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Under 6 Blue Proudly Sponsored by: Pit Top Conveyer Products 4276 4448
Coach: Richard Ford. Manager: Snouter Hartnett
Berkeley 18 defeated Dapto Blue 16
Tries: Kieran Kelly, Steven Hall, Ben Perrin, Dokota Bourke. Goals: Ben Perrin
Good win over Dapto Blue 18-16, the most pleasing thing with this team is that we are improving in both attack
and defence, very good games from Kieran Kelly, Alex Rea and Jimmy Patterson, thanks to Ben Perrin who
helps us out when we were short.

Under 6 Gold Proudly Sponsored by: Pit Top Conveyer Products 4276 4448
Coach: Howard Burgess. Managers: Sue, Sandy
Berkeley 20 lost to Dapto Gold 22
Tries: Ben P 3, Zac F. Goals: Ben P 2
A close game where the result was in the balance right to the very end. Our defence was much better than last
week but still took a bit too long to get set and Dapto caught us out a couple of times. Our attack up the middle
of the field was also very good with Lukas leading the way through the defensive line setting up field position
for Ben, Jett, Cooper and Zac F to attack out wide. Congratulations to Lukas who won the Coach’s award this
week for his efforts. Thanks to Cooper and Zac who played for us this week - great game boys.

Under 7 Blue Proudly Sponsored by: Wayne Deans Auto Repairs 4272 6077
Coach: Steve Brinkley. Manager:
Berkeley Port Kembla
Tries: Jack Morley 2, Quinton Taufu. Goals: Quinton Taufu
A whole hearted performance from the boys who played this week. We fell off quite a few tackles due to trying
to tackle to high and not around the legs, which we address at training. Fatigue also played a big part in this
area, due to the fact we played the whole game with only six players. The boys and their parents should be
proud of their efforts because they never gave up at any stage.

Under 7 Gold Proudly Sponsored by: Wayne Deans Auto Repairs 4272 6077
Coach: Shaun Rae. Manager: Richard Hall
Berkeley 42 defeated Windang 4
Tries: R Hall 5, B Rae 2, M Lloyd, J Inglis. Goals: R Hall, B Rae, Josh (Windang)
At our scheduled kick off time, only 4 of our players had arrived at the ground, Windang let us wait for another
10 minutes and also lent us 1 of their players (Josh) so we did not have to forfeit. Josh did a great job for us.
After the initial attack and defense, our 5 boys and Josh got on top of Windang. A great defensive game from
Matt, Jycen, Ben, Jackson and Richard. The great defense from our boys led to a solid attacking game. Great
support play from Richard led to 2 of his tries from great passes by Ben and Josh. It was a pleasure to run these
boys today, whom all played above themselves. A great effort boys.

  Berkeley Sports Rugby League Football Club Trivia Night
  Saturday 19th June 7pm. Berkeley Sports Club. $10.00 pp
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          Tickets are available at Junior League canteen, numbers are limited so be early.

All proceeds will go towards the Junior Incentive Scheme
               For more information, please contact Virginia Peppoloni 0402 526 949
Under 8 Blue Proudly Sponsored by: Wayne Deans Auto Repairs 4272 6077
Coach: Shannon Bond. Manager:
Berkeley 24 defeated Thirroul Blue 14
Tries: Talatua Amone "JNR" 2, Blake Kelly 2, Elias Salway. Goals: Daniel Lindley, Sam Conte
Round 6 brought us up against Thirroul Blue, and it was a game that we have been waiting for all year. Thirroul
Blue were unbeaten since under 6's. And we didn’t get chance to play them last year. So this was a measuring
stick to see how far my team had come. And the kids didn't let me or our supporters down. They turned up to
play our TEAM game. With Kurtis (Man of Match) playing the game of his short life leading the boys all over
the park, and to be unluckily pulled down twice with only a metre from tryline today. The more this boy comes
out of his shell the more I can see him improving. Thanks for effort Kurtis. Junior, Sam and Blake turned on
their class today in defence and clearly had Thirroul rattled. They were bigger & faster than us, but still couldn't
find a way through our defensive line. The only points Thirroul could come up with were by little mistakes in
our defence line. I'm sure we can remove these errors from our game. Overall great effort in defence by the
whole TEAM. The more we commit ourselves in tackles the more efficient we become. How great it is to see
our training paying off. Just remember Team Blue, defence wins matches. Well done !!! Now for our attacking,
Junior crossed again today for 2 powerhouse tries and 2 disallowed (1 was a try), I swear he goes looking for
kids to tackle him. Just so he can say he beat them twice. Junior will go a long way in our game and is a
pleasure to coach. Blake Kelly was back to his best today with another 2 great tries to his tally for this year.
Blake also has big future in our game.... Great work Blake !!! With Elias being jolly on the spot to take
advantage of Kurtis's great touchline run. Elias realized we had them short on the edges and scored a great try.
Good vision Elias. Daniel (Sterlo) Lindley played his team HALFBACK role with distinction today. And
Jazmyn played her role to the letter at hooker. I know these are not exciting positions to play yet, but they will
be in years to come, and the job you 2 are doing now is up there with under 11's stuff. So keep up the Team
effort Jaz and Sterlo. Our new boy Stefan (Nuck) continues to learn our game on the run. With limited game
time today I must apologize to you. Keep up the efforts Nuck, this year is your learning year mate. Sam Conte
again played a great all round game with his try saving chase and tackle a key element in our win today. Even
though I don't think you were 100% today. Well done Sam. And last but not least Blake Kostadinovski (Big
Bobber) Blake is our main forward in team blue. Today he ran onto the ball at pace and never hesitated to make
the hard yards up the middle again this is work that goes un noticed by others, but not by me Blake. You are
making our team go forward as a unit. Great work Big Bobber.... to the parents, thank you for your continued
committed efforts. Is Appreciated. With 3 or 4 tries bombed today, I am sure the victory could have been by a
lot more........ Go Hard Eagles !!!! Play for your TEAM mates !!! Shannon

