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Extra Income Frome Home


									                                                                    Table Of Contents

Don’t Limit Yourself To One Product, Unless You Want To Limit Your Profit Potential

BLIND OFFERS Can Make You Rich!...........................................................................................2

Your Key To Success With Direct Mail Is – Your Mailing List......................................................3

Here Are Fourteen Things You Can Give People And Make Thousands And Thousands Of

Using Talk Radio To Gain The Free Publicity You Desire!..........................................................5

Learn As Much As You Can About Your Very Best Prospects – You Could Use That Information To Get

Four Things Your Ads MUST Do In Order To Succeed!...............................................................7

People Want To Be Able To Advance Socially. Create A Product That Shows Them How To, And Reap
The Rewards!............................................................................................................8

You Can Overcome Your Prospects’ Fears By Doing These Four Proven Things!......................9

How Good Record Keeping Can Help You Get Filthy Rich!......................................................10

The Secret To Selling To Millions Of People!...........................................................................11

How You Can Get The Help You Need When A Client Comes To You With Something You
Don’t Know Much About!..........................................................................................................12

Give Your Business The Best Success Insurance Policy You Can – With Back-End Sales!.......13

The Millionaire’s Secret To Selling Thousands Of Books!........................................................14
How The Power Of Advertising Can Make You A Millionaire!..................................................15

The Two Essential Things You MUST DO In Order To Succeed!...............................................16

The Secret Some Companies Use To Make Millions And Millions Of Dollars!..........................17

Being Your Own Publisher Can Make You Millions Of Dollars – Just Like It Has For Many

Use Small Ads To Build A Super-Powerful Mailing List!..........................................................19

Remember – Patience Is A Virtue!...........................................................................................20

How To “Kill” Your Competitors In The Marketplace!..............................................................21

Here Are Three Things You Can Test Right Now To Potentially Increase Your Response!.......22

Here Are Twenty-Two Sure-Fire Ways To Make Up To Ten Times More Money!.....................23

Why Some People NEVER Have To Worry About Making HUGE Amounts Of Money!..............24

How You Can Make The Most Money Possible With Every Promotion You Run!......................25

How Losing A Little Money Can End Up Making You A LOT Of Money!...................................26

Make Your Ad Fun And Enjoyable For Your Prospects To Read – Have It Tell A Story!...........27

The Real Secret To Making The Biggest Profits Possible!.......................................................28

Troubled Businesses Can Make You A Millionaire!.................................................................29

How To Multiply The Selling Power Of Your Sales Letter!......................................................30

Many Publishers Have No Idea How To Market Their Products. If You Strike A Deal With
Them, Though, And Help Them Sell Their Products, You Could Make A Fortune!..................31

What Mailing Lists Will Make You ULTIMATE PROFITS – Every Single Time You Rent

How To Prosper Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible........................................................33

Yes! A Good Ad Can Make You Thousands Of Dollars A Week – Even While You Sleep!........34

How To Build Trust In Your Customers Before They Send You Any Money!............................35

How To Choose The Perfect Name For Your New Company!..................................................36

Little Tiny Mail-Order Companies Across The United States Can Make You Rich!...................37

People’s Wants – Needs – And Desires Can Be Transformed Into Many Millions Of Dollars
– IF – You Know How To Do It!................................................................................................38
                                         Don’t Limit Yourself To
                                     One Product, Unless You Want To
                                  Limit Your Profit Potential Dramatically!

You will be denying yourself the possibility of additional low-cost inquiries, and back-end sales, if you
limit yourself to one sellable item. Just by coming up with more products you can easily make three to
seven times more money! You have to have multiple products, because no one product is going to carry
you for long.

Profits in this business come from the back-end sales. Back-end sales are all of the products and services
that are related to the first products or services that you sold the customer initially. This is the key to
bringing in the big profits.

If you focus only on the front-end, initial sales and don’t put any serious effort into your back-end sales,
you are robbing yourself of a serious source of profits.

Without back-end sales, you limit your profit potential to only the amount you get to keep on the front
end. But, with back-end sales to fall back on, you can increase that profit potential, and you could
potentially make three, seven, maybe even seventy times more money than you would have made with
front-end sales alone!

               'Strength does not come
               from winning. Your struggles
               develop your strengths. When
               you go through hardships and
               decide not to surrender,
               that is strength.'
               -Arnold Schwarzenegger
                                                               'The ultimate measure of a man
                                                                      is not where he stands in
                                                                      moments of comfort and
                                                                    convenience, but where he
                                                                   stands at times of challenge
                                                                               and controversy.'
                                                                      -Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you try to make big profits with only one product, you are making a grave mistake. You are limiting
your chances to get rich. You get rich through making profits, and the secret to getting profits is to resell
customers who have bought from you in the past.

One of the smartest, richest marketers we have ever met in our life once said, “It’s really easy to get rich.
You just make more money than you spend.” Yes, many people will say that statement is very “tongue-in-

Some people could also say that our message about getting rich is over simplistic: “All you have to do to
get rich is find and keep customers.” In fact, it is the fundamental principle behind getting rich.

There is a reason we use these simple phrases that outline the keys to success. These are things that are
designed to help you. If you can just remember that it’s easy and simple, hopefully you won’t get
mentally hung up in all of the complicated aspects of the business.
The truth is, in business, as well as anything in life, you can end up screwing something up by
complicating it. We try to teach simplicity. It’s an important part of our message, because if you can keep
it simple in your mind, it’s much easier to do.

               ‘Concentrate on finding
               your goal, then concentrate
               on reaching it.’
               -Colonel Michael Friedsman
                                                           'The more I want to get something
                                                                 done, the less I call it work.'
                                                                                -Richard Bach

                                             BLIND OFFERS Can
                                               Make You Rich!

A “blind offer” is an offer that tells the prospect or customer a little about the product or service you are
trying to sell them... but leaves them wanting to know more. These offers do not tell your prospects or
customers everything. If they want to know more, they’ll have to spend their money and buy your product
or service.

Why are these blind offers are so powerful: CURIOSITY! They make people want to know more. But the
only way they can find out more is to send you their money. They must buy to satisfy their curiosity.

This is a pressure/release technique. First, you tease them with your offer. You make them want the
benefits you are telling them how to get. Then, you make them want what you are selling. You make them
want to know more. YOU ARE PUTTING THEM UNDER PRESSURE. . . Then you take the pressure
off of them by letting them send for your product or service.

The best way to learn how to use this pressure/release technique is to study the way other people are using
it. Examine the sales material other people are using, and you’ll see this technique used a lot. Then pattern
all of your sales material around the same concepts you see other people using.

