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					       Managing The Risk
       Dealing with Inevitability
          of Brake Failure
     in Heavy Mobile Equipment

Shane Whalley   Training Coordinator - Townsville Branch

Wayne Pennay    Machine Compliance Engineer
                    - Brisbane based, company wide
It is about:
Having regard of the Consequences – my talk
Dealing with Inevitability of Failure – Shane’s talk

                   It is that Simple
Having regard of the Consequences

       What can happen…

         if it does not
          stop in time
                        Catastrophic Events
                        that could result from failed brakes

Not Catastrophic…
in this case it
DID STOP just in time
Putting it Simply…
Your equipment will not stop in time
 If our brakes are not designed right
 If our brakes are not manufactured right
 If our brakes are not assembled right
 If your loads aren’t right
 If your roads aren’t right
 If your maintenance isn’t right
 If you do not use them properly
 If you do not realise they are not right
 If you do not know what to do in an emergency
 If we do not help you know what is right.
 If we do not provide full product support and consultancy
When Brake Failure is not an Option…
We Embrace:
  Technical Standards for Performance
  Redundant Systems
  Secondary Systems
  Dedicated Systems
  Fail to Safe Systems
  Redundancy in Design
  Pre-failure Maintenance
  Regular Inspection and Testing
  Continuous Monitoring and Alarms
  Excellence in Design, Manufacture, Supply, Commissioning & Support
  Operating Limits for Grade, Speed and Payload
  Excellence in Operations & Asset Management

          Managing Risk is Simple
Wayne Pennay
     Dealing with
   of Brake Failure

Shane Whalley
Caterpillar helps us Deal with Inevitability

1. Cat have designed out the risk
2. Cat have manufactured out the risk
3. Cat have performed testing & examination
4. Information is made available to ensure
   brakes are properly used and maintained.
   and we continue to act to ensure your brake safety long
                     after initial supply
We want to assist you to never have a Critical
Brake Failure at your Mine or Quarry

1. We want you to employ our resources to
   support your SMS on Brakes
2. We want to help setup model specific
   references on Brakes in your SMS
3. I want to show you simple things we have
   done and can do on Brakes.
Various Braking Systems…

•   Park Brake
•   Retarder
•   Engine Brake
•   Service Brake
•   Secondary Brake
•   Hydrostatic Brake
•   Parking Drains
•   Ground Engaging Implements
•   Wheel Chocks
Loaders and Trucks in Quarries
    have come a long way
Braking has evolved from this

                     Ground Engaging Implements
To this

          Band type
To this

3 Contemporary
types of Braking
Shoe type
Shoe type - examples

•Caterpillar 966H Wheel Loader Park brake
Calliper type
Calliper type - examples
•Caterpillar 740 Articulated Truck Park brake
•Caterpillar 773E Dump Truck Front Service Brake
Multi-disc type
Multi-disc type - examples
•Caterpillar 740 Articulated Truck Service brake
•Caterpillar 773E Dump Truck Rear Service Brake and Park Brake
•Caterpillar 777F Front, Rear and Service Brake
Brake Control System Description

   Air Brake Control System
    Hydraulic Brake Control System
    Computerised Brake Control System
    Combinations of above

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