Taking the First Steps of Potty Training by aihaozhe2


									Can your child pull his pants up and down? Or is he inquisitive enough to ask
questions what are you doing in the toilet? Then, chances are she is ready for the potty

When starting out, it is imperative to carefully take into account your current strategy.
Is the method making things trickier without realizing it?

Lend your child a hand. For example, with pants that are a bit larger his size, your
child finds it easier to quickly take it off and do his thing in the toilet. Reflect on all
aspects of toilet training process and take it from the child's perspective.

Consistency is always the secret with parenting. Toilet training is no exception. It is
always vital to stay consistent with what you do. Be dependable with the same set of
routine and keep it that way until he gets it.

Make sure all of your child's caregivers follow your potty-training routine. Your kid
should always be supported with the same and unwavering intensity from you and the
rest of the fellows involved.

Regularly breaking the rules will confuse your child, giving her a difficult time
knowing what to expect. Your child should feel free to express his feelings, especially
to tell you when she has to use the potty.

At a certain instance, you will become aware that reminding him frequently when to
go is counter-productive. Reminders can be effective, but never overdo them.

Of course, sometimes accidents can happen. Practice is always the best way to avoid
this. Your long-term aim here is to let him be independent and use the facilities on his

Whenever you notice that your child seems he needs to go, always persuade the child
to have a practice run to the potty. Even if he forgot it and made a mess, still,
encourage him.

Practices should always be fun; it can feel like a game which involves your child as
much as possible in the training process.

The reward system technique is always very worthwhile. You may think that giving
treats may seem like an easy way out but you must try to figure out first what excites
your child most. Some children respond to stickers on a chart while others prefer trips
to the park.

Discover what works best for your child and keep things varied to maintain his
interest. This will pay off with a better effort from their end to improve more.
Toilet training does not necessarily have to be a complex chore. Surprisingly, the best
results even happen when kids are having a great time.

The secret to achieving success in potty training, and to future hurdles in your child's
development, is patience. By working together with your child, you create a winning
team and a bond of a parent and a child. Offering him tons of praise and
encouragement, you and your child will soon benefit from a diaper-free life.

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