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					I know that most people think that it is a great idea to have a swimming pool and
obviously it is very good, even more so, if one has children or grand children.

But would it not be a very clever idea to combine the advantages of a swimming pool
with a Jacuzzi.Hot Tub.

That clever idea is known as a Swim Spa and is a counter current swimming pool so
that you can swim against a current, but it also has exactly the same ideas and concept
of a Hydrotherapy Massage Spa.

A swim spa will take up much less space than a conventional swimming pool as due
to the counter current system less length is required. As a swimming pool is much
larger anybody who has one will be aware of the actual time that it takes to keep it
clean from all that the weather and elements bring in.

An efficient swim spa will have a heating system which is quite economic to run and
it will remain warm for the whole year. Whereas with a swimming pool unless you
have a water heating system, which usually turns out to be very costly the pool, can
only provide a pleasant bathing temperature for a short time of the year. In a swim spa
the water temperature is fully controllable and can be set up to 40ºC and can be
adjusted for say a swimming activity or orientated to simply relax or for exercise such
as aqua jogging.

A swim spa should have a form of anti-slip floor combined with sufficient depth of
say 130cm to 140cm so that it can also be used for aqua jogging. When one considers
that all of the operating equipment in a swim spa that is the pumps and heaters are
compact it is even a possibility of being portable, for example, a Swim Spa could be
placed in a garden, terrace or in the interior of a villa or house. Another possibility is a
roof terrace subject to the weight and loading requirements.

With a conventional swimming pool you have the routine of having to constantly
check that the balance and quality of the water is correct.

As opposed to a conventional swimming pool a swim spa needs relatively low
maintenance to keep the water clear and in perfect condition.

A properly made swim spa will be equipped with an efficient filtration system, with
sufficient cartridge filters and a sufficient circulation pump.

Also as with modern Hot Tubs a swim spa should be equipped with an ozone
generator to help purify the water. Ozone is a form of" active oxygen", nature's very
own special molecule and interestingly enough the composition of one ozone
molecule contains three oxygen atoms. On the cheaper made products the Ozone
looks like large water droplets but on the proper made swim spas, the Ozone is seen
as a fine stream of air bubbles.

A modern designed Swim Spa or Hot Tub will have well designed plumbing systems
in order to minimize the noise of their running and avoid tight or small pipe runs and
are well designed and assembled with proper materials and not in a cheap skate way.

A well designed Swim Spa or Hot Tub would have the latest electronic controls like
those from Balboa in America or Gecko from Canada both leading manufacturers in
their class in order to be able to control the spa functions such as heating - pumps -
timers and that kind of thing.

A top quality Swim Spa will have well designed shells made from high-grade acrylic
like Lucite Extra Cast or Aristech. Make sure that the Acrylic is of a high standard not
just that it is simply Lucite inspired or based on a Lucite design.

As always my firm advice remains that one should, always, only buy a product that
comes from an American or Western, internationally recognized, manufacturer of
Swim Spas & Hot Tubs.

Then there is every chance that the product will last and last and provide very many
years of faultless service..

The reasoning is indeed very simple the internationally recognized producer backs his
products with a real guarantee, so if there is a fault it does fall back on the
manufacturer and not on the consumer.

The reason why they can provide these guarantees' is that they have had many
decades of experience and therefore they build them with the proper quality parts and
components so ensuring that is will not fail. It is for that simple reason and that reason
alone that they are then prepared to provide a long life guarantee.

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