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 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                      2008

20th Anniversary Year in Review
              he 2008 - 2009 bar year was a special      legal education requirement. Others participate by

        T     one for the Chief Justice’s
              Commission on Professionalism. In
              the fourth and last year under the
leadership of Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears, we
                                                         presenting at a CLE or preparing a paper on an
                                                         aspect of professionalism. This year many judges
                                                         and lawyers went beyond minimum contact
                                                         through attending and participating in 20th
                          commemorated and               anniversary events.
                          celebrated            the
                          C ommissi on’s 20 t h                  Among those, we thank the members of the
                          anniversary. Known for         Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism,
                          a cooperative spirit of        members of the Selection Committee for the
                          engagement and                 Justice Robert Benham Community Service
                          commitment, the                Awards, State Bar President Jeff Bramlett,
                          Georgia bench and bar          members of the Board of Governors, YLD
continued our tradition of focusing attention on         President Josh Bell and members of the YLD,
professionalism through activities, signature            Mentors, Mentees and staff of the Transition Into
programs and strategic liaisons with judicial, legal,    Law Practice Program, the Committee on
community and national organizations.                    Professionalism, and State Bar staff. We extend
                                                         special gratitude to Mrs. Vivian R. Ingersoll, a
         We also celebrated the 10th anniversary of      public Commission member, whose leadership and
the Justice Robert Benham Awards for Community           efforts made the commemorative dinner co-
Service. As former Chief Justice Benham often            sponsored with the Lawyers Foundation of
reminds us, Georgia’s brand of professionalism           Georgia, such a huge success. Our other lay
rests on four pillars: competence, civility, pro bono    member, Dr. Sallie Brewer, retired superintendent
and community and public service.                 The    of Bryan County Schools, never missed a meeting
Commission’s 20th anniversary array of activities        and lent her support to our educational efforts.
addressed these major areas. In addition, the
Commission continues to address issues of access                 We must give special recognition to the
to justice, alternative dispute resolution, quality of   Commission founders who had the insight to create
life, diversity, the image of the profession,            this vehicle for promoting professionalism under
recognition of the role of lawyers in society, client    the auspices of the Supreme Court of Georgia. The
relations and customer service, mentoring, law           founders, Chief Justice Harold Clarke (retired),
practice management, appropriate discovery use           Dean A. James Elliott, Dr. James T. Laney (former
and the rule of law.                                     Emory University President), and the late Chief
                                                         Justices Thomas O. Marshall and Charles L.
       We thank all judges, lawyers and lay              Weltner, would be proud of what we have done
leaders of Georgia who supported our                     with their concept. Of special note, we point out
professionalism programs. All Georgia lawyers            that Dean A. James Elliott, the current and longest
are connected to the Chief Justice’s Commission          serving founder on the Commission, proved not
on Professionalism through their annual continuing
2 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                        2008
only an outstanding leader of the professionalism          History of the Commission
movement, but an able and entertaining emcee for
the culminating commemorative celebration. Dean
                                                                   n March of 1989, the Supreme Court of
Elliott, a past State Bar President who found his
way to academia after long years of practice with
Atlanta’s Alston & Bird, and who also co-founded
the Georgia Legal Service Program and the
                                                                I  Georgia by its order created the Chief
                                                                   Justice’s Commission on
                                                                   Professionalism, the first entity of this
Georgia Bar Foundation, simply cannot be praised        kind in the world. The brainchild of the late
enough for his profound commitment to                   Supreme Court Justice Charles Weltner and former
professionalism ideals and causes. We look              Emory University President James Laney, they
forward to honoring him in a more concrete way in       were joined by Justices Thomas Marshall and
the future.                                             Harold Clarke, and the State Bar President A.