               ‘Having a dream isn’t
               stupid. . .It’s not having
               a dream that’s stupid.’
                                                                        'There is no happiness
                                                                      except in the realization
                                                                                  that we have
                                                                    accomplished something.'
                                                                                  -Henry Ford
A WORD OF WARNING: This “blind offer” strategy can blow up in your face if you don’t give your
customers MORE than you promised them. Many companies make this mistake. They make their offer
sound like it’s the greatest thing ever... The customer sends for it with great anticipation... And then they

Remember, your key to getting rich is to build a business, not a promotion. You want people to be happy
with their purchase so they’ll come back and re-buy from you again and again. The only way you can do
this is to provide tremendous value. Give your customers and prospects MORE than they paid for every
time you do business with them, and you can get rich. Over-deliver.

               ‘I long to accomplish a
               great and noble task, but it
               is my chief duty to accomplish
               small tasks as if they were
               great and noble.’
               -Helen Keller
                                                                'There is one thing which give
                                                                     radiance to everything. It
                                                                      is the idea of something
                                                                            around the corner.’
                                                                              -G.K. Chesterton

                                        Your Key To Success With
                                     Direct Mail Is - Your Mailing List!

What is the most important thing that can make you millions of dollars in direct mail? The answer is - the
mailing list! You can have the greatest sales material in the world, but you will never be able to realize the
real profit potential of that sales material unless you send it to the right prospects.

In direct mail, there is a very honored belief called the “40/40/20 Rule.” 40% of the success of a mailing
list comes from the list, 40% comes from the specific offer itself, and 20% comes from the sales material.

For example, if you are selling a book on stamp collecting, you should target your mailings at people
interested in collecting stamps, or at least a current collectors’ mailing list. Do not mail merely to general
book buyers. If you are selling sports equipment, you should mail to specialized lists of sportsmen and
women, not merely to the general public. You must practice target marketing and zero in on your most
likely buyers.

               ‘The best things in life are
               appreciated most after
               they have been lost.’
               -Roy L. Smith
                                                                   'The road to happiness lies
                                                                in two simple principles; find
                                                               what interests you and that you
                                                              can do well, and put your whole
                                                                     soul into it—every bit of
                                                                     energy and ambition and
                                                                     natural ability you have.’
                                                                   -John D. Rockefeller III

                                    Here Are Fourteen Things You Can
                                    Give People And Make Thousands
                                       And Thousands Of Dollars!

Did you know that there are fourteen things you can give people and they can help to make you thousands
and thousands of dollars?

Here they are:

   1.   Give Them Better Quality.
   2.   Give Them A Way To Save Time.
   3.   Give Them A Way To Save Money.
   4.   Give Them Convenience.
   5.   Give Them A Way To Make Money.
   6.   Give Them State-Of-The-Art Products & Services.
   7.   Give Them A Way To Make Life Less Difficult.
   8.   Give Them A Way To Enhance Their Looks (real or perceived).
   9.   Give Them Items That Have Multiple Uses.
  10.   Give Them Items That Are Durable And Long-Lasting.
  11.   Give Them Items That Will Solve A Problem They Have.
  12.   Give Them Items That Are More Effective.
  13.   Give Them Items That Make Life More Enjoyable.
  14.   Give Them Items That Offer Multiple Benefits.

You should find a way that your product can fill as many of these needs as possible. The more needs your
product fills, the more likely you are to make a sale! Go back over this list again. Find the things that
make your product stand out above the competition. Point these things out to your customers, and they
will want to buy from you!

                 'To grow and know what one
                 is growing towards—that is the
                 source of all strength
                 and confidence in life.'
                 -James Baillie
                                                                    'In everything one must
                                                                           consider the end.'
                                                                      -Jean de La Fontaine

                                       Using Talk Radio To Gain The
                                        Free Publicity You Desire!
You can sit at home in your favorite easy chair snacking and do radio talk shows. The radio talk show
format now is very popular. There are even entire radio stations now that are nothing but talk radio.

Radio stations that have talk shows need programming. To you it’s free advertising, but for them it is
simply programming, and giving their listeners what they want. Both of you can benefit.

A radio station may let you on once, but to ensure that you’ll appear again, you have to tell a good story.
They won’t want a dead, dull, boring person back on the show. You have to show enthusiasm and be able
to tell the story. If you’re able to do this, you could have interviews that can make you thousands of
dollars every month!

               'When love and skill
               work together, expect
               a masterpiece.'
               -John Ruskin
                                                                   'The only measure of what
                                                                  you believe is what you do.
                                                            If you want to know what people
                                                                believe, don’t read what they
                                                                   write, don’t ask them what
                                                                             they believe, just
                                                                         observe that they do.'
                                                                             -Ashley Montagu

                              Learn As Much As You Can About Your Very
                                    Best Prospects - You Could Use
                                     That Information To Get RICH!

You want to single out the people that are the most likely to become your best customers. No one else
matters. You have to be extremely focused as far as knowing who you are trying to reach.

Some of this comes with learning through experience. There is no substitute for knowing your best
customers, and you will get to know your best customers if you’re dedicated to them over a period of time.

You’ll learn what they like and what they don’t like, what kinds of products and services really attract
them the most. This is how to easily target the select audience that you want to reach!

It all comes down to having that important knowledge of what gets your prospects interested, excited, and
passionate. What are their interests? Use this information to target your specific market, get its attention,
and get its orders.
               'The road to happiness lies
               in two simple principles:
               find what it is that interests you
               and that you can do well, and
               when you find it, put your whole
               soul into it— every bit of
               energy and ambition and
               natural ability you have.'
               -John D. Rockefeller III
                                                              'A professional is someone who
                                                                   can do his best work when
                                                                        he doesn’t feel like it.'
                                                                                -Alistair Cooke

                                      Four Things Your Ads MUST Do
                                            In Order To Succeed!

Once you have a targeted audience for your mailings, do not confuse your readers. Every ad, classified or
display, should do the following:

    1. Attract attention with a headline that is a stopper.

    2. Arouse interest by containing information that is of interest to the readers.

    3. Convince readers that they will benefit from the purchase.

    4. Get the prospects to act by either ordering the product or sending for information, or whatever else
       your instructions may be.

These rules apply to sales letters, circulars, and even postcard mailings. When writing order ads, use short
crisp sentences and forceful language. Use active verbs that make an ad more exciting. Describe what you
are selling, as well as the terms, so that your prospect understands every phase of your offer.

Focus on the customer in everything you do, and your profits will increase accordingly. Test everything
significant, but test only one major item at a time.

               'Happiness is a resultant of
               the relative strengths of positive
               and negative feelings
               rather than an absolute
               amount of one or the other.'
               -Norman Bradburn
                                                                        'If you always do what
                                                                     interests you, at least one
                                                                             person is pleased.'
                                                                          -Katharine Hepburn
                                 People Want To Advance Socially. Create
                                    A Product That Shows Them How,
                                         And Reap The Rewards!

People want to move into better social circles, not to show off, or “keep up with the Joneses,” but to
advance socially. The best way to advance is to meet and associate with different people.

People want to keep moving forward. A person can advance socially by getting involved in social clubs
and circles, which will ultimately better his/her social position.

