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          Global Elite Group Announces Partnership
                   With DigitalMailer, Inc.
    Crisis Notification System Enhances Security Firm’s Emergency
   Responders to Mobilize and Deploy within Minutes of Notification
New York, New York and Herndon, VA – August 3, 2009—
Global Emergency Management, a division of the Global Elite Group has chosen
DigitalMailer’s Crisis Notification System (Exigent911) to activate and mobilize their
emergency response security force during times of national crisis.

According to William McGuire, President and CEO of Global Elite, this was a needed
next step in the growth of our emergency security response division. Having responded
in the capacity of a rapid response security force since hurricane Katrina and most
recently hurricanes Gustav and Ike, we needed a system in place whereby our special ops
department could quickly notify and activate our emergency response team members.

Our customers rely on us to have armed and unarmed security teams on location within
24 to 48 hours. The coordination of those efforts can be daunting and with this system in
place, we are able to simultaneously reach out to hundreds of responders across the
country with a text message, email and voice message in minutes of a task order to

DigitalMailer and the Global Elite Group saw a natural fit between their contingency
services, and began exploring where they could work together. Enter DigitalMailer’s
Exigent911 and its online notification system. Exigent911 enables the Global Elite Group
to transmit urgent messages to its team of emergency responders in a matter of minutes
and gather their availability and travel plans. The system trades labor-intensive calling
trees and individual calling with a high-speed platform that automatically delivers
messages to Global Elite Group’s emergency personnel via email, text and voice to their
laptops and smart phones. Exigent911’s built-in response mechanism instantly keeps
track of recipient responses and drives them to a secure web form to complete availability

Ron Daly, president/chief executive officer of DigitalMailer, says it’s vitally important to
plan for operational needs. “With hurricanes and other emergencies, there are a million
things emergency responders need to worry about and always unexpected issues to deal
with,” he said. “In gearing up personnel to respond to an emergency, communication
speed is critical. The Exigent911 system gets the word out immediately and, more
importantly, can track responses.”

About Global Elite Group:
Global Elite Group, (GEG) is recognized as a leader in aviation security, emergency
management and executive protection. The company provides security reviews and
personnel to companies and its executives throughout the world. Most notably known for
its work with national and international airlines at 10 locations in both the U.S. and 10
international offices; companies depend on Global for providing daily security
operations, on-going security design protocols, updates and training. GEG has also been a
major security supplier to government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and international
clients at locations in Europe, the Caribbean, North & Central Africa, South Africa,
South America, Mexico, Asia and the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and

The professionals at Global Elite Group are strategic partners with the International Air
Transport Association (IATA) as well as active members of the American Society of
Industrial Security (ASIS), the National Cargo Security Council (NCSC), and the
International Association for Counter-terrorism & Security Professionals.

About DigitalMailer, Inc.
DigitalMailer (DMI) is a digital communication leader with ten years of white-listed
email delivery and mobile messaging experience. Exigent911, a subsidiary, uses a
combination of DMI’s technology know-how and communication tools to help
businesses and communities to supplement their emergency and disaster recovery plans
with strong communications across text messages, email and voice. The system trades
labor-intensive calling trees and individual calling with a high-speed platform that
automatically delivers messages to recipients via email, text, PDA or smart phones.

For more information, contact DigitalMailer at (866) 994-4900, or visit


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