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									     Request For Proposal
         For A National
     “Intelligent Utility Grid”

A Smart Grid For Both Electricity
          And Water

        A PPP Between
    The Maxcess Foundation
     Sovereign Government
The Maxcess Foundation ............................................................................................................ 3
Perspective .................................................................................................................................. 4
Location ...................................................................................................................................... 5
Quality Assurance ....................................................................................................................... 6
Regulatory and Legal Requirements ........................................................................................... 6
Acronyms and Definitions .......................................................................................................... 6
Bidding ........................................................................................................................................ 6
The Project Specifications .......................................................................................................... 7
  1. Power Generation Plant (bulk & distributed), 1GW + ................................................... 7
  2. Transport & Distribution Grid (1,000+ Miles) ............................................................... 7
  3. Advanced Metering, (up to 1.5 Million Customers) ....................................................... 8
  4. Smart Grid OS and NOC ................................................................................................ 9
  5. Project Term.................................................................................................................. 13
  6. General Information and Requirements ........................................................................ 13
  7. Disclosure of Interest .................................................................................................... 15
  8. Proposal Submission Required Elements ..................................................................... 16


              Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
The Maxcess Foundation

The Maxcess Foundation [“MFI”] was established in 2007 and began its
operations in 2008 with the establishment of its initial endowment from
private philanthropic donors. Today’s endowment is in excess of $10 Billion
from which MFI has created a number of grant programs to support its
initiatives and those of other support organizations, which include SGOs,
NGOs, educational institutions (both public and private) and research

Globally, in Developed Countries infrastructure is in dire need of repair or
replacement. As an example, the power industry is in desperate need of
modification and capacity expansion to keep up with demand. Many states
and governments globally have also mandated requirements for new
emission standards and minimum renewable energy production quotas.

We are very near the tipping point where demand will soon exceed supply
and rate increases may no longer be counted on to meet infrastructure
capital requirements. It is up to the private sector to bridge the gap.

MFI’s programs support those organizations in achieving their upgrade and
capacity expansion plans. In many developing countries dependable
essential infrastructure is non-existent. This makes it possible to Design and
Build comprehensive new Technology for Infrastructure Solutions from the
ground up.

MFI’s Infrastructure Programs address not just the immediate need of
upgrade and construction but long-term operation and sustainability of the
infrastructure’s entire life-cycle allowing minimum environmental impact.
Our business models and intellectual property allow for maximum
measurable benefits to individuals, institutions and communities.

The following systems specifications are broad definitions of utility
infrastructure technology which does not yet exist. Consequently, MFI is
subsidizing all up front R & D costs of all participating OEMs. OEMs are
expected to design and build pursuant to the project specifications and
provide the necessary long-term support over the project’s 30-year lifecycle
with any and all upgrades when needed, also subsidized by MFI.

MFI is paying for 100% of all infrastructure development costs on behalf of
Sovereign Government.     This is a cooperative collaboration between a
Sovereign Government and its private partner (MFI) via Public Private

         Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491

Please Note For This RFP:

      MFI owns the communication and information technology network
       (C&ITN), optical fiber and wireless digital network, which shall
       integrate and provide connectivity for Utility Grid OS.
      MFI owns the Production Generation Plants.
      MFI owns the Transport and Distribution Grid.
      MFI owns the Substations, Conversion Stations and Control Centers.
      MFI owns the PIADS (Premise Integrated Access Device).
      MFI owns the “Embeded Sensor Network”.
      MFI owns the Energy Storage Systems.
      MFI owns the Operating System for the “Intelligent Utility Grid” OS.
      MFI owns the OS Software.
      MFI is the owner until PPP is completed and operational then
       ownership of specific portions of the infrastructure shall be transferred
       to Sovereign Government on the timetable agreed between MFI and
       the Sovereign.
      MFI shall still be responsible for paying long-term PPA subsidies on
       behalf of Sovereign Government and for customers that can not
       otherwise afford services.