There is nothing wrong with trying to meet and associate with influential groups of people. Social
advancement will make it possible for your children to converse and mix with anyone.

If a job opportunity develops because of mixing socially and being in the right place at the right time, it
will benefit the whole family. (Can you think of a book that would show people how to advance socially?)

               'The road to happiness lies in
               two simple principles: find what
               it is that interests you and that you
               can do well, and when you find it,
               put your whole soul into it—every
               bit of energy and ambition and
               natural ability you have.'
               -John D. Rockefeller III
                                                                 'A professional is someone
                                                              who can do his best work when
                                                                      he doesn’t feel like it.'
                                                                              -Alistair Cooke

                                 You Can Overcome Your Prospects’ Fears
                                   By Doing These Four Proven Things!

A majority of people are simply afraid to make a decision to order your product. They may really want
and need it, but something inside of them tells them to put it off! You must find a way to overcome these
fears and get their orders. These four things will help you do just that:

1. Provide Testimonials
Testimonials can be very important. People will almost always believe the words of other customers
before they will believe anything you say! It’s a proven fact! Testimonials are proof that other people
agree with what you are telling them! Good testimonials will help your prospect decide that what you are
saying is really true!

2. Examples.
An example makes what you are saying real to the customer. For example, let’s say that you are writing a
sales letter, and you include an example that tells people to picture themselves making their first million
and picking out their new home by the beach.... This helps people vision themselves getting the full
benefit that comes with buying your product!
              'Put your heart, mind,
              intellect and soul even
              to your smallest acts.
              This is the secret of success.'
              -Swami Sivananda
                                                                       Nothing of worthy or
                                                                     weight can be achieved
                                                                     with half a mind, with a
                                                                        faint heart, and with
                                                                           a lame endeavor.'
                                                                              -Isaac Barrow

3. Case History.
This is very similar to a testimonial except that you are telling the story. You may tell about a man named
“Jerry” who used your money-making program to bring in $1.25 million in less than 18 months! This
allows people to visualize themselves making that much money, and it again helps them understand what
other people are doing with your product.

4. “Leader” copy.
Leader copy tells the prospect that they are a leader and one of the chosen few who will have the courage
to respond to your offer. This can be used if you are selling a business opportunity. You can say
something like “Everyone talks about making money, but you are one of the few who actually does
something about it! Congratulations!”

These four things will help bring you more sales. Your customers need to see these things in your sales
material. If they do, they will be more likely to send you their money!

              'Perhaps the most important
              thing we can undertake toward the
              reduction of fear is to make it
              easier for people to accept
              themselves; to like themselves.'
              -Bonaro Overstreet
                                                                     The secret to success in
                                                                        any human endeavor
                                                                      is total concentration.'
                                                                             -Kurt Vonnegut

                                      How Good Record Keeping Can
                                        Help You Get Filthy Rich!
If you keep accurate records from year to year, you will gain a lot of good information pertaining to what
works best in your particular market. Good accurate record keeping is essential.

With direct response marketing you are allowed the luxury of testing and tracking to learn what is making
you the most money. When you put an idea out on the market, you can quickly learn whether or not the
idea is a winner. You can test it against other ideas you might have to see which is the most profitable for

By keeping accurate records, you are able to learn how well your ideas are received by the marketplace.
As this goes on over time, you gain a real feel for what works and what doesn’t work.

Without record keeping, you are simply gambling. Good record keeping is essential. It helps you take the
guesswork out of the business.

               'He who every morning plans the transactions of the day
               and follows that plan carries
               thread that will guide him
               through the labyrinth
               of the most busy life.'
               -Victor Hugo
                                                                       'A man without a plan
                                                                           for the day is lost
                                                                            before he starts.'
                                                                            -Lewis K. Bendele

                                         The Secret To Selling To
                                           Millions Of People!

know why the people in your market buy the types of products and services that sell the best. This is the
secret you can use to sell to millions of people in your market. What are the people you sell to really
looking for?

Here’s an important tip: People don’t buy products and services. They buy the end results of what they
believe those products or services will do for them. Discover what these are and then use this knowledge
in all of your sales promotions.

               'Decisions determine destiny.'
               -Frederick Speakman
                                                                     Form the habit of making
                                                                    decisions when your spirit
                                                                 is fresh. . . to let dark moods
                                                                lead is like choosing cowards
                                                                          to command armies.'
                                                                     -Charles Horton Cooley
                                 How You Can Get The Help You Need
                                  When A Client Comes To You With
                                Something You Don’t Know Much About!

As a consultant, you may have clients call you up and want your help with some aspect that you aren’t
very familiar with. What do you do then?

Would you be willing to forfeit other profit areas because you lacked the expertise? Absolutely not! All
you have to do is identify other consultants who do have the expertise. This is how to easily get the help
you need to do anything you want to do!

You then have some options to consider:

$ You can refer them directly to the business owner for a commission.
$ Obtain estimates from the other consultants and present a total one-package deal to the owner.
$ Pay the consultants a percentage, or hire them outright.

No matter which way you go, the important thing is you didn’t miss that client - or the money you made
from helping that client!

               'When making a decision of minor
               importance, I have always found it
               advantageous to consider all the
               pros and cons. In vital matter,
               however, such as the choice of a mate
               or a profession, the decision should
               come from the unconscious, from
               somewhere within ourselves. In the
               important decisions of personal life,
               we should be governed, I think,
               by the deep inner needs
               of our nature.'
               -Sigmund Freud
                                                           Pick battles big enough to matter,
                                                                        small enough to win.'
                                                                             -Jonathan Kozel

                                  Give Your Business The Best Success
                            Insurance Policy You Can - With Back-End Sales!
Back end offers are a business-survival insurance. Back-end sales give you all the “Business Survival
Insurance” you need to make sure that your business never fails.

When you think of back-end business, think of an insurance policy. What is an insurance policy supposed
to do for you? It’s supposed to protect you. It’s something you can count on. Like insurance, when a
disaster strikes, you are protected.

Back-end sales work like that. Yes, you always have to replenish your customer base by attracting new
customers. There’s no doubt about it. If it’s not an ongoing operation, you are going to end up in trouble.
But you also have to attract new customers. Then it’s the back-end that will bring you the most profit.

It is good business to offer a product on the back-end. Having a variety of products to sell is the only way
to maximize profits. A hardware store that offered bolts, but not washers and nuts, would be, pardon the
pun, Nuts!

Once a person “raises their hand” and shows their interest, you have to try to resell to them again and
again and again. You can maximize those profits because you have more products to sell on the back-end.
In short, you have more than one hook out there waiting to “catch the fish!”

               'We only do well the
               things we like doing.'
                                                                      'Ask yourself the secret
                                                                    of your success. Listen to
                                                                 your answer, and practice it.'
                                                                               -Richard Bach

                                    The Millionaire’s Secret To Selling
                                         Thousands Of Books!

