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Desert Sailing


									         WESTERNPORT YACHT CLUB!                                       SEPTEMBER 2010

Westport Bound!                                                         since 1965

Desert Sailing                                                Coming Events
Sailing up the Birdsvi!e Track                              10 Oct - Training for Rescue
                                                                    Boat crews, Sailing
                                                                    Officers, Duty
                                                            17 Oct - Working Bee
                                                            23 Oct - Working Bee
                                                            24 Oct - Opening Day
                                                            31 Oct - Spring Series 1 & 2
                                                            2 Nov - Teams Racing

                                                            Got anything to contribute?
                                                            Email us at

                                                            If you have changed your
                                                            email address please let
                                                            us know.

                                                            Bound is the
                                                            Journal of
                                                            Club Inc.

    If any one was going to sail on Lake Eyre it would be
    Will Alexander. See him on the news:

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       WESTERNPORT YACHT CLUB!                                                        SEPTEMBER 2010


                                                       New WYC General Committee
                                                       Commodore: Mark Axton
                                                       Vice Commodore: Noel Gibson
                                                       Rear Commodore: Cameron Cantley-Smith
                                Commodore              Secretary: Christine Coutant
                                Mark Axton             Treasurer: Jacqui Jurovic
                                                       Power Boat Captain: Matt Leyden
                                                       General Member: Barry Greer

The AGM, held back in June, has elected a new          Social - A new way of doing things required
Committee. You can see who go elected to the           One area that is urgent need of attention is Social.
right.                                                 In the past we had a Social Secretary who was
                                                       tasked with organising social events. With much
The new smaller committee is designed to focus         enthusiasm the new Social Secretary would be
more on strategic issues rather than just the day to   busy organising and running many events through-
activities. This means the General Committee can       out the season. At the end of their first, or per-
focus on where the Club needs to position itself       haps their second season, they would become
for the future. Using the “many hands make light       burnt out. Clearly we need a new model. As an
work principle” the day to day activities can be       alternative a better approach may be to have a So-
looked after by a wider group of members.              cial Events Manager. The idea behind the role is
                                                       to encourage members to conduct their own social
The Committee has met twice and has also had           events. This means:
many discussions over the phone and by email.
We are now starting to sketch out an operational       * Actively encouraging members to put on events
plan for the next 12 months as well as over the          of their choosing.
longer term.                                           * Acting as a co-ordination point for all social
                                                         events including hall hire for external events.
The key areas the Committee will be focusing on
are: Sailing; Fishing & Social.                        The role is much less about organising a social
                                                       events but encouraging and assisting others to do
There are a number of initiatives that the Com-        it. A key attribute of the role is being able to posi-
mittee is pursuing. This includes:                     tively motivate members to want to do something.
                                                       It is a collaborative role. You are unlikely to suc-
Sail Training: Vice Commodore Noel Gibson is           ceed in the role if you like getting your own way or
really passionate about sail training, specifically     you are not a good communicator. If you are in-
the Tackers program. With key input from Marg          terested please contact me.
Douglas, who runs the Tackers course, and Club
Coach Tobi Gibson, Noel intends to deepen and
strengthen the Tackers experience.

Off the Beach Racing: We will be having a series
of joint races with Merricks YC throughout the

Fishing: We are looking at inviting angling clubs
to hold their fishing events at the Club.

The list is not complete and we are all ears to new

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       WESTERNPORT YACHT CLUB!                                                     SEPTEMBER 2010

                                                      Weather Station: Ted Lindner
A small few....
                                                      Club Roster: Ted Lindner
Its not just the Committee who make things hap-
pen around the Club but there are others who help     Club Year Book: Mark Axton
out as well. Things just do not happen. They re-      The Year Book takes me ages with fiddley Excel
quire the effort of dedicated club members. Per-       spreadsheets and Word documents.
haps you would like to join us
                                                      Plus there are the members who help out at work-
Here is a list of who they are and what they do.      ing bees and sailing training.
And my apologies if I have left someone out:
                                                      The key message here is that we cannot continue
Club Coach: Tobi Gibson                               to rely on a few people to get things done. We
Tobi is focused on coaching in a range of boats.      have a framework moving forward from our vision
                                                      through to an operational plan. But to deliver on
Sailing School: Bryan Hill                            these things we need help. Instead of complaining
Bryan manages what is essentially adult sail train-   about why something has not been done, offer to
ing.                                                  help do something about it.