                                                        James Elliott in forming the Commission. The
        We now enter a new era under the                impetus for this entity was to address growing
leadership of Chief Justice Carol W. Hunstein, an       concerns with the increase in incivil approaches to
                    outstanding jurist and leader       the practice of law, as many believed the legal
                    with whom we look forward to        profession was changing from its traditional
                    continuing our work. Moving         standpoint of a high calling – like medicine and the
                    forward, we do not intend to just   clergy – to a business.
                    merely rest on our laurels for 20
                    years of excellence!         The             The Commission carefully crafted a
                    Georgia Chief Justice’s             Lawyer’s Creed, an Aspirational Statement on
                    Commission on Professionalism       Professionalism and Aspirational Goals addressing
                    takes seriously not only our        attorneys’ relationships with their colleagues,
                    position as the first such entity   clients, judges, and the public. It retained its first
in the world, but our leadership in the                 executive director, Hulett “Bucky” Askew.
professionalism movement that has spawned               Professionalism continuing education was
excellent programs and opportunities replicated         mandated and programming requirements were
around the world. Each and every year colleagues        developed by then assistant and second executive
in other cities, states and countries turn to us for    director Sally Evans Lockwood and the Institute
program ideas and assistance. Notably, our law          for Continuing Legal Education. In the 1990s,
school orientations on professionalism have been
                                                        after a series of convocations with the bench and
replicated in more than forty law schools and our
                                                        bar to discern professionalism issues from the
mentoring program (Transition into Law Practice
Program) is a model of how to gracefully transition     practitioners’ views, the Commission sought views
newly-admitted into the practice of law.                from the public in a series of town hall meetings
                                                        held around Georgia. Two concerns were raised in
        We need your input and it is always             these meetings – lack of civility and the economic
welcome. Our staff is here to help, so please do        pressures of law practice. As a result, the State Bar
call upon Ms. Terie Latala (Assistant Director),        established the Law Practice Management Program
Nneka Harris-Daniel (Administrative Assistant)          and under then President Paul Kilpatrick the Law
and me when you need                                    School Orientation Programs began, to inculcate
assistance.                                             students at the inception of their legal careers with
                                                        professionalism ideals.         Over the years,
With gratitude,                                         Commission leaders have worked with the State
                                                        Bar to establish other programs that support
                                                        professionalism ideals including the Consumer
Avarita L. Hanson                                       Assistance Program, Transition into Law Practice
Executive Director                                      (Mentoring) Program, and the Diversity Program.
3 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                    2008
         Today, the Commission supports and             Celebrating the Commission
advises persons interested in providing
professionalism programming around the world                     Founders
and maintains a resource library to support this
initiative with its third executive director Avarita   The Honorable Harold G. Clarke
L. Hanson. It is a member of the American Bar          A. James Elliott
Association’s Center on Professional                   The Reverend Dr. James T. Laney
Responsibility and its Consortium on                   The Honorable Thomas O. Marshall
Professionalism Initiatives, and both send             The Honorable Charles L. Weltner
interested parties to the Commission for assistance.
The Commission creates video products to support
CLE programming and supports others, like the          The Honorable Harold G. Clarke
Atlanta Bar Association’s “Lincoln on                          From 1990-1994, Chief Justice Clarke
Professionalism” Program. It provides technical                           chaired the Chief Justice’s
assistance and financial support to the National                          C o m m i s s i o n          o n
Institute for Teaching Ethics and Professionalism’s                       Professionalism, the first body
(NIFTEP) biannual workshops coordinated by
                                                                          of its kind in the nation when
Georgia State Law Professor Clark Cunningham.
Each year the Commission along with the State                             created in 1989. Under Justice
Bar presents the Justice Robert Benham Awards                             Clarke, the activities of the
for Community Service, recognizing judges and                             Commission grew and expanded
attorneys from around the state who have                                  into statewide convocations on
combined a professional career with outstanding                           professionalism, law school
service and dedication to their communities                               orientations on professionalism,
through voluntary participation in community           mentoring programs, regional town hall meetings,
organizations, government-sponsored activities, or     and innovative Professionalism CLE programs. In
humanitarian work outside of their professional        1994, Chief Justice Clarke hosted the Conference
practice. Every summer, the Commission partners
                                                       of Chief Justices meeting in Georgia where the
with the State Bar’s Committee on Professionalism
and all five Georgia law schools to present Law        Commission showcased its interactive video-based
School Orientations on Professionalism to              CLE program The Case of the Silent Alarm, now
incoming students. To keep our colleagues abreast      widely used around the country. Justice Clarke has
of professionalism issues and activities, there is a   served as the voice of conscience of the legal
regular column in every Georgia Bar Journal on         profession in Georgia, speaking and writing about
The Professionalism Page.                              professionalism. He called upon Georgia lawyers
                                                       and judges to recognize that rules of legal ethics
       After twenty years, the measure of              set minimum standards of conduct required of all
effectiveness of the Commission on
                                                       lawyers, while professionalism is a higher standard
Professionalism may ultimately rest in the actions,
character and demeanor of every Georgia lawyer,        that is expected of all lawyers, subject to no
and there remains work to be done. The                 official sanctions and offering no official reward,
Commission’s leadership, along with Georgia’s          but imperative if our profession is to survive.
