The Best Bodybuilding Workouts For Your Leanest Body Yet by aihaozhe2


									**All you need to build your best body is my simple, yet effective bodybuilding
workouts and some motivation**. You can now have the body that you want. If you
are willing to put in what it takes, just use this bodybuilding workout and you will
soon have the body of your dreams.

When your target is to build lean muscle mass, you should be careful not to do
exercises that will compromise that lean muscle mass. Your focus should be on
exercises that build, rather than lose. Knowing what the different types of exercises
are that helps to build and what helps to lose can be very difficult.

But I will help you to know what are the right bodybuilding exercises to do. To help
you do only exercises that will help you build, have a look at these best bodybuilding

#Bodybuilding workouts - Cardio

One of the best cardio exercises to build lean muscle mass is cardio interval training.
It's just intense enough to burn fat as well as still maintaining your lean muscle mass,
without losing. For best results you should do cardio interval training for at least 2-3
times a week, 20 minutes at a time. You do cardio interval training by taking the pace
up minute for minute and then you decrease the pace again.

#Bodybuilding workouts - Weight training

Weight training is the basis of all effective bodybuilding workouts. You should have
about 3 weight training sessions a week for best result, focusing either on upper or
lower body exercises. Here are some of the best upper body exercises - chest press,
upright row for your back, shoulder press, tricep extensions and bicep curls. Some of
the best lower body exercises are calf raises, squats and lunges. Aim to get about 3-4
weight training sessions in a week were you really try to out-best your last
performance with regards to weight loads and persistence.

#Body building abs workouts

If you want to get well defined abdominals, abs exercises should be part of your
bodybuilding workouts. The 3 best abs exercises that are the most effective are the
plank, the bicycle abs exercise and crunches. Include these abs exercises regularly
with your bodybuilding workouts to help you develop a nice set of abs. And also
remember to stretch after your workouts to prevent injuries and stiffness.

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