Bar Manager: Bill Smith                               Good good sailing and fishing,
Assistant Bar Manager: Ron Bange
                                                      Mark Axton
Storage Officer: Simon Spalding                       Commodore
Simon is the person to see when you want to store
your boat at the Club.                                A BIT OF FUN ONLINE

Building Co-Ordinator: Colin Franke                   Many of you may have had a good look at Youtube.
Colin is the person to speak to when you notice       There is lots of stuff online to have a good giggle
something not quite right with the Club house.        at and to stare at in amazement. Here is just a
LaunchingOfficer: Bruce Douglas
Bruce is the person to speak to when you notice       Its better than our Zodiac....just
something is broken with the tractor or the beach
mats need attention.                                  &feature=related

Westport Bound: Mark Axton                            Why one when you can have 4 x 300HP?
This magazine does not happen by magic.     
Website: Mark Axton                                   feature=related
Neither does the website.

Membership Secretary: Christiane Coutant
A thankless job that included managing the Club

Patrol Boat Captain: Jonathan Ballard
Someone has to ensure all the Club boats are of an
adequate standard.

Patrol Boat Committee: Ted Lindner & Graeme

Club Computers: Jim Douglas                           And one for the tri sailors

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      WESTERNPORT YACHT CLUB!                                                    SEPTEMBER 2010

Dear Diary,
                                                    Day1. I had to follow a Ford utility to where I do
There I was happily talking to my sailing buddies   not know. I ended up at Nhill parked. Out side a
nice and dry in our home the “Sparrow Shed”.        very seedy motel and can you believe it had pink
Our best friends Mr Anderson and Mr and Mrs         doors. It is true you can see the curve of the
Hill had taken good care of us and tucked us in     earth at Nhill. Foot note I highly recommend
for the winter. Then horrible Will and Karen        staying at the Wimmera Motel both Will and
took me away for a mystery adventure. I was put     Karen can tell you which trucks use their engine
on a pink trailer, can you believe that a pink      brakes as they change there trailers at the trailer
trailer with white mags. I was rigged on a lawn     exchange; it is next door. The bed was fantastic
and any fat I might have had was removed.           but no use sleeping as they were too busy count-
                                                    ing trucks after 12pm.

                                                    Day 2. How rude Will and Karen, just left me in
                                                    the street in Jamestown South Australia. All
                                                    alone and cold, but worse was to come. I was
                                                    taken off my pink transport and put upside down
                                                    on a vulgar green camper trailer. We were off to
                                                    Marree. A dusty town in the middle of no-where.
                                                    As we bounced along the road. I felt all alone
                                                    and wanting to be safely in my Sparrow shed with
                                                    my sailing friends. All was not lost. I noticed
                                                    there seem other craft heading in the same direc-
                                                    tion maybe this was not going to be all bad.

                                                    Day 3. Do you realise that horrible Will and
                                                    Karen have taken me along the dusty Birdsville
                                                    Track up the Cooper Creek to Lake Killampe-
                                                    runna. It is the first time in 24 years it has water
                                                    in it. Going thru Etadunna Station. As I was
                                                    bounced along a stock track in Wills four wheel
                                                    drive Ute; bull dust ruts that shook my fittings,
                                                    camels and wild stock. My poor little Sparrow
                                                    heart, no hope, no life no fellow Sparrow friends
                                                    let alone any boat to talk to. Is this the end of
                                                    Sparrow No8? Is this where I end my days?
                                                    What have I done to deserve this? What did I

!                                                                                             PAGE 4
       WESTERNPORT YACHT CLUB!                                                        SEPTEMBER 2010

see on the horizon? Boats, lots of boats 45 of
them, I was not alone Joy O Happiness!