capable, committed and innovative bench and bar,       Hailing from Forsyth, Georgia, he graduated from
continues to lead the charge, movement and             the University of Georgia School of Law in 1950,
dialogue on legal professionalism.                     practiced law in Forsyth, served in the Georgia
                                                       General Assembly from 1961-71 and as president
                                                       of the State Bar of Georgia 1977-77, and in 1979
4 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                      2008
was appointed to the Supreme Court of Georgia                  Given these challenges, the Supreme Court
from which he retired in 1994.                         of Georgia and the State Bar of Georgia embarked
                                                       on a long-range project to raise the professional
                   Dean A. James Elliott               aspirations of Georgia lawyers. This effort started
                           Prior to coming to Emory    with a meeting at Emory in 1988, hosted by Dr.
                   Law School as the Associate         Laney, and resulted in the Supreme Court of
                   Dean and Professor of Law, A.       Georgia’s formation of the Chief Justice’s
                   James Elliott practiced law in      Commission on Professionalism in 1989. A true
                   Atlanta with the firm of Alston     renaissance man and scholar, he served as Emory’s
                   & Bird for twenty-eight years.      president for 16 years, as Dean of the Emory’s
                   He is a past president of the       Candler School of Theology, and later as a U.S.
                   State Bar of Georgia. He is a co-   Ambassador to Korea. An elder in the United
                   founder of the Georgia Legal        Methodist Church, Dr. Laney has pastored
Services Program, the Georgia Bar Foundation and       churches in Connecticut, Ohio, and Tennessee and
a Fellow of the American College of Real Estate        served as a missionary. Dr. Laney was educated at
Lawyers, as well as the American and Georgia Bar       Yale University (B.A., M.Div, Ph.d) and co-
Foundations. Dean Elliott received his B.A. from       founded the Faith and the City Program at Emory.
Emory University in 1963 and his J.D. in 1966. He
received an MBA from Kennesaw State University                  The Honorable Thomas O. Marshall
in 1997. The longest serving founder of the Chief                                         Chief Justice
Justice’s Commission on Professionalism, Dean                              Thomas O. Marshall served on
Elliott currently chairs its Finance and Personnel                         the Supreme Court of Georgia
Committee and is a staunch supporter of                                    from 1977 to 1989, during
professionalism programs.                                                  which time the Chief Justice’s
                                                                           Commission on Professionalism
The Reverend Dr. James T. Laney                                            was instituted.       He began
                          In 1986, Dr. James T.                            practicing law in Americus in
                  Laney, President of Emory                                1948 with the firm Dykes,
                  University delivered a lecture on                        Dykes and Marshall, was
                  “Moral Authority in the              elected to the Superior Courts of the Southwestern
                  Professions.” In that lecture,       Judicial Circuit in 1960, and elected to the Court of
                  Laney not only expressed             Appeals where he served from 1974 to 1977. After
                  concern about the decline in         attending Emory University for two years, he
                  moral authority of all the           entered the U.S. Naval Academy in 1938 and
                  professions, he focused on the       received a B.S. degree in 1941. After World War
                  legal profession because of the      II, he attended night law school at Emory for two
respect and confidence in which it has traditionally   quarters before earning a law degree at Georgia in
been held and because it is viewed by the public as    1948. In 2001, the State Bar of Georgia’s Bench
serving the public in unique and important ways.       and Bar Committee instituted the Thomas O.
Dr. Laney expressed his concern that the loss of       Marshall Professionalism Awards to honor one
moral authority seriously affects the larger society   lawyer and one judge who have demonstrated the
and the legal profession.                              highest professional conduct and paramount
                                                       reputation for professionalism.
