; The Benefits Of a Full Size Air Mattress
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The Benefits Of a Full Size Air Mattress


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									Most people don't consider the benefits of a full size air mattress as an alternative to
their current spring mattress, but think nothing of keeping an air mattress guest bed
for use by visitors. Do visitors need less comfort than their hosts, or perhaps these
guests are getting the better deal and the more comfortable rest! Many prefer an air
mattress to one of a traditional sprung interior for a number of reasons outlined below.

Most people do not keep themselves informed on advances in air mattress technology,
and likely still look upon them as being nothing but a huge bag filled with air using a
foot pump. If they think that they would be completely wrong - is that you, or are you
more au fait with technology and understand what is needed for a good night's sleep?

Adjustable Each Side

Of course you are, but maybe you just need a quick reminder of the benefits that a full
size air mattress can offer when compared to a regular spring coil mattress. First, a
modern air mattress is not just a big bag of air! It is carefully designed with internal
compartments that balance the pressure when you lie on them, and the design of
modern air mattresses enables the hardness to be adjusted each side so that you and
your partner can set your side of the bed to be just as hard or soft as you like it.

Sleep is an extremely important part of your life and plays a very important role in
enabling you to maintain good health. A mattress is not something to be left to chance,
and vary rarely will two people in a partnership have exactly the same preference.
Most believe that a full size air mattress cannot match a spring equivalent for comfort
and durability. Here are a few facts that might change your mind.

Even Pressure

Air mattresses are newer technology than spring mattresses that are made from a large
number of small coils or springs inside the mattress. When you lie on these coils, the
pressure is not evenly spread, and the coils will be compressed according to the direct
pressure placed upon them. Your body will tend to sag along with them because the
coils either side will not take up any significant part of the load - they cannot due to
their design. Sure, there will be a small degree of load spread but not much.

An air mattress contains a number of inflatable air chambers and when you lie on one,
the sir pressure in the chambers around the direct area you are lying on will take up a
large part of the load. Air is like water - the pressure is equalized throughout the
interconnected air pockets, so your body is given more even support.

Not only that, but the air compartments can be segregated in a manner that enables
each half of the bed to be independently adjusted for pressure so that you can each
have your half of the mattress set at the ideal pressure for you. Unlike a traditional
spring mattress, you don't have to compromise, with perhaps neither of you getting
your ideal level of comfort.

Longer Lasting

The life of a full size air mattress is greater than that of a coil sprung bed, and the
reason it will last longer is not only because it is an air mattress guest bed that is
rarely used. Springs lose their strength with repeated use and your bed can sag after
2-3 years of continual use. Not so with a good quality air mattress that is
self-adjusting according your body size, weight and sleeping habits.

You don't have to rotate a full size air mattress to keep it performing well as you do its
coil equivalent, because the air chambers do not change shape or wear with repeated
and continual use. They last significantly longer and many find them superior to the
more tradition type of mattress. Nor do you get the same level of edge sag as you do
with a sprung mattress, when the springs at the edges of the bed wear out through the
concentrated weight of people sitting on them. Yes, there is lower resistance at the
edge of an air mattress, but not too low.

What Price Sleep?

Doctors often recommend harder air mattresses for those with back conditions
because they offer more support with less of a tendency to sag when you are sleeping.
You can have orthopedic-style hardness on your side while your partner has their side
set a bit softer. Perhaps a full size air mattress is the more expensive, particularly the
very high quality designs, but think what you gain in terms of comfort and save in
terms of the life of the mattress. In any case, what price do you put on a good night's
sleep and your health?

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