The Chow Chow - Intelligent and Independent by aihaozhe2


									The Chow Chow is one of the varieties of dogs that come from China. Other China
dogs include the Shar-Pei and the Pekingese. Each is very different and very unique.

Chows range in weight from 45 to 75 pounds and are about 17-21 inches at the
shoulders. They have the strength and will to be an excellent protector of family and

They are one-person or one-family dogs and need to be socialized at an early age to
understand that you are the boss. Since Chows are hunters, unless they grow up with a
cat they might view cats as game. Other than that, they usually get along with other
family pets.

Chow Chows are very easy to housebreak, are very rarely destructive of household
furnishings, and are not diggers or barkers. When they do bark, it is wise to
investigate. They are by nature guarddogs, are very alert watchdogs, and suspicious
with all strangers.

They do not do well with young children but do quite well with older and considerate
children. If cornered or in a strange situation they will bite, which often happens at
animal shelters. The shelter personnel often don't understand this reaction and
euthanize the dog.

Even though they are devoted to their family, Chow Chows are highly independent
and will often retire to a corner of the house that is out of the way. They are not for
people who want an overly affectionate lapdog. Anyone who desires a dog that needs
to be with the owner at all times should not get a Chow.

Chows do need to be with their family for socialization. These dogs, like most, should
not be locked outside alone. Dogs are companion animals and need interaction with

Chows shed heavily once a year and require frequent, thorough brushing. There are
actually two different type of Chow, the rough coat and the smooth. The rough coat
Chow has longer fur and needs brushing every other day year-round, and every day
during the time of heavy shedding. The smooth Chow needs to be brushed once a

They do not require a lot of exercise and do very well in apartments. They are quiet,
clean, and can be reserved.

Since they have a heavy coat and they do not do well in hot climates but do very well
in cold. Some Chows have extra skin in the back of their throats that causes them to
become stressed from heat, exercise and excitement.
If they become stressed, this extra skin in their throat can put a strain on their heart so
it is very important to provide these dogs with air conditioning during hot weather,
and not exercise the dog in the heat of the day.

The Chow Chow, rather than specializing in one thing, is good at a variety of jobs.
These include hunting, herding, pulling and protecting.

Overall they are a wonderful dog for families with older children, and for people who
do not want or need a dog that is always at their side. They are a devoted dog breed
with the strength to be good protectors of their family and home. Perhaps this is the
dog for you.

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