5 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                     2008
        The Honorable Charles L. Weltner                         20 Years of Professionalism: Raising the
                                        Chief Justice   Bar on Lawyer Conduct – The 20th Anniversary
                        Weltner received a B.A.         Commemorative CLE
                        from Oglethorpe University      was held on March 10,
                        in 1948 and in 1950 he          2009. Co-sponsored by
                        received a law degree from      the Chief Justice’s
                        Columbia Law School.            C o m m i s s i o n
                        After serving two years in      Professionalism and the
                        the U.S. Army, Weltner          Institute for Continuing
                        practiced law in Atlanta and    Legal Education, it was
                                                        held at the Georgia Bar Center in Atlanta. A
was an advocate for racial equality. In 1962,
                                                        roundtable discussion moderated by John T.
Weltner was elected to the U.S. House of
                                                        Marshall with The Honorable Leah Ward Sears,
Representatives, but in 1966 he refused to run for
                                                        Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Georgia, The
reelection when the Georgia Democratic Party tried      Honorable Harold G. Clarke, Former Chief Justice
to make him sign a loyalty oath that would have         (Retired), Mr. H. Thomas Wells, Jr., President of
required him to support Lester Maddox, an ardent        the American Bar Association, Dean A. James
segregationist who was a gubernatorial candidate.       Elliott, Associate Dean, Emory University School
After leaving politics, Weltner first served as a       of Law, and Founder of the Commission, Ms. Sally
judge on the Fulton County Superior Court from                                   E. Lockwood, Director,
1976 to 1981, then as an associate justice of the                                Office of Bar Admissions
Supreme Court of Georgia from 1981 to 1992. In                                   and Former Executive
June 1992, he was elected Chief Justice and served                               Director of the
as such until his death on August 31, 1992. Justice                              Commission and Avarita
Weltner is credited with being the philosopher and                               L. Hanson, current
moral authority behind the Commission’s creation.                                Executive Director of the
                                                                                 Commission. This event
                                                        featured a gourmet lunch and was a reflective
                20th Anniversary                        retrospective of the Commission’s twenty-year
                 Programs                               history and the impact of its activities and
                                                        programs in Georgia, nationally and
       Lincoln on Professionalism – Presented           internationally.
                   on October 29, 2008, this CLE
                                                               10th Annual Justice Robert Benham
                   was co-sponsored by the
                                                        Awards for Community Service.                 The
                   Atlanta Bar Association and the
                                                        Presentation Program and reception for the Justice
                   Chief Justice’s Commission on
                                                        Robert Benham Community Service Awards, co-
                   Professionalism. Held at the         sponsored by the Chief Justice’s Commission on
                   Georgia Bar Center, it featured                         Professionalism and the State
                   outstanding jurists and                                 Bar of Georgia, was held on
attorneys who used teachings from the practice and                         March 10, 2009 at the
life of President Abraham Lincoln in his                                   Ge orgia - Pa cif ic Ce n te r
bicentennial year to reflect on professionalism in                         Auditorium in Atlanta.
contemporary law practice.                                                 Honorees included The
                                                                           Honorable Griffin Bell
                                                                           (posthumously) of Atlanta on
6 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                   2008
whose behalf his son, Griffin Bell, Jr, Esquire and   (John Marshall alumna and oldest living female
                grandson, Griffin Bell, III, Esq.,    African-American attorney in Georgia) and Mrs.
                received the Lifetime Achievement     Louise Hollowell (Widow of noted civil rights
                Award.        Other outstanding       attorney, Donald L. Hollowell).
                Community Service Awardees
                included: Ms. Rebecca Crowley of                                   20th Anniversary
                Waycross, Ms. Laverne Lewis                                 Gala – This charitable event
                Gaskins of Valdosta, Judge James                            was co-sponsored by the
                E. Hardy of Thomasville, Ms.                                Chief Justice’s Commission
Tomieka Daniel of Byron, Judge Johnny Nick                                  on Professionalism and the
Panos of Decatur, Ms. Denise Cleveland-Leggett                              Lawyers
and Ms. Judith A. O’Brien of Atlanta, Mr. J. Kevin    Foundation of Georgia, at the
Moore of Marietta, Mr. David Cannon, Jr. of                                Cumberland
Canton, and Mr. David E. Hudson of Augusta. A                              Ballroom,
special presentation                                                       A m e l i a
was made by Mr. H.                                                         I s l a n d
Thomas Wells, Jr.,                                                         Conference Center, Amelia
President of the                                                           Island, Florida during the
American Bar                                                               State Bar’s Annual Meeting.