Under 8 Gold Proudly Sponsored by: Wayne Deans Auto Repairs 4272 6077
Coach: Shannon Bond / Kevin McGirr. Manager:
Berkeley vs Thirroul White

Under 9’s Proudly Sponsored by: Illawarra Developments
Coach: Frank Peppoloni. Manager:
Berkeley BYE

Under 10-2 Proudly Sponsored by: Lynden’s Carpet Cleaning 4271 3500
Coach: Graeme Fry. Manager: Mason Burgess
Berkeley 8 lost to Windang 26
Tries: Ryan Shimwell2
A big thank you to Zac, Tremane & Josh from the under 9’s for helping out as we were short of players. Very
poor first half to give Windang a 20 point start, we must tackle and hold the ball. Second half improved 8-6 to
us. We seemed disorganized all day, trained poorly and it showed today.
Under 11’s A Proudly Sponsored by: Figtree Quality Meats 4229 1739
Coach: Barry Donnelly. Manager: Theresa Hird
Berkeley 16 defeated Thirroul White 0
Tries: Cody Hird, Shawn Bright, Billy Dean. Goals: Billy Dean, Shawn Bright
Sixteen to nil. What a tremendous defensive effort the team put in. The first goal of the match was to get to half
time without conceding a try and we achieved this. Scoring 2 tries and being 10 to nil up was a bonus. The team
was asked to hold the line and not concede a try in the second half and this they did scoring a third try for the
final score. All three tries involved great individual efforts but they all came after excellent and concerted team
work. Shawn scored first from a tap free after a penalty following concerted pressure on Thirroul. Cody scored a
long distance try after a Thirroul kick coming out of their own end. Billy finished Thirroul off with a show and
go for the final try. These tries were enabled by a consistent and determined defensive effort that had Thirroul
going sideways and even backwards. We started slowly and spent a lot of the first half tackling in our own end
of the field due to a series of errors. When we finally settled down and played to our game plan we were able to
push Thirroul back to their end and the try opportunities came. Some highlights of the match, beside the 3 try's
were the hit on Thirroul's biggest player where Billy went low and Josh came over the top and cleaned him up.
A tremendous hit that rattled the whole Thirroul side. There was the play where the forwards attacked down the
right and then the ball went through the backs from Billy to Jack and Kain with cutout passes and Kain was
away for a try. Unfortunately, Kain was called back for what was, at worst, a marginal forward pass. Another
missed try scoring chance was when Thirroul ran the ball from about 15 metres out but our defence hit and
drove the runner back about 10 metres and when he tried to offload the receiver was hit hard and driven back
where the ball came loose. Unfortunately we fumbled the opportunity to score. Overall this was the best tackling
I have seen from this team. It is also pleasing to see the moves and skills we practice at training being used on
match days. A great effort from every player. Really well done.