All Companies Bidding must fully understand the relevance of the above.
This means that the MFI RFP shall be built to the highest standards without
compromise to legacy technologies. The MFI RFP shall be provided with
more than enough bandwith (wired/ wireless) conectivity, as it will sit on
MFI’s dedicated C&ITN (high bandwith low latency). The C&ITN shall provide
MFI’s “Intelligent Utility Grid” with more than adequate capcity, power,
personel, security, infrastructure and source code to operate on, i.e., 1Gbps
bandwidth connectivity to each MFI PIAD. All Customer data shall be
protected by MFI while allowing customers to manage their use.

As owner we set specifications, terms, prices and define services on our own
infrastructure. Specification considerations are not made by an assumed set
of third party limitations, i.e., legacy infrastructure, cost structures, current
business models, pricing models or any other type of limited resource

In other words we are Designing and Building from the ground up,
as if the entire current infrastructure were non-existant and we
were starting from scratch today with existing infrastructure being
updated or replaced accordingly.

          Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
How would your company design all or a portion of MFI’s “Intelligent
Utility Grid”? Your answer should assume that you are designing a
solution without any resource limitation or cost constraint and with
MFI subsidizing the monthly utility bills on behalf of its customers
for the next 30-years to make the project commercially viable. Your
company’s responsibility is to Design/Build a “World Class” state of
the art solution from the ground up, making certain that when it is
turned on and after it is debugged, that it can achieve “Five Nines"
(i.e. 99.999%) up-time performance reliability.

This entire project described within this RFP shall take place within the


        Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
Quality Assurance

Entire project quality assurance is mandated and shall be specified by
agreed upon contract terms.

Regulatory and Legal Requirements

All regulatory and legal requirements of the project have either been met or
approved by the Sovereign Government at the local, municple and federal
levels. Appropriate Permitting has been done or waits only final Design
plans to implement construction and operational permits and licenses.

Acronyms and Definitions

AC - Alternating Current
CHP – Combined Heat and Power
COTS – Commercial Off The Shelf
DC - Direct Current
ESN - Embedded Sensor Network
HVDC – High Voltage Direct Current
NCOTS- Not Commercial Off The Shelf
NOC - Network Operations Center
PIAD – Premise Integrated Access Device
SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
TBD- To Be Developed
VPN – Virtual Private Network
tpmC – transactions per minute / per computer Core


Each of the following numbered items may be independently proposed and
bid for consideration by MFI. The overall requirement is that each of these
works in concert with the other numbered items for the completion of the
entire project.

Companies may bid as a combination of multiple technologies. For example
if the computer operating systems vendor needs to partner with a
networking vendor to provide all the end to end systems and node
management, this should be included in the bid as a prime/sub combination,

          Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
or a delineation of which prime or sub is bidding which portion of the

The response format for the bidding is free form, but must address the items
listed in this RFP and should be limited to 50 pages. Product documentation
of elements being bid may be submitted for clarification and they will not be
returned, nor will they be included or count against the 50 page maximum.

The Project Specifications
1.   Power Generation Plant (bulk & distributed), 1GW +

     A.   100% Renewable Power Production Plant (solar preferred)
     B.   Gas-Fired CHP Plant (Combustion Turbine)
     C.   Combination of A. and B.
     D.   Complete Integration and Interoperability with numbers 2., 3. and
          4. below

As detailed above, the power generation “plant[s]” portion of the project
may be delivered via multiple energy production formats, but the
redundancy, emergency backup and integration facets are fixed
requirements. The generic term “plant” in this case will be inclusive of all
necessary elements, buildings, structures, substations, etc., necessary to
build out the proposed power generation requirements shown above.
Nuclear power is not being considered for this particular project.

