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									  Rite Aid/Bi-Mart
& the Rest of 9 th ST

      Bryan Barton
        Chris Bell
       Anne Hatlen
     Richard Schafer
           922 Nw Circle Boulevard (541) 753-2226

• Started in 1962 in Scranton, Pennsylvania and
  now has over 3,400 stores employing over
  72,000 people
• Is one of the nation’s leading drugstore chains
  reporting 16.5 billion dollars in total sales as the
  end of 2004
• MISSION: To be a successful chain of friendly,
  neighborhood drugstores. Our knowledgeable,
  caring associates work together to provide a
  superior pharmacy experience, and offer
  everyday products and services that help our
  valued customers lead healthier, happier lives.
     Rite Aid SWOT Analysis
• Strengths                 • Weaknesses
  – Send out weekly           – Destination location
    mailer to promote         – In a fairly old complex
    specials                    with stores not
  – Large store with huge       attracting a lot of
    variety of products         attention or customers.
  – Popular pharmacy
  – Well known
    corporation that is
    located around the
 Rite Aid SWOT Analysis cont.
• Opportunities               • Threats
  – More advertising and        – Fred Meyer
    promotional deals to        – K-Mart
    draw in customer            – Many other local
    base.                         retailers
  – They have a small
    coffee drive thru and
    ATM… actually have a
    full business would be
    good… there are no
    banks close off of 9th.
                 2045 N. 9th St. (541) 752-7156

• Started in 1955 and it 100% employee owned.
• Is a membership store with over 1 million
• Their goal is to give their customers “deep discounts”
• Located throughout the NW employing around 3,000
• They focus their products on
  sporting goods, automotive,
  hardware, health & beauty,
  photo, toys, clothing/shoes,
  beer/food/wine, and a full
  service pharmacy.
                                  •  $5 lifetime membership
                                    available to anyone.
                                  • Have business partners
                                    around the state where
                                    you can save money
                                    when you show your card.

• Was founded by a group who wanted to provide the “average
  working person” with better values. Because of the Fair Trade
  laws in place stating that merchandise had to be sold at or
  above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.
• As a result, the made it a membership store which didn’t break
  any laws. And now that the Fair Trade laws no longer
  determine price laws they keep the membership out of
      Bi-Mart SWOT Analysis
• Strengths                    • Weaknesses
  – Loyal customer base.         – “Membership Card” if
    Mainly local families in       you do not have one,
    the area.                      leaves you with no
  – “Meet or beat” as a            desire to go and get
    store policy.                  one…. Or you use a
  – Huge stores with a lot         friends
    of merchandise at a          – Shorter hours on the
    lower cost.                    weekends which is
  – Pharmacy is very               ideal family shopping
    popular bringing more          time.
    people into the store.
  Bi-Mart SWOT Analysis cont.
• Opportunities                • Threats
   – More local advertising        – K-Mart, Fred Meyers, Bi-
   – Go onto campus and              Mart in Philomath
     maybe give-away               – Costco in Albany (they
     memberships                     claimed not an issue)
   – Advertise beer prices which   – Out of towners who don’t
     can beat other local            know what Bi-Mart is.
   – Sell some of their parking
     lot for a coffee shop or
     bank… to bring more
     customers and save money
     on unused parking lot.
                   General Info:
– Manager: Jerry, 5th year w/ Company
– Busiest Hours: lunch time 11-1pm & the
  after work crowd 5-6pm.                               Yeah!!! I’m
– They do most of their advertising on T.V.,            Jerry, come
  Radio, and guy standing out on 9th street.             in and get
– Most Jiffy Lubes take over other                      your damb
  businesses like Q-Lube formally known as                car fixed
  Quick Lube.                                               fool.
– Tuesdays $19.99 oil change + $10 off
  coupon, lets us have oil change for $9.99.   Jerry on Right
– Students with OSU ID get $5 off.
                     SWOT Analysis
• Strengths:
  – They claim to have more
    procedures (it seems like      • Weaknesses:
    they are the same as any         – Some of their sales staff
    other).                            are inexperience because
                                       they don’t care about
  – Lower Bay’s (lets them have
    more organization under the        their job and live life
    car).                              paycheck-to-paycheck.
  – Jerry Says they have great       – Hiring and Training (they
    customer service.                  could do a better job at
  – 3 in Corvallis, 1 in Albany.       motivating their
  – They are stealing cars from        employees).
    dealerships because of
            SWOT Analysis
                                                UHH…Your PCV
                                              Valve needs changing
                                                  (HAHAHA) $$
• Opportunities:                 • Threats:
  – The market is growing for      – No competitive threats in
    people wanting to save           the area. (4 Jiffy Lubes
    time. It takes time to           within 10 miles of 97330).
    change your oil Why not        – On average business is
    let someone do it for you.       increasing 6 cars/day.
  – Cheap, fast, friendly
  – They could advertise in
    Barometer, Student
    Discount could bring in
    more business.
                General Info:

– Manager: Todd Powell 16th year w/ company.
– Busiest Hours: 3-7pm | Days: Sat & Mon | Months: May –
– Established in location since 1986.
– Rates: Band New:1.9% for special financing/perfect credit,
  Used: 4.75 – 30% based on the individual.
– Todd said that there were only one UH in the state of
  Oregon. http://www.uhonda.com
– Advertise on Radio, in Newspapers, some T.V., Direct Mail,
  Word of mouth is their best form of Advertising.
                  SWOT Analysis:

• Strengths:                    • Weaknesses:
  – Location on 9th street =      – A couple lots in the area
    Great traffic visibility.       stock twice as many
  – They sell Asian Imports.        used cars (100 as
  – Honda is the #1 car             apposed to 65). e.g. John
    registered in Benton            & Phil’s
    County.                       – Profits are thinner on
  – With increase in Gas            New Cars.
    Prices Honda’s are one        – Lot Space, if they had
    of the most efficient           more space they could
    family cars.                    sell more.
  – Sales Crew (one guy sold
    22 cars just last month).
                   SWOT Analysis:

• Opportunities:               • Threats:
  – New Truck: Ridgeline         – KBB.COM (people not
    they’ve never had a            realizing their true price
    truck before.
  – Trying to expand the
    used cars on the lot         – Online Buying Services.
    (profits run thinner on      – Other manufacturers
    new cars).                     building better products.
  – Increasing the sales         – It’s a Buyers Market.
    force to increase sales.
  – Advertising in
2108 NW 9th St, Corvallis, 97330 - (541) 752-9050
      General Info.
• Been on 9th Street for five years
• Spring/Summer are busiest times of year
• Weekends are busy all day, weekdays
  busiest between 4:30pm-6:30pm
• See about 200-250 people on weekends
• See about 150-200 people on weekdays
• Main corporate office in Tennessee
• 3,500 stores nationwide
SWOT Analysis
     • Location- 9th street is busy
     • Name- Well known, people
       know what they get
     • “Best prices in auto parts”
     • Warranties- Equal to or
       better than competition
     • Website- Can find parts for
       different vehicles
     SWOT Analysis
• Customer Service-
  Not enough people
• Hard to find items-
  several people needed
• Cluttered- There are
  signs but they are
  small and full of items
SWOT Analysis
      • Expansion?- Didn’t
        get a chance to ask
      • Bigger store- May
        result in less clutter
      • Offer student/faculty
        specials- A way to
        attract a growing
SWOT Analysis
      • Beggs Tire and
      • Corvallis Hanson
        Tire Factory
      • Weather- Not very
        many, if any, snow
        days in Corvallis
2119 NW 9th St, Corvallis, 97330 - (541) 752-3413
        General Info.
• Been in this location for over 30 years
• Busiest times of the day are lunch time
  and when people get off work (around
• Busiest times of the year are winter
  months (studs for tires)
• Well known for quality service and
     SWOT Analysis
• Location- 9th street is
  one of the busiest
  streets in Corvallis. It is
  also right by Highway
• Name- Well-known for
  good service and
• Comparable prices for
SWOT Analysis
      • Cannibalization- There
        are more than one Les
        Schwab stores in
      • Wheel Prices- Prices
        on wheels tend to be a
        little high
      • Front Desk- More
        people so customers
        don’t have to wait
      SWOT Analysis
• Expansion- Always
  looking to expand
• Students- Offer a
  discount to students
  to attract more of its
  growing population
     SWOT Analysis
• Nappa- In Corvallis,
  Philomath, and
• Limited decision
  making because they
  are corporate
• Economy
                Taco Bell

• Nations Leading quick service Mexican
• 6500 restaurants in the US
• #2 Store In Oregon
• Busiest Hours 11:00-2:30 & 4:00-9:00
• Located in Corvallis 18 years
• Sales of $1.6 billion in company sales and
  $3.8 billion in franchise sales
         Strengths                 Weaknesses
•   Located on 9th St.        • Staffing – long waits!
•   Near other Fast           • Franchise – no local
    Foods                       control, can’t spend
•   Demographics –              money on local
    people who want an          advertising
    alternative to a burger
•   Well Known Brand –
    Corporate Advertising
   Opportunities                 Threats
• Local Advertising     • NONE – Taco Bell
                          “Destroys” Others
                          (According to
                        • Taco Time – barely
                        • Immokalee Workers
•   Founded In 1964 (R.B. Raffel Brothers)
•   Roast Beef Sandwich Franchise
•   3400 Restaurants Worldwide
•   Busiest Hours 11:00-2:30 & 4:00-9:00
•   One Corvallis Location
         Strengths                 Weaknesses
•   Located on 9th St.        • High Prices
•   Near other Fast           • Further up 9th
•   Demographics –
    people who want an
    alternative to a burger
•   Service
   Opportunities               Threats
• Local Advertising   • Cheaper Fast Foods
• Student Discounts   • Taco Bell (non burger
                        fast food alternative)
       A few of the other stores
     we didn’t have time to cover…
•   Togo’s               • Izzy’s
•   US Nails             • Gramma Damas
•   Subway                 Donuts
•   Coldstone            • The Flower Mill
•   Mr. Formal           • US Bank
•   Darrels Restaurant   • Highland Bowling
•   China Blue
                         • Adult Shop
•   Wendy’s
•   www.riteaid.com
• BiMart
•   www.tacobell.com
•   www.arbys.com
•   http://images.google.com/images?q=beer+

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