Association. Mr.                                                           It was an island style formal
Bill Liss, WXIA                                                            gathering
TV Financial and                                                           honoring
Legal Editor, and Avarita Hanson, served as                                retiring
emcees, joined by Selection Committee Chair           Chief Justice Leah Ward
Patrise Perkins-Hooker and Tye Darland, General       Sears. The 20th Anniversary
Counsel of Georgia-Pacific LLC. This event            Commemorative video was
                                                      presented after dinner and the evening ended with
attracted the public and members of the bar.
                                                      dancing to the music of The Blake Group.

                                                              10th Annual Service Juris Day -
       Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School
                                                                            Community Service Project
Commemorative CLE: “Excellence Against the
                                                                            - On June 25, 2009, nearly
Odds: A Retrospective Dialogue on                                           500 volunteer attorneys and
Professionalism and Diversity” – Presented on                               friends gathered at the
March 25, 2009 by the John Marshall Law School                              Atlanta Area School for the
Black Law Students Association and Phi Alpha                                Deaf to engage in service
Delta Fraternity at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law                             coordinated by Hands on
School, this program featured distinguished           Atlanta. This event was
attorneys, professors and honorees of the school.     co-sponsored by the
Panelists included: The Honorable Thelma Wyatt        Lawyers Foundation of
Cummings Moore (Retired Fulton County Superior        Georgia, Young Lawyers
Court Judge), Professor Melinda Marbes (John          Division of the State Bar of
Marshall Law School), Allegra Lawrence-Hardy          Georgia and the Chief
(Partner, Sutherland LLP), Harold Franklin            Justice’s Commission on
(Partner, King & Spalding LLP) and The                Professionalism. Special        Kasi Whitaker and
Honorable Herbert Phipps (Judge, Georgia Court                                          Shiriki Cavitt
                                                      thanks to Lauren Larmer
of Appeals). Honorees were: Louise Hornsby            Barrett, Executive Director
7 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                               2008
of the Lawyers Foundation of Georgia, and Shiriki       with American Bar Association President
Cavitt, Chair of the YLD’s Community Service            Tommy Wells of Birmingham, Alabama.
Committee, for making the event a huge success          With an ever-increasing number of
and beautifying the Atlanta Area School for the         nominations of attorneys from throughout
Deaf.                                                   Georgia, the Selections Committee, chaired
                                                        by Patrise Perkins-Hooker, seeks to focus
            Signature Programs                          the public’s attention on attorneys’ good
                                                        deeds outside of their law practice or
       he Commission provides and supports its          judicial duties. This is an Academy

T      signature programs:

      •Professionalism CLEs. More than 600
                                                        Awards-type event that is free and open to
                                                        the public and provides a special setting to
                                                        honor these outstanding attorneys. The
        CLEs on professionalism are reviewed and        2009 honors were covered by WXIA
        approved annually. Staff assists the bench      newsman, Bill Liss, on the station’s
        and bar locally, nationally and                 evening. Coverage of the awards reached
        internationally with professionalism CLE        local media throughout Georgia and the
        development.                                    recipients’ alumni offices around the
      • Law Library. Resources are collected,           country, further spreading the news. This
        catalogued and maintained in the                year’s Lifetime Achievement Award went
        Commission’s Law Library to support             posthumously to Judge Griffin B. Bell,
        professionalism programming.                    accepted by his son and grandson, Griffin
      • Professionalism Materials.              The     Bell, Jr. and Griffin Bell, III, both Atlanta
        Commission continues to produce,                attorneys.
        develop and market professionalism             •Transition Into Law Practice Program.
        materials, including articles, Law Day          Nationally and internationally known as the
        guidelines, and videos. Its Educational         first mandatory program for mentoring for
        Video Projects Committee provides               newly-admitted attorneys, our own
        oversight to the production of videos. The      Transition Into Law Practice Program
        Commission co-sponsored and worked in           (TILPP) is a permanent bar program.
        partnership with the Atlanta Bar                Special thanks to John T. Marshall of
        Association on an innovative CLE program        Bryan Cave Powell Goldstein and Doug
        that premiered in the fall of 2008, “Lincoln    Ashworth, Executive Director, for their
        on Professionalism.” Materials from this        extraordinary efforts in making this the
        program are available to those who wish to      prototype mentoring program for new
        explore and learn from President Lincoln’s      attorneys, worthy of replication in other
        experiences.                                    states and nations.
