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					2008 Windsor International Fringe Volunteer Application

       First Name:                                               Last Name:


       Postal Code:                                              Home Number:

       Email:                                                    Alternate Number:

       Occupation:                                               Place of Employment:

       Emergency Contact Name:                                   Phone Number:

       Age:        12 - 16         17 - 20        21 –40           41-60               60 +

How did you hear about us?
          Friend (Word of Mouth)                  First Fringe, had to get involved!

          Television                              Saw a Poster

          Windsor Public Library                  Newspaper Ad                         Website

What is your past experience with the volunteering for Theatre or other gated festivals?
   Do you have any past experience at other gated festivals?

   What position did you hold when you volunteered?

          Box Office               Usher                   Headquarters Assistant / Stand-by

          Runner                   Other (Please indicate)______________________________________

                                               Created: January 10, 2008       Last Revised: June 9, 2008
Please indicate any skills, experience, or interests you have that could help us at the

   Sales           Volunteer Management               Fundraising           Human Resources

   Advertising     Database/ Computer Skills          Customer Service      Catering

   Marketing       Retail/Service Industry            Special Events        Smart Serve            Other

Pre-Fringe Events
We can use all the help we can get. Before the Fringe begins, please come and give us a hand at
headquarters. We have a variety of jobs that need to get done so our Festival will run smoothly!

Headquarters Help

       July 16 - 27        9am - noon               July 24 – 27       9am - noon
                           1pm – 4pm                                   1pm – 4pm
Other Considerations:

During the Fringe
Check off all the dates that you are available to volunteer…

           Friday, July 18                            Thursday, July 24
           Saturday, July 19                          Friday, July 25
           Sunday, July 20                            Saturday, July 26
           Monday, July 21                            Sunday, July 27
           Tuesday, July 22                           Monday, July 28 (Tear down, Restore Day)
           Wednesday, July 23

How many shifts are you willing to work?* (Each shift is approximately 3-5 hours long)

           1–2            3–4                5 -6             7–8           9+

* For Every two three- hour shifts you work you can see a show for free. The more you
volunteer, the more shows you can see for free!

What time of day is best? (Keep in mind that during the week [Mon.-Thurs.] most shifts are
evening shifts [4:00pm-12:00 am] as only the KidsVenue location(s) are open on week days)

   9 am – noon            11pm – 3pm                  3pm – 6pm          6pm – 9pm          9pm - midnight

                                                    Created: January 10, 2008    Last Revised: June 9, 2008
Please check what you are interested in doing…

              Box Office
              Headquarters Assistant / Stand-by

Is there any other information we should know to help us schedule you in the best possible
position or time?

Thank you so much for volunteering with the 2008 Windsor Fringe Theatre Festival. It may take a week
or two to develop a schedule. Please note that as soon as you have been scheduled, you will receive an
email from Jeanne Deslippe (jdeslip@uwindsor.ca). Please add this to your email contacts to ensure that
you receive our messages. We look forward to seeing you soon and having you help make our first
season great!

** All of the information you provide is kept confidential. The Windsor Fringe Theatre Festival may notify you
throughout the year regarding Fringe related events and activities**
                                                            Please check to acknowledge this privacy statement.

Send completed forms:
By email to:    jdeslip@uwindsor.ca

By Mail to:     Centre for Business Advancement & Research (CBAR)
                Odette School of Business
                University of Windsor
                360 Sunset Avenue
                Windsor, Ontario N9B 3P4
                Attn: Jeanne Deslippe

                                                 Created: January 10, 2008       Last Revised: June 9, 2008

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