Superb Late Model Surface Mount Assembly Equipment

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                                Equipment surplus to the ongoing production
                                requirements of

                                Jabil Circuits

                                Online Auction Sale

                                Superb Late
                                Model Surface
                                Mount Assembly
                                Universal, Panasonic and
                                Fuji Equipment

                                Located: Coventry and Ayr (UK) – Milan and Naples (Italy)

                                Sale Closes: Thursday 31st July 2003 at 15:00pm BST

                                On View: 29th and 30th July between 10:00am and 16:00pm BST
                                or by appointment with Henry Butcher

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     Equipment For Sale                                    Qty 5                                                   Qty 3
     Universal GSMx ‘5685A’ Flexible Pick and
       Place Machines (Qty 3 all late 2001)
     Camalot ‘Speedline 3700’ Glue Dispenser (2000)
     MicronX ‘MXR 130’ High power X-Ray
       Inspection System (2001)
     Hewlett Packard ‘5DX’ Series II Automated
       X-Ray Inspection System (Qty 2 1999)
     SRT Summit ‘2100RS’ BGA Rework Station
     Research International ‘MicriFlo MF8’ 6 Zone
       Reflow Ovens
     JOT Automation ‘J502- 02’ Robotic Label
       Applicators (Qty 3 2000/02)
                                                                                          2000 - 2001                            all late 2001
     Electrovert ‘Aquastorm 200’ Dual Tank In-line
        Aqueous Washers (Qty 3 1999) – one               Research International ‘MicriFlo MF8’ 6 Zone            Universal GSMx ‘5685A’ Flexible Pick
        unused in crate                                  Reflow Ovens                                            and Place Machines
     Clive Hurley Thermal Stress Screening
        Chamber (1999)
     Panasonic ‘MV2C 2559DA’ Chip Shooter
     Panasonic ‘MPA3 2535’ Fine Pitch Placement
     Panasonic ‘SPPD’ Screen Printer
     Fuji ‘GL 541E’ Glue Dispenser
     Hollis ‘PT500N’ Wave Soldering Machine (Qty 3)
     Fuji ‘IP II 4000’ Fine Pitch Placement Machine
       (Qty 2)
     Fuji ‘GSP II’ Screen Printer
     Nautilus ‘800’ Screen Stencil Cleaner
     Large Range of JOT and PAF, Board Handling
       Equipment including FIFO Buffers, Shuttlegate
       and 4 way Shuttle Conveyors, Magazine                                    2000                                                        2001
       Loaders and Unloaders and Board Flip Units
                                                         Camalot ‘Speedline 3700’ Glue        MicronX ‘MXR 130’ High Power X-Ray Inspection System
     For further Information please contact:
     Matt Gadsden Tel: +44 (0)7711 276236                               TO BID ONLINE PLEASE GO TO          

       Important Notice                                   Conditions of Sale                                Clearance
                                                         All goods will be sold in accordance             All lots to be removed without fail
     Although information has been
                                                         with the auctioneers standard                    by Friday 15th August 2003
     obtained from sources deemed
     reliable, Henry Butcher make no                     conditions of sale which will be                   Buyers Premium
     warranty or guarantee, expressed or                 detailed in the sale catalogue.
     implied, as to the accuracy of the                  Further information will be available            A Buyers Premium of 12.5% + VAT is
     information contained herein.                       on request.                                      charged to the Purchaser.

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