Don’t sell books. Sell results. Sell benefits. Sell solutions. Dramatize. Make them want the end results...
This is the millionaires secret to selling thousands of books. Here are a few other tips, tricks, and

    1. Tell a story about the successes that you or someone else has had with the benefits in your book.

    2. Sell these books to the hottest market, to the people who place the biggest value on the benefits
       you offer.

    3. Create a STRONG MARRIAGE between your sales message, market, and media. Don’t try to be
       everything for everyone. Focus on that one person you are trying to reach... Then find as many
       ways as possible to give that person something they really want.

These three strategies can help you sell thousands of books or other informational products every year just
like they have for us.
              'All good is gained by those whose
              thought and life are kept pointed
              close to one main thing,
              not scattered abroad
              upon a thousand.'

              -Stephen McKenna
                                                               'The first law of success. . . is
                                                                   concentration: to bend all
                                                                   the energies to one point,
                                                                    and to go directly to that
                                                                    point, looking neither to
                                                                        the right nor the left.'
                                                                          -William Matthews

                                     How The Power Of Advertising
                                      Can MakeYou A Millionaire!

Advertising is the secret to reaching all of the people you will ever want to reach with your marketing
message - the message that will sell your product or service.

Each advertisement is like a salesperson that goes out to the prospects and customers and presents your
very best promotions to them. If you fine tune your marketing message, you can turn advertising into the
ultimate salesperson - a salesperson that will be working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days
a year and will be making you money every step of the way.

If you have a thousand ads out there, you essentially have a thousand salespeople getting your message
out and gaining you sales.

              'To get profit without risk,
              experience without danger
              and reward without work is
              as impossible as it is to
              live without being born.'
              -A.P. Gouthey
                                                                     'Only those who dare to
                                                                         fail greatly can ever
                                                                              achieve greatly.'
                                                                         -Robert F. Kennedy

                                       The Two Essential Things
                                  You MUST DO In Order To Succeed!
There are two things you absolutely MUST DO to make your fortune. They are:

    1. Secure new customers . . .
    2. . . . . And get repeat orders from established customers.

These two things are the heart and soul of any business, and mail-order businesses are no exception to this
rule. This is the foundation of good marketing strategy. It’s all the things a company does to get prospects
to buy from them initially. Then it means going back to those customers with offers for related products
and continually selling to those customers.

These two vital things should also be used when trying to get a product into a catalog. You have to look at
the catalog house as your customer and try to get them to do business with you one time.

Then, once you’ve gotten your product into their catalog, keep trying to come up with products you can
get into their catalog. If your first product makes the catalog house money, it makes it easier to get your
next product into the catalog. In this case, the catalog house actually becomes your customer.

You want to get in the catalog once, and then keep trying again and again and again with products closely
related products.

               'Life is a romantic business,
               but you have to make the romance.'
               -Oliver Wendell Holmes
                                                               'The more we do, the more we
                                                                can do; the more busy we are,
                                                                    the more leisure we have.'
                                                                              -William Hazlitt

                                    The Secret Some Companies Use
                                To Make Millions And Millions Of Dollars!

The secret that some companies use to make millions of dollars is to actually lose money first!
Intelligently losing money can make you a lot of money later! Let me explain...

Almost all of the really successful marketing companies realize that their initial offer aimed at attracting
new customers is an investment. They have figured out what they will spend, on average, per customer
they get on the front-end. They understand that enough customers will order on the back-end to make up
for what was spent on the front-end to get all those customers.

This is why it is important for you to have a back-end offer you can make to your customers. A lot of
times there is not enough profit from just one initial front-end product to get rich! You must always look
for back-end related products to sell your customers!

It is a tough thing to do, though. We are so conditioned into thinking that losing money is bad that we try
not to lose any money. That is why you must look at it as investing in a customer that will make you more
money in the future than they cost you to get!
              'Entrepreneurs average 3.8
              failures before final success.
              What sets the successful ones
              apart is their amazing persistence.
              There are a lot of people out
              there with good and marketable
              ideas, but pure entrepreneurial
              types almost never accept defeat.'
              -Lisa M. Amos
                                                                   'There are no shortcuts to
                                                                     any place worth going.'
                                                                               -Beverly Sills

                                Being Your Own Publisher Can Make You
                                    Millions Of Dollars - Just Like It
                                         Has For ManyOthers!

41 Many Direct- and mail-order marketers have learned that self-publishing can be a very powerful route
to success and profits.

It all starts with a specialized market, a group of people with something in common - an interest, a hobby,
some reason these people are reading certain publications and ad placements.

You have to cater to those interests, to those wants and needs the market has. You have to let them know
that you can offer them something special that no one else can offer them.

If you do this, you can find the success you’re looking for. Write around your market. Remember, it’s
what they want that counts. Many marketers have made millions of dollars this way - and the same could
happen for you!

              'The man who insists
              upon seeing with perfect
              clearness before he decides,
              never decides.'
              -Henri Frederic Amiel
                                                             'If you see ten troubles coming
                                                             down the road, you can be sure
                                                             that nine will run into the ditch
                                                                      before they reach you.'
                                                                           -Calvin Coolidge

                                        Use Small Ads To Build A
                                       Super-Powerful Mailing List!
Potentially, there are millions of people who can make up your market. That means potentially you can
get millions of people to give you their money in exchange for your 43 product or service! How? By
using small ads to attract those people and build up your mailing list.

Use your small ads to attract prospects into contacting you initially. Since there isn’t much room in a
small ad, it is typically better to use the ad to dramatically present your product or service’s biggest and
best benefit, and then tell your prospect how to contact you for further information.

Another great idea is to use the small ad for an introductory offer - for example, you could sell a very
inexpensive product and include a free gift with purchase.

When you get responses from your small ads, you are gaining the names and addresses of good prospects
to send future offers to. Keep them and put them on your mailing list!

Once you build up a mailing list, you can go back to those people on that list again and again with related
products and services and try to keep these people doing business with you. That way, you’re able to keep
the list you have of your best, regularly buying customers and keep expanding it all the time with new

               'The immature mind hops
               from one thing to another,
               the mature mind seeks
               to follow through.'
               -Harry A. Overstreet
                                                                   'The happy people are those
                                                                           who are producing
                                                                           -William Ralph Inge

                                      Remember – Patience Is A Virtue!

Many times we have had promotions where it appeared that the campaign just wasn’t pulling enough
profit. Consequently, we would stop paying as much attention to it. Then, a couple of months later, we
would go back and look at the campaign’s numbers - and the campaign was making money.

Be patient! This is how you can still make money if you run your ad - and nothing happens. Be patient!
Don’t wait a few weeks and then drop your campaign.

Many marketers do not give a winning concept enough time to start working for them. They allow four
weeks to pass and expect miracles. When the orders do not flood in as anticipated, these marketers
experience an anxiety attack and bail out.

