The Benefits of Lipton Ice Tea by aihaozhe2


									Memories of bleak winter nights spent in front of a heater or open fire generally
involve a steaming hot cup of a flavoured beverage such as a nice cup of tea. In our
killer summers, however, a hot toddy is a thought far from our minds, but sometimes,
despite the heat, the longing for a cup of tea still lingers. Lipton Ice Tea Qld makes
this favourite drink available in a format just perfect for a hot day. What better
solution than to have the flavour and benefits of tea served in a tall glass over ice

If you have tasted Lipton Ice Tea you already know about the delicious flavour, but
just what are the benefits?

Antioxidant -

The health industry tells us that we all have "free radicals" occurring naturally in our
bodies but unfortunately, "free" in this case, isn't necessarily a good thing. Free
radicals can, for a variety of reasons, cause damage to our cells. Our bodies have a
defense mechanism in antioxidants which are present in a healthy, balanced diet.
Recent research suggests that flavonoid antioxidants may provide the following

> anti-viral

> anti-allergic

> anti-inflammatory

> anti-tumour

These flavonoids are present in a range of fruit and vegetables, but are also present in
significant quantities in tea, including Lipton Ice Tea Brisbane.

Hydration -

Most of us know that a healthy adult needs to drink 6-8 glasses of fluid a day, and
usually water is the recommended fluid. However, recent studies have shed new light
on this, and we now know that 2 or 3 cups of unsweetened tea, green or black, can
make up your total daily fluid intake.

Water is needed to remove toxins from the body, but some people find it difficult to
drink it in sufficient quantities. Drinking unsweetened Lipton Ice Tea Qld introduces
variety while still providing the purifying effect of the water.

It was thought that drinking tea or other drinks containing caffeine acted as a diuretic
which would dehydrate the body, but current scientific thinking is that the small
quantities of caffeine contained in 2 or 3 cups of tea daily would have no effect. It is
quite reasonable to include Lipton Ice Tea Brisbane in the daily water intake.

The final word on the subject, however, needs to include the qualifier that the tea must
be unsweetened, and without milk. Adding either, or worse still, both of these -
significantly reduces the benefits.

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