Day 4. Now I know what Will and Karen are do-
ing. I am here to race like the wind its self. To up
hold the honour of Westernport Yacht Club. The
“Sparrow of the Desert”, as my fellow friends will
know me as now. They raced four races in one
day. It is a regatta in all sense of the word. If you
can think of an odd type of boat it is here. A
$300 470, Scorpion, Caper Cat, Surf Cat (no surf
here),Pacer, 125, Lazar, Paper Tiger, Hobie 14 and
16, trailer sailer, contender and a Stingray. My sail-
ing friends I was the only Sparrow!
                                                         proached the punt. No more than 100 meters
To the Races. With Will at the helm and Karen            away it took 45 minutes of up stream manoeuvres
manning the jib ropes we sailed like the wind it’s       to join our group. There was so much excitement
self. I was tuned to perfection. With incredible         in my arrival the punt stopped operating to see
skill of my skipper (not to mention his dazzling         the arrival of Will, Karen, and myself. Staying an
good looks and his beautiful crew), we raced as          hour the return trip waited. The fleet left as it
team WYC. Thank goodness for the yardstick               started when ever you felt like it. With a run
beating a pacer, 125 and a Lazer. The word had           reach the mighty Sparrow went as fast as it could.
got out that the “Sparrow of the Dessert”, has in        The other reason Karen was in need of a comfort
the Lake Eyre basin. Channels 7, 9, and 10 filmed.        stop and with no land in sight her urging pushed
If you were in Adelaide on the 06/07/10 you              Will and myself to Olympic levels of sailing. Ar-
would have seen me on T.V. What adventures               riving safely my sailing day was over and I was left
await me tomorrow?                                       to talk to my boating buddies on the beach.

Day 5. With a brisk morning and the sun breaking
                                                         Day 6. Well that was a day to remember. Will
over the sand hills, it was a tasty 2c and a wind
                                                         and I were part of the mighty fleet of boats to
chill factor of -1c. We were off to the punt at
                                                         tackle the swamp. Leaving at 9.30 we sailed into
Cooper Creek. With a good 10 knot breeze we
                                                         a maze of partly submerged trees, salt bushes and
headed off. Waves crashing over the bow and a
                                                         submerged fences. In a 2 knot breeze (Karen had
fleet of 20 boats it took 2 punishing hours to
                                                         decided wisely that a brand new Landcruiser seat
reach our sailing destination. Sailing in the open
                                                         was more appealing than the wooden bench of
was fine except our fine leader got a bit lost and
                                                         my backbone), I was sailing amongst the trees.
started sailing up the wrong channel. Once we
                                                         The view of sails moving thru trees twisting like a
got around the dead tree in the open it was river
                                                         snake in thru grass was certainly a sight to be-
sailing like the African Queen. Tacking every 100
                                                         hold. We arrived at the Birdsville Track. It was
meters and a 4 knot current against us we ap-

!                                                                                                  PAGE 5
       WESTERNPORT YACHT CLUB!                                                   SEPTEMBER 2010

                                                     Day 8. Well if you thought the adventure was
                                                     over you were clearly mistaken. While I was
                                                     perched above the camper and Will and Karen
                                                     slept a huge wind storm shook me and then there
                                                     was rain. This created another problem. As I was
                                                     being driven back along the Oodnadatta Track we
                                                     had to negotiate 70 kilometres of deep rutted
                                                     mud. The caravan in front of us was swinging in
                                                     an arc of 70 degrees. The four wheel drive Ford
                                                     (its only two wheel drive) slivered along the road
                                                     like hot spaghetti in a bowl. The only advantage
                                                     was that I was sitting on top of the camper above
                                                     the mud looking down. Two long days of driving
closed due to 1 metre of water flowing over it.       and I would be happily back home.
Climbing out of our boats Will and his fellow
sailers went for a group photo.. Men in wet suits    Was it worth it NO QUESTION?
walking along a dusty road does look like some
weird religious sect. A race to be had, I Sparrow    See you on the water
of the Dessert, sailed 5 kilometres along the
Birdsville Track. At some stages the depth was       Many thanks To Mark, Cameron, Ron, Brian and
down to 300mm, but I sailed on where others          Moria for letting Will and Karen use a club Spar-
could not. Now the real test of skill was to come.   row.
Sailing up wind against a current of 3 knots and a
breeze of 4 knots thru more trees. Four and a        A Sparrow in the Desert
half hours later I arrived at camp. Karen does
recommend a Landcruiser seat. My day was over,
but the adventure remains in my proud Sparrow