It can take time for a campaign to start pulling in money. Be patient! Your patience could result in more
success than you ever expected!
              'The prizes go to those
              who meet emergencies successfully.
              And the way to meet
              emergencies is to do each
              daily task the best we can.'
              -William Feather
                                                                 'To turn an obstacle to one's
                                                                    advantage is a great step
                                                                             towards victory.'
                                                                             -French Proverb

                                     How To “Kill” Your Competitors
                                          In The Marketplace!

Develop a strong Unique Selling Position (U.S.P.). This is a proven way you can dominate your market.
Most businesses are weak in this area. There’s no compelling reason to do business with them.

You can “kill” these competitors in the marketplace. All you have to do is clearly communicate the
specific benefits of doing business with you instead of them. Make sure all your prospects and customers
know this. Use your U.S.P. in all of your ads and sales letters. People will see your U.S.P. and favor you
over your competitors.

              'We need not be afraid
              of the future, for the future will
              be in our own hands.'
              -Thomas E. Dewey
                                                      'Do not be too timid and squeamish. . .
                                                                    All life is an experiment.
                                                                  The more experiments you
                                                                             make, the better.'
                                                                      -Ralph Waldo Emerson

                             Here Are Three Things You Can Test Right Now
                                 To Potentially Increase YourResponse!
You already know that testing is one of the most critical aspects of business. Here are three different
things you can test to quickly find out if you can increase your response:

    1. Test different bonuses.

       Some people will buy a product because of the bonus instead of the product itself. Test various
       bonus offers to find out which ones make you the most money!

    2. Test different prices.

       You can run three different ads all with the exact same wording. The only thing different is the
       selling price of your product. You will find that one price will bring a higher response than the
       other two. This will help you establish the best price for your product.

    3. Test the wording of your offer.

       This can sometimes make a huge difference. For example, try to change your “50% OFF” offer to
       “Buy One, Get One Free,” and see if the response goes up! You will be surprised how changing
       the wording on your offer can increase your response!

These three tests can prove to be very profitable for you! Try to come up with several ways that you can
test these three things and then chart your results. Find out how much you can possibly increase your
response! You might be amazed!

               'One day in retrospect the
               years of struggle will strike
               you as the most beautiful.'
               -Sigmund Freud
                                                            'Your three best doctors are faith,
                                                                          time, and patience.'
                                                                       -From a fortune cookie

                                     Here Are 22 Sure-Fire Ways To
                                   Make Up To Ten Times More Money!

These are the things that are the most crucial in your advertising. By learning, implementing, and always
keeping these twenty-two things as good as possible, many companies have brought in ten times more
profits than before. You have the potential to do the same!

    1. Capture a reader’s interest.

       If you cannot get the interest of the prospect, you will never sell them.

    2. Appeal to a prospect’s self-interest.

       People only care about themselves, and the more bigger and better benefits your offer can give
       them that they really want, the better.

    3. Write advertisements that motivate people to buy.

       Forget about the idea of “creating an awareness of your product,” and focus on selling that
       product. A person can know your product exists, but that doesn’t put money into your pocket until
       they buy it.
4. Stir buyer’s emotions.

   People buy with their emotions. The ad should cause them to feel an emotion towards your
   product, and the more the pleasant, happy, excited emotional factor they have towards your
   product - the more they desire it - the higher the chance that they’ll buy it.

          'Every failure made me
          more confident. Because
          I wanted even more to
          achieve things, as revenge.
          To show that I could.’
          -Roman Polanski
                                                                   'How to succeed: Try
                                                               hard enough. How to fail:
                                                                          Try too hard.’
                                                                       -Malcolm Forbes

5. Use benefits to attract product desire.

   Benefits are all that the prospects really care about. They only want to know what the product or
   service can do for them that can make their life easier, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling.

6. Make readers “believe” your promises.

   If your ad cannot make the reader believe you, the reader is not going to buy from you. Remember,
   they are buying on the basis of “sight unseen” - they send their money without ever seeing,
   touching, or trying out the product. Therefore, it’s very crucial to make them believe that you’re
   not going to rip them off.

7. Write advertising that relates to the average person in your market.

   Use the language and terminology that the people in your market use. Know your market. Know
   what the market likes and doesn’t like. Learn what the problems are that people in your market
   have. The more you’re able to relate to them, the more you seem to honestly have something for

8. Convince the hardened skeptic.

   Consider all prospects to be hardened skeptics. If you do so, you will be able to create much better
   advertising. Write to that skepticism. Do everything you can to assure that prospect of the worth of
   your offer.

9. Make your offer so attractive that a prospect will say, “Yes, that’s for me!”

   Make those prospects want what you have to offer. Get them excited! Show them dramatically
   what it can do for them!
           'Laziness is a secret ingredient
           that goes into failure. But it’s
           only kept a secret from the
           person who fails.’
           -Robert Half
                                                               'When the going gets tough,
                                                                     the tough get going.’
                                                                             -Frank Leahy

10. Write copy that agrees with existing attitudes.

    Your understanding of the market - not just as the source of your profits, but as a group of people
    with lives, problems, and ideals of their own - can be used to your advantage. Learn as much about
    them as you can, and show them that you know what they’re going through. Let them know they
    can trust you!

11. Write copy that overcomes buyer objections.

    Write down a list of all the objections to purchasing your product you can come up with, and then
    tackle each one. By doing so, you can come up with ways to lessen or destroy those objections. If
    you can do that, you’re able to develop powerful copy and advertising.

12. Use words and phrases that move people to act.

    Writing has its tools, just like any other profession. In writing, those tools are words and phrases.
    So use the best tools possible! Use words and phrases that will gain the attention, the interest, and
    the desire of your prospects. Then, give them a very simple, highly motivational call to action!

13. Write copy that reflects how average people talk.

    Here is some advice that we go by that has been one factor in our success: If your 56 copy is too
    complicated for a seventh grader to understand, you need to simplify it. Language can be a barrier
    as well as a tool. Don’t make it difficult for those prospects to read your advertising. People read
    advertising in a very passive way, and if your ad requires work, it will most likely end up in the

           ‘The block of granite which
           was an obstacle in the path
           of the weak becomes a
           steppingstone in the
           path of the strong.’
           -Thomas Carlyle
                                                                    'Necessity makes even
                                                                         the timid brave.’
14. Stay in touch with what people want.

    People only buy what they really want.

15. Do not test the obvious.

    Anyone can come up with ideas to test, and testing really is one of the secrets to getting rich.
    However, you must test things that are smart and are actually questionable. Common sense is just
    as important as scientific actuality. Get too heavy on testing common sense things, and you’re
    wasting your money.

16. Appeal to emotions and instincts.

    People buy with their emotions, and you have to play up to their feelings. Put them in the picture,
    with themselves enjoying the benefits of your product.