2.   Transport & Distribution Grid (1,000+ Miles)

     A.   HVDC- (underground)
     B.   Upgrade High Voltage lines
     C.   Conversion of DC< >AC
     D.   Upgrade and replace current Power Distribution Infrastructure
          “Intelligent Utility Grid”
     E.   Develop Emergency Power Back Up & Storage System
     F.   Develop Wide Area Grid Sensor System - Embedded Sensor
          Network (ESN)
     G.   Integration with number 1. above and numbers 3. and 4. below
     H.   Black Start capabilities and procedures


          Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
As part of the bidding process and taken into each submittal should be the
specific elements of the Transportation and Distribution Grid which you plan
to submit a proposal for or that you are bidding upon.

3.   Advanced Metering, (up to 1.5 Million Customers)

     A. Develop Premise Integrated Access Devices (“PIADs”) for
        “Intelligent Utility Grid”
     B. PIADs for Commercial and Residential Customers (“Premise
        Situational Awareness”)
     C. PIADS shall be integrated for both electricity and water monitoring,
        management and control systems at the premise in real-time.
     D. Integration of PIAD’s into numbers 1. and 2. above and number 4.

For item 3-C, PIADs for electricity and water shall be integrated and
situationally aware of both residential and commercial premise in real time.
Water monitoring shall be conducted upon water entering premise, stored on
premise, consumed on premise and discharged on premise.

Potable water shall be monitored to levels that include National Primary and
Secondary Drinking Water Regulations and conformity to published Public
Health Goal (mg/L)2 standards. PIADs shall be enabled to manage and
control water flow, pressure and discharge at premise.

PIADs shall monitor load in real time to and from premise for both
residential and commerial customers as net users and/or producers of
electricity. PIADs shall be enabled to monitor, manage and control appliance
loads on premise, report and store customer data and be situationally aware
to correct, trouble shoot, notify and if necessary restore service interuption
via energy storage system on or off premise in real time.

A bid including average cost per device, power requirements and application
hooks to available COTS products or monitoring tools or NCOTS products or
monitoring tools (TBD) is expected in addition to any other information
needed to detail the response.


         Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
4.   Smart Grid OS and NOC

     A. Management and Control of numbers 1., 2., and 3. Above (“Grid
        Situational Awareness”) including real time simulation capabilities.
     B. Fully Integrated Network Elements:
          I. Control Centers
         II. Sub Stations
        III. Conversion Stations
        IV. Embedded Sensor Network –(ESN)
         V. Storage Facilities
        VI. PIADs
     C. Cyber Security- Biometrics, Encryption
     D. Wired and Wireless Integration of numbers 1., 2. and 3. above with
        Grid OS, via dedicated C&ITN
     E. NOC

For item 4-A, Dynamic simulations are crucial to the planning and operation
of the power generation system. Issues such as responsive reserve levels,
use of interruptible loads for responsive reserve, load rejection simulations,
system stability during transmission and generation outages, critical clearing
time analyses, system voltage stability, small signal stability and tuning of
power system stabilizers, etc., are examined and resolved using dynamic

Combined Cycle plant output power reduces with reduction in system
frequency and increase in the ambient temperature. This may affect the
amount of spinning reserve required by this MFI RFP. Since these plants are
the most economical, at least among gas-fueled generating units, it is
possible that during an off-peak season when the base-load units may be
off-line for maintenance, a much higher percentage of generation being
supplied by these plants will be necessary. Presently, there are no adequate
models of combined cycle power plants (as well as individual gas turbines)
available to accurately represent their behavior in a dynamic simulation.
This is an example of the types of simulation software needed for this plant.

The latest version of Power Technologies Incorporated Power System
Simulator for Engineers (PTI PSS/E) software will likely be adopted by MFI
as its standard and any code simulators need to be incorporated into or
adaptable to the PTI PSS/E software. MFI requires models and simulations
for all generators connected to the system. MFI Staff and stakeholders will
use the PTI PSS/E as its standard software tool. The PTI PSS/E is a package
of programs for studies of power system transmission network and

         Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
generation performance in both steady-state and dynamic conditions. PTI
PSS/E handles power flow, fault analysis (balanced and unbalanced),
network equivalent construction, and dynamic simulation. PTI PSS/E is not
set up to solve any specific problem. Rather, it is a carefully optimized data
structure associated with a comprehensive array of computational tools that
are directed by the user in an interactive manner. To import models into the
PTI PSS/E platform, control block diagrams are translated into FORTRAN
statements and compiled during the initialization of the dynamics data.