Day 7. Its over I have had enough and told Will
and Karen I want to go home, I miss my Sparrow
buddies. Back on the camper and along a dusty
and dirty track to Marree. That night Will and
Karen presented a club burgee to the commodore
of the Lake Eyre Yacht. So if any one is up at
Marree you will see where a Sparrow sailed in the
Lake Eyre Basin and five kilometres up the Birds-
ville Track.

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       WESTERNPORT YACHT CLUB!                                                     SEPTEMBER 2010

We would also like as many sailing members as
possible to apply for the Working with Children      The Club uses Midland Insurance Brokers for its
Checks. If you have not notified us that:             insurance needs perhaps they can help you.

* You have a Working with Children Check; or         Please contact Damien Lane on Direct: 03 9340
* You are a registered teacher; or                   0118.
* You are a serving police officer; or
* You have applied for a Working with Children       Midland Insurance Brokers may provide a fee or
Check and you are waiting for it to turn up          payment to Westernport Yacht Club for referring
                                                     you to Midland Insurance Brokers.
Please let us know.
                                                     STORING YOUR BOAT AT THE CLUB
You can find more information on Working with
Children at:                                         Storage is available for anyone who requires it in
                                                     the club yard at the rates outlined on the WYC   website. These rates are good value when com-
ownloads/2010/Club Manual Updates/Working            pared with other clubs or marinas.
With Children Check Policy - YVMarch10.pdf
                                                     By storing your boat at the club you are support-       ing the club as well as possibly making your days
Working+With+Children/Home/                          on the water a lot more easily accessible so please
                                                     think about it. Storage along the fence will be
Any questions?                                       first preference to boats not easily moved by
Please email                 hand (EG trailer sailers, power boats, etc). Other
                                                     boats (except for those in the remaining racks)
                                                     will not have fixed places. If a boat is in your way
WEATHER STATION UPDATE                               just move it carefully.

The Weather Station is now fully operational. It
has been on test in front of the Yacht Club for a
few weeks. We did have a problem with the rain
gauge which now believe is sorted.

When the next calm day on a weekend comes
around we intend to put the weather station back
out. Thanks to Ted Lindner and his helpers on
getting us this far.

                                                     Any boats that don't have their fees paid will be
                                                     removed. If you pay for one place that does not
                                                     mean one for your boat and trolley and one for
                                                     your trailer. A sticker will be placed on all trailers
                                                     who have paid their dues.

                                                     The new storage officer is Simon Spalding. If you
                                                     want to put you boat in the yard, have any prob-
                                                     lems or if your trailer does not have sticker (give
                                                     him until the end of October) when it should
                                                     please contact him on 5983 5804.

