The Network Marketer versus the Internet Marketer by aihaozhe2


									The network marketer and internet marketer; aren't they the same thing? While the
two terms may seem similar there are some very significant differences between the

What is a network marketer? A network can be defined as any arrangement of
elements that are interconnected. A network marketer( aka MLMer) puts together this
network - in this case, distributors and customers - to move (sell) a product or service.
These marketers are generally selling products or services that are offered by a
separate company. It is a business of relationships. The product can be just about
anything from coffee to information. Boresha Coffee, DrinkAct, Youngevity, etc. are
just a few examples of companies that use this system to sell their products. There are
lots of things involved in being a good marketer, but basically, the principles remains
the same—put together a network and sell products through this system of
marketing straight to the customer face to face.

Internet marketers, on the other hand, market either their products or other products
strictly through the internet. Generally they have limited (if any) personal contact with
the people that buy their products. The objective is to drive as many people as
possible to their Web sites and making more sales. These marketers may use blogs,
articles, or other methods to drive traffic to their sites. They are not necessarily
dependent on relationships and repeat customers. Once they have the contact
information for a visitor to their site, they are able to let that customer know about
new products or services as they become available.

The MLMs may use internet marketing techniques to sell their products as well.
However, most MLMers are dependent on repeat sales and keeping their distributors
active. These marketers are interested in driving more traffic to their sites, so they
may purchase the services of internet marketers to help them increase their reach to
the customer. Conversely, an internet marketer would be interested in getting
information on the network marketer's network as potential source of new traffic to
their site.

Both network marketers and internet marketers are powerful selling methods. Anyone
who is thinking of selling through the internet needs to understand the principle and
ideas that both of these groups use to sell. Anyone who wants to be successful needs
to master as many of the methods of both these groups as possible. With over three
million new users joining the internet every year, the internet continues to grow in its
importance as a way to sell goods and services.

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