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The New Gummy Bear Breast Implant


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									When patients come to Dr Teitelbaums office asking for a breast augmentation
surgery, He always asks them what kind of implants they want. They answer "gummy
bear implants" more often than anything else - more than saline or regular silicone.

Since Dr Teitelbaum is very interested in the subject of gummy bear breast implants,
he asks them to explain what it was about them that most interested them. Patients
give some combination of the following responses:

-That they liked the idea that they have a tear-drop shape, believing that this will
make the breast more natural. By being thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom,
they believe that has a shape more like a beautiful and natural breast. This way, the
breast implant will cause the breast to project more at the bottom, yet taper more
gradually at the upper part.

-That they heard they feel better because they are soft yet do not develop folds or

-That gummy bear implants are less likely to develop hardening (capsular

-That gummy bear breast implants are likely to last longer than regular silicone gel
implants or saline.

-That gummy bear breast implants are "unbreakable" or "can't leak." that is a bit of an
overstatement - they can break, and they can leak. But it is extremely unlikely that
they will ever break, and in the few cases Dr Teitelbaum has heard of in which the
gummy bear implants did leak, the gel stayed right around the shell, not leaking or
migrating past the capsule the body naturally forms around the implant.

Why is Dr Teitelbaum so interested in gummy bear implants? Because he first
observed their use when he was visiting surgeons overseas in the '90s, and then started
at the very beginning of the US clinical trials of these implants in 2001. There are
three manufactures that make gummy bear implants, and Dr Teitelbaum is the only
surgeon in California - and one of just several in the entire country - that was on all
three clinical trials. So he has had a lot of experience with them, so much so that one
of the breast implant manufacturers had him write their education program to teach
surgeons how to use the gummy bear implants. They also videotaped him performing
the operation in order to teach other surgeons how to use these implants once the
gummy bear implants are FDA approved.

One thing that bears mentioning is that there is a lot of confusion around the term
"gummy bear." Obviously, that is a colloquial, non-scientific term. We used to always
call the gummy bear implants, "cohesive implants." But then someone recognized that
all silicone implants are cohesive to some degree. Of course, the gummy bear
implants were the very most cohesive - cohesive enough to maintain a shape and
resist folding. But the demand for cohesive implants became so high, and since they
were not yet FDA approved, many surgeons confused patients by saying that all
implants were cohesive. Technically they were correct, but up until that point
everyone who know what was going on understood the term cohesive implants to
apply only to the implants that were to become known as the gummy bear implants.

Another term that is used to describe the gummy bear implants is "form stable
implants." This term is good in that it describes what they are: implants that maintain
a form. They have a shape, and as such, they shape the breast. Whereas regular gel
implants are shaped by the body. But it seems that term never really caught on.

It seems that gummy bear is the term that is here to stay, and indeed it is rather
descriptive. Think about a gummy bear candy: if you cut it in half, both sides
maintain the same shape. It is soft, yet there are fine features sculpted into it. If you
cut a gummy bear in half, the insides do not leak out. And that is the way a gummy
bear breast implant works.

At the time of this writing, gummy bear breast implants are not yet approved by the
FDA. They are currently only available to about a hundred patients a month
throughout the entire country who see one of just a handful of surgeons. Hopefully
they will receive full clearance from the FDA before long. Many women want the
gummy bear implant, hopefully they will have the opportunity to receive them soon!

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