For item 4-C, we are looking for solutions encompassing biometrics that
utilize optical, vascular and other measurements beyond the standard
fingerprint measurement. Fingerprint biometrics will be considered but are
not a preferred solution. Encryption must be at minimum 128bit, preferably
256bit solutions that are already vetted and being used in similar businesses
requiring high security solutions and particular bias will be given to those
solutions that have passed the various rigors of the FIPS 140 family of
compliance. Overall design should meet or exceed the requirements of the
North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) published reliability

For item 4-D, latest technology wired/wireless systems that encompass the
various forms of electronic gear inclusive of routers, hardware firewalls,
physical security and building systems, optical networking, network
management, collaboration capabilities, voice and unified communications,
application networking services, storage networking, data center and blade

For item 4-E, the following are to be considered a minimum portion of the
bid: system-wide data backup/restore, help desk software, trouble-ticket
software, SAP (all appropriate modules), CRM, applications deployment,
systems monitoring control and automation software including SCADA, full
network-wide monitoring including all surveillance technologies inclusive of
internal and external camera systems, etc. Computer system(s) should be
based on the ability to logically virtualize the CPU capacity for the
mainframes and assume supercomputer specifications for speed. The
systems with the highest tpmC counts will be given preferential treatment.
The ideal system (hardware) will have expansion capacity of 64 CPU core
minimums pre-virtualized. The disk storage systems should be enterprise
capacity write-cache backed technology with the ability to easily manage
multi-terabyte per hour data transfers.      Robotic tape backup systems
considered will be those capable of high (20-40TB) streaming backups within
reasonable (4 hour) timeframes or disk to disk snapshot backups that
provide equivalent functionality. The cost is less consideration than overall

         Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
capabilities and growth capacity built into the system design for future

To the extent possible, each of the above items (1.,2.,3., and 4) must be
100% digital, fully integrated, ubiquitous, seamless and fully redundant.
Geographical redundancy and failover is also desired for all critical systems.
The physical structures must be 100% physically secure and hard shell
compliant. A strong preference will be given to applications which can be
provided using open source components as much as possible. The computer
operating systems must be of a Unix variant for the servers and have the
ability to host a multiple of databases (Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase, SQL,
etc.). We are looking for a best of breed solution set where each component
under each area is able to fully integrate with the other areas and
components as seamlessly as possible. Full diagnostic capabilities must be
provided within the deliverables as to be able to fully perform any support
and maintenance duties required. All network and grid embedded sensor
components should be ubiquitous and seamless in operation without
significant need of human intervention and must be remotely manageable
entities that have standard tie-ins to best of breed monitoring and control

4.1 General Information Queries

     Describe your proposed 7x24x365 NOC schedule and how you utilize
      people in that schedule.
     Describe your proposed existing staff and how that staff is expected to
      evolve if you are the successful provider for this MFI RFP.
     Describe the training of your staff. In particular, are they capable of
      early diagnosis of problems?
     Describe any special equipment or software required for MFI to
      support the proposed NOC services.
     Describe all costs for NOC services.

4.2 Monitoring System

     Describe your ability to monitor link utilization, both for the
      connections internal to the MFI RFP network and from the MFI RFP
      network to other networks.


         Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
     Describe your willingness to investigate non-standard variables and
      new monitoring techniques as the MFI RFP project evolves. Examples
      of such procedures might include investigation of the use of QoS
      variables, MPLS, multicast, or IPv6.
     Describe your ability to communicate problems with the MFI staff and
     Describe your problem reporting procedures.
     Describe how you address "severe outages."
     Describe your change control procedures.
     Describe your problem escalation procedures.
     Describe the software used in monitoring a network such as the one
      proposed in the MFI RFP.