      • Justice Robert Benham Awards for               •Law School Orientations on
        Community Service. The 10th annual              Professionalism. For the 16th year, the
        awards were presented to attorneys from         Commission on Professionalism partnered
        the 10 judicial districts and to a lifetime     with the State Bar’s
        achievement award recipient. The special        Committee            on
        10th Anniversary program was hosted by          Professionalism and all
        Georgia-Pacific LLP, with its General           Georgia law schools to
        Counsel Tye Darland participating along         provide this innovative
8 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                   2008
               program to entering law students.      fictional work by Fulton County Superior Court
               The       Committee              on    Judge Gail Tusan (aka Susan Washington), quilts
       Professionalism, ably chaired by the           by Sharon Kaye Gipson, Roslind A. Rubens-
       dedicated Dick Donovan, solicited almost       Newell, and Overtis Hicks Brantley (retired Fulton
       200 bench and bar members to support           County attorney), original paintings by Sonya
       these programs at Emory, Georgia, Georgia      Cromwell and Michael C. Daniel, books by Robert
       State, Atlanta’s John Marshall and Mercer      Steed (senior partner of King & Spalding LLP) and
       Law Schools. This program continues to         photographs by Gwendolyn Fortson Waring
       garner glowing reviews from all involved       (Savannah attorney). Some participants donated
                         – law students, school       items for the auction to benefit the Lawyers
                                                      Foundation of Georgia and the bidding for them
                         administrations, faculty
                                                      was highly spirited. Thanks to volunteer attorneys
                         members and alumni
                                                      JaDawnya Butler and Hilary White Young for
                         participants.      Again,
                                                      coordinating this event. Creative Connections is an
                         Georgia lawyers lead the     innovative way for bar associations to bring
       pack, creating this program that has spread    members together for charitable events and
       to more than forty law schools throughout      business networking.       A project manual is
       the country to get students off to the right   available. For more information contact Nneka
       start in their thinking about ethics and       Harris-Daniel at
       professionalism and acting accordingly.
                                                      High School Mock Trial – For the first time, the
Cooperative and Collaborative                         Chief Justice's Commission sponsored a newly-
                                                      created Professionalism Awards for the State Bar's
         Programs                                     High School Mock Trial Program. This is the only
                                                      award that the students select. Two awards were
              he Commission continues to              presented this year since Georgia hosted both

       T      encourage the development of
              innovative and meaningful programs
to enhance professionalism in Georgia’s bench and
                                                      national and state mock trial tournaments. The
                                                      National Tournament was held in May and the
                                                      State Finals were held in March. The State
bar.                                                  finalists, the team from Ware Magnet School of
                                                      Manor, Georgia, won the 2009 Georgia State
Creative Connections – This Committee on              Professionalism Award. The team from Guam won
Professionalism program made its second               the 2009 National Professionalism Award,
appearance during the 2009 Annual State Bar           presented to it by Commission member, Fulton
Meeting. Supreme Court Justice Robert Benham,         Count State Court Judge Brenda Cole and
a talented toy maker, developed this concept to       President of the Council of State Court Judges.
foster positive associations among attorneys and to
promote professionalism
in attorney interactions.
Attorneys throughout
Georgia are invited to
display their artistic
talents to their peers and
perhaps form new                                                                  The NHSMT team from
friendships through shared interests. This year’s                                Guam and Judge Brenda
display featured a book signing of Misjudged, a
9 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                  2008
                                         The Honorable Richard S. Gault
         HONOR ROLL - 1988-2009          The Honorable John E. Girardeau
                                         The Honorable Carol W. Hunstein
                FOUNDERS                 The Honorable Arch W. McGarity
                                         The Honorable Melvin K. Westmoreland*
The Honorable Harold G. Clarke
A. James Elliott*                                STATE COURT JUDGES
Emory President James T. Laney           The Honorable Brenda S. Hill Cole*
The Honorable Thomas O. Marshall
The Honorable Charles L. Weltner            LAW SCHOOL REPRESENTATIVES
                                         Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School
                                         Dean Richardson R. Lynn*

                                         Emory University School of Law
             CHIEF JUSTICES
                                         Associate Dean A. James Elliott*
The Honorable Thomas O. Marshall
                                         Dean Howard O. Hunter
The Honorable Harold G. Clark
The Honorable Charles L. Weltner
                                         University of Georgia
The Honorable Harold G. Clarke
                                         Dean C. Ronald Ellington
The Honorable Willis B. Hunt, Jr.