17. Develop facts and present proof.

    This is key to believability. Give your prospects facts and proof that what you say about your
    product can happen for them. Use everything at your disposal, from simple facts and figures to
    testimonials from satisfied customers. The more you can give them, the more you can tear down
    the wall of skepticism.

18. Make a prospect justify a purchase.

    Make the prospect feel like they are getting a lot for their money.

           ‘It is often better to have a great
           deal of harm happen to one than
           a little; a great deal may rouse
           you to remove what a little
           will only accustom you to endure.’
           -Grenville Kleiser
                                                              Man cannot remake himself
                                                                   without suffering, for
                                                                    he is both the marble
                                                                        and the sculptor.’
                                                                          -Dr. Alexis Carrel

19. Find a common meeting ground with prospects from the start.

    Let those prospects know you can relate to them, and let them know why you can relate 59 to
    them. This is the benefit of writing to a specific person and a specific market. Let them know that
    you really know their problems and their wants, and that you have the solution for them.

20. Substantiate incredible product claims.

    You have to provide evidence that your claims are true. If your claims are too wild, you have to
    tone them down. Outrageous product claims can definitely be detrimental.

21. Have back-end offers.

    All profits in this business are made through back-end sales, not front end sales. The related
    products and services you sell on the back-end to customers who have bought from you before will
    make you the most money. The front end should merely be used to gain initial sales and add more
    people to the back-end. Once they’ve bought from you, they have showed their trust, and you can
       go back to them with more offers.

  22. Continually develop new offers and advertising ideas.

       You will never maintain success and growth with only one product. You have to keep coming out
       with new products to maintain your profits and keep them growing.

               'Don’t look forward to the
               day when you stop suffering.
               Because when it comes,
               you’ll know you’re dead.’
               -Tennessee Williams
                                                                        ‘From the discontent
                                                                     of man, the world’s best
                                                                           progress springs.’
                                                                        -Ella Wheeler Wilcox

                                 Why Some People NEVER Have TO
                            Worry About Making HUGE Amounts Of Money!

Once you know how to use testing to its optimum ability, you will continue to improve. You will get
something to work and make you money. Then you should focus it. Look for ways to make it better and
better. You will find ways to make products that are already successful even more successful.

This is why some people never have to worry about making huge amounts of money. They are always
testing and finding out what’s working the best, so they can focus on those things and make the most
money possible with them.

You should also test new things. When you have something else that is really working well for you and is
bringing in money, you should start testing some new things to have another winner ready to bring you
more money.

Many people in business wait till business gets bad to bring out new things. They “fall asleep at the
wheel.” When business gets bad they become keenly aware like an animal trapped in a corner. Their
awareness is at an all-time high . . . and this awareness causes 62 them to create a great new product.
Sometimes this happens, but sometimes . . .

When you have something working, test some new ideas and find some new things that will make you
money. If you don’t and you find business going bad, you could end up in a corner with no way out
except to lose.
               'He that is overcautious will
               accomplish little.'
               -J.C.F. von Schiller
                                                              'It is impossible to win the great
                                                                          prizes of life without
                                                                                  running risks.'
                                                                          -Theodore Roosevelt

                                  How You Can Make The Most Money
                                 Possible With Every Promotion You Run!

In many of the promotions we send out now, we give people three ways to respond. They can call our
office 24 hours a day, and even if we’re not there, we will return their call. They can fax their order, or
they can mail it in.

It is important for you to make it as easy as you can for people to order what you have to offer. People are
busy and tend to procrastinate. Your offer is an intrusion in their life, and you have to make it as easy as
you possibly can for them to respond. Otherwise, you will not meet your full profit potential.

Once they turn their attention away from your materials and start to focus on something else, the chances
are high that they will put off accepting your offer.

There is a small window of time for your promotions to work. Use it to its full advantage! Making it as
easy as you can for them to accept what you have is one way to make the most money from every ad you

               'When you get to the end
               of your rope, tie a knot
               and hang on.'
               -Franklin Delano Roosevelt
                                                                   'Everyday. . . life confronts
                                                                         us with new problems
                                                                      to be solved which force
                                                                            us to adjust our old
                                                                        programs accordingly.'
                                                                             -Dr. Ann Faraday

                                     How Losing A Little Money Can
                                  End Up Making You A LOT Of Money!
All of the “free” offers advertised have a value and expense attached to them. When the marketers mail
out their free offers, they automatically assume an initial loss.

Many marketers - and you should learn this, too - know that this is how to lose a little money in order to
make a lot of money! How is that loss turned into a profit? In the promotional package that accompanies
the free item, and in back-end, follow-up offers.

When you give away something for free, you do lose something on the front-end. You lose a little bit, but
then you’re able to gain it back later. It’s an investment. You are spending money on the promotion. The
promotion itself doesn’t produce a profit. Only when you sell to that customer for the first time do you
actually make a profit.

The key is, you’re investing and losing a little bit of money until you make that initial sale to the customer.

Once you sell to that customer, you add their name to your mailing list. That mailing list keeps growing as
more and more customers purchase from you or “raise their hands” for the first time. Then, you’re able to
go back to those customers and start offering them your back-end products, which will bring you the real

                'If you are doing your best,
                you will not have time to
                worry about failure.'
                -Robert Hillyer
                                                                          'The worst loneliness
                                                                       is not to be comfortable
                                                                                 with yourself.’
                                                                                  -Mark Twain

                                   Make Your Ad Fun And Enjoyable For
                                        Your Prospects To Read -
                                          Have It Tell A Story!

People read newspapers, magazines, newsletters, reports, etc., because they tell a story. Therefore, you
can attract more readers with story-type headlines. This is a simple trick you can use to make your ad fun
and enjoyable to read.

By telling a story you make people want to read your ad. It compels them to read it. Here are some

    1.   How I trained at home for a money-making career.
    2.   I made $38,000 in the first 3 months.
    3.   They laughed when I told them I was starting my own business.
    4.   Last year I was broke – but look at me now!
    5.   I made $4,800 on my first try!
              'A man can stand almost
              anything except a succession
              of ordinary days.'
              -Johann von Goethe
                                                             Poets are like baseball pitchers.
                                                              Both have their moments. The
                                                              intervals are the tough things.'
                                                                               -Robert Frost

                                     The Real Secret To Making The
                                        Biggest Profits Possible!

The real secret to making big profits is in repeat offers and repeat sales. Many people don’t know what to
offer customers in their repeat offers, though. The answer? You should offer products that are closely
related to the product that the customer bought initially. This is how to “follow up” for big bucks!

Once you know the hot buttons - the reasons your customers buy - then you have the basis for developing
similar, closely related items that will have the highest potential of being sold. Repeat offers can make
you many thousands of dollars!

Again, research is very important. Find out all you can about your customers and your market.