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      WESTERNPORT YACHT CLUB!                                                  SEPTEMBER 2010

Junior Division

Congratulations to James Wierzbowski & Pip
Pietromonaco on coming third in the Hobie
World Championship - Junior Division in China.
See the article in Sail World for more informa-

Airlie Beach, Queensland                           Wendy and Colin Franke with some Divi-
                                                             sion 2 Silverware
Of the 93 competitors from around Australia, 5
are from WYC. They are:

Cary & Pat Pedicini (49th)
Colin & Wendy Franke (68th)
Warren & Glenda Stahel (56th)
Andrew & Chris Hill (80th)
Ian Scholes & Bruce Douglas (87th)

Ex-members Paul & Bronwyn Ridgway came 5th.
To see the full results, go to:         Lachlan Gibson with some Division 1
                                                  LAKE EPPALOCK
We recently had to spend a significant amount of
money on the red tractor. The power steering      With all the rain in country Victoria the lakes are
pump went. The reason was because of insuffi-       filling up after a very long time. Lake Eppalock,
cient revs on the engine to drive the pump.       near Bendigo, is now over 25% capacity. For
Please ensure you keep at least 1200 rpm on the   those that like to travel, hopefully we will be able
engine to help prevent pump failure.              to have national and state titles.

Some our winners from Presentation Night.

    Joe Etherson with the Commodore

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      WESTERNPORT YACHT CLUB!                                                     SEPTEMBER 2010


Our Club Coach, Tobi Gibson, has been hard at
it with improving our younger sailors. There
have been regular training sessions at Albert Park
as well as at our Club.

                                                     TACKERS COURSE DATES – 2010 – 2011

                                                     Tackers 1 - Course 1
                                                     Monday 3rd January – Friday 7th January 2011
                                                     9.00am – (20 hours)

                                                     Tackers 1 - Course 2
                                                     Monday 10th January 2011- Friday 14th January
                                                     9.00am – 1.00pm (20 hours)

                                                     Tackers 2 - Course 1
                                                     Sunday 31st October , Sunday 7th November
                                                     Sunday 14th November, Sunday 21st November
                                                     Sunday 28th November, Sunday 5th December,
                                                     Sunday 12th December
                                                     9.00am – 12.00 noon (20 hours)

                                                     Tackers 2 - Course 2
                                                     Monday 3rd January 2011 – Friday 7th January
                                                     1.00pm – 5.00pm (20 hours)

                                                     Tackers 3 - Course 1
                                                     Monday 10th January 2011 – Friday 14th January
                                                     1.00pm – 5.00pm (20 hours)

                                                     All enquiries to

                                                     Or Marg Douglas 59835982

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         WESTERNPORT YACHT CLUB!                                SEPTEMBER 2010

                                    USE IT OR LOOSE IT!

                                    The Bar Credit has been well received by social
                                    members. To encourage social members to make

                                    use of their credits we will be making some
                                    changes to the way the scheme operates. The
                                    two changes are:

Most yacht owners value their
leisure time.                       1. If social member fails to use their entire bar
At Peter Green Sails we offer a        credit by the end of the Club’s financial year,
fast turn-around time on all sail      31 March, any used portion of the credit will
work from basic sail check and
repairs to major recuting and
                                       be considered a donation to the Club and will
alterations including all              be forfeit.
types of new work.
                                    2. Social members who resign from the Club will
                                       have any unused bar credits forfeit to the
For late drop off or pick
up of your sails an after              Club.
hours service can be                The new arrangements will take effect from 1
arranged by appointment.
                                    April 2010 and will apply to any unused portion
                                    of the bar credit accrued from 1 April 2009. So
                                    this means social members must use their bar
                                    credit from this year and next year by 31 March

 New Sails

 Repairs                           We will believe the changes are fair and that the
 Modifications                     31 March 2011 deadline allows ample time for
                                    social members to adjust to the change.

Peter Green
15A Patrick Court                   Mark Axton
Seaford, 3198                       Commodore
Phone: 03 9773 5094
Mobile: 0419 006 398                Next Closing Date October 2010
Web:     We want to hear from you. Send your news
                                    and photos from your boating adventures.

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    WESTERNPORT YACHT CLUB!                       SEPTEMBER 2010

          Westernport Yacht Club Tackers Centre
                Sailing for 7 – 11 year olds
                       Sponsored by

       John Wrout
           Topsy VI

       G BENWELL
                      Ian Scholes

     Balnarring Motors Pty Ltd

                              M uriel McPherson

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