                                         Professor Erica J. Hashimoto*
The Honorable Robert Benham
                                         Dean David E. Shipley
The Honorable Norman S. Fletcher
                                         Dean Rebecca H. White
The Honorable Justice Leah Ward Sears*

                                         Georgia State College of Law
                                         Professor Clark D. Cunningham*
The Honorable Gary B. Andrews
                                         Associate Dean Roy M. Sobelson
The Honorable Anne Elizabeth Barnes
The Honorable Dorothy T. Beasley
                                         Mercer University School of Law
The Honorable A.W. Birdsong
                                         Professor Harold S. Lewis, Jr.
The Honorable G. Alan Blackburn
                                         Professor Patrick E. Longan*
The Honorable George H. Carley
                                         Professor David G. Oedel
The Honorable Edward H. Johnson
                                         Professor Jack L. Sammons, Jr.
The Honorable M. Yvette Miller*
                                         Professor Sydney D. Watson
The Honorable Marion T. Pope, Jr.

                                         Rep. Kathy B. Ashe
The Honorable Martha C. Christian
                                         Dr. Sallie Brewer*
The Honorable Daniel M. Coursey, Jr.
                                         Rev. John Cromartie
The Honorable Philip F. Etheridge
                                         Dr. William F. Cummings
10 ANNUAL REPORT                                                2008
Dr. Julius Debro                   James D. Hyder, Jr.
Mrs. Vivian Rippy Ingersoll*       Rachel K. Iverson
Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver          Andrew W. Jones
Ms. Portia Scott                   Elena Kaplan
                                   Laurel Payne Landon
William D. Barwick                 Dana B. Miles
Jeffrey O. Bramlett*               Nolie J. Motes
William E. Cannon, Jr.             Jonathan A. Pope
Robert W. Chasteen, Jr.            Tina Shadix Roddenbery
J. Vincent Cook                    J. Henry Walker
Harold T. Daniel, Jr.              Derek J. White
James B. Durham
Ben F. Easterlin. IV                 FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGES
Gerald M. Edenfield                The Honorable Jack C. Camp*
A. James Elliott                   The Honorable Julie E. Carnes
James B. Franklin                  The Honorable Duross Fitzpatrick
Robert D. Ingram                   The Honorable Hugh Lawson
Paul M. Kilpatrick, Jr.            The Honorable Marvin H. Shoob
Linda A. Klein
Charles T. Lester, Jr.                STATE BAR OF GEORGIA MEMBERS
George E. Mundy                    The Honorable Gregory A. Adams
Rudolph N. Patterson               J. Edward Allen
Evans J. Plowden, Jr.              A. Gus Cleveland
George R. Reinhardt, Jr.           The Honorable Susan S. Cole
John C. Sammon                     A. James Elliott
Gene Mac Winburn                   Phillip Jackson
                                   Zahra S. Karinshak
     BAR OF GEORGIA, PRESIDENTS    Allegra Lawrence-Hardy*
Ross J. Adams                      John Howard Moore*
Donna G. Barwick                   Teresa W. Roseborough
Joshua B. Bell*                    Thomas G. Sampson*
Stanley G. Brading, Jr.            Leah F. Sumner
S. Kendall Butterworth             Bettina Wing-Che Yip
Peter J. Daughtery                 J. Comer Yates
Joseph W. Dent                     Sally Quillian Yates*
Damon E. Elmore
Elizabeth B. Hodges
11 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                 2008
        GOVERNMENT ATTORNEY                              LIAISONS
Jeff L. Milsteen*                    B. Phillip Bettis (COP)
                                     Barney L. Brannen, Jr. (ICLE)
    CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY        Cliff Brashier* (State Bar/CCLC)
Seth D. Kirschenbaum*                Joseph I. Carter (COP)
                                     Donald R. Donovan* (COP)
       PROSECUTING ATTORNEY          Steve P. Gilliam (COP)
William Kendall Wynne, Jr.*          Lawrence F. Jones* (ICLE)
                                     W. Seaborn Jones* (Atlanta Bar)
           IN-HOUSE COUNSEL          Dana B. Miles (COP)
Catherine M. Hilton*                 Karen Raby Monson (COP)
Dawn M. Jones                        Joan F. Roach (COP)
Bureon E. Ledbetter, Jr.             Allan J. Tanenbaum (ABA)

