The Origins of Reggae Music by aihaozhe2


									Reggae music actually has a very long history, possibly a longer history than some
other kinds of music. Although it is believed that reggae is derived from many
different kinds of music, its exact origins still remain a mystery. However one thing
that we can be certain of is that reggae has its origins in the Caribbean, and it has been
played there for a very long time. Local people in the Caribbean use this kind of
music for both entertainment and for specific purposes. Since becoming popular in the
rest of the world, reggae has taken its place at the top of all the types of music that
influence many of the world's population.

In fact, it is quite obvious now that reggae has been used and applied with many
different types of music to create new musical genres such as pop, rock and folk
music. However, it is quite surprising that even though reggae has very unique
characteristics, still they can perfectly merge into other kinds of music very smoothly.
You may have heard many songs that are a combination of reggae and other kinds of
music as mentioned earlier.

Hopefully, the information presented so far has been relevant. You might also want to
consider the following. However, when you read up to this paragraph, you may
become more eager to know about the place of the origin of reggae music. Let's guess!
Yes, some of you may already know that it came from Jamaica. So, where is Jamaica
then? Jamaica is a small island nation of the Greater Antilles.

In fact, Jamaica is also the home of other kinds of music too. As many of you may be
aware, the Caribbean islands are the home of many different kinds of music native to
the region, such as calypso, ska and so on, and reggae is one of these.

Even nowadays, as mentioned before, reggae is influencing many kinds of
contemporary music. I would like to give you some more valid examples. In the
modern music world, everybody has heard of hip hop. Hip hop music is very popular
among teenagers and young adults. However, the secret is that hip hop music is one of
the music types that has its background in reggae music.

Also, if we take a close look, we discover that another type of music called rap music
is also derived from reggae. Therefore, it is quite obvious that reggae, apart from
being popular in its own right, has developed into other styles of music to produce
completely new music that can engage a big audience covering different age groups.

However, people who still love the original reggae style will probably not change
their tastes, because they still love the original rhythm and lyrics of reggae, as well as
their favorite reggae singers. You can't predict when knowing something extra about
reggae music will come in handy. If you have learnt anything new about the keyword
of this article, you should file the article where you can find it again.

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