4.3 Trouble Ticket System

     Describe your trouble ticketing system and indicate what access the
      users of the MFI RFP will have to that system.
     Describe how you will interact with the trouble ticket systems for MFI’s
      C&ITN as well as from commodity Internet services providers and with
      MFI RFP NOC services.
     Describe your ability to provide access to the trouble ticket system
      during outages.
     Describe any software that must be purchased by MFI RFP in support
      of the trouble ticket system.

4.4 Reporting Procedures

     Describe your anticipated written reporting procedures. These include
      utilization reports, outage reports, etc.
     Describe your ability to support network access to such reports.
     Describe the software used to provide such reports.
     Is MFI required to provide any software in support of the reporting

4.5 Partnerships

     Clearly describe your relationship with any subcontractors, and detail
      any partnerships that you have formed with other providers, for the
      purposes of responding to this RFP.


         Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
        The MFI RFP comprises one of the leading and most comprehensive
         advanced network undertakings in the Sovereign Country for which
         this is being built. The research universities participating in this
         initiative represent a unique base of technology expertise. Describe
         your interests in a relationship with MFI that could become more than
         just a provider/consumer relationship.
        Explain your ability and willingness to form a direct partnership with
         MFI, and what benefits this partnership might bring to both parties.

5.       Project Term

It is the expectation that this project will run at minimum 5 years in design/
development/ production before entering a 30 year sustaining period of day
to day operations. These requirements may change or expand at any time
based on the needs of the Sovereign Government client.

6.       General Information and Requirements

The key dates for the Request for Proposals (RFP) process are as follows:

            Corporations planning to bid for any portion of the project must fill
             out our responder survey which will register their bid intention no
             later than July 19, 2010. The responder survey may be found
             here: Responder Survey.
            Questions for clarification must be submitted by email to
             rfp@maxcessfoundation.com no later than July 26, 2010.
            Answers to questions will be sent to all bidders by email no later
             than July 30, 2010.
            Tentative meeting and presentation by possible bidders is planned
             for July 26th or July 28th in Boca Raton, Florida. MFI will select
             bidders for this meeting. Not all bidders may be selected for this
             meeting and presentation.
            Proposals must be submitted and received by August 13, 2010.

No work shall commence, no data will be provided nor shall any invoices be
paid until the contractor has signed a consulting agreement with MFI. This
agreement will require the confidentiality of MFI information.    MFI will
provide a copy of its standard consulting agreement to the selected


             Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
bidder(s).   A bidder or combination of bidders will be selected by July 30,

MFI requests the bidder to provide as much information as possible when
responding to each point in this RFP. The bidder must identify any specific
requirements with which it is unwilling or unable to comply.

MFI reserves the right to amend this RFP at any time before the specified
due date for proposals. After the proposal due date, amendments to the
RFP shall be sent only to bidders who submitted a proposal.

All those submitting proposals shall keep their proposals open for acceptance
by MFI for a period of 120 days.

Any cost incurred by the bidder in the preparation of the proposal will be
borne by the bidder and the proposal will become the property of MFI.

No oral or written statements made by MFI personnel shall be considered
addenda to this RFP unless the statement is confirmed in writing and
identified as a written addendum to this RFP. During the evaluation process,
it will be assumed that respondents received all amendments and addenda
for this RFP.

MFI reserves the right to seek proposal clarification from any bidder to assist
in making decisions. A meeting and presentation by selected bidders may
be called by MFI and held in Boca Raton, Florida to assist in final decisions.
Any cost incurred by the bidder for the meeting and presentation to MFI will
be borne by the bidder and the presentation will become the property of

RFP and scope of work may be submitted via email but should be followed up
with hard copies and must be received by August 13, 2010. Three (3) copies
of the proposal are required. If appendices or other supportive documents
are required, then it is requested that three sets be submitted with your

No data, results, reports, technical papers or documentation of any kind will
be released by the selected bidder outside of MFI staff without written
authorization of MFI.