              'The best way out of a problem
              is through it.'
                                                                  'A great man is one who
                                                                  seizes the vital issue in a
                                                          complex question, what we might
                                                                        call the jugular vein
                                                                    of the whole organism,
                                                                   and spends his energies
                                                                                   upon that.'
                                                                            -Joseph Rickaby

                                     Troubled Businesses Can Make
                                          You A Millionaire!
Read your newspaper, check with your business broker, real estate agent, or ask around. Enough
searching will lead you to businesses that are in trouble. These businesses can be purchased for pennies on
the dollar, or for no money at all.

Many of these businesses could be turned around. You can sell off the assets, work out payment plans
with the suppliers, and find new ways to market the product or service to the people who have done
business with the company in the past. Often, all it takes is a fresh new approach - a new vision - new
ideas - and lots of new energy to turn a troubled business into millions of dollars.

               'You must have long-range goals
               to keep you from
               being frustrated by
               short-range failures.'
               -Charles C. Noble
                                                                   'The world stands aside to let
                                                                        anyone pass who knows
                                                                             where he is going.'
                                                                             -David Starr Jordan

                                     How To Multiply The Selling Power
                                          Of Your Sales Letter!

The easiest way to multiply the selling power of your sales letter is by printing more copies! This may
sound elementary, but many people don’t do it! They hit a hot promotion, and then they stop it. They
don’t realize that all they have to do is print and mail more copies of their successful sales letter!

If you have a sales letter that really pulls in orders, all you need to do is print more of the sales letters and
mail them out. Here are some pointers:

* “Dance with the one who brung you”
What this means is that if you have a successful promotion, don’t switch to another promotion until the
first successful one becomes unsuccessful! If you know that “X” mailing list was successful with your
sales letter, then you had better make more copies of your sales letter and mail it to more names on that

* Only test new headlines!
The mail order business is a lot about testing! You must continuously test to find out what might work
even better! If your sales letter is already pulling in orders, nothing needs to be changed. Your offer and
price must be okay or people wouldn’t be ordering! So, you can change the wording of the headline to
find out if more people will buy! The heading is what pulls people to the sales letter. If they don’t read it,
they won’t buy it! So, if you can get more people to read your sales letter by changing the headline, the
end result will be more sales!

In summary, make sure that you allow your successful sales letters to work for you! Don’t drop a good
promotion until it doesn’t make you money!
              'Other people’s interruptions
              of your work are relatively
              insignificant compared with
              the countless times you
              interrupt yourself.'
              -Brendan Francis

                              Many Publishers Have No Idea How To Market
                                Their Products. If You Strike A Deal With
                                     Them, Though, And Help Them
                             Sell Their Products, You Could Make A Fortune!

You can get thousands of informational products right now that are published by other companies and
individuals. They have produced these products, so all you have to do is work out a favorable
arrangement, and you can sell these products.

Many people who publish informational products are actually looking for people who can sell them. This
is how other publishers around the country can help you make thousands of extra dollars a week!

There are many publishers around the country who are open to this, so you have to find the products that
would interest your market the most. Potentially you can have a catalog full of different publications
produced by other people that you can sell to bring both of you money!

And, as an added plus, you’re not just marketing one product at one time. You’re marketing a whole slew
of them in a catalog, so the profit potential shoots upwards - and you could potentially make thousands of
dollars! The more products you can get in your catalog that your market would be interested in, the better.

              'The happy people are those
              who are producing something.'
              -William Ralph Inge
                                                                  'A fool or idiot is one who
                                                                    expects things to happen
                                                                      that never can happen.'
                                                                               -George Eliot

    What Mailing Lists Will Make You ULTIMATE PROFITS - Every Single Time You Rent Them?
The answer is: lists you get from reliable list sources. They will help you make the biggest amount of
money from the very first day you start!

There are many mailing lists on the market, but there are only a few reputable list brokers. Reputable list
brokers can give you specific data on different mailing lists, and that’s exactly what you need to know so
you can decide whether or not the list will be a winner for you.

You need to know exactly where the names came from, whose customers they were, what they bought
before, how much money they spent, and how recent the list is.

Remember this: a good list broker is like a good stock broker. They make their money by helping you
make your money. They’re not out to sell you a list and then disappear. They want to build a good
relationship with you because they’ll want you to keep coming back over and over again. That’s how they
can keep making their own money.

               'Enjoyment is not a goal,
               it is a feeling that accompanies
               important ongoing activity.'
               -Paul Goodman
                                                                      It is necessary to be the
                                                                        happiness of man that
                                                                       he be mentally faithful
                                                                                   to himself.'
                                                                              -Thomas Paine

                                     How To Prosper Faster Than You
                                        Ever Thought Possible!

Be there when your customers need you. Do not give a thirsty person only a sip of water, and then walk
away with the full container. If you will just do one thing very, very well - master back-end sales - you
will prosper faster than you ever thought possible!

If we can give credit for the fortune we made to anything, first and foremost would be the fact that we
have really worked to serve the customers who do business with us. We try to stay in touch with them.
We do everything we can to give them more of the things we know they want. We spend a lot of time
thinking about our customers. We spend quite a bit of money on customer service. We try to do
everything possible to make sure our customers are happy.

And this is the most important question, the question you should always be asking yourself - What will it
take to satisfy our customers?

The only way you will really be able to answer this question is by gaining an in-depth knowledge about
your customers - Who are they? What do they really want? Why do they buy what they buy? As long as
you can answer these questions and come up with products or services that are designed for 80 these
people and meet their needs, you can potentially keep the money coming in.
               'Strong people are made
               by opposition, like kites
               that go up against the wind.'
               -Frank Harris
                                                            'You’ll never find a better sparring
                                                                        partner than adversity.'
                                                                                 -Walt Schmidt

                                YES! A Good Ad Can Make You Thousands
                                Of Dollars A Week - Even While You Sleep!

One good advertising campaign can potentially make you money for years - even the rest of your life.

When it comes to discussing how to write ads, and sales letters . . . When it comes to discussing how to
create and put into effect sales promotions that are very profitable . . . we are discussing your chances to
potentially make a fortune.

The thing that separates the successful people who make their fortunes in this business - or any other
business - is the fact that they study and learn everything they can. In essence, they become experts in the
fields of marketing and sales.

Mail-order is simply a form of marketing, and marketing is the method of attracting and keeping
customers. The attracting phase is the advertisements you run. It is important that you understand this
medium and the communication that goes on.

First of all, you communicate by attracting those customers and prospects. Remember, an advertisement is
a communication to a certain type of person announcing you have 82 something they want. And second,
you’re communicating with them when you send out your back-end offers.

Take it seriously. Learn everything you can about it. Become an expert. Build your life around it. Learn
everything there is to learn about it, because the people in the business that are finding their fortunes are
doing just that. Potentially, you could join their ranks if you do the right things.

               'Humor is just another defense
               against the universe.'
               -Mel Brooks
                                                                        'Good people are good
                                                                      because they’ve come to
                                                                      wisdom through failure.'
                                                                              -William Saroyan

                                   How To Build Trust In Your Customers
                                    Before They Send You Any Money!
Getting that initial business with customers is how to make your customers trust you completely BEFORE
they send you their money!

