The Allure Of Native American Art

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					Art constitutes an individual's attempt to bring a part of the world through his or her
mind to others. It is an attempt to communicate. Native Americans have found many
avenues in which to do this. Although painting is a somewhat later addition to the
Indian artistic tradition, this is now being carried on by many Native American artists.
Besides painting, there are rugs, jewelry, pottery, and carving to add to the list of the
art of the first Americans. Most Indian artists rely on both their own imagination and
the rich cultural traditions of their tribe. Native American art is distinctive and unique.

Appreciation of Native American art has been developing for many centuries. Early
tourists to the American Southwest were eager to buy rugs and pottery made by
Navajo and Zuni artists. Over the years, this proud artistic tradition has flowered and
expanded. Many Native American artists work to create unique and original works of
art. The Inuit are renowned for their skill in carving. They often use walrus ivory for
their work, and a reflection of life near the ocean is often present in their work. The
Indians of the Northwest are known for their masks and totem poles. The plains
Indians produced drums, pipes, and lances. All of these traditional items can help to
complete your home decor.

When a decision is made to begin a collection of Native American art, the only
trouble will be deciding where to begin. It would probably be best to focus on some
element of Indian art that attracts you immediately. A collection of hand made baskets,
either from one tribe, or from many could be a good way to begin. The wide range of
sizes, materials, and construction methods can make a Native American basket
collection a fascinating addition to your home. Modern baskets can even be part of a
collection of antique ones, linking the present and the past.

Adding Native American art to your home will help to make your western or rustic
decor more complete. A few randomly selected items, such as a horse hair pot, a
headdress, a decorated warrior's war shirt, or a large dream catcher can really bring
the ambiance of the Indian into your home. When looking for Indian art, it would be a
good idea to stay with pieces created by Native Americans. This will assure you that
centuries of cultural tradition help to make the piece you are adding. Native American
art on the wall, table, mantle, or floor will help to unify your home as well. Some may
prefer to stay with one artist or tribe, while others will want to add a variety of pieces.
No matter which method you choose in collecting, it cannot be denied that this art
work will enliven and personalize your home.

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