Under 11’s B Proudly Sponsored by: Figtree Quality Meats 4229 1739
Coach: Peter Bright. Manager:
Berkeley 18 lost to Collegians 22

Under 12’s Proudly Sponsored by: DM Smash Repairs
Coach: Damien Harrison. Manager:
Berkeley 8 lost to West's 30

Under 13-1 Proudly Sponsored by: Lynden’s Carpet Cleaning 4271 3500
Coach: Brett Yeaman. Manager:
Berkeley 82 defeated Helensburgh 0
Tries: Dennis Sheppard 3, Samson Buncheraum 2, Ayden Janssen 2, Bobby Katana 2, Greg Merritt 2,
Aaron Yeaman 2, Cameron Turner, Adam Robinson, Atu Velavai. Goals: Ayden Janssen 11
A big well done to all the boys for a great effort in attack and Defence. I would like to say to everyone that
didn't score on Saturday you can be proud of yourselves because as a TEAM you all contributed in one way or
the other, weather it was your defence or you being unselfish and offloading to a team mate to score and putting
the team before yourself. We now need to put this game behind us and work harder at training. With a week off
we can work on the little things and take it into our next game against St Georges basin in a couple of weeks.
Well done to Greg for scoring his first tries for the U13's and Dennis for scoring his first hat trick a great effort
from both of you. Now we really need to focus on the next 4 weeks as we are coming up against the better teams
in the comp." LETS GO EAGLES"

Under 16’s Proudly Sponsored by: Wello's Concreting
Coach: Mario Marsh/Frank Peppoloni. Manager:
Berkeley 8 lost to Shellharbour 33
Tries: Brendan Ryan, Keira McDonald
We stated this game in good hopes with Berkeley capping off the first try. Injuries and no reserves started to get
to us as the game went ahead. I would also like to thank the opposition for playing some A grade players on at
regular intervals, this puts a new meaning to [playing in the true spirit of the game]. Put your heads up Eagles
you guys did well.
                   JUNIORS. Saturday 29th May 2010
    Team            Versus            Time               Venue
  U/6 Blue    St Johns Rhinos        9.30am Berkeley Park Mini
  U/6 Gold    St Johns Blues        10.10am Berkeley Park Mini
  U/7 Blue    Corrimal Green        10.50am Berkeley Park Mini
  U/7 Gold    Corrimal Red          11.30am Berkeley Park Mini
  U/8 Blue    West's Blue           10.20am Parrish Park Mini
  U/8 Gold    West's Red            11.00am Parrish Park Mini
  U/9         Dapto Canaries        12.10pm Berkeley Park #1
  U/10-2      West's Red             9.00am Parrish Park #1
  U/11-1      BYE
  U/11-2      West's                 9.50am Parrish Park #1
  U/12        BYE
  U/13        BYE
  U/16        St Johns               1.00pm Berkeley Park #1
                  WOMEN'S LEAGUE Friday 28th May
      Berkeley            West's        7.00pm     Parrish Park Figtree
                                     nd         st
                   SENIORS. U/18, 2 Grade, 1 Grade
                    Round 10. Saturday 29th May 2010
  U/18        BYE                            Ziems
  2nd Grade Corrimal             3.00pm      Park
  1st Grade Corrimal             4.30pm      Corrimal

 Sportsman's Dinner
17th July 6.30pm Berkeley Sports Club
       Darryl Brohman
        Paul Sironen
      2 Course Meal, Auction Items
Women's League
Berkeley BYE

Under 18’s
Coach: Mick Flynn. Manager: Grant Barnes, Scott Barnes
Berkeley 10 lost to Thirroul 40. Half time score: Thirroul 20-0
Tries: Will Hargreaves. Goals: Ben De La Fosse 1/2
Players Player: Will Hargreaves. Coaches Award: Jake Heufel

Second Grade
Coach: Wade Forrester. Manager: Paul Tindall
Berkeley 32 defeated Thirroul 6. Half time score: Berkeley 26-0
Tries: Jordan Daly 2, Chris Kelly, Daniel Hodges, Marc Leadbeater, Tom McGrane. Goals: Matt Lehman 4/6
Players Player: Luke Letele. Coaches Award: Matt Lehmann
A very pleasing performance. The first half we built pressure and controlled the football well with a high
completion rate and solid kicking game. We scored some exciting tries to lead the first half 26-0.The second
half we ran into a strong head wind and showed great composure and commitment to hold out a Thirroul side
throwing everything at us. A very pleasing effort in defence. A great team effort. Well Done.

First Grade
Coaches: Gavin Clinch. Managers: Wayne Dean, Joe Wilson
Berkeley 26 lost to Thirroul 40. Half time score: Berkeley 18-16
Tries: Sekope Meke 2, Zac Mullane, Luke Isakka, Josh Edwards. Goals: Lochlan Russell 3/5
Players Player: Steve Crouch. Coaches Award: Steven Crouch
Not a good day at all, we played our worst game of the year against the butchers and did not deserve to win at
all. We now go back into the pack with 4 teams fighting for the top five, best on the day Steven Crouch,
Luke Isakka, Locky Russell.

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