                  ADVISORS                    EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS
The Honorable Robert Benham*         Hulett “Bucky” Askew
The Honorable George H. Carley*      Sally Evans Lockwood
The Honorable Martha C. Christian*   Avarita L. Hanson*
The Honorable Harold G. Clarke*
The Rev. John L. Cromartie, Jr.*            * Denotes 2008-2009 members
Mr. Baxter L. Davis*                        Italics denote deceased
The Honorable John J. Ellington*
The Honorable Philip F. Etheridge*
                                                    Mission Statement
The Honorable Norman S. Fletcher*
                                      The mission of the Chief Justice’s Commission on
The Honorable Carol W. Hunstein*
                                     Professionalism is to support and encourage
The Honorable Willis B. Hunt, Jr.*
                                     lawyers to exercise the highest levels of
Ms. Dawn M. Jones*
                                     professional integrity in their relationships with
Ms. Sally E. Lockwood*
                                     their clients, other lawyers, the courts, and the
Assoc. Dean Roy M. Sobelson*
                                     public and to fulfill their obligations to improve
Mr. J. Comer Yates*
                                     the law and the legal system and to ensure access
                                     to that system.
12 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                      2008

                                      20T H ANNIVERSARY SPONSORS


qqqqq                                                 Ira L. Foster
MEGA STARS                                            Divida Gude
Cochran, Cherry, Givens, Smith, Sistrunk              Michael D. McRae
      & Sams, PC                                      Rudolph N. Patterson
Emory University School of Law
King & Spalding LLP                                   GENERAL CONTRIBUTORS
                                                      Robert E. Ridgway Jr.
qqqq                                                  Keisha A. Steed
Malone Law                                            IN-KIND
Stetson University College of Law                     Coca-Cola
                                                      Georgia Pacific
qqq                                                   ICLE
ALL STARS                                             IKON
Alston & Bird LLP                                     Print Time
Balch & Bingham LLP
Butler, Wooten & Fryhofer, LLP                        LFG SILVER
Miller & Martin PLLC                                  Coca-Cola
Pope, McGlamry, Kilpatrick, Morrison & Norwood,       Georgian Bank
        LLP                                           IKON

qq                                                    LFG BRONZE
SHINING STARS                                         Mauldin & Jenkins Certified Public Accounts, LLC
Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School
Baker Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC     HOST COMMITTEE
Bondurant Mixon & Elmore LLP                          A. James Elliot
Daughtery Crawford Fuller & Brown LLP                 Avarita L. Hanson & William Alexander, MD
George E. Mundy, P.C.                                 Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys
Georgia State University College of Law               Gate City Bar Association
Mercer University School of Law                       Georgia Association for Women Lawyers
Oliver Maner LLP                                      John & Vivian R. Ingersoll
Sandy Springs Bar Association                         Patrise Perkins-Hooker
State Bar of Georgia Young Lawyers Division           Sadie Jo Dennard, Atlanta Chapter of the Links, Inc.
Strickland Brockington Lewis LLP                      Teresa W. & Joseph A. Roseborough
United Parcel Service
University of Georgia School of Law                   PLANNING COMMITTEE
Watson Spence LLP                                     Avarita L. Hanson
William R. Jenkins                                    Lauren L. Barrett
                                                      Nneka Harris-Daniel
q                                                     Rudolph N. Patterson
BRIGHT STARS                                          Terie Latala
Robert A. Burroughs                                   Vivian R. Ingersoll
William E. Cannon Jr.
Harold T. Daniel Jr.

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