MFI will evaluate all proposals and consider cost, reliability, and quality of
service in the selection of the organization it believes will provide the best


         Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
overall value to MFI and it’s Sovereign Government client. It is understood
that MFI reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids and to waive
irregularities and informalities as deemed necessary.

All information submitted in response to this RFP is public after the Notice of
Award has been issued. The bidder should not include as part of the
response to the RFP any information, which the bidder believes to be a trade
secret or other privileged or confidential data. Any information submitted by
bidders may be shared with any MFI stakeholders (e.g. Sovereign
Government) involved in the project.

7.       Disclosure of Interest

All bidders shall make full disclosure in writing at the time of the proposal of
any of the following existing business relationships with MFI personnel:

        If the bidder is a private company, detail or ownership of shares by
         any MFI personnel. If the bidder is a public company, ownership of
         shares in excess of 5% of total shares by any MFI personnel.
        Detail of any directorships of any MFI personnel.
        Affiliation to any known market participant in the MFI region.
By submission of a proposal, the bidder certifies (and in the case of a joint
proposal, each party certifies) that:

        No relationship exists or will exist during the contract period between
         the bidder and MFI that interferes with fair competition or is a conflict
         of interest.
        The proposal has been developed independently without consultation,
         communication or agreement with any employee or consultant of MFI
         who has worked on the development of this RFP, or with any person
         serving as an evaluator of the proposals submitted in response to this
         RFP Request.
        Bidder is not an MFI member or affiliated with an MFI member.
If a bidder fails to disclose an interest, MFI reserves the right to terminate or
cancel a contract, into which MFI may have entered with that bidder.

Submit hard bid copies in triplicate and electronic copies in MS word format
by August 13, 2010.

            Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
8.      Proposal Submission Required Elements

1. Transmittal Letter: A brief statement of the Contractor's understanding
of the work to be done and commitment to perform the work as described
and scheduled including a summary of exceptions taken to the RFP
requirements, statement of work, specifications, and reference to any
proposed contractual terms and conditions required by the Contractor. An
officer authorized to bind must sign the proposal on behalf of the Proposer
and must include the following declarations on the Transmittal Letter:

     “This proposal is genuine, and not sham or collusive, nor made in the
     interest or in behalf of any person not herein named; the proposer has
     not directly or indirectly induced or solicited any other proposer to put
     in a sham bid, or any other person, firm or corporation to refrain from
     submitting a proposal; and the proposer has not in any manner sought
     by collusion to secure for themselves an advantage over any other

2. Applicant Information: Provide legal name of Company, Address, E-
mail address, Telephone, Name and Title of individuals authorized to
represent the Contractor.

3. Category: Respondent will clearly identify their submission into the
following energy categories:
    a. Geothermal, including all temperature gradient technologies
    b. Biomass, including waste or dedicated energy crops
    c. Biogas, including landfill, digester gases and gas conversion or
       gasification technologies
    d. Solar, including all photo-voltaic and photo-optic technologies
    e. Solar Thermal, including all sunlight concentration technologies
    f. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

4. Project Details: Respondent will clearly identify the proposed energy
delivery including sub-sets or project phasing with the following information:
   a. Project Description: Project name and location, and phases if
   b. Contract Quantity: in MW and GWh, and by project phase if applicable.
      Include nameplate rating and proposed amount to be delivered.
   c. Cost of Energy: expressed in present dollar value as $/MWh, and
      itemized by cost components if applicable. All Respondents shall
      establish this Cost of Energy to start on the Commercial Operation
      Date (COD) with a maximum FIXED escalation of one and one half
      percent (1.5%) per year.

           Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
d. Energy Availability: Maximum and minimum monthly capacity factors,
   load shapes, seasonal shapes, and reliability indices. Dispatch-ability
   and/or Scheduling: Describe the dispatch-ability of the proposed
   power (by unit or phase if applicable) and scheduling requirements or
   limitations. Also outline any rights for MFI to perform full or partial
e. Point of Delivery (POD): The cost of transmission to a delivery point
   shall be included in the Cost of Energy based on a per mile basis within
   the proposed infrastructure.
f. Environmental Attributes: MFI shall receive any and all environmental
   attributes associated with the generating facility and the energy
   output, including but not limited to renewable energy credits and air
   emission credits or offsets, i.e. greenhouse gas credits, at the location
   of source and for the gross output of the plant or otherwise credited.
   i) For combustion technologies detail the forecast emissions,
       emissions controls, or compliance to applicable area regulations.
g. Capacity Rights: MFI shall receive any and all capacity rights
   associated with the energy.
   i) Identify any Energy and/or associated capacity to be provided to
       parties other than MFI.
   ii) Identify any project dependent facilities that require shared use or
       third party access rights such as intermediate distribution
       infrastructure, control rooms, or other intermingled facilities.
h. Ownership: The final project/product output shall be 100% MFI owned.
   i) For purchase power agreements with purchase options, a delivered
       energy price, in $/MWh, shall be specified for the energy,
       environmental attributes and capacity and an early buyout price or
       detailed formula to calculate the buyout price shall be specified –
       typically coincident with tax credits or another project horizon
       where a purchase option would naturally occur.
   ii) Terms up to the life of the facility will be considered.
i. Project Plan to Commercial Operation Date: A proposed commercial
   operation date with a satisfactory major milestone schedule that
   includes at least the following:
   i) Proposed schedule for obtaining and developing site access and
       control through executed leases, fee purchases, approvals, or other
   ii) Detail any prior or existing settlements made for environmental
       mitigation and clearly identify any post-construction or pass-
       forward mitigation obligations which would be forwarded in the
       event a contract was executed (i.e.: reserve or offset land for
       environmental habitat or reconstruction.)


      Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
      iii) Proposed schedule for obtaining construction and operational
           permits and licenses, and construction financing.
      iv) Proposed construction schedule including major equipment
           purchasing, anticipated Factory Acceptance Testing of major
           components, Site Tests, commencement of test-energy and
           Commercial Operation Date (COD).
      v) For projects or operations requiring water or make-up water,
           describe the supply requirements and provisions for supply.
      vi) Proposed schedule or application status to acquire necessary
           transmission and/or interconnection service.

5. Experience: Respondent will clearly identify project participants and
management team including identification of those responsible for design,
construction, permitting, operations and maintenance.
a. Describe your firm's organizational structure, management qualifications,
   and other contract related qualifications, including number of years firm
   has been in business.
b. Specify key employees and describe their experience with the
   development, construction, finance closing, commercial operation, and
   maintenance of similar projects as proposed by respondent in response to
   this RFP.
c. Provide current financial statements of all entities involved as Project
   participants or as part of management team. This shall include items such
   as audited financial statements (not over twelve months old,) annual
   reports, and any other applicable financial information. If none of the
   above are available; respondent shall be expected to provide verifiable
   financial statements for the past three (3) years if available, and
   respondent’s Dunn & Bradstreet identification number, where available.
d. Provide a commitment statement for the retention and use of key
   employees as proposed, their availability to initiate and sustain the
   proposal, as well as planned supplement if not available to assure project
e. Respondent shall indicate any and all pending litigation that could affect
   the viability of respondent’s proposal or respondent’s financial stability.
f. Identify existing projects in commercial operation which respondent
   developed and/or operates. Provide a list of references for similar projects
   completed, including a contact person, phone number and address.
g. State whether Consultant will use subcontractors to perform services
   pursuant to the contract. Should the use of subcontractors be offered, the
   Consultant shall provide the same assurances of competence for the
   subcontractor, plus the demonstrated ability to manage and supervise the
   subcontracted work. Subcontractors shall not be allowed to further
   subcontract with others for work on this program. The provisions of this

         Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491
   contract shall apply to all subcontractors in the same manner as to the
h. Description of the project/generation technology and a description of
   technical resource data, including any studies or reports regarding the


        Maxcess Foundation - One Park Place - Suite 240 - Boca Raton, FL 33487 - Phone: 561-995-1491

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