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					                                       NHWPCA Safety Committee - Meeting Summary

Meeting: October 6, 2009; 9:00 a.m.; Manchester WWTP.
Attendees: JoAnn Bennett, Rick Cantu, Tom Neforas, Patty Passariello (Secretary), Ray Vermette (Chair)
Other Committee Members: Gerry Curran, Rox Chomas, Chris Hipkiss, Jim Lavalley, Deborah Mahoney,.
Summary of Discussion
1. Meeting opened 9:05 a.m.
2. The Committee welcomed new member, JoAnn Bennett, from Manchester WWTF.
3. Minutes from the 08/04/09 meeting were previously accepted via email, and Patty sent to Dave for eNews and Gerri for website.
4. Action Items from the 08/04/09 meeting:
     Templates/Safety Resources – Congratulations to Lenny Young from the MWRA for winning the Ragged Mountain Golf gift
      certificate for submitting example safety templates/resources. No other templates were received. Thanks to Patty Passariello
      from Weston & Sampson for donating the gift certificate.
     Membership Solicitation – Members have been solicited through eNews; however, the Committee agreed that a solicitation
      should also be made at the Winter Meeting.
     FTC Class – Gerry emailed an update. Chainsaw course is all set, and the instructor information was emailed to Patty for the
      training database. Based on review of the Fall FTC training schedule, the Committee agreed that a goal for 2010 should be to
      better communicate with MJM on her safety classes.
     Safety Needs Survey – Patty tabulated the surveys (see attached) and the Committee discussed observations. Providing
      videos and other training resources was clearly the #1 desire. The Committee agreed that more outreach to WWTFs is
      needed to make members aware of existing SCHNNE resources and that this should be a high priority for 2010 (Tom agreed
      to write an article for the Collector). It was agreed that surveys indicated a need for future FTC courses on PPE, bloodborn
      pathogens, environmental hazards, CPR/First Aid/AED, Emergency Response Plans, and also a possible “New Employee
      Orientation”. Patty will send the results to Gerri/Dave/Steve to be made available to the membership.
     A solicitation for Near Misses for eNews was not drafted; therefore, this will be carried into 2010. A solicitation will be made at
      the Winter Meeting.
     SCHNNE Booth – Rick followed up with SCHNNE regarding our having a booth at their north-country conference; the
      conference was cancelled due to the economy.
     The Committee discussed accomplishments in 2008 and 2009, which Ray will formally present at the December meeting.
5. New Business:
     Rick advised the Committee that he will be attending the National Safety Council conference in Orlando, FL later in October.
      He will provide an update at the December Meeting.
6. Action Items:
     Membership Solicitation - Ray will coordinate with BOD for solicitation for new members at Winter Meeting.
     Safety Needs Survey – Patty will draft a cover paragraph and send results to Gerri/Dave/Steve.
     Safety Corner – Ray will coordinate with BOd for solicitation of Near Misses at the Winter Meeting.
     Ray will put together a list of accomplishments in 2008 and 2009 to present at the December meeting.
     Rick will provide an update on his attendance at the NSC Conference.
     Patty will draft up the 2010 goals to present at the December meeting.
7. Next Meeting. December 1, 2009 at 1:30p.m. Location TBD. Upcoming meetings: Schedule for 2010 TBD.
8. Meeting adjourned 10:05 a.m.                                                                  Minutes prepared by Patty Passariello

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