e.g. steel troweled concrete) must be                                                              CLEANING
mechanically abraded, washed clean thoroughly with water and a                                                        Clean equipment immediately after use with water. Cured
hard brush. Let dry, then prime the surface with a 50/50                                                              materials is removed using a petroleum solvent, e.g. MEK or Xylol.
ELASTAKOTE/water solution.
Structural Cracks – Liable to move and over 1mm wide must                                                             SHELF LIFE
be bridged with an open weave 150mm wide fibreglass mesh.The                                                          2 years.
mesh should be bedded into a wet thin coat of ELASTAKOTE,
allowed to dry, then covered with another coat and allowed to dry.
This is then followed by two normal coats.
Mould infested surfaces – Remove loose flakey paint and wash
down surface with a solution of Hypochlorite (household bleach)
diluted with three parts water. Leave the solution on the wall for
10-20 minutes and rinse off with clean water.

                                                                                  ● ADELAIDE 467 - 469 SOUTH RD REGENCY PARK 5010 PH: (08) 8346 8013 FAX: (08) 8340 2052

                     CONSTRUCTION                                                 ● BRISBANE 45 COULSON ST WACOL 4076 PH: (07) 3271 2944 FAX: (07) 3271 3892
                                                                                  ● MELBOURNE 11 GABRIELLE CT BAYSWATER NORTH 3153 PH: (03) 9761 4711 FAX: (03) 9761 4748
                                                                                  ● PERTH 11 COLLIE ST WELSHPOOL 6106 PH: (08) 9356 9999 FAX: (08) 9356 9955
                       CHEMICALS                                                  ● SYDNEY 2/ 31-33 NEWTON RD WETHERILL PARK 2164 PH: (02) 9756 3533 FAX: (02) 9756 3534
                                                                                  ● AUCKLAND 16 CARPENTER RD EAST TAMAKI PH: (09) 273 5444 FAX: 0800 266 236
                                                                                  ● KUALA LUMPUR LOT 2 JALAN KECAPI 33/2 ELITE INDUSTRIAL ESTATE OFF JALAN BUKIT KEMUNING
                                                                                                    40000 SHAB ALAM PH: (603) 5122 2522 FAX: (603) 5122 2526

    “The information contained in this technical publication is based on our current knowledge and experience and is provided as a guide only. In view of the many factors that may affect application it is the users sole
                                                                                  responsibility to ensure suitability for a specific purpose.”

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