The Most Exotic Fitness Spa Resorts

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					Enjoy peace and calmness at some of the most exotic spa retreats in the world. From
world-class cuisine to the crucial indulgence spa comfort, the body, mind and soul
will be nurtured. It should come as no surprise that fitness spa vacations are among
the most dreamed of by everybody. The most exotic fitness spa resort has variety of
spa packages that offers different treatments. Travelers can come across massive
amounts of revitalizing spa therapy. The services are prepared with treatment rooms
for therapeutic bodywork, massages, conditioning body scrubs, cocoons and facials.
Massage options consist of lymphatic, reflexology, aromatherapy, Shiatsu, sports,
Thai and Swedish. Couples can also arrange side-by-side massages. Facials include
skin care treatments, such as aromatherapy facial, aqua-lift replenishing facial and
men's fitness facial. There is also a precise skin treatment, facial, body waxing as well
as self-tanning treatment. For total-body therapy, travelers can choose between grape
seed scrub, deluxe conditioning body scrub and mineral salt scrub. Alternatives to the
body scrubs include a 100-minute full-body treatment; a 50-minute body conditioning
therapy, Euphoria, Aroma Boosters and Cocoon; 50-minute therapy that encourages
physical and emotional well-being, which also includes Anti-Aging, Detoxify Body,
Regeneration and Travel Exhaustion.

Knowing the benefits you can get from heat and water, fitness spas include exclusive
water features all throughout the service. The Aqua Therapy features a 30-by-15-foot
co-ed therapy pool with airbed loungers, a torrent cascade, neck fountains and an air
tub with body rub jet counter. A portion of the pool area also has a wide thermal suite
and whirlpool featuring herbal and sensory showers, Finnish saunas, reflexology sinks,
ice fountain and aromatic steam room. Some fitness spa resorts also offer the exotic
ceremony and signature treatments. The steam therapy and therapeutic mud which
takes place in an elaborately cemented steam hall is somewhat a modern-day version
of an ancient Middle Eastern cleansing ritual. fitness spa resorts are loaded with the
premium facilities, including the world's original planetarium at sea, a theater,
first-class dining amenities, a casino, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs,
children-friendly facilities, boutiques as well as the largest ballrooms, wine
collections and libraries.

Whistler, British Columbia, has been widely recognized as one of the most popular
downhill ski fitness resorts in North America. The last several years, however, it has
turned out to be a true constant destination. And, for wellness-minded travelers,
downhill skiing acquires a backseat to the riches of wellness type activities presented
in this attractive and stunning mountain-based community. Fitness travel to wellness
recently remained focused on walking, hiking, and of course, spa hopping.

Some exotic full-service spas are located right in the middle of villages. They are
often small and have several treatment rooms plus tiny relaxation corners, and
manicure and pedicure area. Despite their size, they are well-presented, homey and
comfortable. The only thing lacking owing to space restraint is a hydrotherapy area.
Hotel gyms are just outside the door. They also give signature treatments offered with
a sense of place by incorporating products such as mud and seaweed that hand
harvested. They are said to be simultaneously calming and revitalizing.

Others fitness spa resorts provide a peaceful, relaxing and beautiful environment for
the weary guest by the beauty of extensive English gardens and classical music
concerts held once per month in the acoustically-designed place. New innovations that
are constantly added to these resorts turn them into a popular choice for getaways,
especially for honeymooners. These relaxing resorts include saunas, steam rooms, a
meditation room, showers and relaxation area.

Fitness spa resorts offer a wellness and health program with an astonishing Thermal
Suite and Hydrotherapy Pool. These are provided to give the guests the vital spa
experience they want and need. Inspired by stress-relieving, relaxing and holistic
treatments drawn from disciplines around the world, they recommend the most exotic
and luxurious treatments available in any spa resort. For fitness enthusiasts, the health
centers offer a complete wellness approach to keeping fit including acupuncture,
nutrition consultations, six-branded exercise programs and a meditation program. The
centers also include a nail spa and style spa for an all-inclusive hair and beauty
treatments. As an ideal match to worldwide tours, travelers are able to acquire
inspiring journeys with treatments encouraged by exotic traditions. Travelers can also
take pleasure in a multi-dimensional lifestyle-wellness approach, during a fully
pre-arranged fitness program. Travelers wish to live healthier lives and they want to
create life-changing good habits in the way of some of the world's most diversely
skilled fitness practitioners. They have truly established the precise balance between
pure pleasure and a unique program of lifestyle pampering and fitness.

Soothing, exciting, relaxing, extravagant, intimate and sophisticated. They are the
initial impressions on fitness tours. These tours offer a wide variety of alluring
services with style. Deluxe product lines and careful, expert-serviced treatments
reward and spares no detail in providing a proven regime for total body health.
Professional trainers teach and oversee personal workouts, aerobics and yoga and
instructions in dance, complemented by the world's most complex cardiovascular and
free-weight equipment. Leisure and stress-management methods as well as individual
help with diet guidelines from a registered dietitian, sports conditioning, age and
exercise and exercise physiology are provided in the included wellness education

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