This is the whole idea behind a lead generation program. A lead generation program makes it really easy
for people to do business with you the first time on some sort of small sale where you’re not asking them
to trust you a lot.

If somebody really trusts you, they don’t have to worry about sending you their money through the mail.
If somebody doesn’t trust you, though, and they’ve never done business with you before, they will have
very strong reservations about sending you their money.

This is completely understandable. After all, would you send money to someone you didn’t know, had
never met, and knew nothing about?

To get customers to really trust you, do your best for them on that initial contact. Then, you can go back
to them with your back-end offers, and they will trust you more.

               'Security can only be
               achieved through constant
               change, through discarding
               old ideas that have outlived
               their usefulness and adapting
               others to current facts.'
               -William O. Douglas
                                                                             'You had better be
                                                                          ready to change your
                                                                           mind when needed.'
                                                                              -Henry B. Wilson

That first sale is the hardest sale to make. The beauty of a lead generation program is that you’re just
asking the customer to do a little bit. You’re not asking the customer to trust you too much, because
you’re asking them to either spend very little money or no money at all.

If you’re asking them to send for something like a free report, free tape, or any other free item, then how
much are you really asking them to give you? Not much, if anything. You’re just asking for some really
simple, small thing. And because of that, they don’t have to trust you very much.

You just get them to take a small action, a small step. They don’t have to trust you very much to take that
small step. Therefore, many people will decide they really don’t have much to lose, and they’ll send away
for that free item if it’s something that catches their interest.

You make it easy for people to send you their money again because they’ve done a little business with
you one time. Now they have some trust in you. Now they know you a little better. Now there’s a little bit
of a relationship to build upon.

If you put together a good initial product, you will really get their interest, you’ll impress them, and
they’ll want to do more business with you . . . which will bring you even more money!
               'This is true joy of life—the being
               used for a purpose that is
               recognized by yourself as a
               right one, instead of being a feverish,
               selfish little clod of ailments and
               grievances, complaining that the
               world will not devote itself
               to making you happy.'
               -George Bernard Shaw
                                                                      'Not only must we be
                                                                    good, but we must also
                                                                    be good for something.'
                                                                    -Henry David Thoreau

                                     How To Choose The Perfect Name
                                        For Your New Company!

These eight ideas will help you choose the perfect name for your business:

   1.   Pick a name that has a meaning to your market.
   2.   Stay away from cute and clever names.
   3.   Pick a name that expresses a benefit of some type - or makes a promise.
   4.   Don’t make it too specific, because your market can change.
   5.   Make your company name imply stability and trust.
   6.   Make it easy to remember.
   7.   Pick a name that you can be proud of for years.
   8.   Study the names of other successful companies. Write down the names you like the best.

               'If you do not express
               your own original ideas,
               if you do not listen to
               your own being, you will
               have betrayed yourself.'
               -Rollo May
                                                                        'Spend time every
                                                                      day listening to what
                                                                       your muse is trying
                                                                                to tell you.’
                                                                       -Saint Bartholomew

                                 Little Tiny Mail-Order Companies Across
                                  The United States Can Make You Rich!
There are many little mail-order companies that don’t know what to do with their names and lists. They
are in the business, making sales, filling orders, and building their list . . . but they don’t know what to do
with it. This is how to make a fortune by targeting certain groups of people, namely the small mail-order

You can often buy lists from these little companies and work out deals with them. They have the gold
mine, but they don’t know how to mine it.

Then, you can turn around and rent them out on the market to make money. This is how to make a fortune
by compiling mailing lists! Not many companies out there are doing this. It is a very unique way you can
really cash in with mailing lists!

               'Maturity of mind is
               the capacity to endure uncertainty.'
               -John H. Finley
                                                             'Nobody can really guarantee the
                                                                        future. The best we can
                                                            do is size up the chances, calculate
                                                                    the risks involved, estimate
                                                                   our ability to deal with them
                                                                             and make our plans
                                                                               with confidence.'
                                                                                 -Henry Ford II

                                   People’s Wants - Needs - And Desires
                                  Can Be Transformed Into Many Millions
                                 Of Dollars - IF - You Know How To Do It!

Here are 19 things that can make it possible to NEVER WORRY ABOUT MONEY FOR THE REST OF
YOUR LIFE! If you are in tune with what people really desire . . . what they really want and need, then
you will never have to worry about making money. Just stay focused on giving people what they really

Every good salesperson thinks continuously about how to give people more of what they want. It’s a
game that you can play for the rest of your life, always trying to figure out how to give more people what
they really want in the form of a product which you sell them.

People’s desires can be transformed into huge amounts of money if you can tune in to what they need, and
want, and then find ways to give it to them. It’s a simple formula: you give people what they need in the
form of a product, you make enough profit per sale, you operate your business so as not to waste any
money, reinvest your profits into your business, and hopefully expand and bring in more customers and
more money!
               'You cannot run away
               from a weakness. You
               must sometimes fight
               it out or perish; and if
               that be so, why not now,
               and where you stand?'
               -Robert Louis Stephenson
                                                           'I wanted to be scared
                                                               again…I wanted to
                                                                 feel unsure again.
                                                              That’s the only way
                                                             I learn, the only way
                                                                 I feel challenged.'
                                                                  -Connie Chung

People Desire to:

   1.   Be successful and financially independent
   2.   Be sociable and hospitable
   3.   Express their personalities in a positive manner
   4.   Satisfy their curiosities
   5.   Emulate admirable traits
   6.   Take pride in their possessions
   7.   Acquire or collect things
   8.   Be admired and win affection from others
   9.   Mentally improve themselves
  10.   Be influential over others
  11.   Belong
  12.   Be first
  13.   Be current and up-to-date
  14.   Be creative
  15.   Resist domination by others
  16.   Be good parents
  17.   Be efficient
  18.   Be recognized as an authority
  19.   Appreciate beauty

People Want To:

   1.   Appreciate Beauty
   2.   Express their Personalities
   3.   Resist Domination by Others
   4.   Acquire or Collect Things
   5.   Satisfy their Curiosity
   6.   Be Recognized as an Authority
   7.   Win Affection from Others
   8.   Emulate the Admirable
   9.   Have Money-Making Opportunities
  10.   Have a Business of Their Own
  11.   Save money
  12.   Save Time
  13.   Take No Risks
  14.   Have No Doubts
  15.   Avoid Discomfort
16. Work Less
17. Eliminate Worry
18. Avoid Personal Ebarrassment

          'Life is a mirror and will
          reflect back to the thinker
          what he thinks into it.'
          -Ernest Holmes
                                                             'Our minds can shape the
                                                                   way a thing will be
                                                             because we act according
                                                                  to our expectations.'
                                                                     -Federico Fellini

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